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by Aizaia
Miles per gallon project
So I'm doing a project and having to write a program. I've written it mostly and I'm really just ask...
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Random Letter help
I found this code in a different topic and i was a little confused on how it works. How does it crea...
[6 replies] Last: That is called type-cast. It casts a value from an (int) to a (char). ... (by SakurasouBusters)
Loops - Drawing a Tree (c++)
Hi! I'm having trouble with this problem. (1) Modify the program to ask the user to specify a number...
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C-String Functions without using <cstring>
Hello, I've written 6 different c-string functions as shown. My problem is that program does not ...
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Help !!!!
Write your question here. Define amatrix of size 10x10 of type integer then print the row that has ...
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#define macro
So I know using #define replaces the identifier by whatever you defined it as. So if this is true w...
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by ka5k
Trivia Game using classes
I am working on an intro C++ project and need a little help with my code. I am new to learning clas...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you very much, that was helpful! I just made those changes. He... (by ka5k)
const and function
string test (const string &hey) //what dose const do here { return hey; } string t (string &...
[1 reply] : "doesn't work" is inaccurate. A compiler says: In function 'int mai... (by keskiverto)
monkey code
I'm pretty new to C++, and I think my code looks ok to run, but I can't figure out why it won't comp...
[5 replies] Last: It looks like your averages are adding up. Curly's average is 66 + Lar... (by jlb)
Reading the ASCII code from a series of chars
My program involves populating an array of size 37 with empty queues, then sorting elements into the...
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Multiple File Compilation Problem
I was trying to create a simple AI based on some tutorial (the code is not mine, so it should be wor...
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rootTable help
My task is to write a program which reads in the number of roots, a value increment, and a precision...
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Realted classes
Which would be the base class? Book? If you are asked to write three classes : class Person, Book...
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Help swapping array of objects
hi guys i have a problem with swapping two index in class array the compiler says the following err...
[1 reply] : One would experience similar error in this: const int foo = 42; const... (by keskiverto)
User deletion
I need to allow the user to delete a name from my array and I do not know how to do that. Any sugges...
[4 replies] Last: Based on your other thread: struct People { std::string lname; ... (by AbstractionAnon)
clrscr() in ubuntu?
how i can use the clrscr() in ubuntu? ( IDE : code Blocks )
[1 reply] : IDE or OS are not part of the issue. You want terminal emulator to d... (by keskiverto)
Slope calculator with multiple functions
Hi, I'm having some difficulties getting this program to run. I don't think I'm using the functions ...
[3 replies] Last: Lines 5, 7: Your function prototypes do not agree with the implementa... (by AbstractionAnon)
my array for Celsius is working, but I can't figure out how to do the array to show the correct Fa...
[2 replies] Last: Hello tiareharo, Please use code tags. It makes your code easier to r... (by Handy Andy)
No idea how to properly read object into Constructor or Function
Howdy, so I'm created a class and I either want to have that class constructor take in that an objec...
[5 replies] Last: @MikeyBoy @AbstractionAnon The Relationship looks like this. I have a ... (by archidit)
Need a function to read a file and set it as my sudoku board.
I'm in a very beginners C++ class and we're just getting started on arrays and up to now everything ...
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