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cpp PrimerPlus PE 6-2
I know that there is a couple of different ways I could have gone with this, but it works. Reason wh...
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spoj problem 5 Compilation ERROR!!! help me out..
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Question mark in a code
Hi everybody, While I was working i came across a code which was written by somebody else. I see a ...
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Tic Tac Toe Program does work, but....
Hello Everyone, My daughter and I are about 4 weeks into C++. I have a tic tac toe program that I ...
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hello i have question void lose() { cout<<"Game over! You lose"; cout<<endl; if(exp>=5...
[12 replies] Last: If you take approach #1, every function called needs to return exp bac... (by AbstractionAnon)
What are adapters usefull for?
I`m talking about container adapters. The std::stalk, queue and priority_queue. Like could someon...
[1 reply] : Some algorithms use such concepts. Towers of Hanoi. There you move pi... (by keskiverto)
any help pls
Hi, I wrote a functions to cut a given file to any number of pieces.It's working perfectly but then ...
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C++ Primer exercise 9.52, std::stack
Before I start I would like to put out there that this is not my homework, I`m learning c++ myself ...
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by vxk
using ifdef
I am using preprocessor ifdef and endif for the first time and i am getting some errors in vs2012 ...
[1 reply] : The problem is that the sleep function is defined multiple times, once... (by Peter87)
Simple question, Please answer
Hello! Considering that Deduct is a vector... Why does putting an "=" in the test expression not wo...
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strcmp problem
i am trying to make a phonebook i was able to add a few contacts using an add function.i also inclu...
[1 reply] : There are errors in that code, it won't compile. Please post the actua... (by Chervil)
How do I make this work correctly?
I'm trying to make a program that has 6 colors on the side, which can be clicked to change the color...
[1 reply] : How do I make it six colrs?? It doesn't matter whether you have 3,6,o... (by coder777)
by xtianl
Need Help !
Guys may i know what's the right code/logic here? I am new in programming. Please help. -----------...
[3 replies] Last: Yes you should use an array it inefficient to use a seperate variable ... (by Cube777)
HTTP POST request
I am trying to perform a POST request, but my code is not working so I'd like to know any alternativ...
[3 replies] Last: What method should I use? I really hate sockets, I thought you didn... (by kbw)
iostream issues
The program will ask the user to enter in data, then copy this data to a file, and will then print i...
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How to make DELAY between cout Statements
Hey guys, I would like to learn to put a delay between output and input statements. How can I do th...
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I have a fraction class, but I need to add functions that will convert a fraction to a float and vic...
[1 reply] : Unless explicitly required by the assignment to have a WholeNumber m... (by Duoas)
Too Many Repetitive Inputs To Get The Loops To Exit.
Hello! I have written a program that will calculate the area of a circle, rectangle, and a triangle ...
[2 replies] Last: Those mistakes were pretty simple. I am sorry I didn't catch them myse... (by cplusone)
by amjxxx
Running Total in Do While Loop
This is a homework assignment so I understand that answers cannot be given. I have been having tro...
[5 replies] Last: Okay, thank you! You are right, this is very helpful! I will try this ... (by amjxxx)
by dgsm98
For loops not printing
I'm making a simple program that will use a for loop to print numbers in between the two variables, ...
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