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help installing ncurses (mac)
I am trying this simple ncurses program, and I get an error I cannot interpret. #include <ncurses....
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help with makefile (mac)
So this is my current makefile for a program: .PHONY: clean All All: @echo "----------Bui...
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by Ch1156
Game questions
I'm making a game engine with SFML and I had a few questions before I start writing my game. My f...
[17 replies] Last: As for the component based system, do you mean like for my engine mak... (by giblit)
by brekki
Keeping track of smallest/largest numbers
I know the answer to this is out there but I'd rather get hints to help me go in the right direction...
[1 reply] : First, you need to move the definitions of smallestNum and largestNum ... (by dhayden)
Adding SFML library Geany
Hello Well, I'm using Geany as me IDE and I really like it. But I've got a problem with binding ...
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by yj1214
do i need java to play games that are written in java?
do i need java to play games that are written in java? i know that minecraft is written in java a...
[4 replies] Last: Java code runs in a JVM, which is how they achieve the "Compile once, ... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Am I ready to pick up C++?
First off, sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong section. Please move it to the correct area if I'v...
[6 replies] Last: C++ has a stigma of being very large and very scary. And to some degre... (by Duoas)
Any error in my coding?
Hello. I wanted to know whether there is any fault in the coding below. It is a simple and basic pro...
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by Zloi
Convert str to int.
Hi everyone. Also a very stupid question: which function does convert string to int? Like strtoint i...
[5 replies] Last: Also you might also like to use the stringstream objects , i mean th... (by andy1992)
Bitmap animation with Thread
I am a beginner at MFC and I am going to make a simple game with some card images. When I click a b...
[4 replies] Last: If you wish to use threads (by giblit)
Help with output
My program runs, but when it doesn't display right output for management level, category, hours. To...
[11 replies] Last: If you're checking the value that was sent into the function, you'd wa... (by wildblue)
Can't find the error (related to % ?)
int a ,i; a =0; a =1; for (i=2;i<=20;i++) a =(7*a[i-1])%1000-(10*a[i-2])%1000+(pow(3,i...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, changing it to int(pow(3,i)) gets rid of the problem.... (by gameprogrammer)
write function on file
i am trying to write input() function into file..... please help.... i am using visual studio 2013...
[1 reply] : file << input(); This will print the value returned by input(), but... (by Peter87)
Reading Strings From Two Files
So basically I have to open two files. The files have the following content: File1.txt ...
[1 reply] : Sorry the contents of the files aren't clear. File1.txt: 1r ... (by eliS300)
Having issues with this Program why wont it run?
Having issues with this Program why wont it run? it wont recognize inLab or inMx plz help #i...
[2 replies] Last: Line 14: Your float calculation is going to get truncated to an int. ... (by AbstractionAnon)
Console closing down (tried cin.get() etc...)
I'm fairly new to C++ so please bear with me. I've tried cin.get() cin.clear() etc but nothing works...
[5 replies] Last: @ OP: When you ping a remote computer or a website, does ping.exe try ... (by Computergeek01)
by Nezar
What does it mean to join a thread ?
Hi, Could you please explain how threads work exactly ? what does it mean to join a thread ? wha...
[3 replies] Last: NT3 did a great job but I'd like to add that in order to "master multi... (by Computergeek01)
importing data from text file to vector
Good evening everyone. The following code is meant to import data from a text file and store it ...
[4 replies] Last: i is a point iterator, and dereferencing it returns a point. The pr... (by Lowest0ne)
Tournament simulator
I want to write a program that will simulate a football tournament like the world cup. Teams wil...
[1 reply] : It doesn't give us much to go on to say "I have an idea but it is too ... (by Lowest0ne)
by Zloi
Calculator on Qt C++. Problem with QString and delete.
Hi! I'm new in C++ programming. THis is my First GUI application. It's just a very simple Calculator...
[1 reply] : 1) The data, which I get from lineEdit is a QString. But function lik... (by kbw)
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