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Spacing problem in code that sorts names using parallel arrays
I have some code that sorts names using parallel arrays, however there are too few spaces in between...
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String Manipulation Help
Working on an assignment for a c++ class, and I've been running into some trouble. I'm sure this is...
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Did I understand references and pointers correctly?
I have been reading about references and pointers everywhere but I still have some questions. Fro...
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by jmann
C-String Array Input Validation
Hi, The following code I wrote class is supposed to ask the user to input a social security numbe...
[1 reply] : Why are line 29 and 34 loops? Where does the value of i inside the lo... (by cire)
by id10t
Nested Class Question
Hey Folks, I need some help again. We have an assignment that is incorporating both nested classes a...
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by trasbd
Overloading the Insertion (<<) Operator
I am trying to overload the insertion operator for a class called resident . Whenever I run this, ...
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by fabmab
Question about enums inside arrays
I'm building a minesweeper game for a project and I'm suppose to be initializing each position on th...
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need help with errors in my code
so i am basically doing an assignment priority queue using heap these are instructions for every co...
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Hopefully a quick fix
This is in assignment. The program was given but I needed to re-arrange it. I was wondering about wh...
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by s8050
How to run more than one function at the same time?
I am a beginner in C++ and I barely make simple console applications and now I could make a music fo...
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by koopey
string.find method problem
hey guys. this segment of code tries to store input from only inside <body>stuff to be strored </bod...
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by iahmed
terminate called after throwing an instance of std::bad_alloc
Hi... I am facing the current error since last few days and fighting with it to resolve the problem...
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General Question about prog/job math
What is the most important math skills for a programmer.In other words, if I was to expand my math s...
[4 replies] Last: Vector math and matrices if you're planning to do any physics/graphics... (by cnoeval)
by koopey
Post your space invader game!
caution: this is not a contest or something. i have seen many active users in this forum mention th...
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by erfa4n
problem with Date function(help pls)
hi friends i want to write a date function that Receipt a number ( for example 1267859 ) and turn ...
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by HelenI
If and else if
is that correct? void main(){ if(....){ } else if (....){ } else if (...){ statef () } ...
[3 replies] Last: also I missed the semi-colon... statef() should be statef(); ... (by programmer007)
by HelenI
Function and While Help
Hello, can i put a function in a while that's in a function...... void main(){ while(......) ...
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RunTime Error not working....
Hey guys,I was writing a sample program that uses the try and catch block(actually I was trying to l...
[1 reply] : #include<stdexcept> See: (by coder777)
object oriented inheritance
EXAMPLE OF INHERITANCE //Base class class Hotel { public: void setName(string hotel_...
[1 reply] : Do you have a question? And no: that's not useful inheritance. (by coder777)
Adding Functionality to Classes
I'm not grasping how to go about this, any help would be appreciated... thank you! Exercise 12.0...
[1 reply] : Read this: http://www.... (by coder777)
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