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A Lil point of sales
During the past few days I've been trying to write a small point of sales program and at the moment...
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cannot open file /libgcc/unwind-sjlj.c
Hi there The brief is to output prime numbers consecutively into an array that can be used later or...
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Do they yield the same result or different?
Do they yield the same result or different? 1. bool tf; int n; if(1) tf = true, n=2; //plz ex...
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Stack not displaying items
Hi.. I'm doing an implementation of stack My program is working fine.. but when I displays the st...
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by oseri
Charr array element spacing
Correct me if I'm wrong: The smallest unit possible to allocate is 1 byte, so : 002BF560 - point...
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Matching Arrays Problem Help me please!
Hi I'm trying to write a function that will match the values within an array and the other; for ...
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Connecting Array with Date
My program starts with user entering rainfall amount. Then sorting the array in descending order a u...
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by vixdew
Trouble with dynamic arrays, structures and functions
I'm having some trouble with a dynamically created struct array, in that when i try to use it to cop...
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vector without name ==> vector<double>(24,-7777)
Hi im having problems understanding this syntax vector<double> hour { vector<double>(24, -7777)...
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by Ch1156
How can i use getters and setters with math? (1,2,3)
I have a function in a game i'm working on that is the shop function and I need to do some math for ...
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Help with blackjack game of cards
Hey guys, need some help debugging my code for a blackjack game. Here are the requirements. Game ...
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Help with Displaying an array (updated)
I am having problems trying to display the code. It is for part of my homework. I will give the li...
[1 reply] : Read page 115. Don't store the ages in the array, store the age distri... (by fun2code)
Read character to int without crashing (1,2)
In C, is there a relatively simple way of stopping a program from crashing if a character value is e...
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HELPP plz! program that prints the cost of a call.
Write a program that prompts the user to enter the number of minutes a telephone call lasted for. T...
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Difference between pressing space and enter while giving input
Please explain.. Say I'm giving 7 8 9 as my input.. 7 "press space" 8 "press space" 9 "now press...
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by JB5056
Is this an example of c or c++
I found references to a c programming problem nearly identical to this one and cannot seem to find a...
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by Sym8
checkout program issue
so this is a checkout program. the problem i have is that the program doesnt work with the other PLU...
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Can somebody check my evenSum in line 29 i dont know whats wrong #include <iostream> using namesp...
[1 reply] : The if statement should be inside the for loop, not the other way arou... (by LB)
write a function that computes how many digits with values less than or equal to 5
Okay so I am new at c++ and was assigned a problem. I do not know exactly what I am being asked let ...
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by al547
counting and printing partitions of 1 to n-1 (1,2)
I am trying write a recursive function(it must be recursive) to print out the partitions and number ...
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