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Sorting array of structs
struct dadosEquipas{ char nomeEquipa ; int lugarCampeonato; int numPontos; int numJo...
[12 replies] Last: Ah yes, the issue was that you had copied the data into the vector and... (by LB)
struct defined in friend class as argument
Hello all, I am trying to implement an iterator to a BST class, but I am having trouble with a pr...
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by samrux
Am I naming identifiers wrong?
Right now, I am used to naming variables and functions with the most descriptive names possible. How...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you. Also, I think I accidentally reported a comment here from ... (by samrux)
by Zyzz
Cannot build anything
Hello, I got a new computer over summer and I'm starting another semester of c++ programming in the ...
[9 replies] Last: You see you forgot the semicolon at the end of line 13, don't you? (by mido70)
HELP PLEASE! Problem: Define the functions called within the main function. Do NOT edit the main ...
[2 replies] Last: Do NOT edit the main function. Your code uses a different main funct... (by dhayden)
What software should i use to program in c++ language.??
I am using Turbo C++ V4.5 (TCW) If I am not wrong ! But while making some programs of "Queue" It sh...
[4 replies] Last: I would also recommend Code::Blocks, it has basically all the feature ... (by shadowmouse)
My rand() function does not work
My rand() function does not work I have fiddled about and it does not seem to want to work I an tryi...
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asymptotic notation
What is asymptotic notation?
[1 reply] : (by AbstractionAnon)
Redimensioning of array.
Iam just kind of stuck here int basic program of queue, Can anyone help?? class dq { int cap; ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks!! #Mikey_boy it worked ! (by Arya Giri)
by Dazzer
The use of "const"?
This from the learncpp website regarding the use of "const": "Normal local variables are subject to...
[9 replies] Last: const is far more useful than that - const-correctness is most usefu... (by LB)
by chipp
morse code
i'm trying to create number to morse converter, but i got weird errors. my code: #include <io...
[12 replies] Last: @andy: thank you so much!!! i've been staring the code tens of times (... (by chipp)
Agument to constexpr functions
Hello, I'm new into programming and I started to learn about it using the book : Programming princip...
[6 replies] Last: Updating to VS 2015 won't help. It chokes on constexpr functions too.... (by FurryGuy)
playing mp3 file
hey i wanted to ask how i can play mp3 files using c++? thanks.
[2 replies] Last: I like using SDL for this task. You will see ot... (by kevinkjt2000)
Unresolved Externals
I don't see what's wrong with my code... I have declared my functions and gave it definitions, but i...
[4 replies] Last: That's because he is not compiling the file. @OP: you need to add gam... (by ne555)
Returning a value.
Hi, Can someone have a look at this code please. I am trying to get a function to return a value ...
[5 replies] Last: Cheers MikeyBoy. In fact while we're on the subject of passing values,... (by HOAX823)
types and template
There is something i don't quite understand in the example below. When calling the function are_eq...
[1 reply] : Sorry, i figured it out. I may compare float with int. But which one i... (by peterbaaij)
Hash Table
How would I be able to store a negative number in hash table? Would it work the similar to how hash...
[3 replies] Last: I think Duoas is correct. I think negative number gets converted to a ... (by funprogrammer)
by Dazzer
Working with decimal places and one other language thing...........
Hi guys, I have two questions about the code below: 1) How do i change the code to display the deci...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks dude! :) (by Dazzer)
Problem with graph.h
I use Dev-C++ 5.11 Im reading Programming Principles and practice using c++. First problem i h...
[15 replies] Last: OK, thank you :) (by Parisa)
by GabeJ
1 pound outputs as 16 ounces
Enter kilograms:0.453597 Enter grams:0 0.453597 kilograms, 0 grams is equal to 0 pounds, 16 ounces...
[10 replies] Last: pounds = (int)total_ounces / 16; to be safer pounds = (int)(total_o... (by kemort)
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