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What would be a method to call a user input from one function to the main function?
I'm trying to do a project for school, and I'm a little stuck. I have to simulate gas consumption of...
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Prime numbers
Hello, I want to make a program which checks how many numbers are 'till it meets number 0. I've tr...
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Reading integers from a text file and fork() a child process
First time post and I am out of my league, so I apologize up front. I have reviewed C++ for Beginne...
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by Ic4ru5
RNG point generator crashes at 13 for unseen causes
I am attempting to write code that will generate a number of points based on an inputted value, on (...
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Error in file
#include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #include <vector> using name...
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Ending loop
When i enter an empty string, the program ends the way it should but it has a weird that comes up an...
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by Denix
Writing a variable into a folder
Hi my savios :D What I´m suposed to archiev wwith this Code is 1st: generate primal numbers, che...
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Array deletetion and convert problems
Hey guys im suppose to be creating a bag adt for a code that a professor has already created. i am h...
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by ShadeT
NEWBIE! In over his head (MOTOR CONTROL, pointers, classes and whatnot
Hello All! My name is Chris, 32, from The Netherlands, and currently im working on a project for...
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Have anyone knows how to create recursion function? I need to find the biggest ship and returns it's...
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by Meg Li
Problems about linked list
Write your question here. Below is a function that remove the first node of a linked list. Can we ch...
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returning a multi dimension array then print it
i cant seem to find a solution to this error invalid conversion from int to int(*) [-fpermissive] ...
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Checking equality for Characters
I need to check whether a variable is equal to a character. is that okay? //Modify the previous ...
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by ptb
Linked List - where to start?
I am doing a doubly linked list. I have essentially found the answer and figured it out but I cant s...
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user take input in 2d array dynamic 2d
i want to take the input in 2d array but how int n1,n2; int *arr; cout<<"\nEnter The Row :...
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Need help with C++ String program
Hello I recently came across this problem for my programming class that requires me to build a progr...
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Array Issue! Assistance Please
Write your question here. Hi all, I am fairly new to coding and really could use some help with thi...
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After compile 2 error shows
I'm beginner of c++, no knowledge on c++. I'm writing a code for student and module. The requirement...
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Entering name with space
I need to make my code shorter. In a way that, if a user is asked what his/her name is, they only ne...
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So I'm almost done with this program but I can't complete the end of it. I was able to do everything...
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