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Correction of a crooked cylinder
Hi folks! I got to work on a cool project. My programming skills are pretty basic. I would like to s...
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by Claws
Irreducible Fraction
I need to do class inheritance. There are 3 classes: Base class Pair, and 2 derived clases from Pair...
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Having trouble with my function call
Why is my function not being called? This little program I created just for my own benefits to under...
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i cant understand the code
this code finds the gcd of two numbers i cant understand how it works. first you get the remainder...
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Problum returning an array from nested loops
Ok, I am having a problem that my arrays will not come out of my nested loops. Only the last value w...
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sorting linked list
I have a problem with sorting the list alphabetically. Have I correctly written a sorting function?...
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Visual Calculation?!?
Hello dear Huntsmen's, I have evolved a bit and here is what I want to consult about: http://share.p...
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Which One is faster
My question is as follows.. What is a faster a loop that prints a statement to the screen 1000 ti...
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plese help
Write a program that asks the user to enter 5 numbers and display the numbers in descending order in...
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Peer review: Template singly linked list using unique_ptr
Sorry for the long code post: Class template<typename B> class linkedlist{ public: //linke...
[5 replies] Last: > As the name imply the intention is that you have only one pointer at... (by JLBorges)
Delete the last two characters in stringstream
Hey guys, is there any way I could delete the last two characters in a stringstream? I'm working on ...
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what this code means ?
hi ! ^^ I am starting to learn C++ these days.. but I can not understand codes below.. This code ...
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Platforms are not always solid.
I got the problem with the platforms. Sometimes the platforms are solid. But sometimes the character...
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by MRQ1
Object Oriented Programming
I have seen a lot of people saying that C++ is quite a complex language to actually learn the object...
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Descending order
Can I have some hint how to write a program that will arrange 5 numbers in descending order using C+...
[1 reply] : Look up bubble sort :) (by Softrix)
help with understanding code
Write your question here. can someone please explain to me how this works below? bool compare(cons...
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by Aye
I have an assignment about quick sort and insertion sort and i didnt understand it all :'( !! sor...
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by jow123
please solve this
[1 reply] : Remove the semicolon after the switch(ch); // <- misplaced semicolon ... (by coder777)
Looking for help with a binary file.
Hello. My task is to create a program that puts all the reserved c++ words (Max length 30) into a o...
[8 replies] Last: I haven't looked at Binary_Search() in detail, but as you haven't open... (by andywestken)
Compute Cube Number
Hi .. The following is my beginner code that compute cube number n^3, i already use n1*n1*n1 to com...
[1 reply] : You could use std::pow. (by Peter87)
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