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How to import C++ dll?
Hi all, I'm very new to C++ but have moderate experience with C#. I am trying to write a dll in C++...
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Problems with loops
I have a code whose job is to read in, approximately, 255^2 data sets from a .txt file, and then out...
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Data set
I am looking for some help on creating a data set of random positive integer values,the data set sho...
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by NewInC
Hello all. I am trying to figure out this payroll program I am learning. The assignment is to use ar...
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Operator overloading , comparing values-HELP
Trying to compare two values using operator overloading , quite sure i am messing up in the output p...
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by mehak
pointers and type casting
my question is when i typecast the integer array then y on incrementing the pointer i get a 0 at the...
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high score table
Hello. I was wondering how I could adapt a high score table to a game that I am in the process of de...
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by Fl4me
Displaying Hazard level for calculated PSI
So guys, its a little hard to explain what I want so I'll try anyway. Basically this program is to c...
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Noob question about & and const
Hi, could someone be kind enough to explain me this piece of code? const int*const Method3(cons...
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by Bull
how to change C programming to C++
#include <stdio.h> void main(){ int i; int totalSubject=0,creditHour=0,totalCreditHour=0; ...
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Web interacton
I would like to know how to interact with a web page. I already know how to do a GET request and I k...
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No Windows Form template?
I am using Visual Studio Express 2013 on Win7 64bit. I don't have the "Win23 Form Application" opti...
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Linking static library
I am trying to link my own library (.lib file) to a new project. I've found millions of guides with...
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HTTP GET request
I have a function that performs HTTP GET request. It works, BUTT.... I need the url like this: www.m...
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testing how to pass values/references/pointers
Getting error c2664 passbypointer cannot convert parameter 1 from 'int' to 'int *' Please explain...
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Output Window
Hi guys, I am really new at C++. I am starting with SAMS teach yourself C++ in 21 days. I have in...
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by ninibt
Grid movement
This is the "game" that i am learning to create. Dungeon Crawl Requires: variables, data types, a...
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How to load information from a saved struct line by line
Hello ! Using some snippets from different coders and programs I have made the program below. My ...
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Gameboy programming
hi i am trying to make a program in c for the nintendo gameboy that prints out all its character co...
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This is not homework. I am just trying to understand my error. :(
With this, I produce no errors. #include <iostream> using namespace std; class example...
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