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by loni
interpreter + GUI builder
Hello I'm absolute beginner and I want start programming in C++ can you advice me or just give...
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how to get max and min dates when i have days,months and years arrays
how to get max and min dates when i have days,months and years arrays. i want most general code so p...
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Turtle graphics
I am stuck at this point and really need help getting back on track. Below is the assignment details...
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Text Based RPG using dynamic binding
Hey guys, I am making a RPG Game in which there are 6 different creatures with different abilities. ...
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Outputting a called Function
Hey guys I have a function tomorrow(); in a Date.cpp class that I would like to call in my Employee....
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Comparing Const Chars
Okay, so I've been working on my final for days, and I've gotten it to run without errors or crashin...
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what's the wrong with this code?
what's the wrong with this code? I'm trying to cut this one line input string into substrings but wh...
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by kr95
Please Help, Random Numbers
Hi! Ok so I am having a problem with my code. It's requirements are to put out 100 random number (bu...
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Getline in input file
Hello, in a cinema booking system using c++ we read a .txt file containing movie names and info usin...
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2D Arrays
What's wrong with my code???? Hi, I'm a new programmer, my professor gave me the following assignmen...
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by Sayay
Help to create Class in C++
hi there am anew user i need help to crate C++ Design a class pass called student with the follow...
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by ferrad
1-based to 0-based array in a function
Numerical Recipes has a heap sort function below. It sorts an array [1..n], however C arrays start ...
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Displaying Array Contents from File
For a part of my homework assignment (I'm in comp sci 1)I have to display the contents of a file. Th...
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Issue with an algorithm and returning the value
The issue lies within my .cpp file (not the tester or header). Basically I go to run it but it says...
[3 replies] Last: Well, what is it you expect to be returned at that point? An empty st... (by AbstractionAnon)
How to use <chrono> in order to see how much time a function took to execute
I have to compare the time differentiation between bubble sort, selection sort, linear search, and b...
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simple function assignment
Hello. I am new to the forum and programming in general. I have read the instructions for posting...
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by Zorac
Allocate memory in 1GB-chunks and 1kB-chunks.
Hello everyone! I have a assignment where i am supposed to allocate memory in different size-able ch...
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by Hil
Need some guidence
Ok so I am in need of some help i have this part of my code i am working to try to get it to where m...
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by elle88
Instant Messenger Chat (the message portion)
I am working on an instant messenger chat (like facebook chat or AOL instant messenger), and am stru...
[1 reply] : You may need to take a step back and read a basic tutorial about socke... (by kevinkjt2000)
Adding 90 Days to a Date
So I have a program that is supposed to have a user input a date, calculate tomorrow's date, yesterd...
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