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Hello! I need help with this program. I have to output the geometric mean of the first 2 digits and ...
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variable declaration
Trying to understand a part of this code: char t , *p = (char *)t;// this l...
[2 replies] Last: Ok that makes alot of sense now. Thank You (by andrewllewop)
For loop vs For each loop for arrays
What is the difference between for loops and for each loops regarding with using arrays? Can you giv...
[13 replies] Last: Ok, thank you. (by Kourosh23)
UNIX plug-ins
Hi, I was wondering if someone could assist me in installing a color scheme plug in for VIM? I liter...
[3 replies] Last: you have to "clone it" from github $ git clone (by mbozzi)
Semantic error of numbers
Write your question here. Hello everyone,I wonder why the result of %d is www=536870912 instead of w...
[2 replies] Last: To elaborate, a little bit: std::printf can accept any number of arg... (by mbozzi)
Writing to a txt file
I want to create a txt file and print "hello" in the file. Im not sure what is wrong with my code, b...
[8 replies] Last: the file example.txt will be in your program source directory where yo... (by bird1234)
Output and display the largest number inputted
I have already develop a program that to receive the users' input of a positive integer numbers and ...
[2 replies] Last: Your program shows "average" after each input. Why? What are those va... (by keskiverto)
Search/Delete/Validate in strings
Good day dear sirs and ladies, for my university homework i have to write a code which checks certa...
[14 replies] Last: Thanks for your advice, i'll be back if i can report something new. (by meltorizor)
Help me find the error, because I can't
So I am writing this code for my summitive in computer science (Grade 11). First thing you need to k...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks so much for the advice! After looking over my code with my teac... (by dat boi)
Two variable in a for loop
Hi I'm new to c program here :) may I know how can I use two variable for one for loop statement can...
[5 replies] Last: Float first,second,third First=0; Second=0; Third=0; For(sector=0&&y... (by Andy1222)
Search function in c++?
Hello, today i come to you all in need of guidence! I've googled and seen some stuff but it all kind...
[3 replies] Last: learn how to incorporate DB into C++ depends on which DB you want to... (by gunnerfunner)
by CooloN
Im new to coding , See the reply below
Given task. Write a program that will produce the output as figure below #include<iostream> usin...
[11 replies] Last: TY guys for helping me , this what its look like. //This is solution... (by CooloN)
Data Structure
Any Good Book or site for learning data structure
[5 replies] Last: (by kemort)
Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius rounding error
I'm trying to write a temperature converter for my class but whenever I put it through testBed I hav...
[4 replies] Last: You will also have fewer "rounding errors" if you use a double instead... (by jlb)
Background counter outside loop
For homework I am tasked to write a program that tallies multiple diver scores in a loop. This part ...
[2 replies] Last: Suggest you set up a struct Diver on the following lines: struct Div... (by gunnerfunner)
Need an explanation
Can someone explain why this code works string a; a = 1; and not this one ? ...
[1 reply] : It's a good question. The string assignment operator has been overlo... (by Peter87)
Native' has exited with code 0 (0x0)
No matter what I try, my console closed too fast with this statement The program ' projectesting1.e...
[2 replies] Last: Generally the reason why <conio.h> is not recommended is because it ... (by Chervil)
Unable to debug
after trying to debug, the system said that it is unable to start the program as the system cannot f...
[1 reply] : Hello Andy1222, I see that you are using "visual c++ 2010 express". I... (by Handy Andy)
cin pairs into an array
Would like to read in pairs of follows and add them per value: The program runs, but doesn't add an...
[9 replies] Last: The code here looks incorrect: for (i = 0; array <AMAX ; i++) { ... (by Chervil)
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