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I can't input an array, what's the problem here? void act2(){ char string1 , string2 ; ...
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Magic Square C++
This is my C++ project homework. I am required to follow the instruction below. And I really need he...
[2 replies] Last: Line 19 is like writing int arr ; arr = 7; * It does not "initializ... (by keskiverto)
using pointer to dynamically allocate a 2D array
Hi, i am trying to dynamically allocate a 2D array using pointer or a double pointer. I know how to ...
[1 reply] : A pointer has two parts: 1. It is a pointer. 2. The type it points to.... (by keskiverto)
using struct array as parameter error
Been trying to figure out why I cannot pass the structure array as a parameter in the function call ...
[2 replies] Last: Hi, MovieR is declared on line 78, but it goes out of scope because... (by TheIdeasMan)
new to c++ have fatal error
so i am having a fatal error and its the only error i have 1>c:\users\rachael ann\documents\visu...
[3 replies] Last: Hi, Somewhere in your Visual Studio IDE there might be an option to a... (by TheIdeasMan)
Spacing problem in code that sorts names using parallel arrays
I have some code that sorts names using parallel arrays, however there are too few spaces in between...
[6 replies] Last: If you do understand both the manipulators and your code, then you sho... (by keskiverto)
by relgin
How to terminate a list with the value "END"??
I wrote a program that reads in a list of rocket names and masses and prints them in reverse order. ...
[3 replies] Last: You need to keep a count of the number of rockets actually entered by ... (by Smac89)
declarations in c++
1.a constant that gives the name discount to the value 0.10 2.two variables called amount and uni...
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valid of invalid
state wheather the following identifiers are valid or invalid. 1. max-marks 2. area of square 3...
[3 replies] Last: dude thank you so much. I've got the answers for the question. (by vikramathitan)
Hopefully a quick fix
My program is not just pulling the vowels. If you know what I'm missing or doing incorrectly, can yo...
[7 replies] Last: I didn't read your comment's very thoroughly. I wasn't realizing that ... (by Sarmonroe)
Using the read() function
Hey guys this question is a continuation of my Phonebook program. I read through the articles,and t...
[1 reply] : However that... (by ultifinitus)
XOR Decryption
I'm trying to XOR decrypt a cyphertext with a known plaintext. the plaintext size is 256bit, the ke...
[4 replies] Last: The message(16000+bits) is encrypted but we only know a piece of the o... (by phuduc1193)
by enemy
Easiest ideas (pseudocodes) for friendship
Hello! Please, I am "training" codes using "friends" and I am gathering school tasks and ideas. Ple...
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by Torm04
Help with strings
Hello, I am in need of some guidance on my program. Basically I need to have a function that will re...
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Using Merge Sort With Struct Array (1,2)
Structure template: typedef struct structure { char name ; int age; }Structure; Array of...
[27 replies] Last: The code works and I'm grateful for your help in getting it to work, s... (by Bogeyman)
Why does it keep switching between states?
I am using openCV to per for head tracking using lukas kanade optical tracking.. The method i am us...
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doubly linked list
can anyone help me with my project when i run the code on codeblocks it gave me a message that the c...
[1 reply] : How are we supposed to help you, if you don't post your code? (by AbstractionAnon)
Reading the names and ages
Hello, I'm doing a quick exercise from Chapter 9 of Programming Principles and Practice using C++ an...
[5 replies] Last: If you want input to end on enter, you must use line oriented (or unfo... (by cire)
True or false array questions
I just want to make sure I didn't confuse the zero based stuff between index and elements. Are my an...
[1 reply] : Both of your answers are correct. (by cire)
I wrote this code. #include <math.h> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { ...
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