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making your own strnlen function
I am trying to replicate the function strnlen, but I am having trouble making the function return t...
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Merging Files
So my teacher had told me to translate a pseudocode into c++ program...I just want to know if the co...
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how to do constructors with this . please help #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> ...
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multiple files
so iam suppose to make this work in multiple files , it was working in one whole file but then when ...
[1 reply] : In your source file (“employee.cpp”) the compiler must be informed... (by Enoizat)
.h content
C++ header file - teacher asked that we include "void standardDeviation( string input, string output...
[1 reply] : Do you have a question? Nevertheless, you could read: http://www.cplu... (by keskiverto)
so the code compiles but as soon as i build it and crashes. i use geany for this. can someone explai...
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by RahRah
how do i call cout statements to appear in a student report
I would like the results or output in void codesymbol and results in passfail to show in void print ...
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try sieve algorithm for spoj problem
try to solve spoj prime generator Peter wants to generate some prime numbers for his cryptosystem....
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Beginner needs help ASAP
Suppose a vehicle needs 4 liters to travel 100 kilometers. Write a C++ program that will calculate a...
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Need help regarding reading data from a text file.
I have a project that requires to create 1D arrays to store names and ids. A 2D array to store ages....
[4 replies] Last: If I use the ',' delimiter would it work like how I have it? The 2d ar... (by Aw3som3Alan3)
Formatting decimal numbers and outputting invalid messages.
I am having trouble with this code. I am supposed to make it to where if there is a number inputted ...
[1 reply] : Try something like this: int tv_type = 0; cin >> tv_type; if (tv... (by talemache)
help using while and switch statement
Hello, I am creating a code for class. The assignment is to make a menu and asking the user to pi...
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even integers
I'm trying to print all positive even integers less than or equal to a max value. in my case it's 10...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much. I got my code to print out even numbers all the way... (by dfgonza)
add size
i need a code which add the size words , when user enter words eg : if enter "hello" is 5 and the ne...
[12 replies] Last: vectors can just be assigned, x = y style. C arrays memcpy is good t... (by jonnin)
Math Solver Program (with functions)
The goal of this program is to allow the user to enter 3 numbers, and respectively carry out eithe...
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Creating PAYSLIP
1.Create a class and name it Payslip. This class should have the following attributes or propertie...
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I need help fixing up my code I need help, I am trying to make my ou...
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help with loop
I'm new to programming, but i feel pretty good about this program except i can't get it to loop. i ...
[2 replies] Last: Hello TheJast, I offer this version of "main" to show you what a few ... (by Handy Andy)
Write a class that extends the LeggedMammal class from the previous laboratory exercise. The class ...
[3 replies] Last: so basically you mean that after inheriting the properties from the L... (by Repeater)
Need help with monkey c++
done. Solved
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