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Calculating total pay to employee from hours worked and pay rate.
Thank you for all the help yesterday, i took the advice and made an array and my program works with ...
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Linked list deleting nodes
I have created a queue using a linked list as well as a recursive function that is supposed to sear...
[2 replies] Last: Actual display when search is called Yes, this is bcause of line 11. ... (by coder777)
If-else within switch cases being ignored?
Hi everyone! I'm having a problem using switch with a nested if-else statement. When I run the progr...
[7 replies] Last: its very easy to scramble your logic operators for anyone. I do it an... (by jonnin)
by jw209
How to make an overloaded [] operator that you can read but also write to?
Hello, I am making a vector class. I am confused how to make an overlaoded operator that I can al...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks! (by jw209)
write, save and read .dat files (1,2)
I need help writing, saving and then reading data from a .dat file. The code below let the co...
[22 replies] Last: Changes above (have to separate due to post size limitations): 1) Can... (by seeplus)
How to load vectors with multiple parts
I am writing a program for searching for books in a text file, "The library", and I am trying to loa...
[6 replies] Last: Further consider: while (std::getline(ins, title, '|') && (ins >> y... (by seeplus)
for loop question
Hello I am reading a piece of code, and it contains a for loop that is not what I am used to seeing ...
[2 replies] Last: Expressed with a while loop it'd look like this: string temp; ... (by coder777)
by yem
Make Output and Input disappear
Hey, Usually when I write a program with no GUI, the output and user input remains on the screen of...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks! (by yem)
Class template - declaring data type <T> which contains value for particular element
I have a file called grad.dat which contains data on numerous post-secondary graduates. The records ...
[1 reply] : May be something along these lines: #include <iostream> #include <st... (by JLBorges)
Something is wrong with my math.
Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing great. so I have this problem with this code. The program is ask...
[1 reply] : The code you show hardcodes numberOfPersons to 1. And I think in calc... (by dutch)
Please help me what is wrong in my code?
#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main () { double sub1,sub2,sub3,sub4; float avg; ...
[1 reply] : #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main () { double sub1... (by againtry)
Program to calculate payroll continuously runs with no output.
This is my first semester of computer science and the program i wrote has no errors in at least that...
[2 replies] Last: The reason for the infinite loop is that you are closing the time file... (by newbieg)
Issues with Functions
Whats Up my nerds!!!!! I am having issues using functions. Im tryin to use two separate functions us...
[4 replies] Last: Found the error! Thanks! //Grupo # 2 //Rodriguez Rivera, Carlos A.... (by rodriguez135994)
Setting up Visual Studio BlockOut2 Code ?
Hello. I need help to set up this open source code , on Visual Studio 2013/2019 or any kind of o...
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Help with video rental program using linked lists and arrays
Hi, I am trying to program a video rental checkout that reads in a file of given movies that the use...
[5 replies] Last: If you want to do separate arrays, it's not a big deal either way; it'... (by Ganado)
by kmce
iterators. iterator.begin()
Hi, I am trying to learn about vectors and iterators, and I have just read that the .begin() and .en...
[8 replies] Last: if i was able to check what was stored in the memory of it and the ... (by mbozzi)
Declaring vectors for class objects within another class
Hi there So I’m still working on my test-RPG game and have another question. I now have a (sort ...
[5 replies] Last: #include "filename.h" means "copy the contents of filename.h right h... (by Repeater)
If statement only
Hello everyone! Please help me, what's wrong with my code? I'm trying an if only statement with mult...
[4 replies] Last: Hello newbie prog10, PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting... (by Handy Andy)
BlockOut2 to an online editer/compiler?
-- Hi. Can this open source BlockOut2 code, be set up in an online editor/compiler? https://s...
[13 replies] Last: Hello. I need help to set up this open source code , on Visual Studio... (by jlivingstonsg)
Is there a limit of array size?
Write your question here. This sample of code works fine. int main() { const int m = 10...
[6 replies] Last: some compilers also have flags to make the stack size larger. It still... (by jonnin)
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