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Undefined reference to function but it has been defined?
Here is the main #include <iostream> #include "orderedLinkedList.h" #include "LinkedListType.h"...
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c++ loop for continuous adding
How do I make a loop with while or do while that can add until I reach 100 or over?
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Doing homework for a class I'm not enrolled in
Hello! I'm trying to learn C++ by having my friend in class send me his homework and me just doing i...
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c++ while within a y/n while loop
I'm doing a while loop within another while. The while within the while works fine if I eliminate th...
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print functions messing with my totals?
I have this program properly counting the uppercase, lowercase, and digits in a text file. However, ...
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alternative to string. insert with algorithm
this is how i insert character in array of character. char arraytest ; int position; ...
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Cannot stop sentinel loop from running away.
So, I have written one program already that is supposed to allow a user to input the word length of ...
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Unable to understand unexpected behaviour
I am confused why am I facing infinite loop in line 20. #include <iostream> #include<string.h> #i...
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Char Array input
How do i input(cin) char array for example name and user inputs "Mike Jordan" and the computer scan...
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Printing a 2D Dynamic Array Class
Im coding a game called Gomoku(Gobang) and i have used a 2d dynamic array to implement the board in ...
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Issue when modularizing simple program
I had to create a program that reads from a text file, and then counts the number of uppercase, lowe...
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Problem With Random Number Generator
I am a college student taking a C++ class, and was given this assignment: Goal: Write a program tha...
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c++ decreasement in printing after y/n sessions
I'm not sure why, but every time after I type in yes, the program prints less numbers than requested...
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Converting from standard time to military time
Write a C++ program that reads a time from the keyboard. The time should be in the format "HH:MM AM"...
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by Daean
Hi, there. I have some troubles with my code... so.., you can see below the code.. If I type 'l' any...
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c++ do while inside another do while
Is it possible to put a do while inside another do while? If so, could someone show me how it works?
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files are damaged after being downloaded from an ftp server through sockets
I send the command RETR and the name of the file I want to download. This file is downloaded into a ...
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Function that prints the frequency of all words that appear in two given texts?
Hi. I need to create a function that prints the frequency of all words from two given texts. I must ...
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double space:
#include <iostream> using namespace std; #include <string> int main () { int a; int b; i...
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