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a null pointer Error
when i run my code i found a null pointer in the line following : TFile * file = new TFile("Resu...
[5 replies] Last: it could be almost anything. you didnt check that your file opened co... (by jonnin)
file processing
hey everyone, i am having trouble with this project. I have gotten off to a small start, but don...
[4 replies] Last: I agreed with dhayden about getting a bit more organized. #include <... (by Manga)
by eMSi21
C++ Windows Forms Themes?
Hello, Today I started learning Windows Forms (C++ of course), and I saw a lot of people using th...
[2 replies] Last: If the themes are in a dll then you can easily reference them. However... (by Thomas1965)
Can't access private member functions through friend function
Hi everyone, I don't understand why the compiler keeps saying there's an error when I tried to ac...
[17 replies] Last: Finally the explanation! I was thinking that "inaccessible" wasn't a n... (by tpb)
Iteration using for loop
Hey! I am a beginner in C++ and I am trying to build a code where the count value input by the user ...
[5 replies] Last: Got it, works now!! Thank you so much. (by atreyi114)
Objects and Pointers
this program requires the creation of class objects that are used to store student information, grad...
[5 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std; class... (by KeaganM)
by tpb
Coordinate Compression
We're getting kind of sick of these stupid codechef problems here.
[no replies]
by Kai456
Enum in combination with switch - help
I'm trying to write a simple program that uses user input to call different cases of a switch, which...
[9 replies] Last: Also it seems I didn't have to include <limits> for numeric_limits! ... (by tpb)
No entiendo el Error
hola como andan ,no entiendo porque me salen este 49 13 ISO C++ forbids comparison between pointer ...
[2 replies] Last: muchas gracias, ahora si puede ver mi problemas donde estaba (by alcaponesxx)
char of array and string
i try to print user input , only even and odd words. input : hacker rank output : hce akr rn ak ...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int mai... (by Manga)
how do i connect different files together?
I created a new file and put a function inside and i call in from the main.cpp file but it keeps tel...
[4 replies] Last: his line 12 would be in a .h file Karakuik. It is OK how he did it, b... (by jonnin)
by AL88
How can I make this return the desired float back to main
How can I make this code return the desired float in the if else section back to main?. At the momen...
[5 replies] Last: Also how can I make it return the float properly, i.e. 4.0 points, no... (by Karakuik)
Asking for help
#Disclaimer: I am not asking code. I somewhat have an idea about this problem but unable to code it...
[1 reply] : Why do you ask a "Python 3.6" ... (by keskiverto)
Text File Isn't Working
I have a code and when I want to run it with the .txt file it wont give me the right output. How do ...
[2 replies] Last: Hello katalinaisland, PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting ... (by Handy Andy)
Team work
Hi Guys .. i wanna work with someone in real c++ project (i'm still begginer)
[no replies]
please tell me what's wrong with my code it says--main.cpp:13:13: error: expected initializer before 'of
//============================================================================ // Name : veh...
[3 replies] Last: This is followed by the under score (_). Which should be avoided as t... (by MikeyBoy)
error: expected unqualified-id
please tell me what's wrong with my code i found this error error: expected unqualified-id w...
[1 reply] : Key and key are different! Look closely at UPPERCASE and lowercase. (by lastchance)
Problem with inheritance class
Hi everyone, I have a problem with inheritance: #include <iostream> using namespace std; cla...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, that was very clear and concise (by Song Tung)
Recursive function for an array?
Hello, what a good recursive function that run through an entire array or vector could look like? ...
[12 replies] Last: @all thank you very much. Very interesting material to study. than... (by Amiplus)
by sirdar
How to load files into memory c++
I'm doing a program to management of directories and their contents and I want to run a program in d...
[5 replies] Last: Currently, you are setting your path, c, before you loop over readdir.... (by Ganado)
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