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Long day
Hi guys so it's been a long day and I can't vent how angry I am I love programming and I want to b...
[1 reply] : bool bookSeat(int row,char letter,int lastRow,int lastLetter){ ... (by adam2016)
Airline ticket system take two
Hi guys I decided to review an old program,the only difference is that I'm running it on a different...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks Anon much appreciated (by adam2016)
by arf
Random Elements in Array
Hey. I have to write a program for lesson. • Create an array 10x10 • Elements must be random se...
[9 replies] Last: Hand Andy, magnificent! Thanks everyone. (by arf)
bool issue
Why is my bool only coming out as whatever i define "chance" (ie, true or false) as at the end of my...
[2 replies] Last: Furthermore, you have other errors as well. (1) You never initialize c... (by Ganado)
seekp() and tellp() (I/O)
hi guys I'm studying and playing around with the filepointer the seekg does exactly what I expected ...
[3 replies] Last: is there anyway to write to a certain position with append mode on? ... (by jlb)
anybody help me i m beginner how to learn c++
[3 replies] Last: You could always start at It's a pretty goo... (by dasani885)
by vr777
Mancala C++ Project (Part 2) *ALL HELP NEEDED*
***** MY QUESTION(S): So I'm at brink of finishing my project and I'm stuck and have a few issues. F...
[2 replies] Last: This abs(pit-7 == start_pit) is probably not what you want. You can... (by coder777)
by pj123
Overloaded function "getline" doesn't match argument list?
I'm supposed to have a doubly linked. Each node should store a person's first and last names, along ...
[3 replies] Last: how did you found it ? Any special tools to compare the codes ? Sad... (by lastchance)
How To Return Many "Char Data Type"
I have this project to work on, and in one of my function, I want to return more than one "char data...
[5 replies] Last: globals are terrible. They make things easy for tiny programs and simp... (by jonnin)
all rabbits have same value
linked list of rabbit objects,but it seems like all the rabbits have the same values even though the...
[5 replies] Last: Hi Ganado I found the answer I'll post it here in case anyone else stu... (by adam2016)
Calculator, help with input
Hello, im very noob at this. This is a calculator i wrote that kind of works. The thing i want to c...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you Thomas, i did not realize i needed to quote. It works fine n... (by Greyhame)
by cash
reading textfile
For some reason my program is producing no output. What am I doing wrong. This is the problem- https...
[2 replies] Last: Hello cash, Are you sure there is something in the file to read? It ... (by Handy Andy)
by chuvak
Virtual functions and derived class
I have a header file with the following class: //MyProduct.h #ifndef SICT_MYPRODUCT_H__ #define ...
[1 reply] : If you do not want to implement a body of a virtual function you need ... (by coder777)
by pj123
Trouble with priority queue?
I am supposed to insert names and priorities into a priority queue, however I am having difficulties...
[3 replies] Last: Line 58: use the operator delete instead of calling the function fr... (by JLBorges)
by ebba
Lost on final project for intro class
Trying to get output that looks like this: Enter number of rows (>0): -4 Invalid entry – try a...
[2 replies] Last: THANK YOU! makes me feel dumb i spent 2+ hours floundering, and yours... (by ebba)
decltype and auto parameters?
This question came up on a test in class last week, and for the life of me I wasn't able to figure i...
[1 reply] : This response assumes you understand something about perfect forwardin... (by mbozzi)
How do I search for a string in a data structure by use of loops?
Hello, I am writing code for a series of phone records. I am trying to use a search for a string...
[4 replies] Last: For bool cmp_equal_ignore_case( const std::string& a, const std::stri... (by JLBorges)
How do i add cheat code to my game ?
Hey guys currently im writing a maze game for my project and i need to add cheat code to my game how...
[2 replies] Last: Can you post your code? (by thestickupman)
Singly Linked List, Employee Data
I need help with storing data in a singly-linked list where the nodes in the list correspond to each...
[2 replies] Last: I have since figured out my problem. Sometimes, I have a hard time vie... (by danewind)
Need Help Solving core dump
This program is supposed to read in text from a file, make specific changes to the text file, and th...
[3 replies] Last: You set count to 30 on line 41. You passed this as a reference para... (by lastchance)
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