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by ar2007
file .txt
Hello everybody. I wrote a program to extract a text file, process it, and then rewrite it in anoth...
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Code Improvement
I've crafted myself a single - player Battleship game, but I need ways to improve it. So it's both m...
[2 replies] Last: using classes: 3 files {game.h, game.cpp, main.cpp} ///game.h #ifn... (by Yolanda)
How to handle when there is no mode?
I am having a little trouble with my mode function. I need to add something so that if none of the n...
[2 replies] Last: There is never "no mode", @stormbot. It would lead to hopeless inconsi... (by lastchance)
Prime Numbers
An integer greater than 1 is a prime number if it does not have a divisor that is greater than 1 and...
[3 replies] Last: If it works for everyone else but you're asking for help, I'm going to... (by zaphraud)
Problems setting up IDE
Hello, I'm having some issues setting up Code Blocks. First issue ...
[9 replies] Last: Did you download the Code Blocks with a compiler or without one? Assum... (by Ganado)
(The formula for converting a temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius is C=5/9(F-32) Where F is the...
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Maybe Declaration problems,(nested classes)
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "entrance::new_processor", referenced from: ent...
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Some other valid operations with arrays
Hello, i cannot figure out what this following line does. foo[foo ] = foo + 5; ...
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by Kelkut
reading csv file and saving elements as int16_t
Hello, i have to read a csv file and saving some elements as int16_t. The file is of this type: 1...
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I can't transfer the money and ı want to substract the money from sender how can ı do that?
Write your question here. #include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; cl...
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Trying to calculate median of sorted array (I'm close)
I am trying to figure out the median of a sorted array. So, what I know is that I need to find the m...
[3 replies] Last: You don't have to. size / 2 is an integer, always. For integer values ... (by helios)
random data are added to my files
Hello guys, I'm creating the program which whole purpose is to read data(index, name, height) from ...
[4 replies] Last: $ ./david73.exe 1=write out, 2=add name, 3=delete name >2 Enter name... (by zaphraud)
Simple array question
I am trying to understand the two declarations below. Will the first line just store a -1 in the 41s...
[6 replies] Last: Is there a simulator that I can step through a small piece of code an... (by FurryGuy)
Reading number from txt file and putting them into an array
Hello, I'm a C++ beginner and would like to know how to read numbers from a txt file and put those ...
[3 replies] Last: Hi Andy, What I’m doing is running several sorting functions such a... (by mrbossjb)
getting to the root of the crash
Hi guys I am trying to implement my own version of dijkstra's shortest path algorithm,this is my sec...
[2 replies] Last: silly me I forgot to break out of the first while loop (by adam2016)
How to calculate median?
I am new to cpp and I am trying to calculate the median of an array. The user decides how many items...
[3 replies] Last: Yeah if you're in a class write the sort code. you're gonna use it aga... (by zaphraud)
Even after I kill all the processes, it's still there. HALP! #include <iostream> int main( in...
[9 replies] Last: alter the permissions (or rename even) is a winner. thanks! This was f... (by zaphraud)
by zapshe
Quick cin.ignore() Question
Hi, I'm coding a calculator and made a condition for whether it should exit or return to the beginni...
[7 replies] Last: > While I understand that these functions can easily be used in such a... (by JLBorges)
printf occured twice
Why do I get the "Enter an operator ..." twice after operation completed And how do I quit the progr...
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by Dr4g
scanf_s correct input counter
I just want it to count correct inputs (3),but it asks for input 6 times (3 times in Line 11 and 3 t...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, I get it now. (by Dr4g)
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