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Newton's Method
Hi, I have a written the code for Newton's method by using the Pseudocode from my professor. The pr...
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I donw know how to make a program that allows a user to enter a word and then The program desplays t...
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Need help !
Hi, my son needs help. There is a fault line 7 and still? 1 #include<stdio.h> 2 #include<math.h> 3 m...
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by Kiryu
Why does the following snippet not compile?
struct A { virtual void method(int) {}; int method() { return 0; }; }; struct A_child : public ...
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Sweep line algorithm
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by ksau
Function pointers drive me nuts ;-)
Dear experts, I have a widget class that displays values on a dashboard. These values are generat...
[4 replies] Last: Very cool, thank you all for the quick replies! I will now try to unde... (by ksau)
How to (set size or resize) and fill: Two dimensional string array inside a function?
Hi I need to make a function that modify and write, a two dimensional string array passed as an arg...
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Average line from a text file???
I'm very new to C++ and I have an assignment that has to do with reading in a text file and finding ...
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Best way to store records / fields of csv-files in memory?
Hello, my csv-file has 1000 records and every record has 15 fields separated with "/". Now I want...
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by ace184
Would an if statement work here?
I am trying to figure out how to make a user input a certain number of students and certain number o...
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What do you do when you don't know how to solve a problem?
I don't mean how,to code the solution though. I was looking at spoj this morning and I forget the pr...
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?? Non-Repeating Random Number Array ??
Is there any way to create a number array that prints out 20 random numbers with no repeats? Could ...
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Tetris Help
I am trying to start a project that makes the game, Tetris. For this part, I need to generate seven ...
[9 replies] Last: I can't use classes to make the Tetris game. I have that code because ... (by Maxster)
Facing problem in structures
Hello guys! I was studying structures. Kindly see the code below here. So it is taling information ...
[14 replies] Last: Regarding the original problem, let's start by moving the reading and ... (by dhayden)
Is it possible to create a template that accepts type T which is an object or pointer to an object?
Hi guys, So I am wondering is it possible to create a template that will handle two different typ...
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by Bopaki
This program works fine if I work with numbers but not with strings
If the variables are numbers I get the expected output but if the variables are strings it bombs ou...
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Perfect Number Finder
I'm trying to write a program that finds all Perfect numbers. Perfect numbers are numbers that when ...
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std::copy a int vector but withing subtraction
I start with a int vector `row` and would like copy it to a address `ptr`. But now I want to use a ...
[13 replies] Last: But if you were specified to use std::min then you will need at least ... (by Grime)
Code stuck in infinite loop
Hello! I'm having an issue where I'm designing a palindrome checker. I have no problem with single w...
[1 reply] : Hi, std::cin only reads up to the first white space, that is one word... (by TheIdeasMan)
Help!!! not printing an array
My code is supposed make an array of 20 random numbers, print it, and then re-print the same array w...
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