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Error around pointers, I think.
Sooo heres the stuff, its on line 53 or the part that ive commented off. The error is 'Item::clone':...
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Writing data to specified file and directory
In my code I create a folder in a specified path and open a file for writing. I then pass the output...
[1 reply] : It would seem some error checking is in order. I can't test this since... (by tpb)
Should I use constexpr?
Still learning a bit about constexpr and it's best uses, so pardon my ignorance. I have a few "gette...
[2 replies] Last: The constexpr specifier declares that it is possible to evaluate the v... (by Flaze07)
by DiVa1
Making an array from n to 1
In my code I want to make an array from n to 1, so that the n (and thus the size of the array) can v...
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by alc952
Using other classes within classes.
I have a class Person, and a class PEmployee. I want to store an object of the class Person within t...
[1 reply] : undefined reference usually means you are referring to something that ... (by Jaybob66)
by volz
i am very very stuck ! with using
Write your question here. hi all, I am trying to use and finding myself ...
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by EloyRD
I do not know why my dynamic_cast isn't working...
Hello, I'm trying to make an agents-based simulation (Preys vs Hunters) and so far got it running w...
[10 replies] Last: The best thing to do is to create a minimal, compilable codeset that d... (by MikeyBoy)
Graphics include libraries
Include directories not working, trying to make a triangle. #include <iostream> #include <Simp...
[3 replies] Last: Hello Have you tried it only with one point? Does it work with the si... (by davidglines)
Help with an array of member function pointers in a class
I'm trying to implement an array of member function pointers in a class. I've googled around, and th...
[7 replies] Last: Here is the beginning of it. As I said, its written in Qt (https://www... (by shawnlau)
Function - pass by reference - duplication?
The task is to write a function that prints out the const string& that is being called in the main, ...
[4 replies] Last: And so the "cin" prompt will put the values into the memory location ... (by FurryGuy)
identifier is undefined
I've been stuck on this one for awhile. Seemingly eliminated all bugs from my code except for this o...
[2 replies] Last: Oh ok, I had thought it was a class member variable but I guess it isn... (by fluffypillowforever)
by jcarbo
Nested classes and accessing nested class functions
I"m trying to instantiate an object of a nested class. I have a parent class with simple cout whic...
[1 reply] : auto nestObject = new hen::nest(); nestObject->display(); ... (by helios)
text to speech on codeblocks
i have sapi and all of neccessary libraries..what is need now is a sourcr code for text to speech......
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cout after cin
How to print text immediately after cin, for example if I wrote code like: int x; cout << "Enter...
[4 replies] Last: Using floating-point variables to store money is a bad habit. Just say... (by Ganado)
by CrossG
Caesar Cipher | Optimization and coding tips wanted
Hello I have recently begun programming in C++ and would love for someone to help me learn the proce...
[3 replies] Last: Use '\n' instead of endl unless you really mean to flush the strea... (by dhayden)
by AL88
Trying to understand operator overloading float ambiguous error
Hello I am trying to understand operator overloading and have written my own example. When I try t...
[2 replies] Last: I would think ints.sum(7,8) is ok because int is overloaded. The ... (by Hippogriff)
#include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int bank(string z) { int y; ...
[1 reply] : int bank(string z) <------- bank is a function that takes a string. ... (by jonnin)
Can anyone help me to do this Question
You are given three integers a, b and . Your task is to construct a binary string s of length n=a+b ...
[13 replies] Last: Indeed. Just make a string of all the zeros, or all the ones, whicheve... (by Repeater)
c++ program for sum with cycle (1,2)
An approximation of $ pi $ "$ n $" can be calculated from the sum $ pi_i = sum_ (j = 0) ^ i (-1) ^ ...
[21 replies] Last: hellyeah, i tried in the shell and it works :-o ... ok ... i'll try to... (by zerbo1000)
Quadratic Equation
I get a C4700 with a, b, c uninitialized local variable for Line 16. What am I doing wrong? //Wri...
[2 replies] Last: This confuses some beginners. Note that variables in C++ are not reall... (by Ganado)
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