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Beginning c++ Through Game Programming - Stuck with pointer errors!
Hello, I am fairly new to c++ and am currently working through the book above. I am stuck on Chr 7 ...
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by defs
TicTacToe game
I have few problems with my code. I don't know why system('CLS') isn`t working second checking t...
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by kretze
snake game
hey guys im doing a snake game(its not nearly finished) but i have a one snake-head is ...
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Help with homework
So currently my online class is learning about pointers. I dont quite understand them and their usag...
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input idea
if one has an input of this shape string s = { { } { { } } { { } { { } } } } how do you input it s...
[1 reply] : Well after the initial { For each {, increment a counter. For each },... (by salem c)
Different variables, same result
is there something wrong with the code, because no matter what variables I put it to the text docume...
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In progress of developing a sort of plaza. error in the main() function
Why won't My program start? It keeps saying this: "no match for operator'==' in answer 'a' " (and f...
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Coupon + Question on random statements
Hello, Firstly I wanted to share this free c++ udemy course coupon worth £9.99. : https://ww...
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by yat89
Reading text file into array
Hi everyone, I have a text file as below. Each row represent one set of solution. 10 row indicated 1...
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Linked Lists
I can't figure out what I am doing wrong I'm following an example but I keep getting errors the o...
[1 reply] : //linkedList.cpp template<class Type> void linkedListType<Type>::pri... (by swaveysaiyan)
Questions about Polymorphism
I'm so confused.. : class Base{ protected: string username; string name; public...
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Help with homework
Hey, I dont know how to make this work properly. I dont know how to keep the score array and the nam...
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by JasonH
Converting a number
Hi everyone, this question might be a bit elementaty but I haven't done any programming in many year...
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Exit loop using number
How can I exit the lopp using -1, before I had the second while loop I was able to exit the loop usi...
[1 reply] : Hello Rocketboy, the outer while loop at line 12 is an endless loop w... (by Handy Andy)
Hello , I need help with a certain problem.The task is to check if a nxn matrix has a diagonal,whose...
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Creating array of pointers to poin to diffrent objects
Hi guys.I have to make an array of 2018 pointers that points to objects type Number of which 1009 po...
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by detro
open application windows.h
I need to create a button on my interface on C++ and when someone click on this, open another progra...
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by az1234
Class name does not recognize a type
Hi, I've been working on a program and I've hit an error. I have two 2 classes(in 2 separate h files...
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I ran into a weird issue causes infinite loop
Hi I'm pretty new to programming I'm taking a c++ curse at university. will now i'm working on my f...
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void initArray(int arr , int arrSize){ for(int x=0;x<arrSize;x++){ arr = 0; } } /...
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