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no matching function for call to 'getline??
no matching function for call to 'getline(std::ifstream&, std::string )' 55 | getline(fin, ...
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Output issue reading in 2 files
Hello! I am reading 2 files into a program, a client list and transaction file. When the Client ID...
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integer literals - compatible data types
Hello, I am reading a beginners guide and it says "By default, the c++ compiler fits an integer lite...
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Doubly linked list
I have been asked to have a go at 'modifying' a linked list into a doubly linked list. I have had a ...
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help with simple game
NOTE - I have designed it wrong it turned into a tic toc tac game with 4 values = to win I have d...
[2 replies] Last: yeah I the day I posted this post , I debuged my code until I found my... (by ahmedddddddd)
by Mif
Problem with wcscpy_s function
I use the MSDN example with the create ComboBox but I have a problem with this wcscpy_s(A, siz...
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Large factorial with built-in data type
Hello, Can I write a program in c++ for calculating the below series with long long int? (Fifty-fir...
[6 replies] Last: Since the first terms are less than zero, you can't use any integer ... (by dhayden)
template + class question
let's say i declared a template and a class in a header file, how do I define them in a cpp file? ...
[4 replies] Last: to have a separate cpp for the template functions explicit template in... (by ne555)
Need Opinion of C++ exercise
Hi, so i'm doing a C++ exercise from my text book and i'm a little confused of what it is asking me ...
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help with code
I am programming a code that will find the average number of boxes of cookies sold by the children ...
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Wrong output for correct code
So I had to create this project for a course I am taking, and for some reason keeps outputting the c...
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Don't know how to loop this properly and perhaps an infi loop problem
Hey, just started learning c++ a few days ago. How do I make my code back to the start after typing ...
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Endless loop Problem
Write your question here. When I input -5 it goes to an endless loop. This is after hitting aaa on ...
[5 replies] Last: without checking the go again input, which you can add yourself, the b... (by jonnin)
by Mif
Help with RichText control..
I Create a RichText.. and I edit an rtf file to load in resource.. I put some text in it and an bmp ...
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input validation pt 2
how can I go about adding verification to make sure the user doesn't enter the same number twice. ...
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Having trouble with English to Pig Latin Translation Project
Hello, This is my first time on any kind of programming forum, so please forgive me if I violate ...
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by Mif
Scroll bar on a static control..
Hi everyone, I have create a static control for my project and I need to put the scroll bars to it ...
[1 reply] : Does rich edit control support even images.. or just edit and read onl... (by Mif)
by Mif
I need help with Menu SDI..
In my SDI project I have a vast menu and I create a button named Close, so that the user can close ...
[2 replies] Last: Perfect... Thank you Thomas once again.. with this vector I saved almo... (by Mif)
What does it mean?
Hello, Is this default constructor? Thanks #include <iostream> #include<string> usin...
[1 reply] : No, that is copy initialization . (by keskiverto)
by kruuth
String won't convert to negative float
Hi everyone. I'm trying to convert a string to a float but when I do it always goes positive. Righ...
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