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by Jhub
using the find function
Hello, I am trying to use the find function to find when there is a period in a sentence. The code...
[9 replies] Last: It can find '.' and/or "stop" now in a sentence, but the location it g... (by Jhub)
Condition at while not working
Hello everyone. Could someone explain me, what's wrong with this code? It doesn't do the condition, ...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks guys, now I found the main problem. (by immadogewow)
Strange array behviour
Hi, I am puzzled with the strange behavior of my code below. The code has an apparent error but t...
[1 reply] : In the second for loop n goes from 10 to 19 so chara is out of bounds... (by Peter87)
do while
Hi there! I tried to run this code into codeblocks but it tells me i have some errors. Can you pleas...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(void) { int i=0,S... (by jasonwynn10)
by Kairen
Need to use cin.ignore(); twice for some reason...
So, for those who don't know, you can use cin.ignore(); at the end of the program in order to create...
[4 replies] Last: Or maybe you need to ignore everything that has been left in the buffe... (by jlb)
I need help. I am still new
NuMetro has a special on movies for all members of the public but special discounts for students and...
[1 reply] : Please note, that this is not a homework site. We won't do your homewo... (by AbstractionAnon)
Undefined reference when converting string to int.
Hello all I keep getting a undefined reference for my string_to_int function and I have gone through...
[4 replies] Last: How would I link the two .cpp files? That depends on what compile... (by AbstractionAnon)
Help with correcting formula
I am unsure what is wrong with my code, the formula i need to have is x*(1+(r/100))^Y where x is ini...
[1 reply] : You are declaring intRate as an integer data type, but the line intRat... (by hyperfine)
Problems with understanding a c++ code
Please help me understand the following c++ code. The following are different parts of the code that...
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by emlynw
How to put program into functions
I'm trying to learn to program and have made a program for my physics work, is there a way to make t...
[3 replies] Last: Use functions when your code has one or more independent parts. So one... (by shadowCODE)
by Arnau
Help with program
I'm new programming and I need to build a program that tells you when you input an unlimited number ...
[4 replies] Last: Using an array limits the input to 100 input. The question explic... (by shadowCODE)
If and While Preceeding Switch Statements and Clashing
I hope you can see what I am trying to do using my comments) the statements/commands are clashing in...
[1 reply] : Well, what you can do is break the comments into two lines- make it so... (by Ispil)
Copy Constructor
What is wrong with my copy constructor? If I change the string datatypes to int it works...IDK.. u...
[2 replies] Last: thanks i didn't write a destructor cause it was just a 2 second thing ... (by novellof)
Regarding Inline Storage
Hi all, lets take a sample code class A { int c; public: inline int func(int a,int b) { c=a+b; ...
[1 reply] : but in the main we need to store the address of func then what does t... (by Disch)
Program 18
Now I moved on to the next exercise, which is as follows: Now change the body of the loop so that...
[9 replies] Last: Some compiler extension uses "or" as shorthand for "||", It is actua... (by MiiNiPaa)
by Kernul
Searching for exercises
I'd like to practice in C++ with exercises that start from the basics (like condition, iteration, va...
[3 replies] Last: Your welcome Kernul, glad it helped. (by Softrix)
if-else condition problem using in a loop
I've written a solution for the UVa problem NO#12250. My logic is ok I think but the loop terminate...
[6 replies] Last: Your welcome :) (by Softrix)
Correct call?
How to correctly call function add_quiz so it would do the couts? #include <iostream> #include ...
[1 reply] : See (by keskiverto)
by vxk
Pointer problems
I am confused with pointers and have a few questions regarding the following code : int x; ...
[18 replies] Last: I am not familiar with Xcode, but there should be something to control... (by MiiNiPaa)
Improve tic-tac-toe game
My following code plays a tic tac toe game vs computer, where the computer is making random moves. ...
[4 replies] Last: This is my updated code with the solution for who goes first computer,... (by Victor89)
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