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Buffers.What are they?
So I've just started learning to work with C++ I/O streams and I came across the term 'buffer'. The ...
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String filter function. HELP?!
I'm new to c++ and I got this new assignment. I missed a day in class and now im confused. Here's th...
[18 replies] Last: The getline() function reads a whole line of input, not just non-space... (by Faison)
parallel array
hello, this is my first time here. I needed to write a program to display the "flower of the month" ...
[7 replies] Last: You're very welcome man :) Feel free to come back if you get any more ... (by TarikNeaj)
deleting spaces from a string
Hello! I've written this code to erase all the spaces in a string, but it doesn't work if i type "a ...
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cout doesnt show
Not sure if this is the best way to write a combat engine but its my go at it using classes. But I c...
[1 reply] : Lets see... First of all. \\ this does not show when ran. // not \... (by TarikNeaj)
Confused about header #include
Suppose I #include <stdio.h> in my source file. I don't have stdio.cpp in my project. From what I...
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Segfault (Segmentation fault) for no reason (1,2,3,4)
Whenever I add a new variable to a specific external header my program crashes. I debugged using GBD...
[64 replies] Last: Funny, I really expected it to be a filename issue. Guess you could t... (by James2250)
by savanh
i have this question i dont know how to access to display function and make it friend in member clas...
[4 replies] Last: Don't make it a friend function; just make it a normal member function... (by LB)
1D array help
Write your question here. I need a program to find the min number in an array, where u input the...
[2 replies] Last: In your array_min function, you compare array to min, but the problem... (by Ganado)
How to install SFML-2.2 into Ubuntu 14.04 and integrate with Code::Blocks?
I am using Ubuntu 14.04. I tried a lot to install SFML-2.2 but it never get installed correctly. H...
[1 reply] : Hi, I'm doing something wrong and receiving an error. But I am not ... (by ne555)
by slour
Linked list
I'm trying to make a linked list that will ask the user for the total length then output the values ...
[7 replies] Last: you should try singly linked list before trying doubly linked list. (by anup30)
Writing a Class
Write a class My_String which is similar to the class vector but it has character (char) type data. ...
[7 replies] Last: @LB the user said that they'd replaced all uses of name with ptr , ... (by MikeyBoy)
by fg109
Isomorphic Graphs?
My instructor told my class that we have to write a program that checks whether or not two graphs ar...
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by oseri
Negative integer bitswitching
I'm wondering why does the following code loops infinitely : int temp = -4; while (temp) {...
[1 reply] : Your system is doing an arithmetic shift, and not a logical shift. T... (by Disch)
Trouble Building a DLL with Visual Studio
Hello everyone, i'm trying to build a DLL with Visual Studio 2010 Express. Everything works fine u...
[1 reply] : The DLL that i'm building right now has quotes... ; My Extension DL... (by Jaybob66)
by Ciro
Declaring a pointer?
Hi I'm new to the forum, this is a question related to C, I'm finding the below line in a program: ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks Peter, that was a program we are supposed to debug, it looks m... (by Ciro)
Menu Based Programs Using Switch.
Hey everyone, I'm new to the site / forums so sorry if I'm not posting right, but as for what I'm he...
[4 replies] Last: int myCaseOneMenu(UserSelection) { //THIS IS A MENU /... (by It3rat0r)
by Gi Pa
Simple_window/Graph.h doesn't work.
Hi guys, I'm trying to learn the grafic interface of c++. I've already installed the fltk libraries ...
[19 replies] Last: Just wondering how you went with this. I was having the same troubles.... (by Kevin1987)
An issue after successfully compiling the program
This is my first post here but it won't certainly be my last. I am trying to do this assignment that...
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by jmag91
Sent you a direct message! Check it if you can! Thank you!
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