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C++ converting to template classes (operator errors and such)
EDIT: I fixed mostly everything and now I just have the following two errors in my AnyList.cpp file,...
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by alware
toitoi 1
Write your question here. Put the code you need help with here. #include <iostream> #in...
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by gomega
C++: Accessing Text File to Organize and Display to User
Write your question here. I have a basic C++ program trying to access a text file, grab information...
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Passing data between classes
Suppose I have two separate classes, Class A class A { public: int length; }; Class B class B ...
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Generating all possible combinations of numbers under a certain number.
So im writing a program which finds pythagorean triples. I need to find a way to test out every sing...
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by fout
I'm new to coding. I'm working on a class assignment that converts a zip code to a barcode. I'm stuc...
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#define macro
So I know using #define replaces the identifier by whatever you defined it as. So if this is true w...
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i am trying to have a way to make the program goback to the top of the while loop. When the user ent...
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I need help for a value by reference program
I need help for a value by reference program with the area of a rectange Why doesn't my code work??...
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I had a bet with my friend, this is my second question posting on C++ ever. My first experience wasn...
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lines to txt file
I have two issues, so far, I am able to open an existing txt file, and write a line of code at the e...
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Loops - Drawing a Tree (c++)
Hi! I'm having trouble with this problem. I was wondering what would be the best way to do this? ...
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help me to solve this Fill out an array of as many as N random numbers from 0 - M N and M enter...
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by om4r97
logical error with Fstream
i have to initializes data from file and use array of struct to output the final result my text Fi...
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Validating a C - String (Numeric or Alphabetic)
Write a program that asks the user to enter a part number to order. The rules for creating a part nu...
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Is there anyway to quit using String name
Is there anyway using string name to quit program. by using number in string to quit program. for ex...
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Text based "dating" game using OOB advice, Passing objects to contructors
So I'm making a text based game using Classes, inheritance , derived classes and the such for a clas...
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How to store a random number in array
Hi everyone. I'm still new to programming and now I have some issue on the array So now, I had copie...
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Name a out file using strings
So I want to create a file to output some information into and want to include to user inputted stri...
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