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by venros
Recursion Function with an Array - Help
Hi The first time the function recurses it changes the searchValue to 1 instead of 5, I really ne...
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by bozz51
How can I display my eight numbers in three columns? 12 13 15 17 18 15 18 19 I get them t...
[8 replies] Last: Chervil, Again thank you... (by bozz51)
I need Help with my code please
I am new to c++ programming and at the moment I am using windows.h to make a simple RPG game. At the...
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what is best used in a loop
What is best used to regularly add and remove integers, such as array, vector, list or other? but it...
[3 replies] Last: it depends on where you are removing/adding. There is push_back and po... (by giblit)
Binary Compression
I'm currently taking a beginners C++ class and this program has been throwing me for a loop. I've co...
[2 replies] Last: First, you are doing text compression, not binary. A nit, but there,... (by Duoas)
How to write on text file
I want to have this output on my screen but my code is not working correctly, could anyone help me f...
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LNK2019 and LNK1120 error
I am writing a program that implements merge sort for my C++ class, and receive LNK2019 error for an...
[1 reply] : Update: I now see that I cannot template main(), so I remove that temp... (by RobertErvin)
stoping loop if input is '\n'
i am trying to stop the first for loop when the user ONLY inputs "enter" and then display the curren...
[4 replies] Last: Line 24: i changed to while (*Names != '\n') however it is not sto... (by grimsniper44)
I need to break down the program into function calls and prompts the user for an order until he exits the program
Write your question here. #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; int ma...
[6 replies] Last: Okay I'll try as much as I can and post my work. Thank you so much! Pl... (by welhour0)
functions won't work, please help!
I'm not good with arrays, or functions for that matter, and i can't seem to make this program work...
[1 reply] : Please explain the int i; in lines 88 and 106 (┬┐why did you put tha... (by ne555)
How can i display this ascii art?
Hello everyone. I know there have similar questions but i felt i should ask myself since i haven't f...
[4 replies] Last: and you have to pay attention for when the size extends 80 (the maximu... (by JewelCpp)
Text Files
Hi guys. I need to write a program which reads from a text file the elements of 2 given matrices. ...
[3 replies] Last: ok so ive made this sample and it seemed to work for me. this is to r... (by mxood)
If statement inside for loop with respect to elements of a string array
I've looked all over the internet, have asked a much more experienced programmer about it (he direct...
[4 replies] Last: I see. Thank you very much for your help AbstractionAnon :). Problem ... (by fryingpan)
by jeogbl
Program that shows secondary colors made from primay colors
I'm trying to write a basic program that takes primary colors and shows the user a secondary color m...
[2 replies] Last: I'm want the user to input two of the three primary colors and the pro... (by jeogbl)
Finding a max and min numbers with user input
Hello everyone. I am working on a block of codes that will get the test scores from the user and it ...
[1 reply] : int maximum=0; int number,sum=0; int minimum=0; ... (by James2250)
by bgmnk
NaN in Program
This is supposed to be capable of solving quadratic equations, but it sometimes returns NaN. Such a...
[4 replies] Last: there is another way of resolving the problem: you can use the <comple... (by JewelCpp)
Blank compile screen
I have two problems that I have stared at and tried editing to get them to compile.. Can someone ple...
[6 replies] Last: Ok i fixed that... did not know it showed highlighted with the <>... o... (by squirrel27)
Weird bug with color in cout
Hi all, I'm writing a simple program that displays information and I've run into a bug where my colo...
[13 replies] Last: @Mary M Okay, I fooled around with the code a bit more. I added a c... (by whitenite1)
by rshoe
Using TryCatch in functions
I am learning to use the Try Catch Throw but I am having a hard time getting all of the throws to wo...
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by Danwd
Sudoku solver - Stack overflow.
I am a complete beginner at C++ and I have been tasked to create a sudoku solver, I have written a p...
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