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by wolfv
nested instantiation
This passes a nose to a Face constructor: NoseElephant nose1(3); Face face1(nose1); Is there a ...
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How do I write Postscript programs in C++/Visual Studio
I'm learning postscript for class and we have some practice exercises. I'm in my Visual Studio and I...
[1 reply] : A good place to start is a variant of the classic "hello world" progra... (by dhayden)
Stuck on recursion
Hello, I am looking to implement a method in my class that uses recursion to find the largest number...
[1 reply] : When RecursionArray::input returns, you lose the knowledge of now ma... (by dhayden)
FOR Cycle in codeblocks
Hello people! My name's Mike, and i'm at a math-info / english intensive profile class. Got some hom...
[1 reply] : Start with the first part, one step at a time. 1. You apparently have ... (by keskiverto)
how to use std::list with a struct
if i have a struct like this struct combi_t { int val0; int val1; int val2; combi_t* nextPtr;...
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by Somek
Reading a .dat file
Hi there, I am finding trouble with the following action. I have written a long code, so as to solve...
[1 reply] : In the first loop m is out of bounds when i=n. In the second loop m[... (by Peter87)
zero in list contents and multiset contents
so i insert values from a vector into a list and into a multiset, and i noticed zero is added to the...
[2 replies] Last: ok sorry and thank you ne555...I somewhat solved it and i will use std... (by donvigor)
by Lee125
About Computer Organisation and Operating System
Hello friends. I have studied cs. Sorry if this topic is not related to programming. I didn't und...
[10 replies] Last: thanks so much ShadowCode, you are doing good. I am using it here you ... (by teci)
I dont understand the difference between C strings and C++ strings
Can somebody give me a good explanation on the difference? How are each strings stored different in ...
[2 replies] Last: Can somebody give me a good explanation on the difference? C doesn'... (by Disch)
by koopey
return statement acting crazeeey!
hey guys. this segement of code is not working properly as it should. even after executing return st...
[3 replies] Last: never mind, solved it. the error was indeed in the get_input() functio... (by koopey)
Questions about barcode printer program
Hi, I have a simple question here. I'm a Computer Engineering student, and my programming level is...
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How to fix these 4 errors?
This program is supposed to read in a txt file whose first line states the number of rectangles and ...
[16 replies] Last: No I meant where to insert it in my code this is what i wrote but now ... (by misslyss)
Advice needed for assignment
I have a homework assignment I was hoping to get some light shed on... Write a program that gener...
[8 replies] Last: Works fine. Just include the c standard library and move the srand(ti... (by Arslan7041)
What is wrong with this
Write your question here. CodeBlocks won't run this code, I've just broken my computer :c #in...
[1 reply] : int findArea(int 1, int w) '1' is a number, and not a valid name f... (by Disch)
Is there any one can do this code for me please but it must be by structure matrix calculations...
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Having an Issue With My Bool Function For Fractions
Can someone help explain to me why my bool functions aren't working? #include <iostream> u...
[2 replies] Last: *Sigh* Can't believe I missed that...need...sleep. Sorry about the non... (by duplicatetoast)
Please Help c++
I made a makefile for my project and running it gives the error "segmentation fault core dumped". No...
[1 reply] : just copy and paste ur code here (by khatereh)
OOP and operator overloading
Can you please explain to how this project has to be done? I'm a little bit lost, I think I should d...
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For loop
I need to use a user define function to calculate grade distribution and display it along with start...
[1 reply] : Can someone please help with this? (by khatereh)
Resolving correct file paths with whitespaces
I'm working on a file browser and have come up against an issue with resolving file paths that are r...
[1 reply] : Maybe I'm overthinking this. It could be that because the string is al... (by CplusplusAcolyte)
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