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Spits out random numbers/letters
Runs OK but spits random code. #include <iostream> #include <ctime> #include <string> us...
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by mmgh
iteration over two vectors
Hello, I need to know what is the fastest and the safest way to iterate over two vectors. For exa...
[1 reply] : Yes, you can use using . Note the declarations need to come after t... (by TwilightSpectre)
distance class
I was working on a program that deals with adding and subtracting distances (given in feet and inche...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you all for your input. Thanks to your help, finally got it to w... (by simplesam)
For Loop With Specific Inputs
I need to write a program that uses nested for loops to find the range for trajectory for initial ve...
[2 replies] Last: Edit: I didn't see AbstractionAnon 's post :+) Hi, You could have a... (by TheIdeasMan)
Math operator fails
Dear programmers, I'm writing a program that asks for the number of items ordered as input and the p...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks all for your valuable input and help. I tried what Necip sugg... (by Abe Khademi)
Confused on Private and Public Member Variables
Hey guys, I am very confused on when I should be using the "private:" and "public:" in classes. I no...
[5 replies] Last: Oh okay, thanks a lot! I get it now :-) (by Lucsofhazard)
about projects
is there projects for beginners which are long,easy and there difficulty curve increasing by time th...
[4 replies] Last: I agree, Project Euler is definitely a good option, but I wouldn't say... (by RUNNER PRO AGARIO)
Serperating Classes into files not working
Hey guys, so assume I know nothing when answering this. I am trying to create new classes in seperat...
[1 reply] : if you have move your file , your ide wont necessarily know so you hav... (by Ericool)
by hrxs1
Median of push.back vector
Hello everyone, I am currently teaching C++ to myself using the book of B. Stroustrop. In one task...
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by ps1604
need some hand
WAP a C++ program using Structures to calculate the total and average of scores of a selected studen...
[2 replies] Last: I'm bored, so I'll do your homework for you as a sketch! ^^ WAP a C... (by Necip)
Library management system
I made a library management system that has a few problems. First of all, when you add a new book to...
[1 reply] : First of all, when you add a new book to the system it works but it a... (by coder777)
by hav206
need help with
Write your question here. I am using hash table to store a string. I used the bucket to store my str...
[2 replies] Last: hi programmer007 thanks for your replying, i have updated the class my... (by hav206)
assigning char with parallel arrays
Within my program i am supposed to assign one array (student_name) with grades by using a parallel a...
[10 replies] Last: Keeping in mind also that the average and grade are derived values an... (by programmer007)
Array to store value each time calculated by equation whenever the function is called
Hello everyone! I am new to c++. I have to calculate a value via equation and store that each time w...
[4 replies] Last: Then how should I implement it? (by Aisha1234)
Personal Coding Project
Hello everyone, I am currently creating an Arduino circuit that heavily involves programming. I d...
[2 replies] Last: What is a BST in relation to an Arduino? If you mean a binary search t... (by kemort)
by Jiw0on
Vector String Input Not showing up as an output
Greetings, I am currently learning C++ using Addison Wesley's /'programming principles and practi...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you so much! I just figured it out. It turned out I had skipped ... (by Jiw0on)
Help in understanding C++ statements
When reading the problems to convert to C++ how do I know which statement to use? ex. when the pr...
[1 reply] : Please don't double-post. (by helios)
Expresion must have class type
Hi, im creating a simple class, that opens a text file, copies the text to a string and then prints...
[2 replies] Last: yea... i see it now, thanks! (by jjohn333)
Do you guys get errors when you compile
I had a friend of mine check this for logic errors, and he says he keeps getting errors with the cod...
[6 replies] Last: You may be right. The question wasn't quite what I expected. Neverthel... (by Chervil)
how to outout 0
hi i am having trouble having 0 loop at the beginning if i type in 01234 it will just output -1-22-3...
[2 replies] Last: we are only allowed to use #cmath and #iostream but thank you anyways (by machegache)
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