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I have an assignment where we are to write a small program that asks the user how many asterisks it ...
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Help with composition A has B and B has A
Hi, I am creating a hospital management system program. While coding I encountered some problems f...
[2 replies] Last: I am creating a hospital management system program. ... that real li... (by keskiverto)
char array through function
I have been busy in trying to pass 2d array through function but no break through can any one poin...
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by st3686
Very confused , Vector
[2 replies] Last: nevermind <grin> nonetheless: // Example program #include <iostream... (by MikeStgt)
Quick question: C++
I made a simple program here to covert KG to LBS, but how would I for example make the KG count by 2...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you. :) (by pwnsamp)
by kmce
Vectors (half open sequence)
Hi, I am learning vectors, and the book I am learning from is giving me information but not explaini...
[4 replies] Last: wow these explanations were very helpful, thank you all for answering.... (by kmce)
Some Char Array Difference
I want to ask if char word = {'H','e','l','l','o','\0'}; and char word = {'H','e','l','l...
[2 replies] Last: ^^ what he said. Ganado and I often cross each other posting at about... (by jonnin)
"undefined reference to" form cmake (translate a C project to C++)
Hi Everyone. I try to translate a small C project to a C++ one. With modifing the .c to .cc and litt...
[4 replies] Last: @ne555, Thank you. Duly noted. My experience has been as a linker er... (by Handy Andy)
by annw3y
Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm
I found some code ahout knuth-morris-pratt algorithm , but i don't know what it means, can somenone ...
[3 replies] Last: The English version is also colorful, just not in a fancy table. It s... (by Duthomhas)
About the back() function of std :: queue
Please help me, why c ++ stl defines the back() function for std :: queue to get the value of the la...
[3 replies] Last: > why c ++ stl defines the back() function for std :: queue to get the... (by JLBorges)
C++17 <filesystem> Doesn't output what I expect?
I'm following this tutorial: I'm usi...
[6 replies] Last: > Why did you use std::wcout instead of std::cout? On Windows, the ch... (by JLBorges)
Code runs but nothing happens?
When I run nothing shows up and is immediately exited. /***************************************...
[7 replies] Last: :) It's good to know one's strengths and weaknesses (by Niccolo)
by tinaHR
while loop (cin>>)
Hi all, i am stumped with this problem, its very simple yet i cannot find solution anywhere. Please ...
[8 replies] Last: Any time. (by Handy Andy)
Small error
I got error ---- expected initializer before "void".Can anyone tell how to fix this error in line 37...
[1 reply] : [quote=kavindu]Can anyone tell how to fix this error in line 37 ... ? ... (by lastchance)
Passing char array to function
Hello everyone. This is a question to capitalize the input name. E.g.: paul adams TO Paul Adams..Kin...
[1 reply] : void uppercstring(char*cp) { if(cp == null) //complain about it ... (by jonnin)
How to find kth least significant bit?
This code is not passing all test cases? Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this code? #includ...
[3 replies] Last: example brute force / crude / fun solution prints the number in binary... (by jonnin)
by kmce
Could this program have been done better? (1,2)
Hi, I am trying to improve my programming by going through the Bjarne Stroustrup book, and one of th...
[20 replies] Last: No, it was deprecated, essentially made pseudo, unintentionally, but a... (by Rascake)
Stuck in middle of new Program
So im making a battleship game to help me learn the language, but im currently stuck on allowing the...
[3 replies] Last: I ask the latter poster, will it make a difference if the contents of ... (by Rascake)
Temperature conversion
I am trying to write a program that will convert an array of temperatures to Celsius and display the...
[9 replies] Last: [quote=kingfnie] //cant figure out what to call here to call functio... (by Ganado)
by Bopaki
The following two programs are identical to me but 1 shows correct results
here is the first one: #include <iostream> #include <queue> #include <list> using namespace s...
[3 replies] Last: queues are implement... (by salem c)
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