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running other files (1,2)
hey someone gave me this code to make a command execute an exe file. would it be able to execute ano...
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Embedding a window into a tab?
Hello. I am trying to add a feature into my application that would embed a specific running applicat...
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New to C++, Code Does not Function as Expected
Hello, I have never posted to a forum before as I am completely new to the c++ world. I have bee...
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by Tarbal
pass string to double
I have a string containing "EoGUESS = 1e10" How can I pass 1e10 to double EoGUESS?
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by plh
Whole number to decimals
I am writing a c++ program to turn a number into coins. I got the program written and it works perfe...
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Help with program C++
Hi guys, my teacher asked for a program to count all words that contain 3,4,5,6 letters in them . he...
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Expected unqualified-id: Fuel usage program
The premise of this problem is to calculate the fuel used based on a user input fuel efficiency (in ...
[1 reply] : Line 10: Odometer is a class name. You can't set a class name to 0. Y... (by AbstractionAnon)
a program for products
hey guys we were asked to do this project in my collage it's about the products of a market the...
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by ShonH
Syntax namepsace:class(method):a(method)
Could someone explain this syntax in a simple matter? Thanks in advance! I am only guessing that'...
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Getline Question
How come the following code is not letting me enter the "player_one_name"? Also, is there a way to k...
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Can do this char* x;x = "XXX"; but not this char x[n];x="XXX"; why?
if i do this :-> char *a = "XXX"; //valid char a = "ZZZ"; //valid as long as n>3 //char a = "...
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by JanoOr
Passing member function to member fct
Hey, I want to pass a non static member function to another member of the same class. Following basi...
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save new file each time?
Lately I've been messing around with something at work and I can't figure out how to make a new file...
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Question Regarding Map
Hello! I am new to map and the following code returns a "segmentation fault (core dumped) error mess...
[1 reply] : It works fine if you create the iterator (or reassign it) after you in... (by shadowmouse)
function outputs to screen. I need output to array
I asked a question earlier on here and got some code. This code works perfect for me except its outp...
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My max function always goes to the last number
Why does my max function (meant to find the highest number within the array of 10 numbers) ALWAYS st...
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Are iterators just pointers wrapped around some classes?
The output is same ..... string p = "Hola"; printf("%d\n",p.begin()); char *k; k = &p...
[2 replies] Last: Iterators are designed to look and behave like pointers. Chances are... (by Duoas)
Can print the values of iterators using printf() but not cout<<
string s ="nabil" ; cout<<s.begin()<<nln; //gives me error //but this prints some values p...
[1 reply] : Both are wrong. With cout you have the advantage the the compiler is a... (by coder777)
Suggestions on my address book using map
Hello! This is my first time using the map data structure. And I was wondering if you can suggest an...
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