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by Cairus
Function issues using ADT bag
according to decode, my insert functions in bag do not exist or do not match, I am also getting an e...
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by jmpt
Encription upgrade
I need to improve my encription code and I've thought of putting random chars in between a char arra...
[16 replies] Last: Yet more ways to complicate text encription: I need a way to scramb... (by jmpt)
I have never studied Templates until now. ====================================================== T...
[2 replies] Last: Since return type was a void, Should I still return void when writing... (by rhamm5798)
by opisop
How do I modify my geometric equations to compensate for Cartesian/Computer difference?
I know this may seem more like a math question, but I'm asking it here because I know that graphics ...
[14 replies] Last: @dutch Sure, here are the .h and .cpp files for SDL_Helper // SDL_... (by opisop)
First Time Writing a class
it is supposed to make a class that takes birthdate and prints the day number in its year like 1/31/...
[4 replies] Last: @granado Thank you I forgot to intialize it but why isn't xcode sho... (by Jack Van Stone)
How to find gmail certificate for libcurl?
I'm following this libcurl example here to send an email:
[1 reply] : Just guessing, but try this: (by dutch)
Array kind of stops (?) at value of 10. help
input for the following code: 1 10 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10 #include <iostream> using namespace std...
[2 replies] Last: Well, line 4 is illegal and, even if it weren't, there wouldn't be man... (by lastchance)
by Raj12
Related to basic c programming about function return type.
Why the sum function returns proper value even after remove/comment the return statement in sum func...
[14 replies] Last: It's not really a problem if we just make sure to enable warnings. C... (by Ganado)
Edit distance
Question link- Question description- Minimum no of operati...
[12 replies] Last: The issue was using getline instead of cin (by suyashsing234)
by nypran
string palindrome
Hi, I am having a problem with the following palindrome code, only the first input seems to wor...
[7 replies] Last: Hmmm. I thought it was some kind of glitch because I hadn't included c... (by Grime)
Double Array with 2 row and 2 column varibles (1,2)
Dear Friends I want to make a double array in which I want two variables for row (say I and i) and...
[23 replies] Last: It's a nonlinear system, so yes, it's possible to have multiple soluti... (by lastchance)
Help with repeating code
Thank you for the help!
[1 reply] : your mixing of >> and .get() has the same problem than here http://www... (by ne555)
Random numbers, math library and mixed mode arithmetic
Write a program that will do the following steps: - generate 2 random integer numbers between 1 and...
[7 replies] Last: Heh, No, you cannot pick your own random number... (by Duthomhas)
How to filter
İf You Run program below you will get result (start result filter from top to bottom) 01 0...
[4 replies] Last: İf you run this program const int NMAX = 8 above it will give 56 ro... (by avnitoto)
Help with structures
Hey I was wondering if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong here. I'm trying to write an input function...
[3 replies] Last: You forgot the newline after items.purchase . Make sure to specify a... (by Duthomhas)
"undefined reference to `zlibVersion'"
I'm currently trying to follow a sample code for curl, but I get this error: In function `curl_ve...
[3 replies] Last: It's yet another library. In this case, the zlib compression library. ... (by dutch)
Struct variables and arrays
Hi, I'm working with structs, and I'm trying to make an array to hold the data and cout it, but I'm...
[4 replies] Last: Yes it does. I had to think about that for a minute since I've never u... (by jjordan33)
Openning A program through C++
Hello, what function can I use to open a program through C++ code?
[1 reply] : That depends on whether you need to communicate with the program after... (by dutch)
need help with some strange excercise, which includes >> operator
Hey pps! I am learning C++ now and stuck on a exercise, can understand it, like at all :( help me pl...
[1 reply] : LOL, not retarded, just new. The >> is the “ formatted extracti... (by Duthomhas)
Copying bytes using for loop
I'm trying to implement a growth function that initializes new byte array same as old, and share to ...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you that helped a lot. (by darkknight914)
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