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Lost in base conversion.
I've just started doing C++, I had no idea it was a part of my course, so it's an absolute overload....
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by shyy
Help with Recursive Function
Hi I am trying to fill up an area from a rectangle. I have operator overloading function that retur...
[5 replies] Last: Still not sure what you're trying to do, however rect and tile are alw... (by Stewbond)
by rshoe
Missing first letter in getline();
I am writing a small program that ask a user to type in a players name, number and points score and ...
[1 reply] : Never mind I figured it out. The cin.ignore() was in the wrong place. ... (by rshoe)
Why gets() is deprecated in C++? And why it has been removed from C standard?
[4 replies] Last: Because std::to_string was only proposed in 2006: (by Cubbi)
Higher or Lower Game Help
I was wondering if someone could point out where im going wrong, the random number the computer is g...
[4 replies] Last: Ok, thanks (by GourlayPaul)
Help with Fatal Error C1075
Write your question here. #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; char...
[4 replies] Last: @ MiiNiPaa - and remove the ; (by AbstractionAnon)
by seanyf
Problem with hash class
Hi everyone, I'm trying to finish this program that will read in 15 names and then hash them using a...
[3 replies] Last: When I ran it, it reached the insert function, but crashed at line 88 ... (by AbstractionAnon)
Templated classes
//Hello! How can I declare (and create) correctly a pointer to a templated class? //And how to decla...
[7 replies] Last: [quote=chipp]@cire: i don't understand why you're using operator new a... (by cire)
Calling function twice in one printing statement
Why is the output "21", but not "12"? #include <iostream> int& add(int &value) { ++va...
[10 replies] Last: @MiiNiPaa you are right, I overlooked the fact that the function here ... (by Cubbi)
Calculating Matrix Product
Hey guys, I'm writing code to calculate the matrix product of two matrices Aij and Bij where i,j ...
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Counting words
So if anyone out there can help. I have to write a program that count the words of same length from ...
[1 reply] : My professor said we'll just need an array and a loop with functions a... (by Jay1234)
About Eclipse CDT and gcc compiler
Recently I installed 64 bit gcc compiler from It is installed in C:\gcc directory. ...
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giving value to specific chars in an array
I have to write a code where I can go into a string array and depending on what char a value is give...
[2 replies] Last: well that was the last place i would have looked. Thanks, I was about ... (by ltorres)
Randomly Generated number problem.
I'm still getting in to programing in C++, but one of the things I wanted to do for fun is write a p...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you for the advice and the help. It's very much appreciated. (by eclecticdeviant)
by dupek
Beginer - loosing my hairs
Well, I decided to learn the C++. In my age(62) is really hard. I try to expand the simple "password...
[5 replies] Last: Well, I will have no need for my comb again. I pull out my last hair, ... (by dupek)
Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable 'weathedata' is being used without being initialized?
Hi I'm new to C language programming. I was writing this program but I always keep facing this prob...
[3 replies] Last: You have only one value to store day, so it is impossible to store eve... (by MiiNiPaa)
by xx1182
Is this code Right?
Well: enum MyEnum{a, b, c, d, e}; int main() { std::cout << a; just works fine, it prints 0;...
[6 replies] Last: > Is it also possible to declare an enumeration globally and just use ... (by JLBorges)
hey everyone im trying to write a program that generates 5 random numbers from the cpu and have the ...
[2 replies] Last: Actually a simple if statement might not do it unless the OP wants to ... (by SatsumaBenji)
by toast9
broken while loop
I get a number from the user 1,2, or 3. I have a while loop checking to make sure the input was a 1,...
[12 replies] Last: Then nicely say so: ``I recommend you to use parenthesis to improve re... (by ne555)
by Fiton
code won't work ?
i have this assignment creating a c++ program for drugstores and registering drugs in drugstore but ...
[2 replies] Last: oh man thanks, it worked i had no idea what i was doing wrong.Thats ex... (by Fiton)
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