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generating random numbers in arrays
Hi, I am a total beginner here. I am trying to write a program where I have to generate a 6x6 arrays...
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by s8050
Changing console font size in windows xp
Hi, I badly wanna control the font size in my console applications; I almost searched/tried everythi...
[1 reply] : I think the problem with this idea is that the console is not directly... (by newbieg)
problem in making program using loop
Actually i am trying to make a quiz program using do while loop.what i want to know is that how coul...
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Calculate tax
hi guys this is my first post on cplusplus here is my problem .. when i run it. it doesn't calc...
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problems with char.
The beginning of my code executes fine, but problems occur when I try to receive user input for payc...
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Deleting from middle of linked list
Hello, I am having trouble deleting from the middle of the linked lists depending on what number the...
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Doubly linked list implementation
Im trying to write a double linked list with a head and tail node. The program takes in user input (...
[1 reply] : Solved this. Anyone wondering, I had to change temp in line 60 of the ... (by stevecaboose)
I have a finished working program. Question on final part please
i want to loop back to beginning of program to have user choose new values if my if statement proves...
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by GFring
beginners constructor problem
I'm trying to do a. create a constructor that takes 3 integers i. in the order month, day, year...
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Problem with struct (scope not declared)
Hello, i am new in c++ and just started to learn structures and this is the code i have been working...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> using namespace std; struct employee { cha... (by OMEHA)
STL Vector problems
I've been messing with some vectors (the STL ones). In some other project I couldn't pass the vector...
[2 replies] Last: I should go to bed... I'd agree that its pretty amazing that it even c... (by SamuelGr)
Why Extra getchar() Calls?
Why is it that the console window automatically closes if I don't have a getchar() call after the "c...
[2 replies] Last: When you use the formatted extraction operator (>>) on a int, it leave... (by firedraco)
If statements
I don't really know whats wrong with my code. I'm trying to get an output of: 45 seconds = 45 secon...
[3 replies] Last: Your code only calculates the minutes if there are >0 days and hours, ... (by CoozyMcMillan)
If statements 2
Hey guys can you help me with my code? It's not working. How do I declare If for the scope? ...
[1 reply] : if vs. If (by YFGHNG)
by alexBB
Declaration Scope
Hello there, I am facing a problem of converting a large gnu fortran program that I've written my...
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by Andym
why is my array "out of scope"
I am getting the error that my array was not declared in this scope. Why does it do this and how ca...
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by rickm
Calendar program
I need to add a for loop, struct, and array to this #include <iostream> using namespace std; int ...
[2 replies] Last: Was the formatting fixed? Sorry. Just trying to figure out how to simp... (by rickm)
MiniProject #2, Questions.
Greetings, im new to this site and still new to coding. Im having trouble with this project. b. A l...
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Student GPA Inheritance Program Problem.
I am new to C++ programming and I have working with program for days now. This program using inheri...
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Help Needed: For loop with array?
Hi all, Going straigt to the point here: This is what my end goal / prompt I need to achieve. I hav...
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