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C++ dynamic array
So i have this class i am doing this code for where i have to stick the data from a outside source i...
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by vinnyo
I need HELP!
This assignment is due today and I am just stumped on where I should even begin with it, any help wo...
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Code::blocks - settings
Does somebody know how to modify the default initial page of the main.cpp when we open the IDE?
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Functions / Text Input / Calculations / Text Output
I'm in my first C++ class and just got an assignment. One thing I have major trouble understanding ...
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Read Files in C++ -- Magic Square Questions
My teacher at school is terrible and I am left to figure this out on my own. Hoping you guys can hel...
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by RBMenz
How to make a beep
I am very new to coding. C++ is my first language and I've been learning for a few weeks now. I am...
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by jm94
Writing a function
Hi, i need help answering a question from a past paper. How do i write a function called "foo", th...
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setw(); HELP.
how do I make the output of the " | " outs in one vertical line, as you can see, it prints something...
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Question about cout
So I have a question just to see if it is possible. I assume it is. I am using Visual Studio and th...
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File Input and Output
hey guys,I'm trying to figure this out but I'm stuck somewhere. Can someone help me out. The Spri...
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by dean93
HELP with simple code needed
I having problems getting the correct answer. forceB =400,lengthAC=8,lengthAD=6 when I check I get t...
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by venros
TicTacToe-Linked List Winning Conditions
Hi guys, Im new to linked list so bear with this code. I'm stuck on the winning conditions, and the...
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Writing a Card Game program errors
I am trying to write a program for the card game Old Maid, but I am getting some errors which I don'...
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Node Linked
[2 replies] Last: You'll want to make a function to insert a head for your linked list o... (by Pindrought)
Overloading << & >> for an object
Microsoft Visual Studio is telling me, with a red squiggly under operator, "Error: too many paramete...
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Help with insert function with nodes
In this program I am attempting to create a function called "insert" which takes in a node and a val...
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Sorting Algorithm
How do you implement a code that tests if the sort (insertion, bubble, selection) is stable? For...
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a fatal error
so i wrote this program and its comming up with this for an error LINK : fatal error LNK1168: canno...
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counting duplicate array need help
Hi, I am learning computer science this semester, and having trouble with my homework. I think I am...
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Arrow Membership Operator
The line pfish->kind = "guppy" produces an error statement: "invalid array assignment." Why does thi...
[3 replies] Last: char kind = "guppy"; is an initialization. char kind ; kind = "gupp... (by LB)
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