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Problem with if... else.
I've had this issue before, and someone suggested using a bool variable. The problem is we haven't "...
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Problem: Searching N elements from an array which sum is X
You are given S,X and N. S = size of an array N = number of elements you have to find X = sum Yo...
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Need help with data handling
Hey I need some help with file handling. I am making a math quiz. I am stuck on the last task of my ...
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Need help with data handling
Hey I need some help with file handling. I am making a math quiz. I am stuck on the last task of my ...
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how to check if a file is emtpy with ofstream
How would I go about creating a if statement checking if a file is empty ex.a text file with no text...
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Palindrome Error
Hi, I've to made a program to check whether a string is a palindrome or not.. I've made following p...
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Can't convert a string to binary
Hi guys, can you re-write my program where it's mistaken ? I can't figure out how to convert my inpu...
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Declaring variables problems
Hello, I have some questions about declaring variables, its giving some problems a character var...
[1 reply] : a character variable c initialized to “y” may look like char... (by programmer007)
by el2015
Lingo in visual studio c++
HI guys, I need lingo in application with visual studio c++.How to call Lingo in visual studio c++ ?
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Please help me to solve the C++ problem to find out the difference between 2 hours???(hh:min) ...
[4 replies] Last: cout<<"\nThe difference is "<< Ct- Ot; // should be Ot - Ct ... (by TarikNeaj)
given postorder and inorder,output preorder
given preorder on first line and then inorder on second line ,then print postorder on third line...f...
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by Ch1156
How can i use getters and setters with math? (1,2,3,4)
I have a function in a game i'm working on that is the shop function and I need to do some math for ...
[73 replies] Last: Hi, C:\Users\thund_000\Desktop\Class Project\CMedical.cpp||In constr... (by TheIdeasMan)
1st exercise about pointers
Hi, i had this exercise in the book I'm reading and I'm wondering if i did it right like the author ...
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How to read/write a bmp file?
I want to write a code which make a image .bmp and to choose pixels colors from a file named pixels....
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by koopey
recursion in linked list to remove node
hi guys. while running this program, i am getting program stopped working error. i want to remove a ...
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Array and If Statement - Can't Get Expected Output
I'm incredibly new to C++, in my first semester of a university computer science course. I've bee...
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ofstream Assistance
Hello guys, so my ofstream is doing something very strange, it is spitting out junk to the file w...
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Bubble Sort Issue
I'm having an issue figuring out how to make a bubble sort, sort by high school name. I am suppose t...
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Input words not being recognized in simple "if" statement
This is the first code that I have tried to write without directly following a tutorial. It is a si...
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cout not a member of std
My cout isn't working. I have upstream so what's up? #include <stdio.h> #include <iostream>...
[1 reply] : On line 57? cout does not have a capital C, and identifiers are case... (by Zhuge)
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