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How to make DELAY between cout Statements
Hey guys, I would like to learn to put a delay between output and input statements. How can I do th...
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I have a fraction class, but I need to add functions that will convert a fraction to a float and vic...
[1 reply] : Unless explicitly required by the assignment to have a WholeNumber m... (by Duoas)
Too Many Repetitive Inputs To Get The Loops To Exit.
Hello! I have written a program that will calculate the area of a circle, rectangle, and a triangle ...
[2 replies] Last: Those mistakes were pretty simple. I am sorry I didn't catch them myse... (by cplusone)
by amjxxx
Running Total in Do While Loop
This is a homework assignment so I understand that answers cannot be given. I have been having tro...
[5 replies] Last: Okay, thank you! You are right, this is very helpful! I will try this ... (by amjxxx)
by dgsm98
For loops not printing
I'm making a simple program that will use a for loop to print numbers in between the two variables, ...
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c++11 returning a tuple from function
Im trying to return a tuple from a function. Im not sure what the problem is? #include <iostream...
[3 replies] Last: ahh, thank you guys... (by metulburr)
Input file problem
I am using NetBeans and i just want to open a file but it doesn't work. I have got my main.cpp and ...
[1 reply] : Where is your executable located? That's what matters, not your .cpp f... (by Ganado)
by maiden
doing the other way? help is much appreciated
hello c++ community, Im a beginner in programming. I made a program that repeats my number input, N...
[8 replies] Last: thanks, I am still confuse on how to property use 'bool'; Will read ... (by maiden)
What does this error mean?
This is telling me that I have too many variables in glColor3f in my function drawMenu(). I'm gettin...
[5 replies] Last: I'm trying to make a little "sketch" program and this is the first par... (by VisuAlly)
[Error] cannot convert 'std::vector<std::basic_string<char> >' to 'std::string*'
Hey guys, I am getting an error and I have no idea what is causing it cannot convert 'std::vect...
[6 replies] Last: I'm not sure what the new error is, but it might be a mismatch on the ... (by wildblue)
by vyo14
code error
Hello ! I have this four errors at this code, wich is supposed to be a binary tree when giving pre...
[4 replies] Last: Yes, my mistake, now it runs but i still cand make it work how i want:... (by vyo14)
hello, how to solve Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable 'choice' is being used without being initialized.
I am doing assignment question. When i run the programme, and key in the input, it will come out "Ru...
[9 replies] Last: > 80/100 [code firstline=56] cin>>numerator ; cin>>denominator ; ... (by ne555)
What does COL indicate? (Compiler Indicators)
Hey guys, I am using Dev-C++ by bloodshed and I was just wandering if anyone knew what COL indicat...
[14 replies] Last: NoXzema, wildblue, Peter87, BHX THANKS GUYS! (by dlundy1)
by ting
problems about using for_each for call member function
I am writing an assignment, in WordMultiSet::print(), I want to use for_each( myvc.cbegin(), myvc.ce...
[1 reply] : Perhaps (by keskiverto)
Data set
I am looking for some help on creating a data set of random positive integer values,the data set sho...
[8 replies] Last: main.cpp line 18: No need to call your destructor. It will be called... (by AbstractionAnon)
Fake virus program
Hi everyone! I made a fake virus program, please try it out. Please tell me where I can improve, and...
[13 replies] Last: Yes I do need SetCursorPos(x,y); , sometimes it doesn't actually clic... (by Bob The Zealot)
swapping elements
Hi,I'm a beginner and I am trying to swap 2 elements, but when it swaps, it swaps the wrong one and ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks!, it worked (by Dexter 3202)
Install htmlccx. Windows
Hello. How i can install htmlccx module on WIndows? I am tryed to use it by copying folder with mod...
[7 replies] Last: Library is not included because i dont have it in module folder. I thi... (by ValeriyG)
Using fstream with .txt files
Hi all, I'm new to C++, and have been working on the following problem for 2 straight days, but ca...
[4 replies] Last: Your welcome. You can close the topic now by going to the top and clic... (by Bob The Zealot)
Class casting
Hello! I have started with C++ and I have a question regarding class casting in c++. Let's say...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for you quick response! I have tried to minimize my curren... (by miguialberto)
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