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How to use new to allocate space?
I have no idea how to use new or what it means. I would appreciate it if someone can explain it to m...
[6 replies] Last: Was a typo, but MiiniPaa is correct you should use delete with new a... (by Pindrought)
problem with pointers
this code works... int **p=new int* ; but can someone help me with the code below? ...
[3 replies] Last: Oh okay I've never worked with that. Also, don't forget that every ti... (by Pindrought)
not understand
Hi, i'm do a program about list , and a list that I do is this: placed alternating ends of the l...
[1 reply] : Actually inserting at the beginning is easier than inserting at the en... (by dhayden)
Read input into array & find mean and median
Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out how to write this program. I'm supposed to only gather user inpu...
[4 replies] Last: Another way: ... while (NumberOfEntries < SIZE && (std::cin >> array ... (by dhayden)
Basic C++ program
Write a program that asks the user to input 5 integers. For each integer, squaring it, print out the...
[3 replies] Last: As dhayden stated, the optimal way to do this would be to use vectors,... (by Pindrought)
need help with code!
hi so im having some problem with my code so i think its because of the loops please check the code ...
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Problem with function argument
If i have this class for fractions #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace st...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you big time man, really helped me :) (by etrusks)
Please help me in Palindrome Code
Check if the string is a palindrome If a string is not a palindrome, at least how many cuts do you...
[2 replies] Last: yes, I forgot to edit sossanh ==> compare But I want you help me in s... (by locvx1234)
Creating bigint class
Hello, I'm working on a class project and we're creating a bigint class from scratch, and i'm ha...
[7 replies] Last: dhayden - So, after digit iterates backwards through the array, the ... (by tmmobley)
What's wrong with the code?
The code below is the example on my new book. It shows different answers and the author didn't expla...
[5 replies] Last: Add another zero to the 15-number, but yes that's a good way of wordin... (by Ganado)
Possible permutations of strings.
I am trying to solve a c++ problem in which at a point I need to find all the possible permutations ...
[1 reply] : what functions will be useful? std::next_permutation maybe? http:/... (by MiiNiPaa)
Does the release() member function of unique_ptr class free the memory of a dynamically allocated array?
According to my textbook, if a unique_ptr points, say 'unikp', to a dynamically allocated array, the...
[11 replies] Last: Okay, I get it. Profuse thanks to everyone. I really appreciate your h... (by glenjoker)
by h4ever
problems with pointers
I have problem with solving pointers. I a redesigning a function. In main() I have: struct jpeg_de...
[3 replies] Last: Last line which is crashing: (void) jpeg_finish_decompress(&*cDecompr... (by h4ever)
binary string to ascii value conversion for beginners
Alright so I know there's a few discussions about this on the forum but the help and solutions are b...
[17 replies] Last: Hi, I always use the ... (by TheIdeasMan)
FROM THIS SIMPLE CODE I WAS EXPECTING THE OUTPUT :: Constructors are automatically called Sum =...
[1 reply] : Hi, The output is exactly as it laid out in the code. Code executes i... (by TheIdeasMan)
by shola
Nested Loop Problem. Help me to figure out how to do it
Modify the program in step 2 so that if the x-coordinate (the number of *'s you print on a line) f...
[3 replies] Last: Line 32 - 34 is saying the following If the # of stars to be printed ... (by Pindrought)
how to change date and time to int
I need to change a date and time from a .txt file in the form of str, then divide it in terms of yea...
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by Sh0es
Proper way to Overload operator<<
I've tried numerous ways of overloading operator<< for numerous classes, but I always seem to get so...
[8 replies] Last: It shouldn't be a member function. You want something like this: clas... (by dhayden)
Converting Linked List to Doubly Linked List
Hello everyone, First post here. The details: Add a pointer called "prior" to the linked list cl...
[3 replies] Last: Ah. The loop starting at line 39 is supposed to walk backwards throu... (by dhayden)
Adding input into existing integer variable
What I am trying to do is add an integer from 'cin' into an already defined integer variable. I feel...
[1 reply] : I believe you need a second integer. (by Pindrought)
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