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by rsp19
Debug assertion failure
I continue to have this error stating Expression: string subscript out of range when trying to run...
[6 replies] Last: It works great now, except I cannot get the right numbers that the num... (by rsp19)
AP project Ideas?
I have to make a program using C++ for my AP class. There are a bunch of requirements for it though ...
[8 replies] Last: Dhayden That might work but I don't even know the first thing about ... (by Warzombie3701)
Formatting an Array of Random Numbers
I'm writing a program that generates 50 random integers (in the range of 0 to 100) into an array. Th...
[4 replies] Last: ...then outputs the most common integer in the array and how many tim... (by MikeStgt)
Read in Data from a File to Create a 2D Array
I posted about this last week but the solution didn't provide me enough clarity so I'm hoping this t...
[4 replies] Last: Yes that worked very well and I intuitively understood it as well. Tha... (by acscicplusplus)
Write your question here. Create a class called student. This class contains data members for nam...
[5 replies] Last: @jlb, Thanks for the input. I did not understand correctly that the c... (by Handy Andy)
Why doesn't this compile?
Very basic, but... why doesn't this compile? map<string,double> dow_price = { {"MMM",...
[8 replies] Last: Yes, they're completely different. std::find() is implemented basicall... (by helios)
forward_list.erase_after seems to return an iterator to the erased element?
I am learning C++11 on my own using C++ Primer. I'm supposed to write a program using a forward_list...
[7 replies] Last: No problem, and thank you for showing me the before_begin method w... (by Peter87)
by ICantC
std::forward_list erasing
I'm used to working with vectors but I'm trying other data structures for fun, below I am trying to ...
[6 replies] Last: I just learned about before_begin() which allows us to simplify the ... (by Peter87)
Passing Member Function as Parameter to Another Member Function
I want to be able to pass a function as a parameter to another function within a class. In the exa...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks helios that's great! (by calioranged)
by JayGln
Best programming practices
Thank you first for reading my post. I have my final data structure and algorithms project coming up...
[4 replies] Last: These are great suggestions thank you. I do know I am procrastinating,... (by JayGln)
I am trying to write a member function that returns the length of a dynamically allocated c-string. ...
[3 replies] Last: That was it. Thank you so much! (by stoneJax)
Write your question here. Create a class called student. This class contains data members for nam...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <cctype> #include <limits> int main() {... (by Furry Guy)
Implementing polymorphically
We want to allow our pets to communicate, so let's add a public member function to the Pet class c...
[2 replies] Last: Dynamic polymorphism is done in C++ through inheritance and virtual ... (by Ganado)
Trying to convert float to int with type casting operator
Hi, I'm going through the tutorial and I'm on operators. When i enter the code demonstrating the exp...
[3 replies] Last: Okay, thanks! I didn't think about that i should've remembered that th... (by doodoohead01)
Compare Strings
I have an overloaded < function that is to compare if two c_string objects are equal or not. I get a...
[8 replies] Last: Your'e right it works. I had one line before that, s2 = '!';, to test... (by stoneJax)
Population estimator, for loop not adding to variable and file is empty
For a class assignmet I have to make a population estimator. Here are the specifics: In a populat...
[2 replies] Last: Yes, this helped me, I found out that I had File instead of file insid... (by Detslibli)
Trouble writing files
I can get it to build but it wont run. what am i missing. Put the code you need help with he...
[1 reply] : You're missing and ending code tag! I laugh at my own puns. Anyway, i... (by zapshe)
by Myro
Adding emp.totpay together
So I'm trying to finish this code up I have one function to complete and that is to add up all the e...
[3 replies] Last: got it double Payroll(incomeInfo employee , int NUM_EMPS) { doubl... (by Myro)
I am starting a new project on classes with dynamic memory and I am trying to make sure that I corre...
[5 replies] Last: stoneJax wrote: I am not sure of the differences between, or how... (by anup30)
Operator overloading question
Hye so this is a code which I found on the internet.We have to add, subtract multiply rational numbe...
[7 replies] Last: Style choice with practical benefit. The public members are introduce... (by keskiverto)
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