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tic tac toe
hi guys the code below just gets input from the user and stores and X or an 0 in each position of a ...
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2d array function error?
Hi I'm trying to pass in a 2d array as the arguement to a function that takes a 2d array and I get a...
[1 reply] : @adam2016 Garbage gets printed out, because you haven't filled the ar... (by whitenite1)
Help on beginner functions
I'm trying to write a simple code using functions to convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius...
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codeblocks default dir
hello how can i change the default directory of my codeblocks project? i had to make all my inclu...
[1 reply] : There will be a path directory you can setup in the preferences to cod... (by kemort)
Help with assignment in OOP Class
I have an assignment that I am having problems with. I don't use C++ on a daily basis at work but n...
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by sam80
Best user friendly plotting library
Hello, I am looking for a user friendly library to generate different type of plots ( 2D and 3D) w...
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by MAhmed
Erase Function
below code will print Hey until i don't press 'a' i want a code which can also erase the statement o...
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by Necip
Game Project: Boulder Dash
Hello, Here is the original game I am going to write the game engine for:
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by MAhmed
Repeat Function
I'm making user defined function which will repeat when i will press any key except 'a' it will prin...
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Program crashing around for loop
Hello! The snippet of code below keeps crashing right after "person .relationship = true;" (the cin....
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string input problem
Hi! when I execute this and entered these inputs: 2 ...
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by hrxs1
Extracting mode from positive int vector
Hello everyone, I have to create a program that gives out the mode, the number that appears the mos...
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Random amount of array elements with random numbers
How could you make an array with 20 to 30 random elements. Then, I want each element to have a rando...
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Arrays, basic Input/Output program
Ask the user how many numbers to enter. Enter those numbers into an Array, and then Show them. S...
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by cko221
Only second line of File Input will print
I am inputting 2 simple data files into a linked list. FILE 1{ 17 5.25 Adam Parker 18 6.75 John F. J...
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Temperature calculation is getting weird result
Hey guys, I want to know what I did wrong for my Fahrenheit to Celsius function to calculate the wro...
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seemingly simple expression yields embarrassing result. Help!
Write your question here. pls can anybody help me with why (212-32)/100 as shown below yield 1 inst...
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map won't print output
Hi my iterator for my map won't actually print the output for some reason,any idea how to fix this a...
[6 replies] Last: thanks that solved it line 13: At the time you're setting mitr here,... (by adam2016)
How do you stop vectors from getting run time errors while using an index?
I know you can do it with an iterator loop, but in this case I need to use an index loop, as as far ...
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using operators in class
The goal is to create a class operator that will compare the values of different birth dates. "Overl...
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