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Need help with overloading question
Hi, please help withe the following the problem from a self test question, i have a mid term tomorro...
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Problem With Arrays
Hey Guys! I'm trying to get this program to output the balance of an account, when an account number...
[4 replies] Last: result = bal ; (by kemort)
Arrays: Finding Balance Problem
Hey Guys! My goal is to use a function to output the balance of any given account, so that when an a...
[1 reply] : Multiple posts are ba... (by kemort)
A code that needs to loop
Here is the finalized code i came up with with your help. sorry for deleting the original problem di...
[8 replies] Last: Hi, One should also have a default: case to catch bad input. Not s... (by TheIdeasMan)
Need help with recursive problem
Hi, could someone please explain to me how the following code results in 24, i understood it in clas...
[1 reply] : rose(4) = rose(3)*4 = rose(2)*3*4 = rose(1)*2*3*4 = rose(0)*1*2*3*4 =... (by NT3)
Breaking out of two loops.
Here, if it encounters a bad word, I want it to print [TOS violation] and NOT print the word. How do...
[2 replies] Last: Ah thanks a lot, Chervil! (by ephraimr)
I have to write 8 different arrays (listed below). I have written codes for the first 2 and they wor...
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by Andym
Linked lists
I have to create a program that demonstrates the understanding of linked lists, sorting and exceptio...
[16 replies] Last: I finally got it. Its a little frustrating for me as I am very fluent... (by Andym)
Creating new linked list
Hello, i am struggling with creating linked lists that are linked to the head list, I know how to cr...
[1 reply] : What is tailPtr when the else branch is reached? If it's NULL, you're ... (by Ganado)
Search Array
Hello, I am still pretty new to C++ I don't have much class left but I am having a problem getting m...
[11 replies] Last: I did run into the problem where it wouldn't find k so I changed this ... (by RedSox123)
missing type specifier error
There is an error in this part of code i cant figure out why and what is the fix for it and it says ...
[3 replies] Last: Simply move lines 104-109 to before line 4. Lines 13,18,28,34: missi... (by AbstractionAnon)
by dtb96
Why doesn't rand() work properly?!
Hello, I'm trying to write a card game program and i'm really banking on rand() to work, and it's gi...
[5 replies] Last: rand() is sufficient for this kind of game. More on C-rand: http://www... (by Duoas)
never ending do loop
Hi i starting programming and im currently working through a book and one of the tasks asked me to m...
[3 replies] Last: What does "not recognised" mean? Show the modified code. (by coder777)
by Muney
Header Files Problem
I am working on this homework assignment which asks to put different items into classes and header f...
[1 reply] : I'd start by declaring the class as described in your instructions. ... (by jlb)
Columns from CSV to vectors
Hello, I am attempting to read a CSV file containing three columns of the format string, string, ...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you Chervil, that was precisely what my problem was, I kept on g... (by Muffin89)
by Jesper
Print sorted vector, line break new number
Hi! I'm trying to print a sorted vector. I want to print all ones on one row, all twos on one row, ...
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Deep copy of my graph implementation
Hi guys.. I trying to debug my graph implementation, and have come to the conclusion that my copy o...
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by KMagic
How to know the next object to be read is of which class?
I have 3 classes A, B and C (B and C are derived from A). Objects of these 3 classes have different ...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you very much. I understood now. Maybe I will use Zhuge's approa... (by KMagic)
Interchanging letters of 2 strings. PLS HELP!
Hello, Ive been struggling with this question & I'd really appreciate it if someone helped me out. T...
[6 replies] Last: It's simpler to just depend on encountering the nul terminator. Yo... (by Thomas1965)
Binary Tree Sort
Hello everyone, I have followed the Wikipedia Binary Tree Sort algorithm to solve it and this is wh...
[4 replies] Last: Now you have declared methods Tree::insert, Tree::printInOrder() and T... (by dhayden)
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