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I need help with this
Im trying to compute the base pay, overtime pay ad gross pay #include <iostream> #include <ioma...
[3 replies] Last: Once you get the code to compile and run, check your algorithm. You're... (by dhayden)
Rectangle Class with postfix
I am having a tough time trying to take my rectangle class program and implement a postfix. Is that ...
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by rek49
anyone can help me with this?
Write a program that asks the user to enter three real numbers. if all three numbers are positives, ...
[1 reply] : To start with you need 3 numbers so how about x, y and z ? You should ... (by SamuelAdams)
by Tduck
How to ignore certain characters from input?
My current assignment tasks me with creating a program to convert a string into a phone number. My ...
[3 replies] Last: Then copy the body of the function into main and remove the return sta... (by Ganado)
strcat() appending chunk data
For some reason when i use strcat() it append additional "/" to buffer where i'm trying to store oth...
[2 replies] Last: In addition to using a buffer that is too small, line 5 leaves the mem... (by mbozzi)
Need help with adding up percentage of two variables
I cant seem to get the two variables to add up to 100% even if the 2 variables are 2 different numbe...
[7 replies] Last: Oh okay thanks i got it now appreciate the help guys (by K001Aid)
HELPP! I need to read the comments from the c++ file and then use strings to print it in the html file
A standard way to show the documentation of a program in C++ is by having an application that suppo...
[12 replies] Last: @Ganado, you could use the string functions but they seem less conveni... (by Thomas1965)
What mechanisms for data-persistence (saving program state) is available in C++?
I would like my programs to store and resume execution state (which may consist of reference/value-t...
[3 replies] Last: I would like my programs to store and resume execution state Our pr... (by Jaybob66)
pointers and functon
the function doesn't return and also shows error reverse_Array = reverse_array(int* ,int). what else...
[3 replies] Last: I wrote, and prefer, int * to int . Both work, don't let this confu... (by jonnin)
by RahRah
Writing Functions for a school report
Some parts of my code are not showing the result 1)engMark and matMark what is wrong. and the lowest...
[7 replies] Last: //program to compile a student academic report #include<iostream> u... (by Manga)
Problem with DLL
Hi everyone, i have recently created dll file with plan to use InternetOpen in order to make simple ...
[7 replies] Last: What did you do? Other people might have the same problem so it would... (by Thomas1965)
Why is my code not working??? I tried everything.... Please help
Why is my code not working??? I tried everything.... //This program calculates the inflation r...
[14 replies] Last: Do you know the operators < <= || && ? (by keskiverto)
Code either won't compile, or doesn't work
Hi. I'm trying to do some exercises from a book, and can do most of them okay. However, with this on...
[3 replies] Last: The problem is implicit conversion. For example '*' can be implicitly ... (by coder777)
by JM567
Read input file from certain line
Hello! I am studying for an exam in my programming I class, and I'm having some trouble with one of ...
[2 replies] Last: To make things easier, you might write a function to drop the first n... (by JM567)
Inheritance help
This isnt all the code but I'm getting errors when I try to call the setX and setY values into getPe...
[1 reply] : Hi, The variables setX and SetY are local to the functions, aren'... (by TheIdeasMan)
loosing the first element of an array
I call this function to assign a MyString object to another but I end up losing the first value some...
[1 reply] : SOLVED: line 8, temp[j - i] should be just temp (by ToeMater)
Convert string into array of char, CSV file
Ok so I'm reading from a CSV file and I have been reading the data with the getline function, I've c...
[3 replies] Last: heh, that is quite the mashup of what I said. -- c++ does not al... (by jonnin)
Loop through an array and sort the array?
I need to loop through this array given a data file and fill it, but while doing so make sure it is ...
[4 replies] Last: jlmccart01, you need to write a sorting algorithm. This will give you ... (by tibrado)
by JM567
Read in file as string and store into struct variables
Hello, I am in a basic programming class, and we have a lab that I am pretty stuck on. The instructi...
[19 replies] Last: @lastchance, looks perfect now -> 100% (by Thomas1965)
Strange vector behaviour
I don't understand why I see lines marked with arrows in console. I added c1 and c2 to vector with s...
[2 replies] Last: > But when I was adding c3 and c4, I got extra copy constructor callin... (by JLBorges)
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