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Can't cout an array
Hi I've made the array cs1 to be equal to array cs. But I cant get the output. The compiler tells t...
[1 reply] : There is no overloads of operator << for std::array. If you want to p... (by Peter87)
inversion pair in merge sort
im learning merge sort, and trying to find the inversion pair using merge sort. so far i trace this...
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Cant cout an array
Hi I've made the array cs1 to be equal to array cs. But I cant get the output. The compiler tells t...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> int main() { const int array = { 12, 45, 6... (by JLBorges)
Chef and Matching Game The link is the question for an on going contest...
[1 reply] : it is quite clear you have to pair up points into m pairs such that th... (by blackmamba)
Chef has two integer sequences A1,A2,…,AN and B1,B2,…,BM. You should choose N+M−1 pairs, each ...
[28 replies] Last: see the thing that they are pairwise distint is that they are "unique"... (by LordRiddle)
hi everyone. can someone tell me what does mean float..?
[6 replies] Last: Code::Blocks is a similar program that is substantially smaller. Don'... (by mbozzi)
by rausch
Calculate interest
Please, the question below is only what I can do. I need a help. Calculate compound interest month ...
[1 reply] : Look at using a loop, you very close I think from what I see for (int... (by Grunalin)
visual studio
hello! I just want to ask that is it worth to use microsoft visual express as a beginning?
[1 reply] : It more than good enough, infact I would say it better as a lot of tut... (by Grunalin)
File outputs strange characters
Hello. I have recently been working with files, and the console outputs strange characters upon comp...
[4 replies] Last: I didn't even notice at first that the program was printing the buffer... (by dutch)
consults on interpretation of the problem
i'd like to know if I have managed solve the problem regarding to the wording On the other hand, to...
[5 replies] Last: [quote ]AbstractionAnon (6225) beautiful way to solve, but not unde... (by fernatore)
by Tduck
NCURSES- Arrow keys not detected?
Within my code, there is a point where I am trying to see which arrow key a person pressed. No matt...
[10 replies] Last: characters ARE integers. input should probably have been char or unsi... (by jonnin)
Quantile of F-distribution
Hello! I have boost libraries and I need quantile of F-distribution. But unfortunatelty I've havent...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <boost/math/distributions/fisher_f.hpp> ... (by lastchance)
Ludo game on c++
I have 1 week guys. I need your help. I am making a game called ludo using c++. These are game instr...
[10 replies] Last: its been almost two weeks, I hope he/she got on well (by Rascake)
Broken tanh function
Hello guys! I dont really know what is that but with 3/10 it gives the incorrect output 0. #inc...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you for your help. I've understood the error in my main code (by Alex009988)
please help me for fix errors in the multi choise question programming
please help me for fix errors in the multi choise question programming . please please ...
[3 replies] Last: Please DON'T delete things from your question after you've received an... (by MikeyBoy)
Lucky Number Problem
Can somebody give better approach to solve this problem?.I am getting TLE.
[9 replies] Last: [quote=shubhum]can't we just take all multiples of bob lucky number an... (by Browni3141)
by Grime
Will C++ code be compiled differently on different computers? (1,2)
Will standard C++ code always be portable? Will something compiled on one system to be very efficien...
[39 replies] Last: Still though do any C++ books talk about how to compile applications ... (by mbozzi)
Create a matrix of size m x n so that the neighbours of each cell have distinct values and the max value in this matrix is min (1,2)
Write your question here. Example - if n = 2 and m = 3: 1 1 2 2 3 3 Here every immediate neighbou...
[22 replies] Last: yeah thanks got AC. (by damphy)
kth smallest segment containing a number
[4 replies] Last: I am getting so many memory limit exceeded. It's strange. #include<i... (by suyashsing234)
Card Numbers
I need to get the Ace to display as either 1 or 11, depending on the score. However I'm completely l...
[9 replies] Last: Referring to your original post: Line 12 & 20: The order of QUEEN an... (by AbstractionAnon)
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