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I need help here
I just asked those questions, but I need the feedback, and I did not find it available, someone know...
[6 replies] Last: Or is + if you dont % though. 0+0 = 0 0+1 = 1 1+0 = 1 1+1 = 2/ still '... (by jonnin)
by AL88
How do I get the List constructor to work for line 47?
How do I get the List constructor to work for line 47? I tried writing it out as the compiler sugge...
[19 replies] Last: There are multiple error (at least three) so the best way to approach ... (by Peter87)
Can't pass std::function as a parameter because there is no suitable conversion.
Hello, I have a function that takes function pointer as a parameter. Sometimes I would like to pass...
[13 replies] Last: So the idea is to wrap capturing lambda in capturless one :) You can... (by Peter87)
Beginner of beginners; lost on how to complete this assignment
im trying to code hangman; im familiar with c++ and i understand the content in class but when it co...
[6 replies] Last: your professor is forcing you to do something the wrong way, which ref... (by jonnin)
loop help
Write your question here. So i have to write a program and one requiremnt is that I have to impleme...
[2 replies] Last: Hello ineedhelp2, PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting butt... (by Handy Andy)
can't understand the question on my assignment
The task given is: You are to write a C++ program that reads in a WAVE file, reverses the audio sam...
[2 replies] Last: Well, since WAV PCM is uncompressed, it actually isn't too hard to jus... (by Ganado)
Code for finding the freqency of Chars in a text file
Hi I'm working on a bit of code that's supposed to populate an array with the frequency of each lett...
[2 replies] Last: Line 19 is of course dangerous. If a character doesn't fit in that pat... (by coder777)
Finding a way to count the number of comparison in C++ STL sort
Hi everyone, I'm trying to find a way to count the number of comparison done by the C++ STl sort. I...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for helping me (by Song Tung)
Using CreateFile Function
hi, I'm currently doing an activity where I'm going to open a file and read the content of it by usi...
[1 reply] : I suggest you use the C++ standard library functions. The windows syst... (by tpb)
how to call 2d arrays with arguments
I have not posted the entire code, just the part where I get the error. I keep getting this error w...
[8 replies] Last: Thanks. I hope i made the correct adjustments. (by tubeethet)
by ICantC
std::getline valid input check doesn't work if false is ever returned
hello, I have the below code which asks the user for input into a string, then checks whether that s...
[7 replies] Last: Just std::count would work: bool guess_valid(std::string guess) { ... (by mbozzi)
Count how many votes a number has
Hi, I am wondering how would I go about counting the amount of votes a certain number has in an a...
[4 replies] Last: SamuelAdams: I don't think sorting is appropriate here. It would almos... (by mzimmers)
optimized this code (1,2)
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int t; cin>>t; while(t--){ ...
[24 replies] Last: tpb , I'm not solving the problem, that post was off the top of my he... (by dhayden)
A number of errors, all on one line
Hello! I've recently borrowed a textbook from a friend so I may practice coding using the examples l...
[3 replies] Last: Oh, bless you. I thought I put commas there before and it came up nil,... (by Mobliterated)
format ‘%s’ expects argument of type ‘char*’
I am running a program that initializes a vector full of integers, assigns randomly generated intege...
[3 replies] Last: Peter87, that did the trick! Thank you! (by vaderboi)
Can not erase other non alphabet characters without going out of range
I'm supposed to get a string with spaces, numbers, or punctuations to become alphabet characters onl...
[5 replies] Last: If done from scrat... (by lastchance)
by kmce
Advice on learning programming
Hi, so I am in my second year of uni, learning programming, and i feel like I am not getting anywher...
[11 replies] Last: ..I wasn't sure how I would keep track of the amount of days of not c... (by Thomas1965)
by AL88
undefined reference to Array::operator[](int)
Can someone help me fix the error on line 61 thanks. #include <iostream> const int defaults...
[1 reply] : You nee to implement these member functions that you declared. in... (by Ganado)
arguments to main( )
Hello there, can someone tell me why I need the '*' operator in the argument list of main ()? Do...
[10 replies] Last: I agree with jonnin. Being familiar with both Windows and Unix/Linux i... (by Ganado)
Increase vector with while loop
I want to be able to have the increase with each loop, but I can't figure out how t...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! (by amanseau)
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