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error C2660: function does not take 0 arguments
declare function prototype : myLib.h define function : myLib.cpp void f(const int a...
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Sublime C++
Can you have c++ code on sublime?.
[2 replies] Last: Can you have c++ code on sublime? C++ code is plain text. You can u... (by Repeater)
Getline not reading the first character, despite there being no ignore statement
I have to write a program which reads a file that is this list: Bread 2.49 Y Milk 1.89 N Eggs, doze...
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Sum of Odds
I need help figuring out the formula for this code. The user inputs a list of numbers, then I need t...
[3 replies] Last: ^^^ good catch.. I took the int off sum instinctively but didnt catch... (by jonnin)
Function to alter a variable value and then return to the function?
So for a project, I'm creating an adventure game. One of the requirements is at the start of every r...
[1 reply] : like this? void foo(int &value) { value--; } ... cout << reaval... (by jonnin)
Need help with creating a table
Hello everyone. So, I was given this assignment recently and I am thoroughly stumped. The end goal f...
[1 reply] : if you just want to produce output in table form, you need more stuff ... (by jonnin)
C++ Calendar Error
I'm working on making a basic calendar program using a FOR loop cycle, I have everything correct unt...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! Everything was solved! Probably the only error now is if th... (by AkelaMan)
Function returning a function
I want to call a function that returns a pointer to the right function depending on what inputChar i...
[1 reply] : The pointer-to-function syntax is a bit unintuitive, particularly when... (by helios)
Help appreciated!
So I have a string called "A" that I wanna compare to a number of strings. something like this ...
[1 reply] : String a; a = "fruit"; if(a == "fruit" or a =="berry" or a =... (by Repeater)
by isan
client connect continuously
I want to connect continuously with the client to establish a connection to the server, and if the s...
[4 replies] Last: I do this and it work ,thank you while (true) { fflush(stdout); ... (by isan)
How to return the pointer?(problem with pointer)
i cannot return the pointer. #include<stdio.h> char *str_chr(const char *str,int c){ while(*...
[1 reply] : Since the type of str is const char * you cannot return it as ch... (by coder777)
by mt280
Errors in int main
My code seems to be working, I know that the user input is correctly adding to the arrays, but when ...
[2 replies] Last: That is the missing piece that I have been struggling with. Thank you,... (by mt280)
Issues Combining/Reading Arrays
Hello, I'm trying to create a program that reads 2 input files, assigns the two input files to two a...
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Getting an error with array length
Not sure why I'm getting an error char sep = { ' ', ',', '.', ':', '\t' }; string words ; w...
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Line breaks in code, print as one sentence. ???
Hey all! I'm new to all this and having trouble with breaking a line apart in the code (my prof won'...
[3 replies] Last: Yes. Simply remove the remove the line breakers, which are "\n" and ... (by fiji885)
I'm lost on this one..Any ideas?
Suppose that the input is 100 20 –8 50 20. What is the output of the following C++ code? int su...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> using namespace std; int sum = 0; int num; int... (by fiji885)
Program crashed at the start of third loop.
Hello every one, I am newbie in C++ Programming, my program always crash at the start of the third l...
[2 replies] Last: the mahoa() function in main() always crash at third loop (by bdtilove)
by Daim
need hwlp with loop and class
l am trying to enter name by user choice and trying to display that but l'm making a mistake, can an...
[4 replies] Last: like we run array elements using loops lm implementing that idea here,... (by Daim)
by Vinz24
non-repeating numbers in generating numbers
The codes do at it is(generating numbers) but when it generates, the number is repeating. How to sol...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <random> #include <vector> #include <alg... (by JLBorges)
problem with pointer
how to figure out this problem with array
[1 reply] : Would it be possible to be more specific about the problem? (by chicofeo)
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