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error: invalid types ‘unsigned int[unsigned int]’ for array subscript
Why am I getting invalid type on Project1.cpp:139:32: error: invalid types ‘unsigned int[unsig...
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My program keep showing me the message 1951951802
my problem was to slove the ecuation (a+b+c)/(a+c)-(1/a) and my code is #include <iostream> usin...
[3 replies] Last: else ex==((a+b+c)/(a+c))-(1/a); should be else ex=(... (by lastchance)
by sjh
Search word in more than one text file
Hi, is anyone know how to search two text file and the output will be - show which text file - lin...
[1 reply] : In other words, you are writing a simple variant of findstr | grep. ht... (by keskiverto)
Recursive maze solving
Hi, I finished my code but the output result does not look right. I can not find my problem, Can a...
[3 replies] Last: Hi, sorry for not clear words. The program should output the path but ... (by studentCJ)
by sjh
Extract multiple text file in one program
Hi, is it possible if i want to extract multiple text file in one program and append it to the exist...
[11 replies] Last: here my code is. Okay the instruction is 1) I need to extract the tex... (by sjh)
by libi
Having some frustration here, attempting to define a templated function that accepts multiple data t...
[1 reply] : Well since most of the problems are not template related I suggest you... (by jlb)
What is going on here? 2048
I have made a function called game_over which returns a boolean based on whether a grid representing...
[8 replies] Last: That's what mbozzi meant with his post, too. :-) (by dutch)
Problem with while loop
Hello! So i'm working on a program assignment that requires me to figure out how many plants a flor...
[1 reply] : You need to initialize tempOutside to a non-zero value. If you don't i... (by dutch)
Trying to call String Array, with data taken from a file ,into a Function
For a class assignment we are to take the roman numerals from 1-20 (I-XX) and place them in an array...
[2 replies] Last: Since you want romanNumerals to be the string representation of i, yo... (by dhayden)
standard constructor pointer to nullptr?
Greetings, a short question: If I have a class with a pointer as a member and I call the standard c...
[6 replies] Last: Also, if you're using a pointer, you should ask yourself "who owns the... (by dhayden)
I Have a C++ Assignment I need help with. Please advise.
Write your question here. Write a C++ program that the Traffic Department can use when the owner ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much for your help. But how would that else statement loo... (by Elandre)
Explain c++ code
Hello, i am not a c++ developer but i need to convert a short c++ script to python. I think this cod...
[6 replies] Last: thats the first step, then it takes the hash and runs dsa on it. Its... (by jonnin)
by sjh
Error searching
Hi, i want to make a program that can search multiple text file. I am still learning. If i enter any...
[2 replies] Last: Hai I change my code and make one function for search. but i just want... (by sjh)
Error: lvalue required as increment operand
I'm receiving error: lvalue required as increment operand. Error: Project1.cpp:131:37: error...
[3 replies] Last: Andy / Lastchance .. thank you for your input. (by thishas)
string search
Hi, i have a problem that i can't figure out on my own. How to check in string if first or second c...
[1 reply] : string s = ".a more words"; if(s == '.' || (s >= 'a' && s <= 'z') ... (by jonnin)
by Bopaki
error: 'NO_OF_REGIONS' was not declared in this scope
I get these errors when compiling my program error: 'NO_OF_REGIONS' was not declared in this sco...
[1 reply] : NO_OF_REGIONS What is it? Is it an int? Is if a double? What value ... (by Repeater)
Assigning values not working
I need to make a program that will determine an odd or even number and when I try to assign a value ...
[2 replies] Last: Why do you even need e or o? Why not something like: int main() { ... (by jlb)
Explain me the question MAGICJAR
It has been said in the question that the minimum jar should be so that all junior chefs make their ...
[3 replies] Last: Your answer only works if the junior chefs cooperate. > The junior ch... (by salem c)
by az1234
pushing/copying/placing a string into an integer array
Hi, I know there are a million different answers on how to do them and I've tried them all but they ...
[7 replies] Last: The subtracting 0 part I put in because in the other forums I looked ... (by H00G0)
Collecting Like Numbers in an Array
I have a bool function with an array where I am trying to find a pair of matching values. These valu...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you for the feed back. I appreciate it! (by stoneJax)
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