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Hi, I have the following code that should take a UDINT data and change to a STRING output but I g...
[1 reply] : Hello thebig1, PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting button)... (by Handy Andy)
Program isn't reading my ending values
So I'm trying to set up my game of NIM so that once the game is over, it asks if you'd like to play ...
[4 replies] Last: yes, return 0 is used to close the program, but that is what you wante... (by Manga)
Need help for leap year program using switch
So everything seems to be debugging pretty nicely. Now, I just need something that will let Februar...
[3 replies] Last: ok, fine, lol, but the point is to be clear up front what a leap year ... (by icy1)
c++ program code needed
write a program in which a string is entered through user and convert into a string whose every odd ...
[11 replies] Last: Divide and conquer! Plan out your approach step by step. 1. Obtain us... (by icy1)
Accessing variables declared in Main
Hello, i have this variable in the main.cpp file: //Screen dimension constants const int SCREEN_...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you for the precious info. (by Amiplus)
by Daim
Need Help with file handling
hello everyone, l am learning programming on my own and l was watching tutorial on youtube about "Fi...
[2 replies] Last: A class can write to a file. Often a class will self-serialize, or co... (by jonnin)
Intertwine characters in strings
Basically assignment wants us to mix up the characters in strings. like so ("Fred", "Mary") yields "...
[3 replies] Last: I got it thanks guys! (by barry23)
Program crashes when inserting more numbers into BR Tree
So everything seemed to work fine until I wanted to generate bigger trees with random numbers. Wh...
[3 replies] Last: And youre right, I overlooked the duplicates... When I was implementin... (by crowstorm)
by ehmad
programming printing values twice
i am trying to make a hotel management system in c++ and it is almost in its complete phase but havi...
[3 replies] Last: Hello ehmad, Your biggest problem is while(!fin.eof()) is not worki... (by Handy Andy)
by Vinz24
help in adding n numbers using function
can someone help me with my codes I'm new to function. what is wrong with my codes? #includ...
[3 replies] Last: thank you @lastchance it works! :) (by Vinz24)
archive write issue
I'm trying to write a array into a binary archive but appears 2 weird errors. The array to be writt...
[1 reply] : it does not matter what the data is or where it came from. What are t... (by jonnin)
how do you remove movie name:, adult ticket sold? and child ticket sold? from the output? when you r...
[3 replies] Last: and also i tried to use pause for the cin fails but i dont think it wo... (by poonamp6792)
Name, Age, Classification Coding Problems
I have to design a program that checks the age, classification, and name of a person to decide wheth...
[4 replies] Last: @danwiffle using namespace std is considered a bad practice because of... (by An Integer)
by gunay
bubble sorting
Write your question here. Hi there, pls comment my mistakes #include<iostream> using namespace ...
[1 reply] : First, please use code tags when posting code. See http://www.cplusplu... (by keskiverto)
check whether certain variable is member of that structure
I want to check if certain variable is member of structure or not. For example, I have a structure...
[3 replies] Last: A struct is a class. Members of a class should be initialized by the c... (by keskiverto)
C++ vending machine
WriteCreate a program that simulates a vending machine. The vending machine offers three products: S...
[2 replies] Last: Perhaps you should plan out what your program is going to be doing. It... (by fiji885)
by Carat1
getting website text
this code gets the pastebin text and puts it in a textbox. how can i make it read line by line inste...
[7 replies] Last: Yes .NET makes many things very simple. BTW. It might not work with a... (by Thomas1965)
Reading .txt file to 1D and 2D arrays
I have a .txt file that have data that read like this: Abraham Jackson, 10, 15, 10, 13, 8, 18, Joe...
[3 replies] Last: I answer this with caution as, without seeing the actual terms of your... (by lastchance)
Why am I getting Syntax Error? "error C2059: syntax error: '<<'"
Trying to see what I'm overlooking in order to get this error code when building my program. #i...
[2 replies] Last: Ah, thanks! (by Saviorskid27)
Can't get output to product decimal
I am trying to calculate the quotient of two numbers. However, when they do not divide evenly, I wan...
[3 replies] Last: double quotient = integerOne >= integerTwo ? double(integerOne)/... (by cire)
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