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Factorials for 1-10, but not all together. ??
So I have a formula, P(x)=((y^x)*(e^-y))/x! e is a constant = 2.71828 for each input I need to cal...
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Savings changes:
Can anyone help with This? If I make a change in my codes and compile and run the program, it auto ...
[1 reply] : The compiler reads your source file from the hard drive. If you don't ... (by Repeater)
Returning a 2d array of constant values.
Hi! How can I return a 2d array of constant values from a function? I need to return something like...
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by Gore7
variables in a pointer to a function( hurry up and respond somebody)
Write your question here. Ok, this is not literally a problem just a very important c++ aspect r...
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Help with operator error.
I am getting an error for the operator in my constructor. binary '=' : no operator defined which ...
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String formatting program
Hello, I am having trouble with a program that is supposed to determine Whether the user entered an ...
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Selecting a Vector row for average
I'm trying to create a two-dimensional array that contains 25 random generated numbers and calculate...
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by liegex
Class program to sort student name alphabetically crashes on run.
This program is to allow user to input student's name, age and marks. A in the class would then sort...
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by pizza
Post incrementer for my own string class using doubly linked list
Hi, I am trying to implement post incrementer for my own string class using doubly linked list. I ha...
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by Catma
How to manipulate switch function to shorten my code
Each Case the only thing different is 1 word how do I shorten my code so it is not so copy paste? ...
[3 replies] Last: Put the switch within the predicate that does the comparison. if (par... (by lastchance)
Shuffling DeckOfCards
So, I am considering my deck and the shuffling for the game "Thirty-One" Currently, I have an arra...
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Sentinel loop ques
Hey guys! I recently started programming as a course in college and I am a beginner in programming....
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by rafi21
c-string explanation
Write your question here. [#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { char nam...
[2 replies] Last: The name2 is an array of three bytes somewhere in (stack) memory. Ther... (by keskiverto)
How to find the length of a string without .length()?
string x = "hello" How would I be able to find the length of this string w/o using x.length()?
[1 reply] : x.size() or x.end() - x.begin() or x.rend() - x.rbegin() ... (by JLBorges)
Program not reading file
It has been a while since I looked at c++ so my memory is seriously lacking. I'm probably making a r...
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output formatting
I am currently writing a coffee shop program, and I want my output for monetary values to be lined u...
[5 replies] Last: void exitProtocol (int & totalSmallCups, int & totalLargeCups, int& t... (by link45jeff)
String Objects in C++
What are string objects in C++? Examples?
[1 reply] : To give you an idea, (by chicofeo)
Printing more than once
Why does motto3 print twice (line 91)? See output. Constructor called. Constructor called. Con...
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question about function
i need help im trying to generate 6 numbers example like 456789,124567 i wonder if anyone could giv...
[2 replies] Last: #ifndef __CUSTOMER_H__ #define __CUSTOMER_H__ #include #include ... (by ghost1111)
Comparing cstrings between arrays
This is a spell checking program and I'm trying to compare the two arrays that stores the words read...
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