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OOP vs non OOP
I apologize for all of the probably pointless questions I have been posting lately. I am sure I coul...
[18 replies] Last: nobody picked up on this part of the original question yet At least ... (by MikeStgt)
There was a video we had to follow, but the arrays didn't match cause I changed them, but didn't put...
[6 replies] Last: [quote=Enoizat]Codes share a weird tendency to periodically come back ... (by TheIdeasMan)
by cash
linker error
I'm getting a linker error in my code and I don't know why? Header #undef WATCH_H #ifnde...
[1 reply] : You prototype the bubble sort function as void bubble_sort(vector<int... (by fiji885)
Help with if/else statements
Hey, I'm just getting started with learning c++ and put together a quick practice program to get mys...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, was able to figure it out because of that. I've gotten used to... (by Xirania)
perfect numbers in range of given numbers
Write your question here. So I have to write a program that asks the user to enter a range of 2 num...
[5 replies] Last: I figured it out, that helped a lot. thank you :D (by mercedx)
Negative to Positive
I have a series of if else if statements inside an overloaded << function that is to control how neg...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks to all you guys for the insight. I got it working. I ended up u... (by stoneJax)
why firstvalue = 10 and second = 20 ? please help me with this code // more pointers #incl...
[4 replies] Last: p1 = p2; The thing that p2 is pointing at - now p1 points at the sa... (by Repeater)
Constructors problems
Hello there ! I am trying to make a constructor which initializes one of my objetcs with 4 parame...
[3 replies] Last: Yes the constructor has a body and is public. Ganado, I tried your so... (by saxoalex)
by Bopaki
Need some help to write a loop to get this output below
6929 372 1734 1767 1732 Process returned 0 (0x0) execution time : 2.387 s Press any key t...
[8 replies] Last: re-use your code! this should read something like else while(curren... (by jonnin)
Finding left over
How do I find leftover for anything ? In my example I have 26 trashes. Each container can fill up to...
[1 reply] : Never mind found the way but not sure if it's logical to use this code... (by DdavidDLT)
Manipulating Data from CSV file
I have the following code below, and was wondering what was the next step I could take to calculate ...
[1 reply] : Well you stored the information in a vector, do you know how to access... (by jlb)
Time class
Hi, one of our assignments in the class is to create a program that uses objects to display hours, m...
[4 replies] Last: if (seconds == 0 || seconds == -1){ --minutes; se... (by dhayden)
C++ Member Initialization List
Why does the code below give an error? Given the following code: class A { int x; const...
[1 reply] : A(int x = 0, int y = 0, int z = 0) This isn't an initialization list... (by helios)
Compilable or not compilable
I took a test and the test said this following code is not compilable in either C or C++. Not sure w...
[7 replies] Last: Don't really know what the career teacher is implying; but there is n... (by JLBorges)
Segmentation fault (Core dumped) error
Hi, I have been working on a profiler project for class for a few weeks now. A few days ago I ran in...
[5 replies] Last: std::list<AST*>::iterator it = child.begin(); AST *newPtr = (*it)->ge... (by dhayden)
Insertion Operator (1,2)
I have an overloaded << operator and it works with my fraction class. Now, I am adding some more cod...
[21 replies] Last: I think your simplify function still won't work if the numbers have mu... (by dhayden)
by Lalver
Best Book on C++ For Absolute Beginners?
Hey i m also very new to C++ and i have only done my "Hello World!!" program so far. I would lik...
[1 reply] : (by salem c)
Help with a test qn
Why is the output 1,2,3,4,5 even after adding 10 to each of them? Revising for a test. #include...
[2 replies] Last: If you want to modify the content of the array you need a reference. C... (by coder777)
Structs, command line, & I/O
Hello everyone. I wasn't sure how to do my recent assignment. It involved taking two (technically 3...
[1 reply] : Reading from file is no different from reading from std::cin. You can... (by keskiverto)
Why am I getting "No matching function for call"?
Why am I getting No matching function for call when I try to call the function? Line 66, it says No ...
[1 reply] : First, avoid unnecessary use of global variables. Constants are ok. S... (by keskiverto)
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