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I don't want any single line of code , I just don't get what the question really means/wants. A litt...
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Class Program
Please help me with my program for class. We are making a minesweeper program and I am stumped. Plea...
[7 replies] Last: Maybe this helps - I made the game array a char array instead of a int... (by kemort)
SFML Wall and SFML tutorials
Hi I am new to SFML and C++, and decided to learn both at the same time as a hobby. I have a te...
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about switch statements
Hi guys so i was creating a calculator for fun and i want to include a feature where you can just ty...
[11 replies] Last: cout << "Enter an expression : "; string exp; getline(cin, exp); istr... (by gentleguy)
string versus sstream to cout
I am wondering why lots of coding became so enigmatic in c++ since 20 years. Maybe someone can help ...
[4 replies] Last: Because sstream writes the same to - let's say - a file as cout does.... (by cire)
Problem with Getline
I am still having trouble with the function getline and was hoping some of you guys could help me fi...
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Help With String
is there something wrong with my if statements? The main code is beneath
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by RobCh
glutMainLoop() not looping?
If I call glutMainLoop() at the end of main, it runs through my function called "display" once and t...
[11 replies] Last: Like "Oh, it's been so many ms since the last time this function was ... (by TheIdeasMan)
by Phil15
Custom Manipulator with 1 .. N Parameters
Hi guys, I wanted to create a simple class which would act as a manipulator to log staff when fl...
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Runtime analysis explanation needed
Hi I have some homework assignments about algorithm and run time analysis but i have no idea what I ...
[4 replies] Last: I think you might have to go back to the source because it is not real... (by kemort)
by hlrxj
Programs that can be made with c++
Hey guys, i'm a newbie. i have just started to learn c++ abut a month ago .At this point , i have al...
[8 replies] Last: LOL Yep, pretty close, for a talented champion that is. :) (by kemort)
Input string
This morning I did the practice problem in Jumping into C++. But when I run it, everything is wrong....
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Can someone explain this to me?
int i, j, k; for(i = 0, j = 100; i<=j; i++, j--) k = i; This is a C++ question I'm having difficult...
[6 replies] Last: If you're merely going to monitor the status of each variable from wit... (by gnamp)
MP3 to WAV converter
Hi, I have to make a simple program converting files from .mp3 to .wav. It has to change "stereo" t...
[4 replies] Last: Ok, the code has 0 errors now. But I am a newbie - Could you tell me h... (by Zeltrax)
Where to "include" stuff in a class.
When creating and using classes I've always included the stuff the class will need, in the .h (heade...
[3 replies] Last: String was an example I was going to make but it actually is consisten... (by kemort)
Am I understanding pointers and references correctly?
I'm trying to see if I have a basic understanding of pointers and references, so my apologies if I d...
[10 replies] Last: 0 to 123? I wonder if a 64 bit system gives a different answer to the ... (by tasman)
I can't find my errors
I started programming just few months ago. I have an important project soon, so I programmed one so ...
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by Suzie
How does svchost.exe work?
Hello! I want to make an executable which emulates exactly what svchost does, meaning I want it t...
[1 reply] : What would you do with such a program that you can't do with the svcho... (by helios)
pointer claimed with a function, not dynamically
I am wondering why the following code works. I feel like the dayname is a local variable. After we ...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks for all help! keskiverto, thank you so much! I learned a lot fr... (by zzhao0610)
Question about passing a function to a function's argument
I learned how to pass a (callback) function to a function's argument like so: void Update(void (...
[5 replies] Last: Didn't notice the last answers, thanks @cure @kemort. template <typ... (by hashbrown)
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