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by yepMe
why can't we overload assignment '=' operator as a friend function
I just came through this concept,from thinking in c++ and from google what I understood is like copy...
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by Ganado
Efficiency of public access vector
In the following example class A is defined below, and class B is some unspecified type (if it makes...
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HTTP GET request
I have a function that performs HTTP GET request. It works, BUTT.... I need the url like this: www.m...
[1 reply] : If you think of an HTTP URL being of the form http://<host><path> , w... (by kbw)
Linking static library
I am trying to link my own library (.lib file) to a new project. I've found millions of guides with...
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Set terminal size in Linux bigger?
Hello Does someone know how to set the size of the terminal in Linux bigger using C++? I know ho...
[4 replies] Last: ^Yes but if I don' t change it the text doesn't fully display, and I t... (by Nielyboyken)
by mehak
pointers and type casting
my question is when i typecast the integer array then y on incrementing the pointer i get a 0 at the...
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confused in diferentiating between virtual functions and redefined functions
Hi there, i need some help on an issue am having as i try to understand the need to use the modifie...
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by zionet
Generate N Perfect Numbers???PART II
The method of rapid generation ago by Euclid np=(2^(n-1))*((2^n)-1), n is number prime, that's what ...
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Non-const Ostream Object Overloading <<
Why can't os be const when overloading the << operator? You don't want to change os, right? ...
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My goal here is to display the binary representation of a float in the console. The use of the bitwi...
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Range function help
Hello, I am trying to do this exercise for my next C++ class, I read the problem several times and ...
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Probably the simplest question you'll answer today.
so I have been fighting with this thing all week, and I'm finally closing in on finishing. However, ...
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Student Class Compare Id
Write your question here. Hey everyone, I am writing a program that takes an input for...
[5 replies] Last: you should use any sorting algorithm like bubble sort or selection sor... (by shadowCODE)
What's wrong with my code?
Please help me fix my Code! Here's the problem question: Q. Create a class Date that has two intege...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; class ... (by shadowCODE)
private variables in functions
without getting too into it, i need to access a private variable to use that number in a calculation...
[4 replies] Last: Use BaseClass::getFunction() to get the private data from the base cla... (by shadowCODE)
Whats the difference between list and array?
Wants the difference between a list and an array. I know how to use both, but I don't the difference...
[1 reply] : An array is a contiguous chunk of memory with a fixed size whereas a l... (by discofire)
by Jaycoh
Even sum of of multiplication table?
Hello all, first time poster, long time reader. Anyway, i'm at my wits end with this week's assignme...
[2 replies] Last: place the if(rows * columns % 2 == 0) statement in the body of the ... (by shadowCODE)
Sort Student's Names in Order
Hey guys this time I have to sort students names from input. I cannot use #algorithms so any ideas?
[5 replies] Last: Thanks I didn't you could use the > operator on strings. (by neel3123)
Why doesn't This Code Work?
Write your question here. Hey everyone. My code doesn't output the id in least to greatest order. P...
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Something wrong with cin/sstream
I made a code that had a y/n option in it. I was wondering why after I press 'n', instead of display...
[1 reply] : You shouldn't mix getline and cin . getline by default reads unti... (by giblit)
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