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breaking a loop
i need the loop to break when i enter the new password. right now whenever i enter the new password...
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doubleArray question (1,2)
Write a function called doubleArray that takes as parameters an array of Points and its size and re...
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arrange variables in array
Hello everyone. Kindly, i need some help for my assignment. So, assume that i have 4variables with c...
[1 reply] : What is the purpose of order? Each time through your first loop num... (by admkrk)
Updating an array
Hello, everyone. I'm wondering if anyone could help me with a program I'm working on. Here's the ins...
[3 replies] Last: your update scores function is completely useless just delete it. You ... (by Yanson)
how to only accept certain input?
okay so im supposed to make the user only enter a certain input that i want. is it possible to do s...
[7 replies] Last: for and while are interchangeable in almost all cases - the reason... (by LB)
Displaying the Address of Chars
So we have an assignment in my C++ class to create a pointer to a char and the instructions are: ...
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While loop not accepting int changes?
I've read and re-read my manual, and have tried to come up with the proper search terms (But none co...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you, both! :-) (by jadedfs)
Trying to learn string class...function not working as I anticipated
I know the title is rather ambiguous, and I apologize for that. I can give a better explanation of t...
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by Ganado
MinGW linking question, lib .a files
This isn't really about the language itself, more about the compiler, but can anyone explain the dif...
[2 replies] Last: Oh, well... I had been trying a bunch of other stuff since I posted th... (by Ganado)
C - Why are my variables retaining the value 0?
My variables are assigned 0 instead of what I type. What am I doing wrong? #include <stdio.h> #...
[3 replies] Last: Nvm. I solved it thanks MiNipa (by sakonpure6)
Getters/Setters and object oriented design? Is everything my school teaches wrong? (1,2)
Hey everyone, I took the time to read the stickies so I hope my first post here follows the guidelin...
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by mtmsl
Creating Arrays Using the Free Store
Hello everyone. I’m trying to teach myself programming, so I picked up this book and I’m working...
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int main
what does int main with an empty () mean?
[4 replies] Last: oh ok thanks (by LATCH100)
Hey guys i need help. i know its basic but its really confusing for me so im asking for a help. I ne...
[6 replies] Last: This works. Take note of the changes. #include<iostream> using names... (by shadowCODE)
Can you scroll in the console box?
I wrote a program that reads in a file and then outputs it into the console. There is a lot of comme...
[2 replies] Last: Pipe the output through more or less (by Lowest0ne)
if/else with "or" operator
In my code below, I want to be able to enter invalid ages for the first "if" over and over again and...
[4 replies] Last: For your code, if you enter an "invalid" age first, it will go into th... (by Ganado)
C++ “multi-line” comment format
how do you use the C++ “multi-line” comment format?
[4 replies] Last: shadowCODE is right, but just to add: for purposes of putting it "abov... (by Ganado)
did i spell it wrong?#include <iomopin>
I cant remember the library i just learned in class it something like this #include <iomopin> its u...
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make a pyramid using loops
I am trying to create the pyramid (with 4 rows) using while loops. I think I have the idea correct b...
[2 replies] Last: Works now! Thanks! (by JoJodoggy1)
Int To String
Hi, i am beginner. How to convect int to string? :p
[6 replies] Last: OP, note that if you just want to print the integer, the streams libra... (by dhayden)
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