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getting a ridiculous number
for some reason when i enter N as my input for the fifth question i get a number that is far, far to...
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parameter of a function to another class
hello programmers, I'm trying to write two classes and make aggregation of the two classes: one to ...
[1 reply] : now I'm building another class that check if the bday is in certain r... (by gunnerfunner)
Trying to output in a certain way
Okay, so I am trying to have a specific output that I want to get, but it prints its out a bit diffe...
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Anagram function not returning
Hi, i'm a beginner in c++, and i can really use some help here. In the code, when i run it, the prog...
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I must be making a few simple mistakes, but i can't find them and it's making me.... AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! **Smash computer
So I'm trying to write a code that calculates ride fares and it's just about complete, but there's a...
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PNG Loading
Hi, I code for fun, nothing comercial going with me, so I decided to work with gl.h glu.h and window...
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this -> keyword C++
What is this-> ? What is its purpose ? What else can be replaced for it? Somewhere around lines 25...
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Not sure why the last bit of my code isn't working.
I'm trying to make a code to calculate a ride fare, but I'm getting hung up. When i run my program, ...
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by dipzki
hi, i am new here.
hi guys, i wonder if someone could help me with my problem. i was given a problem , i need to...
[1 reply] : int num = 0; std::cout << "enter a number: "; std::cin >> num; std::... (by integralfx)
Bool functions and Tic-Tac-Toe
Hey guys, I am writing a code to give the result of a tic-tac-toe game. Specifically, every possible...
[1 reply] : I think you need to be explicit: (gameline == 'o' && gameline == 'o... (by jonnin)
Explicit vs Implicit conversion
Hey guys, my text book is somewhat confusing on this topic. I know that even if div is of type do...
[1 reply] : > What is implicit conversion exactly? An implicit conversion is any... (by JLBorges)
by w4ssup
copy char pointer to string
I have static char sID = "888888"; static char pin = "8888"; static std::string postData = ...
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by pmi
NAN in program output
Hey I tried to run a code, but the output is NAN, Can anyone help me? thanks Window Trail #860 s...
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Question regarding using eof in a while loop.
My professor assigned us a project that requires us to use "eof" (quotation marks for emphasis) in a...
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Failing to Pass values correctly
I'm trying to assign a fraction but when i run it its giving me an incredibly large number so guessi...
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by wasey
New to Valgrind, help interpreting?
Can someone help explain what Valgrind is telling me? I have a void function named smallSort2 that ...
[1 reply] : int *ptr1; int *ptr2; int *ptr3; int temp; *ptr1 = *a; *ptr2 =... (by cire)
Treasure hunt Game
Hi Guys! I've been asked to make a treasure hunt game. Anyone wanna help me out with it, I've go...
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Whitespace causes another iteration of loop?
So, I am trying to request the user to input a string to the console. Then, I am trying to loop cont...
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Unlimited size palindrome
I need some help with a homework assignment. I'm really new to C++ and I'm not sure what search term...
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Looping question?
So, I'm trying to figure out how to get everything within the cout lines to repeat if the user puts ...
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