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Printing more than once
Why does motto3 print twice (line 91)? See output. Constructor called. Constructor called. Con...
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question about function
i need help im trying to generate 6 numbers example like 456789,124567 i wonder if anyone could giv...
[2 replies] Last: #ifndef __CUSTOMER_H__ #define __CUSTOMER_H__ #include #include ... (by ghost1111)
Comparing cstrings between arrays
This is a spell checking program and I'm trying to compare the two arrays that stores the words read...
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understanding the output of g() function
I was doing some end of chapter question and had a problem with the following code. Could anyone hel...
[4 replies] Last: Some things to note: { } blocks are used to create an inner scope. Th... (by Ganado)
C equivalent of BASIC's STRING$(80,"char")
I am looking for the equivalent in C of BASIC's STRING$(80,"char") ie printing out a string of 80 sa...
[8 replies] Last: @Repeater I can't see why you need to use malloc just to print the sa... (by RNBW)
Fstream fail()
Hey guys I'm reading Bjarnes practices and principles and I have a quetion regarding an fstream in t...
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by joiuz
Is C++ Really Worth Learning in 2018?
Hello C++ , i was wondering if C++ is really a good programming language in 2018 to begin with. ...
[6 replies] Last: I agree with kbw, it all depends what you want to do. According to Sco... (by Thomas1965)
Building SDL2_gfx for Codeblocks/mingw
Hello everyone, sorry if this is not the right section where to post this request. I have aprobl...
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Fstream Help
Hi, so I need help, with this kind of "library"(in the physical use of the word) that i'm trying to...
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Why does my output values is always 1?
Thanks for kind people who answered my last question so I can figure out why is the result wont show...
[2 replies] Last: Hello heyitsme1998, TheIdeasMan makes some very good points, but I wi... (by Handy Andy)
Reading in whole lines from file instead of word by word
At first, he said, consumers were a little put off by the higher price of the double rolls, because ...
[1 reply] : Also: test ... (by lastchance)
Running a sorting function on array, but something isnt working properly as I am not getting any output
I have an array of pointers that point to structs each of which have a set of variables name, id, gr...
[2 replies] Last: Hey Andy, got it to work, here is my code in case anyone else comes ac... (by soggymuskrat)
Geometry Code HELP
I am a beginner to programming and taking a c++ class at my local college as part of a career/major ...
[5 replies] Last: um....errors in files I've never made. 145 errors total, keeping Main... (by Armygun087)
Displaying multiple characters
I ask the user to input numbers of students which creates a dynamic array. Then the user inputs the ...
[1 reply] : void displayGrade( int num, const Student* myStudents ) { int n... (by JLBorges)
Reading Text File
my file is called 'dictionary' and im trying to open it but im not sure what im doing wrong because ...
[4 replies] Last: Make sure that the file "dictionary.txt" is in the current working dir... (by JLBorges)
basic c++ help
Please help!! My Program is outputting user's input twice on my table. Can't figure out why. It on...
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for loop doesn't work. please help!
I am trying to make a Isosceles triangle by outputting a single character on a single line on the co...
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by zapshe
Why does this code misbehave?
Hi, I started learning about Binary since I was curious how programming language turns into 1s and 0...
[9 replies] Last: Oh, that's right. Sorry to make you re-explain it. Thanks Helios ! (by zapshe)
What does return -1 do in a function called in main?
What does return -1 inside of a function that is in main? Is there a difference between returning di...
[2 replies] Last: You are not using the return value of myFunction, so no, it does not m... (by Ganado)
how to find complex roots in c++ by newton-raphson method
ı would like to write using newton-raphson metod in c++.I wrote code basic equation in c++.but for ...
[3 replies] Last: You are working with complex variables, so both the arguments and the ... (by lastchance)
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