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why is my functions not recognizing name and Bname. main.cpp: In function ‘void setName(std::s...
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I cant get the exact value when i do the multiplication with two value
This is my code. { double e , f; cout<<"Enter 2 numbers="<<endl; ...
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How Can I Finish Creating and Utilizing Arrays Program?
I am having issues plugging in values, variables and arrays in their correct places in this program....
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If then if statement
Have trouble getting this to execute correctly. I think it may be the double if statements, but I am...
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by AL88
Can anyone help me fix this error?
Qualified - id in declaration before '(' token void PartsCatalog::Insert(Part * newPart) ...
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using arrays (urgent please)
Write a C++ program with the following specifications: 1.Use two-dimensional array with size 7 colum...
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excuse me, could you check my problem? please
Write a program that uses cycles for to generate the following bosses separately, one under other on...
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zodiac program (array practice)
hi guys! so i've been trying to practice with arrays. this is for a programming class. instead...
[3 replies] Last: But it doesn't display the invalid. The only time it should display... (by jlb)
I am doing some coding in my spare time and trying to make a text based game because I have nothing ...
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Need help with converting a string array to an int array.
My program reads data from a text file and displays its content, which I was able to do. The file lo...
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by fedegp
Variadic Lambda Functions
Hi all, I'm trying to write a code in which I define inside the main a lambda function which, havin...
[4 replies] Last: Why not a generic lambda? Is only C++11 supported? Edit: Oh, sorry. ... (by mbozzi)
by larryl
Catching Iterator Problems?
Hello Folks: Developing in Windows 10 Pro. I'm not a beginner, but I haven't done much with wr...
[2 replies] Last: If you want checked accesses, use std::x::at() when available. Then ... (by mbozzi)
dissecting a cpp/dll file
Hi guys, just messing around with creating dll's I am doing it with codeblocks which is unusual ...
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If/Else/Else If/or ?
Ok so I'm making a program that I will present for the finals tomorrow and I need to finish this asa...
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by k88
generating random numbers in an array without repetition
Hi,I was trying to generate random numbers to fill in an array but my code seems to not work. Her...
[1 reply] : #include <set> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> #include <iostre... (by Repeater)
Assignment Operator for class with struct pointer member variable
I am getting a bad access error when the code goes into the assignment operator. Not exactly sure ho...
[3 replies] Last: These are ok: CSNerd::CSNerd( string name ) // but I prefer initili... (by keskiverto)
having problem with the this problem
Using C++ to: Handling Priorities with Linked Lists: Design a class called supportTicket tha...
[1 reply] : std::list is a linked list. std::list has sort(): http://www.cplusplus... (by keskiverto)
by benjm
[C] Reusing pointer for new string
I was curious to know a good method to reuse a char pointer: char* strfunc (char *sp, int lengt...
[2 replies] Last: just reuse it? You appear to be overthinking something. step 1) allo... (by jonnin)
Circular Buffer
Good day! I'm a beginner in C++, and I'm currently trying to implement a (boolean) circular buffer....
[6 replies] Last: Thank you for your detailed explanation. It's now clearer to me, and t... (by rookie000)
Search and display the comparison
I need help with the following question, I don't want the whole code but I really need help with thi...
[4 replies] Last: Do you mean the number of comparisons until a match was found? Like th... (by Manga)
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