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MySQL C++ connector one error
Hello everybody, I try to connect my C++ file to MySQL. I did everything as in MySQL connecter i...
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Passing random numbers to an array
Hey guys and gals, I'm new to c++ and I have a project that I'm trying to complete but I can't figur...
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How to call a function that will write to a file and within that function call other functions
Hello im learning c++ and i was wondering how i can call a function that will write to a file. withi...
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loops and calculations
I am totally new to this. I need to be able to add up all the inputs associated with the courses sel...
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by huncho
Gravity, .h & .cpp
Hi everyone, I've got this assignment that I been stuck on for days. I've already tried to google so...
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kindly help me with this thankyou
Create a Class "Date", with data members: year, month, day. also create Default Constructor, Destruc...
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Finding the values that Match In 2 Arrays
I'm doing a insertion sort to find the same values but placed in two different arrays with different...
[1 reply] : The code doesn't compile because an ofstream cannot be passed by val... (by Chervil)
by smich
How can I split the contents of a string array to smaller arrays?
The title is a bit hard to understand, so here is my question: I am reading a file and putting its c...
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OOP - composition
I'm following learncpp tutorial( and linked ch...
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by agusx
Problem with cctype family
Hello, I'm doing a program that reads keyboard input, converting each uppercase character to lowerca...
[1 reply] : Line 14 means nothing (notice the semicolon at the end). You can remov... (by Duthomhas)
Stuck in an infinite loop
I'm trying to make a program that can convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. I thing I have m...
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decimal to binary
Hey guys, I have to write a simple program that can convert decimal to binary but I can only use onl...
[3 replies] Last: It is the quotient remainder mechanism. At line 22, if( number > 63 )... (by JLBorges)
Discard Single character in the array
Hello! I have a task to prompt user to enter file path, read it into array up to 1024 and discard si...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream> #include <io... (by JLBorges)
Help with file handling
Basically this is a homework assisgnment. So it is a .dat file about football. Their teams, scores e...
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Simple question
How could I get a program to check if a numbered entered it twice as big as the second number entere...
[1 reply] : So instead of multiplying the first number (x) by two, you want to mul... (by wildblue)
by Joello
C++ function help
Hey guys so i'm trying to figure out why my code is returning all 0's for distance 'd'? I ran throug...
[2 replies] Last: OMG that explains everything. It worked! I was so confused. Thank you ... (by Joello)
by jsbd29
Please help with "loops"
I need to create a C++ program that the user type letter and the program convert the letter into a t...
[2 replies] Last: thanks! I am trying it out without much success :( (by jsbd29)
Calculating the min and max using a loop
I am writing code for an assignment that wants me to make a program that asks the user for the amoun...
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by teeper
Comparing integers involving member functions & substructs
Hello all. I'm not getting any errors in my code, but I'm trying to do a bubble sort to sort shipmen...
[6 replies] Last: Hints: #include <array> #include <fstream> #include <iomanip> #inclu... (by Enoizat)
Hey, me again i need help with 2D Arrays
Hey guys so i just watched a lesson about 2D arrays and in the end of the video, the teacher said "y...
[2 replies] Last: Both dimensions of multip are size 10. this means valid indices are 0 ... (by Yanson)
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