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Simple Game
I can't figure out what is wrong with my program. When you meet the S, and you have an instant kill,...
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Help and very urgent (Graph and Loop)
So basically the code works and everything, but my main problem is how can I put loop so it can show...
[1 reply] : So, you wanna know how to actually get the circles and rectangles draw... (by BayBayMan)
Idk how to describe it
Hi guys, I've been working on the program that simulates the windspeed with chance of storms and mic...
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About overloading operators
Hi guys, I have a question, now I learning about overloading operators. Now I'll tell you my questio...
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by opengl
boost lock_guard
I need a lock guard as bellow,if my code was used by multithread,the lock would work,but do nothing ...
[3 replies] Last: Something like this, perhaps: #include <mutex> #include <type_traits... (by JLBorges)
Storing input to array
I have been working with some code for an assignment, but I can't figure out how to store the user i...
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my errors about use of parameter ' ***** 'outside function body
Hi friends, Running the following program results in these errors: line 1 error: use of param...
[3 replies] Last: Please show your current code. Also it would be easier to see the actu... (by jlb)
Creating a loop to monitor incoming TCP/IP traffic
I am trying to create a loop that will keep receiving messages over TCP/IP and printing them also. M...
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I started to learn C++ yesterday and I wanted to ask for help. This exercise is to make a program as...
[6 replies] Last: just for extra precaution add this #include <iostream> using names... (by programmer007)
Array takes more values than it is defined for
I started using arrays just a week ago, and I'm running into some problems .While inputting an array...
[8 replies] Last: 1)How do I increase the warning level ?(Using Dev C++) Are you usin... (by TheIdeasMan)
Help using functions to calculate and print grade
Hello, I'm trying to do two functions, the first one should take the 3 grades as arguments, calcula...
[5 replies] Last: welcome :) (by programmer007)
by Enum81
Outputing Slowly
So, I know how to make the text in a string read out slowly but my question is, is there a faster wa...
[6 replies] Last: haha, I was just about to mention that actually. Great minds think ali... (by Enum81)
Help with graphing and maybe loop.
So for this program, I want to ask the user how many circles and rectangles to be shown in the graph...
[1 reply] : Hi, You are missing a bracket ("}") above void renderScene () ho... (by programmer007)
"Coordinate" system not working in game
So I made a program called "Battleboats" that is a version of Battleship. It lets you input coordina...
[1 reply] : foo.cpp|12 col 6| warning: variable ‘blue’ set but not used [-Wun... (by ne555)
Creating a Header File
I was working on creating a header file to contain useful functions that I defined that seem useful ...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you the header file is working fine now. I did not know that you... (by Too Explosive)
How to add a menu to Number Guessing Game
OS: Windows. 1) Best way to add a menu in my program's format. Loops or Switch statements? How to p...
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New to 2-D array
I am just gathering some knowledge about c++ 2-D arrays for an assignment. I am given a file with...
[11 replies] Last: thank you very much...this will help me in understanding c more.. (by ramboqr1717)
Learning C++, practice with for/while loops
Had an idea to learn. Layout below. // Program layout // There is a room of 10 doors // Computer ch...
[1 reply] : For your if statement using the condition of response, it has to be in... (by mossyhorn)
How would I set up this code?
For my homework, we have to do this. I'm just not sure how to setup t...
[6 replies] Last: Eg if you had 45 days then they convert to 45/7 weeks and 45%7 days re... (by kemort)
Confused about module call
This is in digital picture mode, so I can't paste the code here. I can only give screenshots. http...
[1 reply] : Given your current code, you are indeed right, the function getHoursWo... (by Shadowwolf)
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