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Help with Time programming
Hello, I need help with my programming project here. My project was simple time converter which i ma...
[1 reply] : integer 1500 - integer 0130 = 1370, but time is not decimal. Think mo... (by Texan40)
How to work with a DLL???
Hey guys, so I was checking out some gaming 2d libraries and I thought about learning to program in ...
[3 replies] Last: By the way do you know how to make a dll in CodeBlocks? Create a proj... (by coder777)
Help with my array.
Our objective is to make a program that tells the user to input multiple numbers unless the user inp...
[6 replies] Last: @mutexe @LadyInRed7 Thank you for all the tips and articles, its help... (by halfscale)
Minesweeper Co-ordinates number alignment
Hi Guys, Just wondered if any one could help?? Currently I'm trying to write a basic program in C...
[1 reply] : See (by keskiverto)
Need help with a card game
Hi there! I'm new here and I'm quite new to programming. I'm in a programming class here at my schoo...
[1 reply] : bump (by Marrcus)
This is a C question. I have dynamically allocated a two dimensional array of characters. The probl...
[14 replies] Last: Hmm... that's a lot to take in. I don't understand much of that, but ... (by Bogeyman)
...wrong place, sry
[1 reply] : Hey pal,can u give the body of the header "StringContactMap.h"??? Tha... (by LadyInRed7)
Writing final program for intro programming class - switch statement wont switch (among other things)
Write your question here. Hey everyone. I have a final project due for my C++ class - the assignmen...
[3 replies] Last: Morning, Only had a quick look, but i see this on line 34: string myF... (by mutexe)
If statement with a char
how can i make my program ask for a char("Q") to quit/initialize the if statement? i get an c3867...
[2 replies] Last: You can use the exit() function defined in stdlib.h . #include<iost... (by LadyInRed7)
Switching random numbers
I'm getting an error saying that "i" in "int numbers ..." is unidentified. I'm not sure how to fix ...
[2 replies] Last: morning. You can't do this: int numbers = rand() % 100 + 1; even i... (by mutexe)
2d char help?
How would i put the smiley face on top of the *? #include <iostream> using namespace std; ...
[3 replies] Last: @andres81 Run this code and see what it does: #include <iostream> ... (by mgoetschius)
inserting string into a deque
hello! i'm trying to check if a string is a palindrone. what i'm trying to do is put s into a and ch...
[1 reply] : The value_type of deque is string. On line 14 you provide iterators ... (by coder777)
Function for game rules
Hello, I am currently taking C++ (1st half) in college and we are to write the Hi/Lo guessing game. ...
[8 replies] Last: Pet peeve: void rules(void) Do this instead: void rules() Putt... (by Disch)
Basic Cout problem c++
I've been programming this simple and in my opinion fun little random number guessing game, but i've...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks alot, really bothered me. As you may have guessed i'm quite new... (by hmwhoknows)
Watch People Code
Not sure where to post this, but you can watch people code live and it's really awesome for learning...
[3 replies] Last: It looks like Twitch where people can watch and chat, but with coding ... (by SeanTharpe)
Need help with Two-Dimensional Arrays Assignment
The part I need help with is drawing out the tic-tac-toe board itself which is found at the very bot...
[no replies]
Difficuty calculating numbers and putting them in a 2D array
For my assignment I need to create a code that calculates the distances between x coordinates and y ...
[7 replies] Last: Is it possible to save information from a function into a text file a... (by Disch)
Cannot convert `double' to `double (*)[5]' for argument `1' to `double facelines(double (*)[5], double (*)[5])'
I don't understand why I am getting this error. 56 Z:\Win7Files\Documents\DevC++\IM.cpp cannot co...
[3 replies] Last: Doesn't saying array just state the size of the array though? Like ... (by Disch)
by ryan1
help constructors for classes
aving trouble figuring out the constructors the code in the main() is supposed to test the class so ...
[2 replies] Last: thanks alot for you help i figured it out heres the final code FOR AN... (by ryan1)
by tuqa
percentage program
Write your question here. i want to ask about how to do a code to calculate the percentage of 6 sub...
[1 reply] : How does one calculate persentages on math class? (by keskiverto)
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