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How do I output the complete text from employee.dat to employee.dak?
Hello, I have created a text file using the data contained in arrays of various data types (char...
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program about are you smarter than a 5th grader (1,2)
//can someone finish my program about are you smarter than a 5th grader? btw i already put the answe...
[31 replies] Last: I still can't figure it out where to put "congratulations" because it ... (by advancety)
Simple program | Recursion
Hi, so I get the error: /Applications/
[2 replies] Last: @ Grey Wolf >> Thanks. (by aurimas13)
For loops
Hi I have a question regarding for-loops. What value would be saved in x? int x = 0; for( int i = ...
[6 replies] Last: kevin84, All these answers are good, but they have kind of missed the... (by Handy Andy)
Need Help
I need help with my code for school. My code will not let the user input 'y' or 'n' for cin >> poBox...
[4 replies] Last: Your welcome! Hope you come back to the forums again sometime :) (by kevinkjt2000)
by Matta
help with variables
Write your question here. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { float x1...
[3 replies] Last: It's the prompt that is automatically put in the box you type your que... (by shadowmouse)
by slex04
Running while loop
Why cant I get this to display anything when running in codeblocks? #include <iostream> using names...
[4 replies] Last: yeah ...I see it now ...that's a silly mistake thank you (by slex04)
by Enot02
I wrote this code, but, after I enter any number in LabeledEdit1 and press the button, it gives an a...
[8 replies] Last: My expected output is that 2 is this: (by Enot02)
How to pass a callback function (with arguments) as a parameter of another function
I know how to pass a callback function as a parameter of a class constructor function, and store its...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks Cire and Kevin for your answers. I got a better understanding n... (by hashbrown)
variables Questions (1,2)
So say you're making a calculator (and i am), and you want to make the user input the first number, ...
[21 replies] Last: If you want to progressively subtract then running_result -= number; (by kemort)
Centered Average
I don't want any single line of code , I just don't get what the question really means/wants. A litt...
[2 replies] Last: Ohhh, thanks alot, that made everything clear. (by Hesham0)
Class Program
Please help me with my program for class. We are making a minesweeper program and I am stumped. Plea...
[7 replies] Last: Maybe this helps - I made the game array a char array instead of a int... (by kemort)
SFML Wall and SFML tutorials
Hi I am new to SFML and C++, and decided to learn both at the same time as a hobby. I have a te...
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about switch statements
Hi guys so i was creating a calculator for fun and i want to include a feature where you can just ty...
[11 replies] Last: cout << "Enter an expression : "; string exp; getline(cin, exp); istr... (by gentleguy)
string versus sstream to cout
I am wondering why lots of coding became so enigmatic in c++ since 20 years. Maybe someone can help ...
[4 replies] Last: Because sstream writes the same to - let's say - a file as cout does.... (by cire)
Problem with Getline
I am still having trouble with the function getline and was hoping some of you guys could help me fi...
[5 replies] Last: (by kemort)
Help With String
is there something wrong with my if statements? The main code is beneath
[16 replies] Last: Glad it helped :) (by gentleguy)
by RobCh
glutMainLoop() not looping?
If I call glutMainLoop() at the end of main, it runs through my function called "display" once and t...
[11 replies] Last: Like "Oh, it's been so many ms since the last time this function was ... (by TheIdeasMan)
by Phil15
Custom Manipulator with 1 .. N Parameters
Hi guys, I wanted to create a simple class which would act as a manipulator to log staff when fl...
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Runtime analysis explanation needed
Hi I have some homework assignments about algorithm and run time analysis but i have no idea what I ...
[4 replies] Last: I think you might have to go back to the source because it is not real... (by kemort)
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