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Writing to output file(.txt) with several functions
I'm currently in an introductory class and I have to write a program to convert dec to hex, binary, ...
[1 reply] : Either move line 49 & 50 to your function or make them global. (by SamuelAdams)
by willyb
Help with printing array
I want to create a program that takes each letter from a sentence that a user types and stores it in...
[2 replies] Last: It worked perfectly now! Thank you so much. (by willyb)
Please Help with Airplane Reservation Project
Hello everyone, I'm currently working a project for class and I am stuck. I am a complete newbie...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you so much Chicofeo! I'll work on everything you helped me wit... (by drtran83)
Please help: Getting specific quantities of Resistors!
So an assignment I am doing, I need to ask the user what their target resistance in a series is. I d...
[2 replies] Last: @pearlyman Thank you so much for the reply. However, I have a questio... (by kuroakuma97)
Variable declared in header not declared in cpp error
Hi. I've declared some variables in the header file of a class, but when I try to compile to test, i...
[1 reply] : You can't call private members. You have to set up methods that give ... (by pearlyman)
detecting ctrl
If you wanted to detect a combination of keys pressed, like CTRL+Z what methods would you use to det...
[1 reply] : I would try something like nRet = GetKeyState ( VK_SHIFT ) ; You... (by pearlyman)
by Elyril
Prime numbers in a range
I'm trying to write this program to test and output all prime numbers in a range given by the user. ...
[1 reply] : > but anything past that, it will output everything correctly as far I... (by ne555)
assigning user input string to a char array
I had a problem with the line below, it says it can't convert string to char. I've tried using strin...
[4 replies] Last: figured out how to do what I wanted to do via (by omega4relay)
Setting up an array
Hey guys Im working on an assignment and its asking "Calculate the max, min, count, average, and sta...
[3 replies] Last: Creating an endless loop isn't hard... You don't always need to break ... (by pearlyman)
Loop storing 2 max numbers and 2 min numbers.
Hi there i am having trouble with my program, what the logic is implying is that every time i enter ...
[2 replies] Last: When using ‘if’ and ‘else’ commands while writing your code it... (by sleeky)
by Smoky
Need assistance with Recv
Can anyone please explain me how should I write in a command to recive a message from server. I got ...
[9 replies] Last: If your first link is the response from the device then it is not a ... (by coder777)
Need Urgent answers for this questions !
* So i got this 2 questions, homework in school i got to cout what it asks, but my professor says i ...
[5 replies] Last: I putted i instead of j that should work : #include <fstream> str... (by Ericool)
Range 1-20 Table that shows divisibility
I have to write a C++ program that 1.Requests a positive number “N” from the user that is in th...
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Could someone help me understand whats wrong
Not sure if it's (rand() % 6 + 1) or my if and else statements. Could someone help me with this. Al...
[9 replies] Last: Consider a function: #include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> #inclu... (by pearlyman)
by Marth
ifstream question
I'm writing the babynames program, I have a do-while loop over the entire code, so you can re-se...
[1 reply] : Please show the contents of your input file. You should also always b... (by jlb)
Another inheritance question
Hi everyone! can you please explain me WHY in the C class,the line "B _b1;" doesnt activate the B ...
[3 replies] Last: Because you used the initialization syntax :_b1(0) That override... (by AbstractionAnon)
by tnt980
code errors
Write your question here. /* * File: main.cpp * Author: Zac * * Created on October 6, 201...
[10 replies] Last: Where to begin? The first problem with your code, (and there are a fe... (by pearlyman)
Programming Assignment
I am trying to write a program that will take a sentence like "This is a TEST Sentence" and return "...
[3 replies] Last: This is what I have so far #include <iostream> using namespace std; ... (by tcc5164)
by sleeky
simple loop to compare numbers
Hi, i am working on a code, i am trying to compare the numbers from Largest, Second Largest, Second...
[18 replies] Last: If you check out your original code, you had > instead of < for the sm... (by AndyP2609)
by garen
Printing first 3 digits
How do I make it so that it only prints out the first 3 digits of the users inputted number? For exa...
[7 replies] Last: while(x > 10) should be while(x >= 1000) (by LB)
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