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is this a typo in C++ for dummies?
Write your question here. Very much a BEGINNER. Can someone explain to me what this line is for in ...
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by anaird
Simple Rock, Paper, Scissors game
My code won't print until line 21. Also if anyone see's mistakes, it would be most helpfull if you p...
[3 replies] Last: @anaird That's because each time you run the program, rand() uses the... (by whitenite1)
debugger for code::blocks is a no-op
This is my second post and i am very new to C++ or any other programming for that matter but i am de...
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by fguy
@#$%^& Stroustrup
Greetings. I am working on his beginner's book, "Programming Principles and Practice using c++. Like...
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C++ Array problems
Hello everyone! I am new to this site and a beginner to C++. My problem today is I want to use an ar...
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pass different sized 2D arrays to same functions
My experience is as a BASIC programmer and I have been trying to learn some c++. After spending some...
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Creating a DLL
I am trying to create a DLL by following I...
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by i1yas
Why code skips a step
I have an assignment i have wrote a code bellow but it skips qualification and address lines.why its...
[3 replies] Last: It skips when you use >> to read into the variable because that leaves... (by Zhuge)
by ning9
Need help aligning text!
Hi guys, I am doing a small currency converter for my mini project and I have to use fstream. Curren...
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by Filorn
virus creating
This is what my evil side has created. I think it would work good (i want this program to fill the R...
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How to cout?
Hello again, I need help on how to print out all the thress variables from the 3 switch cases on ano...
[3 replies] Last: Hi, You need at least 3 switch statements, one for each of Main Dis... (by TheIdeasMan)
by Haziq
Array game 8x8
I tried to compile the coding below.. but i couldnt get a 8x8 board.. Any idea how to fix it? ...
[7 replies] Last: thank you for the help guys! God bless :D (by Haziq)
Help with Methodology please..
Will these methods properly work with the pre-allocated fractions? I have these working within a met...
[1 reply] : Hi & Welcome to cplusplus :+) Have you tried using a debugger? If you... (by TheIdeasMan)
i tried
I spent 2 days of trying something this is what i came up with, but i am still stuck on the choice p...
[3 replies] Last: In main, Add a string variable called Choice. Add an integer varia... (by koothkeeper)
error in bubble sort
i have some error but i can't find it. please help! Sorting.c: In function ‘bubble’: Sorting.c:...
[3 replies] Last: Remove the address-of operator as well on line 19, the pointer will po... (by ChajusSaib)
by moufou
problem with string replace (char *)
It's been a long time I didn't program with C++ (i have been working with java which i am not a fan)...
[2 replies] Last: wow thanks a lot, this will simplify a lot the code. thanks again. (by moufou)
Error C2039 despite having header files
***UPDATE*** So i googled my error and determined error C2039 was a missing header file (that all i ...
[8 replies] Last: That sounds simple enough. Thank You! I still wasnt able to see my pro... (by kingkush)
by Filorn
little encoder doesn't work
When i open this program windows says that it stopped working. Why??? #include<stdio.h> #incl...
[1 reply] : oh sorry i have just correct one thing so THIS one is the real encoder... (by Filorn)
by Filorn
I have a question about the atoi function... Why doesn't it convert a char into its ascii number? ...
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void main()
I see a lot of discussions about void main() If void main() is so bad, then why does it exist in ...
[3 replies] Last: @ OP: void main() is wrong because the C++ ISO standard explicitly sta... (by Computergeek01)
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