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Pass by value question
I'm doing a practice problem for C++ and the question is asking me what will the function below(int ...
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Unlimited generator (1,2)
I want to make a program in SFML to make a spaceship fly around and dodge asteroids. This is my p...
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by MCE626
Version info in cout.
Hello, I'm new to C++ I started it like a week ago in this class I'm taking. So i'm making some l...
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Exam Grader
This is part of a class assignment. I can't get in touch with my teacher, so I have nowhere else to ...
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Guys if you plz help me i'm stuck here .... This is linked list and when i try to add second time t...
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SPOJ - Prime1
Hi I'm trying SPOJ Prime1 ( where I need to write a segmented ...
[1 reply] : long long int first_multiple = m/primes * primes ; for (int j=first_... (by ne555)
Confused about pointers
ok so i grasp the essence of pointers,but what i find really confusing is what they actually hold. ...
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Vector of class type initilization
Okay I do not know how I can initlize Sales_data items that are in a vector. This is what I`m try...
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by Nezar
the use of noexcept
Hello every one. I know what noexcept does, at a basic level, but the way it is used in the cod...
[3 replies] Last: Everything after the arrow -> is part of the trailing return type. I w... (by LB)
by cpm14
Opening File
hello i have a big problem with opening files can any body help me with this program #include "io...
[5 replies] Last: Please note your #includes are using the incorrect notation. You shoul... (by jlb)
by drawar
Concatenate strings across multiple files
I've danced on the brink of insanity trying to find a solution to this problem. I'm supposed to writ...
[6 replies] Last: Actually I was looking for a more rudimentary method to tackle this p... (by keskiverto)
by jon218
Vector Help
I need help with my program using vectors. The error comes when you input a decimal. After entering ...
[3 replies] Last: Line 21: summ is uninitialized. Line 24 is going to be adding to gar... (by AbstractionAnon)
Expected Primary-expression ERROR Pls Help!
Hello, Thank you for any and all help in advance. I am fairly new to C++ and programming in gener...
[3 replies] Last: Lines 16-17 aren't going to work the way you are thinking, even if the... (by AbstractionAnon)
HELP with ELSE statement
Im using an online executor. , so all i could see in the output was the "cout" and...
[1 reply] : Your else statement on line 41 only applies to the if on line 36. I... (by AbstractionAnon)
I need help please!!
Below is the code for displaying distance between time=0 till time=4 with interval of 0.5 I have se...
[4 replies] Last: whoa the garbage it displays is 0 which is coincidence with the initia... (by higherplace)
Calling Functions
Hi. I'm not sure how to call displayUsersChoice properly inside main. Thanks! #include <ios...
[3 replies] Last: It's not calculating properly You should explain what you mean by th... (by Ganado)
What is the difference .....
between string let = ""; and string let; or both are wrong?
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quadratic equation help
I'm learning about pass by reference and I'm trying to write a code to solve a quadratic equation ro...
[13 replies] Last: Let me suggest that you have qroot() return a bool that indicates wh... (by dhayden)
by h4ever
access to std::string element
I am trying to parse args. void CLParser::ParseArgs(int argc, char* argv ){ std::string arg;...
[3 replies] Last: Corrected, thanks if (i == 2 && (*it) != '-' ) (by h4ever)
expected type specifier
I have this line of my code .. vector <Team *> teams(4); visual C++ compiler says "expected typ...
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