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Mail Order type application
I'm trying to do an application that allows the user to enter a 4-5 character string consisting of a...
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what excactly are atrributes in a class?
so we got a assignment from school and we have to create a class but I don't quite understand what ...
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by pevecg
Setting value to dynamic class object
Hello, so I am playing around with classes and I pretty much understand them apart from the fact how...
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by pizza
Why Pass String By Reference
Hello. I learned that when you pass something by reference not by value, the program doesn't make an...
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Verifying correct input
I'm creating a program that requires the input to contain a certain parameter, that being 3 digits f...
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by Fojaxx
Prevent characters from being entered into int variable type
Hey, so i spent all yesterday working on a ratio calculator for purchasing items. the program tak...
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Visual Studios c++ Square Matricies
i am having trouble creating a square matrix with my code. I am not allowed to use the vector librar...
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what excactly are atrributes in a class?
I have been googling for 2 hours and I still don't know what an attribute is in a Class. could so...
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Vector loops
Im not sure why vector d is only getting the "dog" string and not the "catd" string as well. ...
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functions and array
my codes not working #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <iomanip> using namespace...
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by urby
Why does the output value always equal 1?
Hello, I am sorry for a basic question, however, I can not figure out why this function obtains the ...
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Count the average from an external textfile. (containing strings)
Hey, Im trying to make a program with an external .txt file. It should contain First name, last nam...
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How to use to_string function
I am creating a function that takes two integers and adds them returning as the string "a + b = c". ...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <string> std::string addition( int a, ... (by JLBorges)
Array of pointers
Hello everyone, From my reading and web studies, I have not found anything relating to the above t...
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Tax Rate Calculator
I wrote this code for a class assignment, but when I run the program the output doesn't make any sen...
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Baby Names Project
I have to make a project that I need for school where I take a file and print the top baby names for...
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Operator overload
You should overload the operator+ such that you can perform the following operation in the main func...
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broken for loop or equation
Hello, I'm having issues somewhere either in my for loop or my equation. The program I was asked to ...
[1 reply] : You can't take the log of a negative number (line 6). Reconsider your ... (by lastchance)
Only Letters On String
Hi I am new in c++ i would like to ask if how to put only letter on a string if the user put a...
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my first program
This is my first true program who i made 80% myself 20% from tutorials , i'm newbie in C++, so what ...
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