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Error in Class example
Hi everyone, I'm trying to display the sentence "my name is james" in main() using class. But I coul...
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Im noob
Write your question here. One of my project has a question and it has 6 different option and i want...
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How to resolve the bugs
Hi, the numbers seems to be jumper up after I call out the loops. How to make sure that the random ...
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by muratk
Hello , i am new on this <fstream>, i want to make a program which will asks the exact key word from...
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Gathering information
I am working on a program which allows the user to enter information about a student, the inputs are...
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by dubley
Calling a function that takes an array as argument
This is an adaption of a Chapter 7 review question from Stephen Prata's C++ Primer Plus. I want to o...
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Trouble understanding book example (functions)
Hello all, I am having a hard time understanding this particular program presented in my book. I tri...
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by Wudang
Freeing memory
Hello, i am studying this part of Apache module mod_spnego code LPCSTR authorization_header...
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Undefined reference errors
Hey, I'm getting some simple errors, and was wondering if someone could help me out. I've also got...
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thread safe random generator?
I wrote a random number and string generator, which I intend to use for two purposes. Firstly for ge...
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Sorting an array in a non-ascending order
I wrote a program which generates random numbers between -10 and 100, now I need that sorted. To...
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Why won't this run properly?
I created a little game based off of a video by MakingGamesWithBen. It was a challenge video though,...
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What happen when an object is not correctly initialized?
I wanted to participate on this thread: and I run i...
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Visual Studio. Running Debug doesn't Debug.
Hello Starting to learn C++ with Ben Tristam's course which couples it with Unreal Engine. Pretty e...
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Find a pair adding up to an exact number
Hi. I'm learning C++ by myself and I have stuck with this problem. Can anyone provide me some idea? ...
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Difference between "const <class_name>&" and "<class_name> const&"
I am reading about the implicit copy constructor of cpp in case there is no an explicit one declared...
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doubts in the behaviour of thread::join()
I am trying to understand what thread::join() actually does. From here I found the definition I desc...
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Run portable DBSCAN code from github
Hello, I need help getting some code from github work. I have a number of 2D points and want to clu...
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by Bopaki
The answer I have in Recursion is not the same as the one in the book
Write your question here. I am dealing with recursion. On exercise 12 of Walter Savitch textbook th...
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what is wrong in this program
I want the program to show how much a month I should get in order to get an entered amount of income...
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