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Using pointers to move to the next integer in a file
Hello everyone, I'm fairy new to pointers. I'm looking to use p++ in order to move to the next integ...
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ufc 184
Write your question here. ...
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Do while loop not showing final value
My assignment is to make an inline function that calculates stock value, it seems to work but when I...
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explain the result fact (100) = 0!!
I tried to calculate the factorial of a number n equal to 100 and the result gives me 0. explain the...
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by abc456
Can someone help me fix this program?
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by cGuru
Class Help.. Please
[SEE 1ST COMMENT] I am getting the following errors when I add the code associated with the "find...
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by alexBB
abs (built-in) function is not declared in this scope
Hi there, I need to test a c++ FFT set of routines. So, I write this statement: value = 1.0 - ...
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operator >> overloading not working
Hi, im doing exercises in B.Stroustrup's book "Programming principles and practice using C++" and th...
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by Kernul
Square matrix exercise
The exercise is: Manage a square matrix of order N by: - Determining and storing the maximum of ea...
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General C++ coding style
Hi guys! I just started learning C++ this week and I finished my first non-trivial program: a cl...
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by koopey
Programming taking long!
Hey everyone! I am new to programming. I just finished an exercise problem to print christmas song "...
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Need help reading text file
So this program records your inputed stats after a game, it saves them to a textfile everytime you i...
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Okay so I'm new. I need to make a simple calculator, that asks the user to choose and operator, then...
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Passing Array in using pointer offset;
I want to Pass an Array(2D) to a function but using pointer notation instead of array subscript . Ho...
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Display Array in Rows and Columns using For loop
Hello everyone! I'm a beginner with C++, having started coding a few months back. Recently, I'm tryi...
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What could be the problem
I have some problems about this one, example. I just entered an invalid input on the question "What'...
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i'm new in c++ so please help me what i'm trying to do is enter 5 input then get the average of it...
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How to print part of string>
in file1.txt writes PRINT "some text123", and I want him to console shows "some text123" but he prin...
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Which Book is better....
Which out of these two books, written by Bjarne Stoustrop, do you prefer? Option 1:
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Adding first and last vector
Hey guys i need to write program which will sumarize pairs of integers i mean that it will store tho...
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