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Help With Server Design
Hi. So I basically made a turn-based strategy game and a server to go along with it. The problem is ...
[7 replies] Last: Sure. You might want to take a look at Google's protobuf. It's specifi... (by helios)
Really need help (new to c++)
[6 replies] Last: had something similar to sasauke before I noticed there were replies b... (by xbv)
"Collatz Sequence"
i know that my problem is pretty simple to you guys !, , im noob , and i cant do it :( can u help ...
[3 replies] Last: thanks for that sir .. (by seirin1234)
Big Jump in Number of Binary search checks?
So I made the following program which shows the difference between linear and binary search, in term...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <sstream> #include <string> std::strin... (by helios)
by besurk
How do I convert random number generator to equal a character?
For this project, I am creating a coin flip game. It will ask the user to input Heads (H) or Tails (...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <cstdlib> #include <ct... (by FurryGuy)
Global array exceeding length returns 0
I'm trying to understand the c++ compiler ;-( If i define an int array inside a function and i do n...
[7 replies] Last: But why does the program return 0, when it should be pointing to a ... (by helios)
I am trying to implement this stackTop function into my program, but I am having a hard time trying ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much. I needed an extra set of eyes. I've been staring at... (by oscarocampo)
by Deny
Help with Program - For loop(?)
Write your question here. Hello, I'm trying to solve this problem
[12 replies] Last: Jesus, thats such a dumb mistake there's even an image in the problem,... (by Deny)
While Loop Repeats
Hello, I'm trying to solve this problem: The probl...
[11 replies] Last: Can't reproduce. It just exits immediately. (by helios)
User inputted lists?
I'm writing a program for a user to create a list of favorite things, maintain it. I don't quite kno...
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Comparing strings within a string array
Hi, I am trying to compare strings within a string array. I want to compare all the strings and outp...
[4 replies] Last: sasauke, Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out. I re... (by mikeStein)
by besurk
Need help solving my for loop errors
I am creating a simple program to determine the largest and smallest number of a set of numbers ente...
[6 replies] Last: Get rid of line 32 you don't need a ; on line 28 line 15 should be ... (by SamuelAdams)
cin problem
I'm making a calculator for dungeons and dragons. It's a house rule I'm using. I'm calculating the a...
[2 replies] Last: Oh I see. thank you! (by Kamiden)
Random array
What I'm trying to do is have the 1 main loop that will print the numbers in ascending order checkin...
[2 replies] Last: Your question is quite unclear to me. If you want to sort the array of... (by Kevin C)
by chnl21
basic cashier program for c++
What is the correct answer for this program? Kinda new to programming. I need help. Program Descr...
[3 replies] Last: you changed your amount due... it should be what you had in the first ... (by mgoetschius)
by leryss
need help with modulo ecuation in simple encryption algorithm
i've made this simple encryption algorithm that takes a number and replace every digit with (digit+1...
[2 replies] Last: thanks (by leryss)
by h4ever
XOR operation
Is it possible to solve this by XOR operation? setts.view.rotation_315 = IsDlgButtonChecked(di...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for both replies (by h4ever)
For loop with random
I'm trying to create a different random name each run in this for loop. But the name doesn't change...
[2 replies] Last: I was wondering if that was the case. Of course I am aware that random... (by tacoball)
Understanding Runtime Complexities
I'm having a very difficult time grasping the concept of runtime analysis/complexities and how it re...
[3 replies] Last: ! It was a mistake. I assumed you are doing loop from 1 to i or i to ... (by MiiNiPaa)
terminate called after throwing instance std::bad_alloc
hey guys am having a problem with my creating a game called defenders for my software dev...
[6 replies] Last: You are probably trying to allocate a huge block of memory. Run it in... (by dhayden)
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