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C++ program, Please help.
Hey, i am new to c++ programming and dont know much but I have this question i need to solve and i h...
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Using Binary Search function
I am trying to use a binary search to find the number 123 in an array of 100 random numbers. It shou...
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I have a question about recursive functions
When a recursive function is called, I know the function will keep calling itself until a certain co...
[3 replies] Last: Something like that. As far as the function call goes, line 20 behaves... (by Ikaron)
reading csv file with fscanf
Hi, I have a csv file containing numbers like 0.2, 11.2, 2.3, 3.01, .... 12.1, 10.5, 12.3...
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Subfuction to read a csv file into 2d double array
I am so lost. I've finished the other 90% of my assignment, but I am stuck. I have a csv file and I...
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Help with String Problem
Homework assignment and I'm at my wits' end with this. I'm new to C++ and need a little help. I'm lo...
[9 replies] Last: Thank you for the help! Yeah, I was stuck on the division as I was try... (by sfguy43)
An action rpg made from scratch?
Write your question here. Hello everyone. I've always wanted to make a side-scrolling action rpg...
[1 reply] : You'll have to dedicate at least 6 months of C++ everyday to be able t... (by Avilius)
Programming Assignment Question [Selection Sorts using Random Numbers]
I am pretty new to programming, and I am having some minor issues with an assignment. I used my assi...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you so much. That worked perfectly. (by shadowsxfall)
i was try to make some c++ program using array 1 dimention but i really confused. i'd try to make so...
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Help with Pointers and functions
So I am dealing with the following errors. ************* 1) Expected constant expression 2)'cont'...
[1 reply] : You need to find and consistently use an indentation style, your code ... (by jlb)
Cannot find or open the PDB file?
After I try to run this code it gives me these lines on the output and I don't know what I should do...
[3 replies] Last: You need to tell your IDE to leave window open after exeution: http://... (by MiiNiPaa)
IP address in a variable
I'm new to C++ I want to know how i can use cin command to input a ip in a variable, i tried it a...
[4 replies] Last: std::uint32_t is guaranteed to be the correct size to hold an IPv4 a... (by LB)
Trying to "print" out a two-dimentional for loop
What is wrong with my code? It doesn't output anything to the console. #include <iostream> #inclu...
[4 replies] Last: fixed it using this: for (int i = 0; i < r; i++){ cout << en... (by jackelinblack)
Reset 2D Array
So I need to reset an array so that all its elements end up with the int 0. However my reset_board()...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks. (by Extreme112)
Problem with creating my first vector
Hello everybody, I'm studying the C++ programming language and I'm having some problem with my first...
[1 reply] : What exact version of Visual Studio do you have? IIRC it was a known b... (by MiiNiPaa)
Right so I managed to read the first lines I neeeded but I need to create a new loop and start readi...
[1 reply] : I would suggest starting with a vector of a class/structure that holds... (by jlb)
by nasser
lvalue required as left operand of assignment
What is the wrong here I have made a class and when i call one of memebers in swich case give me ...
[3 replies] Last: > You can't assign like this: > boarddetails.getcname()="Egypt"; you... (by ne555)
by Nanyo
Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to simulate mouse move and mouse click using code::blocks ...
[13 replies] Last: thank you! You are amazing!!!! :D (by Nanyo)
Locate substring question
Hi guys! I'm trying to write a little program that would do these tasks in order: Ex: ************...
[10 replies] Last: Thanks a lot! I'll study this code! Have a good day! (by swansonknope)
what is an abstract library?
[2 replies] Last: Maybe the word your searching for is abstraction *layer? see http://e... (by rjvc)
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