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I need help finishing my program
I am using visual studios 2010. my program runs exactly how I want it to and now I want to save it s...
[1 reply] : Your program is already a full fledged exe. Depending on how you compi... (by coder777)
by mdeeza
copy constructor issues HELP
Hello. I'm currently wrapping up on a project which uses a doubly linked list toolkit to work with a...
[1 reply] : > test.sequence( ); // ERROR ON THIS LINE ┬┐what do you think you ar... (by ne555)
Implementing queue
I have made a struct Queue and now i want an object for Queue but it says it doesn't not have storin...
[5 replies] Last: [quote=Sharan123]Swap function will not be called. The swap function ... (by cire)
Converting Function to a Recursive Function
Hey all. So the code I am posting works fine, but I am unsure how to make it recursive. Anytime i ch...
[8 replies] Last: Good. I bet your solution differs from this: void collatz( int n ) {... (by keskiverto)
bool Stack::Empty() function not working?
Hello, I am currently implementing a class Stack Linked List and my Empty function seems to be un...
[3 replies] Last: It looks OK to me. Could you post a small example of making an empty s... (by Zhuge)
Issues with std::runtime_error?
Hi, I keep getting an error saying " terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_e...
[2 replies] Last: Hm, I think something might just be wrong with my compiler because I t... (by ECEsasha)
search for word in text file, display entire row once found
I've been trying to figure out to search for a word in a text file and then display everything in th...
[5 replies] Last: ok here is the working code. void KeyWord(ifstream &FileSearch) { ... (by dariusd7)
by vgarza
unresolved overload function
Looking for some help - I am sure the problem is right in front of me, but I keep missing it. Can y...
[1 reply] : change it to : cin.getline( name,20 ); btw, as u can see, character... (by nvrmnd)
by Huppa
While Loop - Counting by 10s
Hello! - I need to use a while loop to print the numbers 0-100, counting up by 10s on one line. ...
[2 replies] Last: @billywilliam, Thanks for the help! (by Huppa)
storing matrix in a 2D dynamic array
I am trying to read a matrix (that I know how many columns and rows it has) from a file and store it...
[1 reply] : Example // istream::get example #include <iostream> // std::cin... (by Amil Patel)
by Neo561
File Processing
Learning my first programming language and am having trouble. Firstly , the myfile.dat looks like ...
[1 reply] : To save it on XML you will need to import a library file. Create the p... (by Amil Patel)
Overloading left stream operator?
Hello! I'm trying to overload the left stream operator so that it'll add elements to a vector. I'm r...
[2 replies] Last: That cleared up so much! Thank you! :D I need to work on thinking mor... (by ECEsasha)
Day of Year Program help!
Modify the DayOfYear class, written in the earlier program, to add a constructor that takes two par...
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(Code is entering fail-state) How do I fix?
Hey everyone, I'm having a hard time finishing this program. I'm brand new to programming and any he...
[6 replies] Last: Any help guys? (by jmcdaniel10)
prompt the user
I have to write a code to prompt the user for the name of the input file and continue to ask the use...
[1 reply] : while(!file.is_open()) { std::cerr << "Error - " << filename << "... (by giblit)
Arrays in user defined function for matrix addition
I'm trying to write a user defined function that will take two arrays as arguments and return the su...
[6 replies] Last: ok, thanks (by George6626)
Question about semaphores
dont want any code but could someone point to me where it is I'm going wrong. keeps saying undefine...
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array vs pointer to array question
Hi, I'm confused about the following situation: The following code when I use an array works fine ...
[5 replies] Last: vertexSize , once set, remains constant during the whole program, but... (by santiagorf)
by iluv41
stuck in this loop?
I have this function but no matter what the user enters it says invalid input. Any suggestions? ch...
[3 replies] Last: So... selection is 'y'. selection != 'y' || selection != 'n' || !cin... (by EssGeEich)
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