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Hey Folks. Just a quick question
This is total newb stuff so be gentle. So I am supposed to use a "water pump" method of reading a ...
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code giving unintended result
Hi I need to create a cup and ball guessing game. I am to create a random nbr btw 1 - 6 inclusive. ...
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by workie
Write your question here. print the code the following asterisks using while loop C++ ***** *****...
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I am facing compiling errors.
The program code #include<iostream> #define WINDOWS 1 void console_clear_screen() { #ifdef WI...
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Why is my program starting to count to 3 instead of 0? I am doing for loops for every car that ente...
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Need help with Shopping program?
Hey guys, so I was writing a code for a shopping program assignment, ad the directions are as follow...
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by wuyou
i'm a beginner.
what's wrong????? #include <iostream> using namespace std; int tree_0 ,tmp ; int main(){ ...
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Linked List Sort Help
I'm trying to find which student has the highest GPA and return the student name. I get an error tha...
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Help with Lotto Program
I'm stuck on this assignment, which is: Write a program that simulates a lottery. The program shoul...
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Please Help, The program keeps adding up previous expense type
Whenever I add the second expense type, it keeps adding the previous expenses as well so it runs lo...
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How do I determine if my iterations are converging?
Hey everyone, sorry to bother. I'm working on a quick program for Jacobi iteration to find a solutio...
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Help with simple calculator program
This simple calculator program currently exectues by asking a user to choose an operation. It's foll...
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Cin input
I know i ask alot of questions but as you can see I REALLY am a beginner. Let me just put straight o...
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The number place of a letter in the alphabet
For example: The letter B is the 2nd letter in the alphabet and the letter N is the 14th letter in t...
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How do you access an element within a string?
I can't figure out the last part of this assignment ("Read the user's date of birth: 2 digits for th...
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by Ponvo
Storing and converting bases using recursion and exception handling.
Hey guys I have an assignment due in 3 days(Wednesday). The program is supposed to take a number fro...
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help!!!!!!! undefined reference to
i'm trying to compile and run my code but it gives me the error undefined reference to `main_savitch...
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figuring out if letter is uppercase or lowercase
So i am doing a code in where i enter in initials and from the initials i entered, the code will say...
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creating a function with function as a argument
I have to create a program with sorting algorithms. The program will have to do all the algorithms i...
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Polish Notation
How to check that a Postfix notation is valid or not?For example :a+b is wrong postfix Thanks in adv...
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