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by Kman
Calling operator<<?
My program is telling me my Book class doesn't have an operator<< function even though it does. I'm ...
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Storing a linked list into a vector?
I have to store data from a file into a struct with linked list in it. This is what I've done so far...
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problem with passing a variable though the class constructor
I am having trouble getting the second constructor right for the class i created called employee. At...
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common type
Hi, I just found out how the common_type traits is being implemented and I don't really understand o...
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Help a beginner in the programing world.
Hi! First of all i would like to say that i'm just starting my adventure with C++ and overall progra...
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How do you pass double pointers in a function?
So, I declared a 2D array using double pointers. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int ...
[3 replies] Last: If x is a double, then &x is a pointer to a double So if ptr is a poi... (by Moschops)
Return value of a function
I'm a newbie to C++ programming. I'm learning about function. There is a case that I'm wondering abo...
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by mkb555
Array of structs default values
If you declare an array of structs without defining any of the elements, do elements of the array de...
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by kev558
Values in array change after assignment when using try/catch
I'm trying to use try/throw/catch to check the values of cos(theta) and sin(theta) as they are not q...
[7 replies] Last: Hi, Another thing: In the original code: if ((angle == 0) || (angle... (by TheIdeasMan)
Ofstream writing error?
Hello everyone, I am creating the simplest program. At the top I am including basic ifstream and ofs...
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sorted multimap
Heylo! I have to do an abstract data type: sorted multimap and in the implementation to use a binary...
[1 reply] : > I need an idea of how can I use this ADT, so I can prove it's utilit... (by JLBorges)
by kev558
Problem using header files for the first time.
I know this has probably been asked 100 times but I can't find a thread which helps. I'm using head...
[11 replies] Last: Hi, Just on your actual code: Try to avoid raw pointers and new and ... (by TheIdeasMan)
Histogram help
Can Someone help me with a histogram that gets its values from an array in an input file. #inc...
[2 replies] Last: Thomas1965 that worked Thank you! (by Batman93)
functions, passing by reference
So i am writing this code for my computer science class and i am stuck. It is supposed to do this...
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Problem in creating a .cpp file in Microsoft Visual Express 2015
I have installed Microsoft Visual Express 2015. Everything seems good,however when I created new pro...
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Formatting output
Hi, this problem has been bothering me for a little while now because I can't seem to locate the pro...
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by mamoyo
Manhatten & Euclidean
Please could you help me with the following.. I would much appreciate an explanation to how you get ...
[3 replies] Last: the Euclidean distance or Euclidean metric is the "ordinary" (i.e. st... (by JLBorges)
cout Issues
Hello, I am reading the following data: Johnson 5000 Miller 4000 Duffy 6000 Robinson 2500 Ash...
[1 reply] : First I suggest you review how to declare variables in C++, you seem t... (by jlb)
Need help with this program assignment
So at this point I am lost. My teacher wants us to generate an array that contains random positive...
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Rand not working correctly
For some reason i cant get it to spit out random numbers, both numbers it generates are the same. ...
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