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Set prime number into array and print it out
Let user enter the size of matrix: (for example 3) and program will show like this: 2 3 5 7 11 ...
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c++ question.. pleasee
QUESTION : Grading System Write a C++ program to determine the student who got the grades A, B, C, ...
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Hi I am still new in c++ i am trying to open a pdf file using createProcessAsUser, but i do not k...
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by Mimic
Reproducing lua table in C/C++
As we know, the lua language derived from C. So the question I would ask is: can I create a structur...
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Moving onto sdl
How deep of an understanding of the basics of c++ is required before i move onto sdl? Do i have to m...
[3 replies] Last: Yes, in C (SDL is implemented in C) structures can *only* contain fiel... (by troll warlord)
String Crossing Over to Another and Program Not Completing.
Hello! I wrote this small program that concatenates two strings with a space in the middle. It appea...
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Expected Primary Expression before error.
I keep getting a expected primary expression on the lines with the player position function and the ...
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by hxhx9
Java static functions in c++
Hello, I was curious as to how I would create some java-static methods and a field. I was led to bel...
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Need help with my level.
Hello all, I am just learning how to code. Trying to make a simple game where you are a box and try...
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Help! I am almost there but stuck with some problem.
I am writing a code which gets three coordinates for a triangle from a user and calculates its perim...
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by omurad
Hangman syntax
Here are the functions for my hangman. I don't know if you'd like to run it for yourself but my vari...
[1 reply] : You set incorrectGuess to 0 at line 35. You then check the value of in... (by Yay295)
by fi50
Parentheses around pointers
Bit of a nooby question here but I was wondering what the parentheses around the pointer in the for ...
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Declaring data types in loops
Take a moment to compare these two snips of code: int x; while(true) { } while(true) { int ...
[3 replies] Last: Is it bad practice? This is one of the cases where you have to ma... (by AbstractionAnon)
Comparison of classes
I'm having a lot of trouble with writing a class function that compares two big integer arrays. Som...
[2 replies] Last: Some comments on your code: You might want to consider storing the... (by AbstractionAnon)
How to make a 3D main menu
How to start a 3d menu? I got the game stuff worked on but i need to know how to make the menu came...
[1 reply] : A 3D menu? You would have to use some sort of game engine to do that, ... (by Jakee)
Infinite Loop of death
So im stuck in a loop and a hard place i have this code and when i accidentally input a letter inste...
[3 replies] Last: If you want a loop, then write a loop. Do not use goto . The conio... (by keskiverto)
Need help with vector
Write your question here. class CollegeStudent { public: string get_name(); virtual v...
[3 replies] Last: Vector holds elements of some type. Vector allocates memory for stori... (by keskiverto)
by wharp2
Static Arrays... program issues (1,2)
Hello, I am having a problem with a program I am tying to wright. It tells me that I have to: Cr...
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this is something simple, ijust dont know why happen this? Im still learning and try this: #in...
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Need help with my code!
I am very new to C++ and i know my code is badly formatted, but dont hate on me because of that. I a...
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