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C++, error: incompatible types in assignment
Can anybody help me, what's wrong with my code ? ... struct Duomenys { ... int B...
[3 replies] Last: Suma has return type void, which means it doesn't return anything. (by Peter87)
by Wicked
How to solve this?
Property investment is big business, and if it’s done properly, can quickly become highly profitab...
[1 reply] : This is not a homework site. We won't do your homework for you. The pu... (by AbstractionAnon)
Array questions
Hi! When I deal with some build-in arrays, it is said that they can't be copied or assigned. I have ...
[5 replies] Last: Got it, thanks. (by duke2015)
Here is the scenerio: Part A. Modifying Lab #6 to use a void function ( i.e. it will not return a...
[7 replies] Last: The way to approach this is to look at what you're doing and see how y... (by dhayden)
by Life24
Problem with char
Hello, Why i press d or D , the problem doesn't exit? :( #include <iostream> #include <conio.h...
[4 replies] Last: If user is allowed to type in non-numbers, then the program should fir... (by Kevin C)
error "void value not ignored as it ought to be "
Hello everyone, I faced with this error "void value not ignored as it ought to be ". Could you ple...
[1 reply] : The avg function won't do anything because it doesn't return any resul... (by Kevin C)
by kunz
sending email in php
i am trying to send a random number to a email this is what i have so far $rand= mt_rand(100000...
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Comparing strings and recursion
Hi guys, This is my first post here, so please correct me if I'm doing anything wrong. I started ...
[3 replies] Last: All of the comparisons that do exactly the same thing if true is reall... (by magnum pi)
Need Help still getting errors
I get an Error on my main program on line 2 saying stack and deck was not declared. Also code for al...
[10 replies] Last: Start by giving each of your files (except your main() one, altho it w... (by magnum pi)
by ric717
What am I doing wrong?
I am trying to make a nested for loop to convert celsius to fahrenheit but overtime i run the code i...
[16 replies] Last: ric717 Please let me know is this the type of output you needed #inc... (by CoolGuy)
How do I set each element in a boolean array to false?
Sorry for this beginner question, It's very late here so my head may not be on so straight right now...
[3 replies] Last: Much easier: bool bdays = { false }; An initializer list works wo... (by FurryGuy)
by Alex89
Hello, I am trying to read the following from an input file into the console using a do while loop. ...
[12 replies] Last: Thank you! (by Alex89)
by dcoli
NEED HELP! =( (1,2)
I am new to programming, I am shocked I got this far with this program. However, i need help because...
[21 replies] Last: never mind, i saved the file as .cpp and it compiled. the thing is tha... (by dcoli)
Constraints of the ternary/conditional operator and recursion?
So I'm trying to replicate a c_str function, specifically strcmp, except for LinkedLists instead of ...
[2 replies] Last: Exactly what I needed, thanks. (by omega4relay)
How to line up cout statement?
I know this should be easy but can anyone help me line up these cout statements so they look good on...
[2 replies] Last: you can try using \t for example: my file << "Matching Numbers \t ... (by drtran83)
Throwing an exception
[4 replies] Last: Thanks (by helloworld135)
by chops
Can not find text file
I am reading numbers from a text file. I was under the assumption that the text file needed to be sa...
[3 replies] Last: Great. Putting in the full path helped. I can read the numbers. Thank ... (by chops)
Expected Initializer before 'COORD'
There is an error and i cannot figure it out the error is in the code can you please provide a fix, ...
[6 replies] Last: Also, it's good practice to have a default in a switch statement. If... (by Radar)
by haz94
Control update loop/FPS
Hey all, I am trying to cap my update loop so it updates the game every 16ms or 60fps. I've got a t...
[8 replies] Last: Ah, maybe I wasn't clear. I will try what you have suggested with the... (by haz94)
Stack and Queue Question
Hello everyone, Can anyone help with some advice as to how I can transform this code from Stack t...
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