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trouble creating small program
hey im trying to write code im a beginner and need some help I want to create 3/4 classes th...
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Need help creating a random generating graph
So i understand that a graph is N x N matrix so the code i produce below produces a graph, but how d...
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Replacing Characters in a String (still need help as of 20th)
Relatively new to C++. I posted a previous question related to this before, and have since continued...
[11 replies] Last: @keskiverto: I missed the fact that ALPHABET was a string. The OP can ... (by fredk)
by Apsyc
Project program works differently on different systems.
I'm doing my final project for my Intro C++ course in which I have A's and extra credit up until now...
[1 reply] : Sounds like undefined behaviour . Look out for out of bound array ind... (by Peter87)
Lottery Tickets
1. Read in the 6 numbers that were announced in the order that they were announced. You will have 6...
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find a minimum value digit in a number using a loop.
Hi there ! I have a problem. I need to find the minimum value digit from the entered number. I've ma...
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Hi, I have an assignment to do. I do not really understand programming. The Task is to create a pro...
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by Deny
Inheritance error
So i have two classes, one is an abstract "Servicio.h", and the class "Aparato.h" which inherits fro...
[6 replies] Last: Yeah, he was right, I messed up and was including Servicio.h, when I s... (by Deny)
by Alleks
Create a static library
Write your question here. I want to create a static library. Can you tell what's wrong in my code. ...
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External DLL
I have dabbled in most languages in the past but not a lot of C++ then in writing an adobe plugin I ...
[1 reply] : It could be a problem of name mangling. Have a look inside the dll wha... (by Thomas1965)
Sort function causing crash.
EDIT:: Need some help with the sort function causing the program to crash. Updated code is below. ...
[7 replies] Last: Alright, so I've got the importable and showTable to work correctly, b... (by Hatches)
Postal Barcode Assignment
Hello! I would like assistance with the code below. My issue is that I do not know how to output the...
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Compiling issues due to if and else if statements
Have a hw issue. my code is not compiling and visual studio is giving me errors all around the if an...
[2 replies] Last: Line 24,52,77,110,125: Your boolean condition is wrong. Those statem... (by AbstractionAnon)
Clearing only somepart of the console.
Hi I am currently developing a game (to hone my C++ skills) where two spaceship shoot each other, bu...
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by evy
need help with cin.getnum?
how do i get.line() for integers ? sorry iam very new with c++ and with this website. if my quasti...
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Manipulator how it works ?
Hello, I am beginner in C++ and I am trying to understand some features. 1 At first, I do not ...
[3 replies] Last: Hello, Okie got it for those points. Thank you @integralfx and @tip... (by Planet86)
by thenub
Program on reading writing data to file not working
I wrote a simple program that accepts data and stores in a file and then displays it, but it is not ...
[1 reply] : You have two problems. First: mixing operator>> and getline() is a pr... (by coder777)
by thenub
Program of data files not working
The question of the program is written in program comments. First, the program is creating weird ...
[1 reply] : What weird output are you getting? Your C++ version is way old, pre-s... (by tipaye)
by Necip
What are all the common undefined behaviours that a C++ programmer should know about?
On Stackoverflow I found a list of "undefinied behaviours" in coding with c++ beginners should know ...
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