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QFile does not overwrite the
i have a program here and it does not overwrite as it should it say file is not open QFi...
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Establish SPI communication between two components
I am new to microcontrollers programming and I am trying to establish SPI communication between PIC2...
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This dot product function dose not multiply correctly. Or something... this has me really stumped..
I'm trying to create a dot product function for a larger project. provec0 and provec1 are the two ou...
[2 replies] Last: Does this help? (by TheIdeasMan)
Error in template class
On line four I am getting the errors "expected template name before '<' token", "expected { before <...
[4 replies] Last: If you want Stack to inherit from NumStack you should include NumStack... (by Peter87)
SDL 2: Render image to screen?
So, I am trying to render a gif to the screen. However, the gif does not show up on the screen. All ...
[4 replies] Last: Great. It worked. I just needed to remember that you only pass the var... (by ghostk91)
Runtime error with sorting code
I'm doing a bubble sort code but I'm getting a debug error "Run-time check failure 2 - s". I did the...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a lot that worked. Isn't it strange that it worked for the desc... (by avatar97)
How to make my program compare line by line from input file?
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Having problems writing constructors
I am trying to rewrite the constructors in this code. For this problem it says the written program a...
[1 reply] : line 21: error: 'Student::Student' has the same name as the class in ... (by gunnerfunner)
code functions that will perform the various arithmetic operations and then call the functions in main()
The calling statements that are placed in main() should replace the calculations that are currently ...
[5 replies] Last: 1. define all the functions before main as arbwok did with addition() ... (by gunnerfunner)
Need help please
Can't figure out how to do the last part of the paragraph: The main program will call a function ...
[4 replies] Last: Got it! Thank you so much! I need to get more sleep :-) (by esokoletsky)
How can I change what the nodes are called in a function?
I wrote code that does what I want but I know I can make it shorter I just don't know why I can't ch...
[2 replies] Last: @BAC Sun, thank you, I was able to fix it. For my second question I me... (by idknuttin)
Best C++ Book
Hello! I dont know if this is the right place to post but i really needhelp. I have learn some basi...
[4 replies] Last: You can find them here: (by mbozzi)
So..keeping it simple..I have to display the reversed numbers of a string.Example: 1 2 3 4 5 6 .......
[1 reply] : I'm confused as to why you're using so much code. Why not just count d... (by BAC Sun)
Heap Corruption in overloaded operators
I've been building a Big Integer calculator. If I use a member function to multiply the BigInts toge...
[2 replies] Last: The problem was in my overloaded + and my setdigit functions apparentl... (by BAC Sun)
Turning a non-constant value into a constant
I'm writing a program where I need to count the number of integers in a given file, then pass those ...
[6 replies] Last: Make it bigger than you are likely to ever need. If you think you ne... (by jonnin)
Problem with List Control in visual c++
Hi everyone! I have problem using list control in visual c++. I tried to create a table which appear...
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Formatting the output..
Hi, My program prints out on the console numbers up to a number specified by a user and prints all t...
[3 replies] Last: This is a way of checking if you're at the beginning of a line (numOu... (by dhayden)
What exactly are global variables?
My professor specifically told us not to use global variables for our assignment. From my understand...
[2 replies] Last: There are globals, but they are there for a good reason. The std::cin ... (by keskiverto)
by IneedC
Else without If
I was working on my If statements and watching a video that goes along with it. I am almost certain ...
[8 replies] Last: your problem was already explained, but to answer: there is nothing e... (by jonnin)
Reversed number
I've got to display all of the prime numbers(the numbers MUST have 4 digits),which's reverse is stil...
[2 replies] Last: Here's how you would print out the reverse of an int. #include <cmat... (by integralfx)
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