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Output the factorial of 100
I have used the function below but the output is always 0. Is there any way to output the factorial ...
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breaking out of a loop
Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to do this: I have this #include <iostream> using...
[2 replies] Last: have a boolean rather than a break bool bLoopDone(false) while(<some... (by mutexe)
Hi, quick question for a brand new c++ user. How would i go about making a loop from 1 to a value wh...
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Reverse the order of a bubble sort?
How to reverse the order of this bubble sort? void bubblesort(char arrray ) { int i, j...
[1 reply] : Use < instead of >. (by Peter87)
My Code Is Closing
#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main(void) { double dnumber1 = 0.0; ...
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copmiler problem or an runtime error?
how can you know if the program has a runtime error or a compiler prob?
[1 reply] : If its a compiler problem, you'll know immediately. This is because a ... (by NT3)
Not letting letters repeat in a 5 by 5 table
I'm having problems figuring out how I get letters not to repeat. My whole plan is to create a 5 by ...
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by samop
Using two date arrays
Hi Like most people on this forum I'm teaching myself C++. This is my first post so hello everyon...
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command line isalpha check
how does one go about checking multiple segments of an argument, i can get it to work with the initi...
[1 reply] : I would write a "for" loop that placed each argument into a string. T... (by kooth)
by Mido14
Factorial Program
The Program doesn't work properly //factorial program which takes integer n and prints its ...
[2 replies] Last: The Problem is :Write a c++ Program which takes an integer number n an... (by Mido14)
by ank011
Everytime I write even a basic C++ code and try to compile it, it gives me an error saying.. "No io...
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pointer casting
I am trying to cast this but it gives me it is not a pointer int *j=new int; *j=i; m...
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by Eli26
3D matrix occurrences
Hello! I'm trying to use a 3D Matrix ( x x ), at the end I have to know the occurrences of this Matr...
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Find index of max value of a 3-dimensional array (for each pixel)
I'm translating MATLAB code into C++ using OpenCV. I have an image for which I computed the gradient...
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by MrMoe
Design: How to manage output in a simulation
Hi, I'm writing a numerical simulation and I'm trying to keep the code as generic as possible in ord...
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How to Collect scores with Maps and Text files
This was the assignment i recieved. I tried giving a try but I'm stuck and need some guidance. I loo...
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string function in c
im confused in this program in turbo c, i would like to see the output of these program :) --> Q...
[2 replies] Last: im just a beginner in this program so i like to know the output of thi... (by newkind09)
by kei
Hello guys, This assignment ask for input the file, calculate sum, find the highest, sort, etc ., o...
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by sky3
Struct as a class
I keep getting an "error: no matching function for call to 'Vehicles::setYear()'" for each of my fun...
[1 reply] : Sounds like you created a struct in lab2 and your teacher wants you to... (by giblit)
by Chubby
Class Array
Design a class that has an array of floating point numbers. The constructor * should accept an inte...
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