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i keep getting this error through my program error: expected ‘,’ or ‘...’ before numeric c...
[2 replies] Last: ok that solves the first error so how can i solve the error: expected ... (by dingfuttsie)
Main Linker Error
I'm getting a architecture x86 error and it says main linker failed, does anyone know what this mean...
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How to make a loop for 3 possible outcomes
I am wanting to have a loop which runs back to the beginning of the program if the player enters 'Y'...
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by Etaoti
Output issue
Hello experts, I am fairly new to this forum. I need help with understanding the output of the follo...
[4 replies] Last: Some cleaning: line 6 is not needed because function1 is implemented b... (by Nico)
[homework] Need some Help array and data file
so i have a couple of errors but my main question is using one data file to read into two different ...
[1 reply] : Quick demo how to read the file into the arrays, maybe you can adopt i... (by Thomas1965)
postfix evaluation with two digits
hey guys. the code works for single digits only but not for double digits. i researched and they sai...
[1 reply] : You need to change the isdigit() condition so it just add the digits t... (by andywestken)
I'm having trouble with my code
So I'm, trying to code a program that codes your message into a secret one. My problem in this code ...
[4 replies] Last: ok thanks for all the help I appreciate it! Because of you, I finished... (by JoJoTag306)
Specify a fixed length of int
Hi Im writing a program that check if a number is a palindrome or not. The problem I have is that I ...
[1 reply] : if( (num / 10000) == 0 ) { // not enough digits... } if( (num / ... (by booradley60)
by johnR
Help reading obscure (to me) piece of code
I'm trying to debug a C++ program that I use (but didn't write). I can read plain C reasonably well ...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for the replies. They answer my question perfectly. (Now feelin... (by johnR)
vectors and card dealing
Hi - I written some code that has a class card and clas DeckofCrads. So far I have managed to create...
[12 replies] Last: Thanks gunnerfunner I really appreciate you taking time to help me. I ... (by jamesfarrow)
switch metric
i need to do a conversion using the metric system and I'm having trouble inputing the proper format ...
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Menu Help
Everything used to work except my menu part, I am not sure what is wrong. I just want the menu to ru...
[2 replies] Last: Can you fix it? Idk what that means? (by unknown3112)
input file and array?
need help i cant figure this out, my teacher wants us to read this in from a file: TFFTTTFTFTFFTTFT...
[1 reply] : Well, it depends what you actually want to do. Do you want to mark th... (by lastchance)
How to continue and exit program in void function
I'm wanting to continue from current function onto the next one using appropriate input, I am also w...
[3 replies] Last: If you want to loop back, you must have some kind of loop implementati... (by BobMorane)
by RileyB
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howManyA's function
I am a very beginner to coding, and do not speak English that well, forgive me. I am trying to make ...
[3 replies] Last: Thank all of you, I think it looks good. i will still test a few more ... (by malibumilk)
Bool Function Switch Validation
Hi guys, I'm working on a project and I've hit a roadblock. In specific, I'm trying to validate user...
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Addressbook(Edit and Delete)
Hi can i ask how to put Edit and Delete here! i tried to but it only Delete or Edit the last entry ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks you very much :) so i need to pay more attention on assignment... (by tupas1998)
Overloading, I need help understanding
I don't know how to make the user choose which operation such as (+, -, *, / etc) he'd like to perfo...
[1 reply] : Ask the user for the operator then use a switch statement: cha... (by AbstractionAnon)
Array name
There are two arrays, for example: int pt1 ={1,2,3}; char pt2 ={'R','u','s','s','i','a'}; As ...
[2 replies] Last: pt2 does not differ from pt1 except for the type. Everything that you ... (by coder777)
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