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Solving whole equations
I'm doing a calculator program that I would like to be able to just take the whole problem someone n...
[2 replies] Last: Obtaining input as a std::string is a good idea. The next thing to d... (by Duoas)
problem with std::cin
hi, I'm new in this forum. I'm doing a little program that print on the screen a life bar(with ascii...
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Seg faults and bad access error with dynamically allocated array of pointers
I don't understand why I'm receiving seg faults and bad access errors with this program. Specs are t...
[1 reply] : Lines 23 and 36 result in a memory leak. There is no way to recover t... (by cire)
by jtm013
Not sure where to start with this assignment... For this lab, create a c++ source file named lab5...
[6 replies] Last: @jtm013, From the "Welcome -- read before posting!" sticky announceme... (by FurryGuy)
Searching a 2D (15x15) array
The code is supposed to use the pseudo random number generating algorithm, via an external function,...
[4 replies] Last: Just set max = the first element once it has been generated and work ... (by kemort)
CSV importing and converting to intergers
Hello Everyone! I'm a beginner in c++ and i'm trying to import a csv file and use the data it has to...
[7 replies] Last: Thank you @jlb that did the trick! (by BMW330i)
Card Game
Recently I have this assignment where I have create "Crazy Eight" program. These are the requirem...
[3 replies] Last: This is what I made of that, is this alright? #include <iostream> #i... (by CelestialX)
Confusion about File IO and Visual Studio 2015
Hey guys RPA here, with yet another question. So I was using Visual Studio 2015 (Community) to code ...
[3 replies] Last: Your problem is not specific to VS 2015 Community. Failing to specify... (by FurryGuy)
[HELP]Simple Roulette program
If I run this roulette code (it is inspired by that csgo500 site) on phone, everything works fine, b...
[2 replies] Last: Try displaying RAND_MAX. [code firstline=28] cout << "RAND_MAX=" << ... (by AbstractionAnon)
Writing a map to a file
I have a map<string, vector<double>>. But I'm having some trouble accessing it (to write it to a fil...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks everyone for your help. Now I have a couple ways to approach it (by cdubbs85)
Adding up array and returning bool function??
Hi there! I'm wanting my varSum function to take in an array with a value of N, where if the sum of ...
[1 reply] : A few problems: Line 4: You need a function prototype in order to ca... (by AbstractionAnon)
How can I justify my cursor to line up with my output colums in a terminal program?
Hi guys. So the problem I'm having is that when you enter a value for the radius (rad) variable the ...
[2 replies] Last: In order to do what you want, you must know the width of the user's in... (by Duoas)
largest factor of a number
here is the code for Displaying Factors of a Number #include <iostream> using namespace s...
[8 replies] Last: At this point I believe you are just asking someone to do your thinkin... (by Duoas)
Simple Game
I started writing this classic snake game today that runs on the console. It's principle is same wit...
[5 replies] Last: Since you're doing this in the console, maybe see if ncurses/pdcurses ... (by TheRabbitologist)
by jtm013
Comparison Program!!!
I have no clue where to start with my code or the format for doing so... The following Chapter 4 ...
[1 reply] : See (by kemort)
by feeks
From single to Doubly Link
Chapters 10, 12: This is a two week assignment. Modify the linked list example in the book so that ...
[3 replies] Last: When I compiled your code using a C compiler, i received no errors. I... (by AbstractionAnon)
How to print a very big value.
I am a newbie. Please bear with my silly question please. Why any one of this is not giving correc...
[4 replies] Last: But my program goes like this. I guess it doesn't since that code wo... (by Chervil)
Grading Program
I was practicing with a grading program, and i have a few questions. Here is the code #include <i...
[2 replies] Last: If you write a character where instead of a number in "grade", it jum... (by shadder)
Calculate intersection points of line segments
I'm trying to calculate the intersection points of two line segments. So I got n points stored in...
[16 replies] Last: Whether the requirements apply to extended lines or line segments is o... (by kemort)
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