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GPA calculator bug
Hello, programmers, I am a noob in programming and was told that to learn more, I need to do some pr...
[1 reply] : gradePoint and letterGrade are arrays of 6 elements each. With numOfCo... (by lazpeng)
How do I call an item in an array using fragments of the value?
So I am (obviously) new to programming, and trying to figure out how to make this (what should be) s...
[1 reply] : This would be an array: weapon sword = { { "Strata", 0,... (by Chervil)
iterator error in generic function
Hi I attempting to use a generic function that iterates through a container from a start to end, ...
[1 reply] : Line 7: change: int cnt(Iterator & start, const Iterator & finish, co... (by Chervil)
Class error
Hi class Camera { double mouseposx = 0, mouseposy = 0; double xzdir = 0, ydir = 0, x, y, ...
[4 replies] Last: I don't want a constructor Then don't name the function the same as ... (by AbstractionAnon)
by livo
Problem to solve the equation with math.h
This function takes the value of re (double) and the program should resolve the equations and return...
[3 replies] Last: I had not initialized the value of f. now it worked Thanks very much (by livo)
Does order of parameters matter?
Does it make any difference which order the parameters to a function are set? Some parameters are...
[3 replies] Last: You may pass parameters in any order you like. However, there is one s... (by xismn)
Palindrome Program
So I have to write a program that checks to see if a word entered is a palindrome. I can't really fi...
[3 replies] Last: thanks cire . For some reason if i enter a 2 character input the thir... (by shree081502)
Large tic-tac-toe game
Hello. I need a help. There is a task for the last year Ukrainian school programming competition. ...
[8 replies] Last: And a user has to enter a field by himself:) No random. And the size ... (by Ivan Klimov)
For Loop
#include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <cmath> using namespace std; int main() { for(...
[2 replies] Last: @gunnerfunner thanks a lot ! that was clear explanation :D (by DesmondLee)
abstract classes in C++
Is there any differences among pure virtual class,an abstract class and an interface? Aren't they're...
[5 replies] Last: A logical interface of a class can include non-members too: class Foo... (by keskiverto)
Problem with VS and vector chapter from Stroustrup's book.
Noob here, I've writing the examples from Stroustrup's book "Programming: Principles and Practice Us...
[6 replies] Last: Ah! I see, thanks (by gunnerfunner)
I just want to start a 3d game, nothing strange? But I don't know from where to start. I a point fro...
[12 replies] Last: NVM, I solved it all, now I try to learn GLFW, I dont thinked working ... (by DirtyBlasion)
merge sort implementation problem
Hi. On lecture profesor did present us natural merge sort algorithm implementation in C++. Unfortuna...
[4 replies] Last: Yes. It is also right. I'll correct it. However my main problem is th... (by madeleine)
Pls can i start coding c++ with android phone
Is it possible to code simple program using android phone
[2 replies] Last: It's possible, and not even difficult. Fire up the browser on your an... (by Michael5)
Dollar Conversion
Make a program that inputs money in change. Then convert how much they have in whole dollars and cen...
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console application question
alright so this little code is supposed to ask the users input to change a variable to a number. if ...
[2 replies] Last: @whitenite1 thank you! (by lreyes53)
by zingo
add window for progress bar
I'm a beginner trying to add a few small features to a project that was given to me. I added libc...
[1 reply] : Your program sounds like a game (or something similar) Which means mos... (by liuyang)
Using non-integer values with cin?
I am brand new to C++, and trying to create a simple program to calculate GPA as is done at my high ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much! (by imoverthese)
C++ Program to check for balanced parentheses in an expression using stack.
Write your question here. Hi guys, as the title states, I'm trying to create a program that takes s...
[4 replies] Last: Ah , I see, thanks for pointing out my mistakes guys! :) (by schmiischmoo)
c style pointer arithmetic?
Hi Could somebody explain why the following 2 lines in the code below cout << 2 << "\n"; cout...
[1 reply] : 2 is just the same as arr . arr = *(arr + 2) = *(2 + ... (by Peter87)
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