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Pointers and dynamic memory.
Would someone be willing to discuss and explain the purpose behind pointers and dynamic memory? I u...
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I tried to rewrite everything the code but still need some help on the array thingy
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I still stuck in here anyone help me
I need to store array in class to store 80 cars information for maximum and i need to print out the ...
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I am stuck pls help me == I am just a beginner programmer
I need to store all car information using class and sub class. The user can store 80cars informatio...
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Can this run ?????
I need to store and print out the car details #include <iostream> #include <string> class ...
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Need help in array class
I need some help overhere help please! I need to store the car detail with array in class i dont kn...
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by Bligen
Simulating keyboard presses
So how do you make the program write a specific line, for example a simple bot that writes "This is ...
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by simani
How do you justify calling for below code?
Hi, Below is my code. You can see all of the functions are void, but how can these functions call? ...
[3 replies] Last: By default arguments are passed by value, meaning the function will re... (by Peter87)
Help with while loops
I'm creating a simple program to output characters in a certain way using while loops. Im very new t...
[6 replies] Last: The "shortcut" is that instead of doing the incrementing in the body o... (by Arslan7041)
Linked Lists problem [OOP]
What I want to do: "Node has two fields: a pointer next and info field [001-999] which holds integer...
[7 replies] Last: @cire I'm pretty sure I've to access them by "->" operator. Anyone who... (by Maartin)
Help with Poker Game.
It is a simple poker game that the user and computer can play. I'm sure there is a way better way to...
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by Tcm
using variables outside the function
In the the function runge4 two of the things it calculates are k1[i=0] and y[i=0]. Is there any way ...
[1 reply] : Id take a guess that you could try creating a variable for them in mai... (by mitchellotis)
by Irhcsa
SFML our first game
We are stuck on another issue. The program works fine except how do we make it so if someone is aske...
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Inverse matrix
Hi everyone, I wrote the code to inverse matrix. However, the result have some problems. How to so...
[1 reply] : Hi, There were some warnings when I compiled with (with all 3 ... (by TheIdeasMan)
Getting some errors with this code
I am getting some errors with my code. My errors consist of the getline statement in the username. A...
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by sengab
I have a problem dealing with Recursion can some one help
I have printed the output from this code but I don't understand why I get such output. Why dont I ge...
[3 replies] Last: It doesn't. It only calls printNum(6). My modification was just to sho... (by Peter87)
Chess Game Jump Issue
So I have this beautiful chess game that i made, but the problem is the code that prevents the bisho...
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Read a line of text at a time and format it
I will be having input files that are supposed to be formatted like this xxxxxxxxx,xxx xxxxxxxxx,x...
[1 reply] : You can use the setw() and setfill() manipulators to help format that ... (by jlb)
by cibide
microsoft visual c++ runtime library debug error
Hi guys! This code is giving me trouble 'couse always get the error on title. Can anyone explain why...
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Wide strings not printing properly
Hi I have written a small program to test if wide strings print properly: ... ofstream f...
[1 reply] : Wide string output requires using the wide string output stream method... (by FurryGuy)
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