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Lost in the Loop
First I want to thank all the support for the community, you are all amazing. My issue is that when ...
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Vector to array
Could somebody show me how to change this tidbit of vector code to a dynamic array? vector...
[2 replies] Last: std::vector<> is an optimised, resizeable dynamic array. There is no... (by JLBorges)
Passing 2D array into function using pointer
I've written the following program. I am trying to pass the 2D array into function using pointer and...
[3 replies] Last: Hi, here you go #include <bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; tem... (by andy1992)
by shola
Spare a Square Problem. Need help to figure it out.
1) Use a function that generates and returns a random number between [0,1] which can be used to det...
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by Dojo
hi guys,i am very new to this site and most of all im very very very very very new to programming an...
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int main ()
how do you separate one program from another on a single file? i have to submit a hw problem that ...
[3 replies] Last: ok nevermind i got it!! thank you!!! (by vikasafarova)
Negative arrays (Homework due Wed)
Hey, all. Sorry to return so soon, but I need help. Here is my assignment. Recall that in C++, th...
[1 reply] : Nevermind. I found a workaround. (by herooftime1000)
Why isn't my code compiling?
I am trying to write a program that asks users for inputs mass and acceleration to calculate the for...
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by anup30
Maximum Size of Recursive Fill
my following program fills continuous elements in 2d array recursively. but it worked only for N<180...
[14 replies] Last: is there any library facility (container?) which provides random acces... (by anup30)
by Xolin
Displaying the instance name of a struct / class
So I'm getting into objects and I have a situation where i want to display the name of the object. ...
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pointers to functions.
im completely new in c++ i was trying to write a function which returns mod of difference of two inp...
[3 replies] Last: I don't think there's any difference for functions, it just saves you ... (by tipaye)
Sorting linked list
Our case study was to create a 2d array that uses sorting searching and linked list and apply classe...
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Help with inline functions
Hi, I'd like to understand how inline functions work. I've read that you have to fully define the f...
[11 replies] Last: Read whole sentence. The hint is ignored, not the keyword. if that w... (by MiiNiPaa)
by Irhcsa
Class Error
Getting the error: "Error: too many initializer values" Can someone help me figure out what I'm d...
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image scanning
Is there a way to search for images what are displayed lets say on desktop background and than retur...
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by Glorpy
Finding the code error
Hey guys. I bought the C++ How to Program (Early Objects Version) 9th Edition and I am on Chapter 8 ...
[4 replies] Last: > In this I have to find the programming error. It would be nice to se... (by ne555)
by NLB
Can anyone translate this algorithm?
Let x = x ,…,x[n-1] be an array of given integers to search. Let Position be an integer to store...
[2 replies] Last: To C++ I didn't know if I should put that or if it would be redundant ... (by NLB)
Read input into array & find mean and median
Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out how to write this program. I'm supposed to only gather user inpu...
[8 replies] Last: how can I return the new sorted array back to Median if it is a void ... (by dhayden)
by sha92
Help please!
I don't understand why isn't this program working!!!??? #include<iostream> #include<string>...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks guys!!! It works now. I didn't realize that return type of main... (by sha92)
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