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In this program I am attempting to write a squaring program. The user enters an integer and it squa...
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Getting random value from function
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong :( My code is below, it keeps giving me a huge negative number...
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Why do you use pointers in function( int* () )
In code below you can see that we use for example int *something (int *pointer) why is this rea...
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Please help!!!
I'm 13 and I know the basics of c++. I know variables, cout and cin. I can make very simple arithmet...
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multidimensional Array
Hello every one , iam new user here , i have question about multidimensional array , can it hold di...
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by Tita
Copy a binary file in another binary file
Hi! Firstly, I'm french and I don't speak and write very well english langage. So sorry for the f...
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by h4ever
class/struct error - C2628: 'OPTIONS' followed by 'int' is illegal (did you forget a ';'?)
I am trying to create struct within class OPTIONS #include <vector> // options ge...
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String function
for a const char*, we could use stricmp() this function to compare two variable . What kinds of func...
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What did i do wrong about nested if?
Nested if not working and it's not showing the message. If i type 'W' there's nothing and the messag...
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by Ganado
Class function needs to access the properties of the "aggregrate" class it belongs to
Okay so this might be long since I have the program separated into multiple files, but I want to kno...
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Long string
Hi everyone. I need more help. I am have to write a program that reads a list of strings until the w...
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Enhanced for loop
[This question is more about java than C++, but thanks to this last one I began to think more deeply...
[1 reply] : In short: no (by MiiNiPaa)
PPP Chapter 12 Converting ifstream to bool
Hello, I am currently almost finished with the task of setting up FLTK for the book Programming Prin...
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OpenGL Transform
Hi, In opengl, it is said that, always scale first then translate. But in the below code it is not...
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role of const
Please explain the role of const in both code portions and role of *this as this points to member ...
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Traverse a Linked List from the beginning
So I have a linked list with multiple elements in each list that are read in from a file. So far I h...
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memory allocation using new
When we allocate memory using new, where it is allocated in heap or stack? Please tell me the dif...
[2 replies] Last: new allocates to the heap. As a counter to Herb Sutter Free-store ... (by Grey Wolf)
using STL containers and templates, how to write a program that stores the Fibonacci sequence up unt...
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Pointer to a 2D array; to put "x"
How could I put a random x, inside the 2d array? thanks! #include <iostream> using nam...
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by mehak
sequential search(Search and Insertion)
sequential search(search and insertion) #include <iostream> using namespace std; struct node ...
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