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Slash and 2 digit number entering
Hello ! I am having a small issue with my code, mainly I'm not sure how to do this. Basically, li...
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Typedefs and Define
What is the difference between typedef and #define ? Typedef: #include <iostream> using names...
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Atof or atoi
Hi guys, i've a problem. I don't know how to use atof or atoi in a bidimensional array. Basically ...
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Errors in 'hello world' C++ MPI program in Windows
Hello all, I am a scientific programmer but very new to MPI. I am trying to make classic 'hello w...
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MinGW Compiler or Compilers on Windows
I'm having a problem running MinGW. It is installed but won't run. I use the command prompt and type...
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do loop only running once
I am writing a program to solve a quadratic function iteratively by having values of x converge, wit...
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New to C++, question about a code
I'm learning it on my own while I'm out here on deployment, and came across this problem: //...
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Don't recognise this for loop
Hi, I was going through Bjarne's book (Principles and Practice using C++ 2nd Ed.) and came across th...
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Need and Algorythm for Finding Union Of Sets.
Hey I am new To C++ programming , and I am just making a new Program to Find the Union Of Two Sets. ...
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check if input is valid
I have been trying to make a very simply programme that checks if the inputted information is an int...
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Reading from file returning glitch value
I've been going through how to use files, and discovered the read and write keywords, that are taugh...
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Use arrays to find mean median mode with inout text file
Write a program that reads a text file named lab6.txt containing a number of test scores into an arr...
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Program 12
Hello, Now there is this strange exercise: Write a program that takes an operation followed by...
[8 replies] Last: Try this: #include<iostream> #include<string> int main() { char... (by coder777)
Trying to solve an array comparison issue
So.. I have 2 codes, The intent is to descramble 10 words that are entered through cout / cin prompt...
[7 replies] Last: ok, so this is where im currently at in comparing, i have gotten it to... (by lycosidae024)
binary search tree (1,2)
I am trying to create a binary search tree and then print it out. But it doesn't seem to work, can't...
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sorting and swaping
I am learning c++ and have learned and understood just the VERY basics, but now I am in need of some...
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by gduong
I am learning about classes and I don't know what this error means. Error: Error 1 error C3867: 'Car...
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how would I fill a hist array with a histogram based of the length of the strings.
I need to write a function that takes in a data set of string names a hist array and the size that a...
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by DianaV
Variable shorthand confusion
Just when I thought I was getting this another confusing issue comes up. LOL Ok so im still in Varia...
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by Jakee
Should functions not be in Header (.h) files?
Is it standard for functions only to be in .cpp files while in .h files just declare the functions b...
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