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by JAJA19
i have a simple program and the output is this: Enter name: ENter age: enter filename for age...
[1 reply] : To start, Look up cout and cin. (by SamuelAdams)
Question Regarding Pure Virtual
I am currently studying off a book and I believe I am following the exact syntax that the book provi...
[1 reply] : Add void before draw() on line 12. (by coder777)
How to pass a const reference to the same type pointer?
Inside a class, I have a member function and a member varaible. the variable type is : typeA *a ...
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by h4ever
Make this working: change color of border
I have searched how to change color for control and found this post:
[1 reply] : In order to use a brush or a pen you need the function SelectObject(..... (by coder777)
Looping Switch problem
Hey everybody, C++ beginner here. I'm trying to get the following code to loop back to the begin...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you both for taking time to reply. The link provided helped make... (by nikkodomius)
Creating a box with lines outside the menu
Hi, I'm trying to create a menu and I want it to be inside some lines so it looks cool, but how do I...
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Can someone explain to me how exactly this program works?
I know it goes through the Fibonacci sequence listing 16 Fibonacci numbers, more specifically I want...
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by tedk
destructor executes while name still in scope?
Why does this code cause a crash? As it happens, the call to equal finds 'items' already deleted (wh...
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by Cyse
inputting numbers while maintaining the largest and smallest throughout
Write your question here. hi guys, I bought this book C++ programming: principles and practice us...
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Collision Detection Only affects last element
The collision detection that I have implemented only affects the last element of the vector containe...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks for the help, James2250 and Zhuge, you guys have been a huge he... (by Student555)
quick question
Hello, i'm working on data structures and linked lists, and for the most part i am understanding the...
[3 replies] Last: getNewNumbers() looks a lot like a constructor and increment() looks a... (by dhayden)
i can't return the value!!!?
I'm trying to make a password generator using a class just to make things more organized. There wa...
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by Filorn
snprintf and warnings
There are two warnings at the lines 4 and 5: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'. ...
[1 reply] : type of string literal is const char which can be converted to co... (by MiiNiPaa)
by Filorn
there are two errors at the lines 4 and 5: invalid conversion from 'const char*' to 'char' [-fperm...
[3 replies] Last: ok thank you very much, now it goes (by Filorn)
Separate program tasks
***Edited*** I wanted to make a timer or some number (int) that would decrease in the "background" ...
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So do-while loop ignores nested while loop?
So, I am in a intro to C++ class right now. We are learning and working with loops and this is an as...
[4 replies] Last: No variable (except again ) are used outside the loop so you could ju... (by Peter87)
by JanoOr
Passing child member functions to other classes
Hey, I have a question depending the passing of a child member function to a another class method. I...
[1 reply] : Passing a pointer to the derived class member function is unnecessary.... (by JLBorges)
by mrgxsy
parameters in function
Hi, I just wanna ask about the parameters in functions. I'm currently studying the code i got from o...
[4 replies] Last: #include<stdio.h> void quicksort(int array , int firstIndex, int las... (by mrgxsy)
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Write your question here.
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Is there a more succinct way to use toupper? to make one char uppercase in string?
I feel like this could be written with out declaring a char variable? or no? #include <iost...
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