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can anyone help me with this task? :) With random generator help fill a two- dimensional array of...
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by mrob82
Help with dynamic array
Hello everyone. Having issues figuring out how to use this dynamic array. The program is just supp...
[6 replies] Last: You're welcome. you can try to pass that dynamic array to function , n... (by hankstr100)
by MsNora
Invalid Null Pointer - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express
Hello guys. I am a beginner here. Recently, I had run a project/solution in Microsoft Visual C++ 201...
[4 replies] Last: I'm sorry. This is the output from the call stack. And I give you the ... (by MsNora)
by Cooper
Struct Lookup With Input Files
Hello, I'm looking to create a struct that does the following.. -Open the two input files and tes...
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Sort isn't working
My program is supposed to accept the names of students with one test score. Then is supposed to orga...
[4 replies] Last: took out the do while loop and instead changed to : for(int p = 0; p... (by Texan40)
by relgin
How to use Array to read curve points?
I need to write a program that reads in a list of engine thrust curve points and will compute the th...
[3 replies] Last: You have a two-column table (time, thrust). When you are given a time... (by keskiverto)
Arrays and void functions program question
My teacher said this program doesn't exactly follow the instructions but would not tell me why. Can ...
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Hello! My code has been crashing with SIGABRT but I don't know where and have know idea what I am do...
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Help me with 2d Char array please?
What I want to do is know if I am couting this right. I want a random char (i just have 1 because it...
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Write your question here. Please i have a submission of a c++ code that add , subtract, multiply, i...
[6 replies] Last: That really helped me thanks alot . (by Hossam Hassan)
Need a little help with if statement please.
Could some one give me a little advice on what is wrong with my program so far? I understand there a...
[1 reply] : keeps saying "i" is not being initialized. (by mgjohns61585)
Arrays and Input/Output
Hey everyone! So I've mostly figured out this program and everything compiles that I have so far but...
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Help me i Try to do but i cannot.
This program is to be written to accomplish same objectives, as did the program. Except this time w...
[1 reply] : I believe the issue could be that you are opening the same file for bo... (by Tom56785)
What's wrong with this code: inputting from a file into an array
Hi everyone! So I need to write a code that takes an input file(I've included what the input file lo...
[1 reply] : Think about line 13 of your code and the 2 following lines after it. A... (by Tom56785)
Stack around np
Im creating a program to solve a number pyramid, it reads in these numbers, it then Stores them in ...
[4 replies] Last: That didnt fix it, some where in this code: //solver in the while loo... (by confusedengstudent)
Data files
Write a program that counts how many values are in a file. I have a text file called "data5c.txt" ...
[8 replies] Last: No problem, I probably didn't phrase my question right. I've fixed the... (by gilgamesh45)
Default constructor for a stack
I am currently working on a project for class that requires us to implement a stack for integer use ...
[1 reply] : this->capacity=capacity; What do you think this line is doing? Shoul... (by MiiNiPaa)
Please help me to fix the errors.
Please help me to correct the logic and errors. #include<iostream> using namespace std; ...
[2 replies] Last: Line 54 should be an error. Since total is not a static const memb... (by fg109)
How do I save an array of objects into a file and read the saved data from the file?
I've written the following program. Now how do I save the object data saved into array to a file? an...
[1 reply] : Probably the easiest way would be to overload the extraction and inser... (by jlb)
by relgin
How to define a class?
problem description: Write a program that defines a class called Rocket that represents a rocket....
[3 replies] Last: you're welcome. (by Jaybob66)
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