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by rantiv
Simon Says
The program is suppose to compare the two strings starting from index 0. For each match, add one poi...
[1 reply] : Line 19: You're going to break out of the loop on the first iteration... (by AbstractionAnon)
by texagg
Sort List of Names (Sort, Array, Strings)
Hello All! So task is two-old. I must ask the user for the number of students, which can be from ...
[7 replies] Last: Line 23: C++ does not support implied left hand side in conditionals.... (by AbstractionAnon)
by ll1234
how to let 125 become 521
Write your question here. how to cin 125(one hundred and twenty five),cout 521 (five hundred and tw...
[3 replies] Last: And if you want 521 as an int.. #include <algorithm> #include <iost... (by loonielou)
common parts in two strings
Can anyone indicate where I can find C++ code, that gives all (not only longest common substring) co...
[1 reply] : 1. How do you compute the "longest common substring"? 2. What should ... (by keskiverto)
expected initializer before '&' token
Hello, I am getting this error: expected initializer before '&' token which references the line s...
[1 reply] : Asked and answered here: (by AbstractionAnon)
Errors Out Of Nowhere
So Yeah,i decide to download Visual Studio Community 2015 because i wanted to do c++ for fun,for my ...
[8 replies] Last: <Your Project> Properties -> Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Prec... (by booradley60)
expected initializer before '&' token
Hello, I am getting the error "expected initializer before '&' token" after compiling the following...
[1 reply] : You seem to be missing the required semicolon that completes the class... (by jlb)
stack project!!
can somebody help us with our project? how to create a menu using stack? #include <stack> this w...
[4 replies] Last: @keskiverto, What logical operation in your program does need a stack... (by Handy Andy)
by Phil15
strcpy_s - Buffer is too small && 0
Hi guys, I have no idea what the strcpy_s function complains about... template<class V> ...
[4 replies] Last: You may be doing more work than needed, though. The c_str() method al... (by Phil15)
by junfan
Templates and Overloads
Hello World! I have been studying C++ lately and there are some concepts that I am not completely...
[1 reply] : In C every function has to have a unique name. For example: fma, fmaf,... (by keskiverto)
can somebody help us with our project? how to create a menu using stack? #include <stack> this w...
[1 reply] : Hello dendimon, Please edit your post and enclose the code in code ta... (by Handy Andy)
by ll1234
how to let 3.14 become 3.140000E+000
Write your question here. double x=3.14,cout x=3.140000E+000.
[1 reply] : (by Duoas)
What to do for an error return for a struct object?
I have a function that returns a struct. If and else statement. How do I write it with one return wi...
[5 replies] Last: What if it is *this instead of this? (by randompersonhere)
Doubly Linked List - Storing Data
Hi, I am constructing a doubly linked list for a class project. It is slowly coming along but I h...
[1 reply] : You are correct. Line 4 will copy the content of x to tempNode->lan... (by coder777)
File Input <fstream>
I am trying to get a couple variables from a file but it is not reading it correctly... string st...
[1 reply] : student_files >> cred_num; student_files >> ws; getline (student_fi... (by SakurasouBusters)
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock! Help!
Alright so I have 98% of this code completed everything works. However I need help trying to figure ...
[7 replies] Last: Here is the final code for anyone that needs help with this! #inclu... (by Unisaurus)
Check my work, please!
I'm supposed to use infile.ignore(INT_MAX, '\n') in the code, but I don't know exactly where it's su...
[1 reply] : Use ignore between infile >> ... and getline(infile...); . The re... (by coder777)
output window; show output from build
What means the integer beginning all lines in the output Windows (showing output from build) ? 1>...
[5 replies] Last: Many thanks ! Jean (by J Maurice)
stdlib.h problem with _DEFINE_SET_FUNCTION
In stdlib.h, I have an error on these two lines. _DEFINE_SET_FUNCTION(_set_pgmptr, char *, _pg...
[6 replies] Last: HI, I 'find in all files' for _DEFINE_SET_FUNCTION in vain. the code ... (by J Maurice)
Am I on the right track.
Please Help: Objective: To create a C++ Console application that utilizes looping control structu...
[3 replies] Last: > all that comes up is press any key, then you are not running that p... (by ne555)
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