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What is a value known at compile time ?
Hello, I'm studying the C++ programming language and I'm in a chapter where thebook introduces the c...
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by vladp
Please help!!
What is wrong in this code? #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main () { int a,b,...
[1 reply] : You want to do it like this: #include <iostream> using namespace s... (by Jacobhaha)
How to transfer multiple value from function to function?
im in trouble right now. i really dont know how, can u check my coding? i want to transfer tday1, td...
[1 reply] : Pass em ad parameters just as you did in your first function (by andy1992)
Breaking a code into separate classes
Hi there, I was given an assignment to make a domino program in which you make a structure to co...
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Help me correct this code pls
I made this code #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; const int ro=5;...
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calculation of date
hi all! kindly help me in creating a program using turbo c that calculates the expected date upon...
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by anely
Grades c++
Right am new to programing , how do I go about getting students names and scores and the number of p...
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arrays inside functions
hello, I am having a hard time completing an assignment in class. pretty much its arrays inside func...
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I need to know the place where is the highest value/lowest value in an array.
I need to know the place where is the highest value/lowest value in an array. for (i = 0; i <= ...
[13 replies] Last: if you guys read his full code, you'll see what he's using a for, a... (by dhayden)
by Jon15
Changing array from 1d to 2d in a function
I am confused as to how i am supposed to pass the 1d array to the function, create a 2d array (multi...
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need help passing a queue by refrence
so i realized my pass2queue function had the queue being reset each time it left it... i realized i ...
[2 replies] Last: It looks like you're only passing the queue by reference in the print ... (by danghotties)
im totally stuck
Hello, Im new to c++ (no kidding). Currently my syllabus is at function. so, i was given a task to w...
[4 replies] Last: okay tq! i will try it :) the last function is the calculation where ... (by Koumatarou)
How to use OpenSteer
Hi, are a new user. I need to learn how to use the library opensteer, where do I start? I have t...
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i need help guys im stuck
Hey guys im experimenting on void recursive function, and i dont understand why the ouput of this ...
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A doubt on abstract base class and pure virtual functions
it is stated that the pure virtual function declared in the base class must be implemented in the de...
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by wolfv
How to specify namespace of a library?
Please help me with namespace. Here is a simplified example of what I am trying to do: There are...
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Passing and receiving array from function
Hi all, Would you please guide me about my problem? The code below is not yet complete and I have to...
[1 reply] : First look at this snippet: int np=100; int nx=200, ny=200; int dt=0... (by jlb)
error LNK2018: unresolved external symbol (referring to constructors)
This is the first time I have used classes in C++. This program is fairly simple, I am to create a S...
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a doubt regarding late binding
class A { public: virtual int func() { cout << "hello" } } class B:...
[1 reply] : I want to say that the virtual table of a3 will be consulted to find t... (by MikeyBoy)
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