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Manipulating with Files
Hello, recently, i've done a quizz for my class, where i read the questions and answers from a speci...
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Building Lot Are with functions (1,2)
I was wondering if this looks about right? I'm starting to get the hang of C++ but I need someone t...
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Pointers and Arrays Question
I dont know why the average is not popping up it says 0.00 i still can't find a mistake or what i di...
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My code works as is, but how do I use the constructor?
Here is my code so far: megatron.h - In namespace megatron::utility template <class T> cla...
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Search name(String Manipulation)
Desired Output: Enter n: 2 Please input 2 names: Ana Ina Ana Ina Enter name to search: Ana An...
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by msrt92
Stack in array
i want to create public variable .. #include<iostream.h> //#define maxSize 5; str...
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by EvE12
Back to diamond problem
I want to keep the outside stars only and remove the inside diamond shape to be like * ...
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Using ofstream with structs
Hello all, thank you for taking your time to view this issue. I am currently reading in a .csv file ...
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i have no clue what to do here. please help.
Create a CharConverter class that performs various operations on strings. It should have the follow...
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can someone explain why (char - 'A' + key) % 26 + 'A' works for the caesar cipher?
i had to make a program using a caesar cipher and i did that but the only thing i had to google caus...
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Having trouble outputting correctly.
I have to write a program that takes an input file formatted like this. FR3D,jones,123456-7891,12...
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Help required
I keep getting errors while trying to write this program, the code is below. Help on what I am doing...
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by myName
Get ip and Check in the database (MySQL)
Hello everybody, I'm trying to make a system to check that the user ip exists in the database, but ...
[5 replies] Last: That particular error comes from trying to use + to concatenate to C-s... (by Zhuge)
by clodi
random_shuffle not working?
This line of code is giving problems.. random_shuffle( buffer[ 0 ],buffer[ NSITES - 1 ] ); in ...
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by njas1
Need Help
I am a beginner and need help with this program. i dont know where to start, if you all can help me ...
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Splitting a character array into strings to a certain character.
Is there a way to split a character array filled like this. Hello,how,are,you and split it int...
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fstream / ios::binary mode questions
I am unsure about what the purpose of ios::binary is. Can someone please explain this to me. I ask b...
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by r0bot
very basic: scanf()
Dear Forum, it is very basic calculation of adding two numbers. when I enter 1 2 I get the result ...
[4 replies] Last: Hi, Also, one should make use of the return value from scanf so one... (by TheIdeasMan)
Flat 3D array
I have been stuck on this task for quite a while. I need to extend my 2d flat array to 3d. I know th...
[5 replies] Last: Use your 2D allocator inside the 3D allocator: double *** aloc3df(int... (by dhayden)
by Alahrs
Initialization of variables
Hey, is there any difference between these three options? In java I only used the '=' one. int x...
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