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Need help with my code!
I am very new to C++ and i know my code is badly formatted, but dont hate on me because of that. I a...
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Can you explain this line by line
im not good in c++ so please leave a comment in every line of this code thanks in advance. // st...
[1 reply] : I added a few comments. ;) // I added this line in. Some of the funct... (by Yay295)
by CDavis
So in class we just started Structs and for the most part they are not bad and I'm understanding it....
[1 reply] : This smells like C. Do you know about bool eans? (by xismn)
2d Array Reverse Error (1,2)
Write your question here. Hey everyone, my program is supposed to take 9 numbers as an input then r...
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Resetting variable used within switch, inside while loop and referenced by function
The user input for "minutes used" will generate a random number rather than the actual user input wh...
[6 replies] Last: I found the issue was actually with poor references. After I pointed T... (by darmok40)
by Nell34
Meaning of "->"
What it the meaning of ->. I the code I have to analyze I find a line variable->function(other vari...
[4 replies] Last: Its partly because it allows for sometimes having both. The -> opera... (by NT3)
Help with a matching program.
Okay, so the prompt has us writing a program to read in a text file full of "wanted" and "for sale" ...
[4 replies] Last: this code compiles fine for me would you please tell me which compi... (by giblit)
My program has calculating problem
My calculating problem, It is about the sinh x, cosh x and tanh x function, the formula given is : s...
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Can you explain this to me, please. I'm really confused!
I have been following various tutorials around the internet, getting a basic grasp of c++ and how it...
[6 replies] Last: You would just need to have a loop iterate through each character in t... (by Yay295)
Program got error
My program got problem while calculating, it is about ordering drink, but each time when I want to c...
[5 replies] Last: nan means not a number. The ordering function takes two parameters, ... (by wildblue)
The melancholy of a noob
First of all, i would like to clarify that i am not trolling, bashing and advertising. I would like ...
[6 replies] Last: I'm using the 7th edition, however the teacher said we could use the 6... (by madelinelise)
memset() for two dimensional arrays
How to use memset() for two dimensional arrays? I tried using memset(arr,1,sizeof(arr)*m*n); ...
[5 replies] Last: memset() is used to initialize raw memory. If you want to initialize a... (by helios)
Appending to RichTextBox each char different font&background color
Ok, i have tried finding an answer for this but i either only find c# stuff or items not helping me....
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by Nanyo
Change in the code
Hello I've made simple calculator but it has got a small bug. everything is fine until I enter (s) ...
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Generic Binary Search
I want to implement a generic binary search algorithm . Generic : The type can be strings , i...
[4 replies] Last: I mean , that comparing strings require , but intege... (by giblit)
I have no idea where's my code wrong~~
Please help me check T.T~~ My code keep in never end loop condition T.T int x = 0; int y = 0...
[3 replies] Last: You seem to have solved it, but I would suggest you look into switch s... (by Yay295)
Linked List returning NULL
My program works correctly except for the fact when i call this function to display whats in the lin...
[2 replies] Last: count is so it only displays 10 items per line. What you provided sol... (by mattm86)
A parameter declared inside main is not same as parameter declared in another function.. Why?
I notice a variation in this two results: int sub(int x=2, int y=1) {int z; z=x-y; return z...
[9 replies] Last: Keskiverto.. Ur reference helped me undrstand ganado's comment.. Thanx... (by Javaspell)
by marcoE
Constructors with conditionals
Hello guys, I'm learning C++ step by step. github: T...
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scramble number
please help me, what is the formula or code to scramble a given number for example the user will in...
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