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by kunz
i have a code like this but it does not seem to work int randomin(void){ const int MAX...
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The return operator doesn't return a value;
Why can't I print the value of 's' with return.I don't want to do it with 'cout'. #include <i...
[1 reply] : return doesn't print anything; it does only what it says: returns th... (by Zhuge)
by Gohmer
Help w/ Shifting Arrays to Right
Hi I'm trying to write a program that assigns random numbers to an array and then shifts the numbers...
[1 reply] : Note that you assign a value to temp on line 12 from list[MAX-1] . ... (by cire)
C++ unsorted linked list.
Hello. I'm looking for some help. My task is to find if there are any duplicate values inside unsor...
[1 reply] : On line 9, add && pOne != pTwo to make sure you're not comparing a n... (by fg109)
Help With LList and Listnodes "Hexadecimal Numbers"
Ive been having issues with my hexadecimal converter for my class. Its made with LList and listnodes...
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IFstream problem
Hello guys.I want to save numbers ,that i put in when cmd opens, in notepad but there are always fal...
[3 replies] Last: Ah! The problem is line 18. It should be cin >> pol ; ("a", not "x"... (by dhayden)
Have Some Q's About HW. Code included.
My C++ teacher gave me some part of the code because many of us were stuck. Here was the assigne...
[1 reply] : All you need to do is check whether any given name is equal to the per... (by Militie)
by HG319
choosing the correct sorting algorithm
Consider an array of length n containing positive and negative integers in random order. Write C++ ...
[1 reply] : Yes. (by Militie)
Recursive Binary Postfix
Hello everyone, I'm trying to evaluate binary postfix recursively. For simplification purpose...
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How to do this project
ASSIGNMENT 2: Using a loop and a storage variable, output a text file with the Student, Exam, and P...
[1 reply] : Is it the text file output that is confusing you? http://www.cplusplu... (by Militie)
Hello I have no idea how to do this can someone please help
Write your question here. Using the displaytime.cpp -> Make it output the correct time usin...
[1 reply] : For your user input just st... (by Militie)
Please help me to do this assignment
This program is to be written to accomplish same objectives, as did the program. Except this time w...
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by relgin
How to terminate a list with the value "END"??
I wrote a program that reads in a list of rocket names and masses and prints them in reverse order. ...
[4 replies] Last: I really appreciate your help Thank you!! I entered a count and my pr... (by relgin)
by ebucna
Converting string of numbers to a number
The idea is pretty simple, but it the result is slightly incorrect, it gives 12343 instead of 12345....
[5 replies] Last: Makes sens fg109, I added 0.5 on the end of the equation and the preci... (by ebucna)
by edtrud
Is this possible?
Hello, Here is a little information about my inquiry. We have a McAfee SaaS product installed on ou...
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iterating through object list
Hello! I have recently seen a Java syntax to iterate through an object list (myObjects) If was som...
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structured data writing file from function
I am modifying a previous assignment program to add 2 more menu items. 1 additional menu option to w...
[1 reply] : I see a couple of problems in your write() function. First and probab... (by jlb)
I want to press a key to continue
Hello My problem is , i want to make a simple calculator , in the console i want afterall the use...
[1 reply] : you can use GetAsyncKeyState function (by programmer007)
Filling vector with structure
Hi guys can u help me? I have created vector,structure as u can see but I have issues w/ filling t...
[1 reply] : Perhaps you need to study the documentation for getline() to see what ... (by jlb)
Checking input is numeric
I am trying to create a basic calculator program, and I want to make sure that the user input is num...
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