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Problem about extract individual digits argolithm
I have an exercise which asks me to write a program that input an integer then output the individual...
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char selection = '0'; int player_hp = 100; int enemy_hp = 100; for ( ; player_hp <= 0 || enemy_hp <...
[2 replies] Last: Use a do{}while. That's executed at least once. (by YokoTsuno)
Problem with constructors
In the following code, what does it mean to put node*q=0; . I mean node constructor requires two...
[3 replies] Last: "I mean node constructor requires two parameters right?" Yes. It's c... (by YokoTsuno)
Diamond Project
Okay the goal is to make output a diamond like this -----* ----*** ---***** --******* -******...
[2 replies] Last: Question 1: You can use the manipulator setw() form the <iomanip> libr... (by quan1506)
by Jhub
Array Problems
I am trying to write a program that uses the randFloat function to generate two sequences of 500 po...
[1 reply] : How about (by keskiverto)
Identifying prime numbers inputted 10 numbers
I'm sorry if i'm too active here D: Well, our professor asks us to input ten numbers and the progr...
[1 reply] : 1. Use a loop to get 10 numbers. 2. Restructure your code. Create fu... (by keskiverto)
Template problem
Im getting errors at line 32 saying expected class name, and another error at line 53 saying use of ...
[1 reply] : Line 15 should return a while 38 should return b. B obj;///line 57 c... (by andy1992)
Passing arrays
When i call maxFunc and pass the array from the file it wont let me pass in the values. Why? /* ...
[2 replies] Last: I dont understand, how can i rewrite it. (by Rashad2)
What's the code?
This is the output: >The third part: Input width and hei...
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by Jon15
Formatting an array and using global variables
I am confused as to how to format my array so that the output looks like a multiplication table. I a...
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C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition vs C++ Primer (5th Edition)
DatIncredibleGuy (11) Hi guys, I just wanna ask if C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition by Stephen Prata a g...
[12 replies] Last: Many awful C++ books have been published over the years. Just because ... (by Cubbi)
Homework help for a program that grades a multiple choice exam?? Thanks!
Hello World! (ha) This is my first post to this site. I am desperate because my code is due at midni...
[1 reply] : *bump* This is due at midnight. I can turn it in late with little pena... (by jackieannejones)
how to use return function to display two different outcomes
i had to make a program that decides whether the integer the user entered is prime or not, then i ha...
[4 replies] Last: Yeah, I guess my hack and slash isn't copy/paste-able. I guess I'll l... (by Lowest0ne)
Read text file into array of int, float and strings
I have a text file, data.txt 4 1 13 3 2 1.1 4.1 8.1 5.2 2.3 the student is in class I want to re...
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Return type of class functions
I was given some code that looked like this (I added the default constructor and private declaration...
[2 replies] Last: What do I return for these??? Return *this . That's what lets this ... (by dhayden)
how to store ONLY the 8th column of this txt file
I would like to know the most elegant way to store only the 8th line of this this text file. I a...
[8 replies] Last: Can't you just do something like std::string line = ""; std::vector<... (by giblit)
Making a myString class
Hi, I'm creating a myString class. I can't get the reverse, = operator, and + operator to work. I po...
[1 reply] : Operator=() should replace the current value of the string with the ne... (by dhayden)
by jc9
Calculator Program help
I am having some issues and can't figure out what my errors are. I need to do this in C. Thanks. ...
[1 reply] : What specific problems are you having? (by dhayden)
Stack Program
For some reason I can't get this program to run. This is directly from my textbook. My compiler does...
[3 replies] Last: You need space between "stack" and "s". (by Peter87)
Identifier not found,even though i have declared the function in header file,and made it in .cpp
Write your question here. int hillcypher::ToChar(int x){...} std::string EncriptFunc(int a...
[1 reply] : You have forgot to write hillcypher:: before the function name when yo... (by Peter87)
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