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by hmlwin
Wrote program to sum terms, but can't get it to give me the correct summation...
I wrote this program to sum a user-defined number of terms for the series 1-1/2+1/3-1/4+1/5-... But...
[1 reply] : 1/n == 0, when n is integer and 1<n. (Integer division discards the re... (by keskiverto)
What's wrong with my code?
Write your question here. My code was to have a loop that asked 5 math question; ignoring division....
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by HelenI
Hi. How can I push an item to the bottom of a stack?
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Write your question here.
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Sorting array of classes
Hello. I used this ( ) example to sort an ar...
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by HG319
recursive linked list function
I have this function to get an entry in a linked list but I have to make it recursive. I was wonderi...
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deleteContact() function: can't delete contact
I am writing a contact list program and I wrote a deleteContact() that.. deletes a contact. However ...
[1 reply] : Hi Jakeculp, Without knowing much about advanced file editing in C++,... (by Aaron Vienneau)
read and write to text files
hi, i am trying to read a list of names from a txt file and then sort it out. Once sorted i will hav...
[11 replies] Last: ^yes. That sort was a given that we had to use. I am aware of simpler ... (by rremigoso4310)
RNG using xorshift
Hi, im trying to generate random numbers in a range 1 - 100 but i only keep getting 1 number each ti...
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by MrGoat
Minesweeper multi-dimensional array problem.
I am trying to create a minesweeper game and I am running into a problem setting up and populating t...
[1 reply] : Since the index starts with 0 only indexes from 0 upto 8 (this are the... (by coder777)
File and String Program Not Running, in plain C lang
Hi my code is not running so I ask that someone test this for me and also review if my logic and syn...
[1 reply] : First On line 14: The name of the file is "Battle_ship.txt". Are you s... (by coder777)
Passing 2D Vector to a function problem
Hello, I've been trying all day on how to pass a 2D Vector to a function using parameters. I've trie...
[3 replies] Last: I don't know your code, but I assume that you have a private variable ... (by ats15)
by hmlwin
Program is always giving same output
I am having some issues with assigning a's and b's new values, using there old ones to calculate the...
[2 replies] Last: oh crap! I can't believe i missed that! Sorry sometimes when I type fa... (by hmlwin)
Problems about running the user-defined times of programs
Hi folks, I'm doing some program about the craps game(rolling dice) and it seems just confusing ...
[2 replies] Last: No I see what is going on now.... I used = instead of == to set the eq... (by ankhleo)
by alexBB
Segmentation fault. Core dumped (1,2)
This is a chunk of code that compiles but does not run. #include <math.h> #include <fstream...
[27 replies] Last: Thank you norm b. I will try to sort it all out tomorrow. It is my rec... (by alexBB)
delete duplicates from an array
I would like to delete duplicates from an array, I used vector for this problem. I am aware that we...
[1 reply] : O( N log N ): // std:... (by JLBorges)
Searching through a data file to match user input PIN
I am am trying to write a program to prompt the user to enter a 4 digit pin. If the pin matches a pi...
[1 reply] : woudl you mind posting your errors? (by Little Bobby Tables)
Iterating through arrays part 2
The problem wants me to print each number that is greater than 21. This is what I have. #...
[1 reply] : Change this - for (i = 0; i <= NUM_ELEMENTS; i++) To this - for (i... (by TarikNeaj)
by gelier
Part 2:Basics of Array need help !!!
I know how to declare an array, but have no idea on this one. Assume that array named a, contaning ...
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by gelier
Basics of Array need help !!!
Write a statement that assigns to x the value of the next to last element of the array. 1 #d...
[4 replies] Last: yes, it worked but it must be x =arr -2; to next to the last number. T... (by gelier)
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