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Accessing class from different file?
So, I am trying to access and use a class that is in a different file to avoid too much clutter in o...
[2 replies] Last: Are you saying to include the libraries? I have those in the "game.h" ... (by ghostk91)
by Ch1156
how to print this vector
Ok so I'm ready a C++ book and in it, it says that you should use as little function arguments as po...
[4 replies] Last: idk, it just seems weird that in main if I have a bunch of functions t... (by Ch1156)
by Dagr
Variables in array
Hi guys I have 1 question, when I was working in class I always used 1 variable seperetly but now I ...
[7 replies] Last: You are welcome @Dagr; But you could write more about your problem and... (by eyenrique)
While loop won't stop looping
Again, this game i'm working on had a bug. I have a while loop dealing for when the player levels up...
[1 reply] : if (_level == 1) { experienceToNextLevel = 50; } else { experienceToN... (by kingkush)
Odd output on console, assuming its got to do with pointers
I was trying to retrieve an enemy's name once the player was able to defeat them, something I added ...
[1 reply] : I figured out the problem, I forgot to use c_str() at the end of strin... (by moosyman)
How to setup database connection
Please I need someone to put me through steps to setup database connection with C++. I'm using eclip...
[1 reply] : What database do you want to use ? (by Thomas1965)
by mrsh
Resize the array (1,2)
hi, i need help in resizing size of array. I have two dimensional array which is i write as for ...
[25 replies] Last: Mbozzi no worries, no offence taken as what you wrote was not offensiv... (by xxvms)
by oPrice
Unable to read more than 1 file unless nothing is done prior to their reading
As part of a project I am doing I need to read two files of data into my editor. If I try to read ...
[4 replies] Last: By the way an ifstream is always an input file (ios::in) and unless yo... (by jlb)
Struggling with logic puzzle
Okay so I am having a tremendous amount of trouble with this program. I am a newbie and this is part...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks, Im going to work on this tonight and Ill report back once I f... (by subconix)
by ebii
need help
i need to do interactive program that have 3 option 1-entter string and function will print the ...
[5 replies] Last: Hello ebii, Lines 17 and 24 should not be there. Only one is need ab... (by Handy Andy)
For C++ programmers .. how can I solve this problem pleasee :[ !!?
Guys, I really have a hard day seeing this that I can't find a solution yet and It should be deliver...
[1 reply] : a. Create a look up table holding a 0 - a 1 for all one or two digit... (by JLBorges)
by Caruso
vector exercies
Hi all, Kanul asked a question at 17 Feb about a school project he had to do. I looked at it and wo...
[2 replies] Last: Good point Gunner. I did not see that restriction. As you see I have u... (by Caruso)
by SVY
Hey, I have confusion regarding counters and how to differentiate them from initialized values. I ha...
[2 replies] Last: To avoid duplicating the 20's and 50's try this: #include <iostream> ... (by kemort)
Need help understanding why certain constructors and assignments are called when compiler creates rvalues.
I am trying to learn when and why constructors, assignments, and destructors are called in c++. I cr...
[2 replies] Last: And don't forget that this function: MyClass myFunction(MyClass obj)... (by jlb)
help with if-else statements
Hey guys total newbie here this grading software excercise is giving me trouble. I cant get the sec...
[3 replies] Last: So you guys ran the program without any problems? When I put an input... (by codefox10)
Vector repeats elements with Classes
Ok, so im having trouble figuring out how to compare elements of a vector to see if there're are any...
[3 replies] Last: how to compare elements of a vector to see if there're are any repeat... (by gunnerfunner)
Void function problems
Hi, all. I've been toying with this program for a couple of weeks, and haven't been able to find any...
[3 replies] Last: # include <iostream> # include <cctype> int main() { char a{}, b{}... (by mbozzi)
Understanding structures
Okay so I'm starting to practice using structures and I can't figure out why the following code will...
[2 replies] Last: Take note of what JLBorges wrote. To answer your question yes you can... (by kingkush)
Question about functions
I am relatively new to function in c++ and I was testing with them to increase my understanding of t...
[4 replies] Last: @gunner funner, yes you're right. I totally forgot about that. Or else... (by kingkush)
help with code
I have this code that make this types of triangle with starts: * ** *** **** ***** #include <iostre...
[3 replies] Last: Then you need to write spaces in front of the *s. The first star at t... (by jonnin)
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