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Help with creating and writing to a file in a specific format.
Hi I am having trouble figuring out where to start with my project. What I need to do is instead of ...
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Can someone please tell what the definitions for objects, attributes, static, scope is?
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function to draw a diamond.
I need to do this. Finally, you will draw the diamond using a programmer-defined function that acce...
[2 replies] Last: Write out psuedo code for this. Looking at your "diamond" it looks lik... (by kingkush)
class and object (.cpp file accessing .h file) - BUG!
I get a weird bug: "error: cannot declare variable ‘use’ to be of abstract type ‘test’", any...
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by rrush1
I am trying to take an input of different speeds from athletes and then display the fastest, the slo...
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by quixdi
Why isn't the math working correctly?
This is homework that was graded last month, but I now have to reuse this as a basis for another pro...
[8 replies] Last: YES!! that was the goof I couldn't find. Thanks a ton cire!! Now onto... (by quixdi)
Loop Question
Write your question here. int i; int wage=1 cout << "You will be paid a wage of $2 on your first...
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Continue running when PC wakes up.
Hi all, This is my first post here and I am very new to C++. I'm not too sure how easy this is t...
[1 reply] : normal applications should be handled by the operating system, and wil... (by jonnin)
Passing an array of pointers
I am trying to pass an array that points to a Worker class object that I have created. I need anothe...
[1 reply] : here is a stylized example with two embellishments (so to speak): (a) ... (by gunnerfunner)
Anyone knows how to create a program that tells whether the input is prime number or not. And also, ...
[1 reply] : The brute force option is to test against a modulus of all smaller num... (by newbieg)
Getline help
I was wondering if there was a way to stop getline at 2 possible conditions. I know that getli...
[5 replies] Last: oh, that's what you're doing? There's no need to call atoi if you alre... (by Cubbi)
Hello Guys ! Look at my new game ! :]
Write your question here. This game has a lot of bugs but it still looks good for me ! Im a beginner...
[2 replies] Last: I like it, it's a good start! Don't give up and you'll make it perfect... (by Enoizat)
need help with making code for a program
I'm trying to code a program that will allow the user to play any card game they desire and load the...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks for the tips. I really appreciate the help. I think I'm just go... (by jbed2k17)
Statistics hidden program how to
Hello there, i want to make an program in C++ SFML which to be always active, always hidden and alwa...
[1 reply] : You're barking up the wrong tree with SFML. It will help you with non... (by cire)
Shifting vectors to the left one time
do i have the right idea?? i just dont know how vectors work int temp =; ...
[7 replies] Last: Hello seungyeon, i just don't know how vectors work You can think ... (by Handy Andy)
input code
not sure how to test my code with a string such as 010101100 or 011. not sure how to code the test. ...
[2 replies] Last: the code recognizes the input string (010101100 or 011) in which case ... (by codetojoy)
I need assistance in creating a tic-tac-toe game
I'm having trouble entering a number into "move": when I do that, the board does not display itself ...
[4 replies] Last: I have it: #include <iostream> void cursor(int, int); using namespa... (by JarrodBaniqued)
using namespace std bug (.cpp accessing .h files)
My .cpp file shows me a bug, and it says a nested namespace should be used, but I don't understand w...
[4 replies] Last: I solved the problem, I needed to include an extra namespace for all m... (by Kourosh23)
Vending Machine code while loop not working
So i wanted to ask why my while loop on line 103 of my code is not working when choice six is entere...
[1 reply] : The problem is your GetChoice function if I enter number <1 or >6, the... (by bokisof)
Nested if problem help
Assume that the rate for getting your motorcycle registered is based on its model year and cc as sho...
[5 replies] Last: A switch inside a if is possible but not necessary. I would have the u... (by joe864864)
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