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MergeSort - Out of Range !!!
Why it alway "out of range" when I excute #include<iostream> #include<vector> using name...
[1 reply] : int mid = n/2; ///use mid=(n-1)/2 (by andy1992)
tokens and stroustrup ch.7
I'm having trouble with tokens. I'm reading through chapter 7 of programming principles and practice...
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Need help modifying this program
Well I'm currently attempting attempting some of the beginners exercises from this link http://www....
[7 replies] Last: Ehm... Maybe I'm wrong but to me this seems like "cheating"! :) You a... (by minomic)
how to read sentence including space ?
curious here. how to solve them? printf("The phrase that u enter is: \n"); for(i=0; ...
[9 replies] Last: You should post the entire code, so that we can take a look and correc... (by minomic)
Storing hexadecimal values without converting.
I need to store some hexadecimal values without converting them. vector <unsigned char> keyStat...
[8 replies] Last: I fixed my code, thanks for the help. The purpose of my program was to... (by Code Apperentice)
Help me please noob here.
Help me include fstream here in my code i'm a newbie in programming. #include <iostream> #includ...
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Program not outputing values
It is probably something silly that I am overlooking, but my TaxRate and NetPay columns both give an...
[3 replies] Last: I think that I have it. I forgot int net(); (by Scythifuge)
Very Long Integers Problem
Hi Everyone.. Im here again to ask help.. Im task to make a code/program.. here is the problem below...
[15 replies] Last: Otherwise I'm afraid OP will have to skip this exercise "advanced" i... (by anup30)
by ba83
C++ website for beginners
A good website for C++ beginners with many examples
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Issue with QT/using pointers of ifstream-like variables
Hello, EDIT: I know that QT users are only a very small subset of the forum-goers here, so in readi...
[2 replies] Last: Wow, that fixed it. Thanks! (by hyperfine)
Coding Date/Time snapshot
how can i encode the current date and time of the file creation, into a comment header. code blocks ...
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Command reference
Does anyone have a list of complete commands? this site seems to have errors when i click on anythi...
[2 replies] Last: sorry i meant when my compiler compiles the program it outputs it in a... (by CMinusMinusPlus)
how to prevent getline from skipping a line
ive read that its best if you dont put getline with >> but i didnt have a choice. for (int x...
[2 replies] Last: uhh.. sorry. never really understood what the std:: meant. can u repo... (by StupidLag)
Dynamic array is allocated for the wrong size
Hi all. I am having a problem with dynamic array allocation. In my function of addNums, I was wonder...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you for all of your responses. I have been trying to review some... (by mlholder)
Question about pointers
So there is a question that wants to assign the address of variable num1 to pointer variable fptr ...
[3 replies] Last: To explain further: by writing to pointer of another type which is the... (by MiiNiPaa)
Ignoring the 1st Column in an Array?
How do I ignore the first column of data from a file? I need to read the three exam scores into an...
[6 replies] Last: Okay I will suggest an alternative. struct exam { int score1; ... (by andy1992)
read all code including space, morse code
need it asap. help. printf("\n\n\tEnter a line of Morse Code for decrypting\n\n"); ...
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Study tips for final exam
Hello everyone! I have my final for a beginners C++ class on Thursday. I was wondering what you guys...
[3 replies] Last: Alright thanks guys! I'll do that. (by and kand 97)
Huffman's Algorythm
Hi, i have problem with text decoding by this code. I`ve got: "ЉФЦжНЗвҐч•gН" symbols in ...
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[Runtime Error] Linked List Print Operation
Hi All, I wrote the code to store the values present in the array to the newly created LinkedList...
[2 replies] Last: @ne555 Thanks mate. Appreciate your help. I just changed the line 41 t... (by ActiveSpot)
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