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Why has my code broken when ran in Unix/Linux but worked perfectly in Visual Studio?
Hi Everyone My code is getting a segfault when I run it in Unix but not in Visual Studio, is there a...
[1 reply] : Have you tried breaking when you get the exception or even setting a b... (by firedraco)
getting information out of a for loop
I'm writing a code for a biological simulation. how its working is pretty self explanatory and there...
[1 reply] : Please explain line 45 and its effect on line 46. (by keskiverto)
pretty much the overloaded constructor
Hey guys pretty much the overloaded constructor error C2661: 'Employee::Employee' : no overloaded fu...
[4 replies] Last: There should be a big button that says edit on it at the bottom right ... (by shadowmouse)
Dealing with a large number of files
So, I have to deal with around 200 files analyzing them and reformatting to a useable data output. M...
[4 replies] Last: so final result... in order for the files to open and close correctly... (by Feymanismyhero)
by Aki12
Suggestions on how to fix my code? Please I'm already stressed enough
I have to read an input file calls_history.txt that is like this Mo 13:30 16 Mo 8:15 35 Tu 7...
[10 replies] Last: Thank you everyone for helping me out. (by Aki12)
Reading USB problems
So I have been looking all over and this is what I have found I am trying to take the measurement fr...
[3 replies] Last: Ok I found My problem I had the wrong Baud Rate thanks any way :) (by cutiepi314)
by wolfv
How to make a circular dependency work?
Is there a way to make this circular dependency work? class A; //forward declare class B { ...
[4 replies] Last: > This solution compiles that "solution" has different behaviour. A(B... (by ne555)
by bext
Making my own pow
Hi,i wanna make(or see) a "homemade" pow code. int potency(int base , int exponent) that shall calc...
[5 replies] Last: (OP's problem is a common introductory course homework.) (by Duoas)
Role of the destructors while using smart pointers as member variable
Hello forum, I assume the fact the we do not have release any resource anymore explicitly as long...
[5 replies] Last: The constructor is explicit. This would compile: mAPekare = std::sha... (by JLBorges)
by omurad
Correct use of string::copy?
I'm getting a weird error when I run this. "testCopy" should equal "test" which equals to "hello". W...
[2 replies] Last: 1) The stream::copy return a size_t value; 2) You just copy the string... (by stormSpirit)
Deleting a Linked List
Hello and I hope all is well. I am trying to remove the third node from the linked list and then lin...
[4 replies] Last: @coder777 I see. Thank you so much for the help! Clarified a ton for ... (by jhykima)
by Ahsen
Please helperror: no matching function for call to 'getline(std::istream&, int&, char)'|
Write your question here. I am trying to learn c++ from a book and I had to do a few exercises an...
[2 replies] Last: line 25 and line 29, you're comparing names not ages. Also, you're ... (by AbstractionAnon)
Not all control paths return a value?
I'm trying to create a code for password verification for a class. I thought I had it working but fo...
[3 replies] Last: Lets start with: bool upTest(char custPass ) { for (int i = 0; i < ... (by keskiverto)
no instance of constructor "Employee::Employee" matches the argument list
class Hourly :public Employee { protected: double wage; double hours; string ca...
[2 replies] Last: 1. Please use code tags to make your code readable: http://www.cplus... (by MikeyBoy)
Pass by Reference vs. Pass by Pointers?
What is the difference between the following two codes? #include <iostream> using namespace s...
[12 replies] Last: I hope im being clear here... I think you've got the gist. ;)... (by cire)
Error Message Regarding Char, Const Char, and String
When I try to compile this code, I get the following error message. I'm not exactly sure why. Any su...
[8 replies] Last: @keskiverto I tried to understand everything that you just said. Howe... (by jhykima)
Question Regarding Linked Lists
Hello, I am trying to understand linked lists. The following code is from a book. My question is...
[4 replies] Last: @anup30 I see. Thank you for your response. What book would you sugge... (by jhykima)
Simple calculator question
So i am trying to build this simple calculator that tells you if you have entered a wrong operator a...
[2 replies] Last: @mutexe thanks it works like a charm (by Kabal4eto)
Using arrays and struct variables
Hello! I am writing a program that should output to a file each student’s name followed by their t...
[3 replies] Last: Bummer! (by coder777)
2 .h 1 implentation and main. private variables
My instructor provided us with the main and the 2 .h had us make a .cpp file. The compiler keep...
[5 replies] Last: thank you, I realized right about the same time as the post :D (the ab... (by ncrawley)
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