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by mehak
according to me the output of the following program should be 2 and 4 but its not,y? #include<iost...
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Hi I have two vectors. One for names and the other for ages. I want to create a new vector to sto...
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by mehak
type checking
what is static and dynamic type checking and how does C++ accomplishes that?
[1 reply] : You are spewing many questions of similar nature. Start from some int... (by keskiverto)
Problem with iterators
Hi, I wrote a simple program to test equality between 2 containers, but it's not working and I can't...
[13 replies] Last: Ok I finally got it working, I think sleeping helps clarifying all tha... (by Geranimo)
by mehak
From inside the constructors and destructors,a virtual call is resolved at the time of compilation.I...
[1 reply] : I came across this statement however couldnt understand. Probably bec... (by Avilius)
by ugonna
block characters and loop program
hello guys, i am having some problems with my code (i am an absolute beginner by the way). i am crea...
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by mehak
ad-hoc polymorphism
what is ad-hoc polymorphism?
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by mehak
class pointers
why derived class pointers cannot point to base class and why is the vice versa correct?
[2 replies] Last: Hi, One can declare a function that takes a pointer to a base class, ... (by TheIdeasMan)
by mehak
friend function
why is it neccessary to define the friend functions outside the class?
[1 reply] : It's not. #include <iostream> class Class { public: Class(int valu... (by Peter87)
hide cin
hi how can I hide my cin in console mode, like password?
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Does bit shift operator changes the operands?
I am a little confused by bit shift like ">>" or "<<". See following commands: int a = 16; in...
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HELP! I need help understanding this error message
My code is supposed to take in a string and return how many words are in the line. The code compile...
[1 reply] : Problem is line 43: i <= s.length() After you fix that, the next ... (by Smac89)
function pass by parameter
int exp_adder( int exp ) { if ( win ) { experience += 20; if( experi...
[8 replies] Last: okay i learn some techniques about using or making global . If you a... (by Lorence30)
Program-Defined Value Returning Function - 3 Test Scores Averaged
This may seem redundant, as I know I have seen at least one thread on this exact topic, but it seeme...
[2 replies] Last: Well, as I figured, it was something really simple. And I appreciate y... (by Acidbassist)
pointers, bool types, why doesn't this work?
This tiny program is supposed to accept a hard drive as a device, read the bootsignature and verify...
[8 replies] Last: I would not write a class at all: it is a sideways approah to a rather... (by IWishIKnew)
Is This Possible?
I have been making an rpg game that is set in the console @ is player # is wall and so on. but one o...
[2 replies] Last: thanks. i agree with just having a set number of arrays with a lock. t... (by Antone333)
strstr and finding text in pointer
Oops .. disregard. Someone can delete this as there is no point posting this until I work out the lo...
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Problem with while loop and variables
Hi, i'm trying to build a program to count squares inside of squares (i don't know how to explain be...
[3 replies] Last: The program is fine, woks as expected, but when i tried to add a while... (by VentusiK)
C++ program help
Good Afternoon, I am currently in a C++ course and I am having problems with one of my assignment...
[1 reply] : If your whole program is in one (cpp) file, then why are you linking t... (by keskiverto)
by NoJoy
while loop epic fail
im new :) to this forum. so i got a little problem that is a big problem to me cause im detailed or...
[8 replies] Last: wow brain fart. thats what happens when you work late :) i should of d... (by NoJoy)
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