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by mee95
Help with assignment
Hi! If someone has time, could you look over this assignment that i have for school? It shouldnt ...
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Converting cin>>string to an int pointer?
Have been looking at structs, arrays, pointers, maps, templates, vectors, and sets. I am completely ...
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by savanh
need help
hi all, i have this code . i want to generate spical id for each obj,but here it does not pl...
[3 replies] Last: class foo { static unsigned int nextid; const unsigned int id; pu... (by keskiverto)
illegel if else
Why its giving error when am using if else.. with only if it working fine. error is illegal else wit...
[1 reply] : void glist(int num ) { cout<<"Number greater then 50 are:"<<endl; ... (by Peter87)
by csn00b
Help storing moves made in chess
Hiya! I've run into a problem with my chess program for class and Google is not providing the answer...
[1 reply] : You could read from the file until you hit an EOF, and just have two a... (by NT3)
Reading strings for a simple parser
Hello everybody. I'm a C++ learner and today I'm here because I would like to receive some help for ...
[5 replies] Last: how to create a vector of Verbs objects and initialize the data membe... (by andywestken)
Header Files for templates and structures
I was reading and chanced upon these terms. I understand that header files should only include: 1. ...
[2 replies] Last: As long as no memory is created it can be included in the header file?... (by Bendistocratic)
by AlxM
Trouble with files in database structure
I believe I've documented all of my code fairly well, but do ask if any of it seems unclear. The una...
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by jcx
how to use the shlwapi.h with visual c++ 2012
Dear all, Forgive me for all my dummy questions. But I really want to learn step by step. I want...
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Having trouble with this program
Right now I'm trying practice easy problems and working my way up to the hard ones, but I'm having a...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you, really do appreciated I figure out what I did wrong when l... (by Codex23jv)
"Find the errors" hw question
This is a "find the errors" assignment from a textbook; the textbook gives the answer to the questio...
[1 reply] : With a loop. A C-string is a merely an array (of characters) that has... (by keskiverto)
Function (templates) reading user inputs
Hi, the code below has problems displaying the inputs that I want. I'm not sure whether the complier...
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Need help with this problem!!
" Write a program that prompts the user to input a number. The program should then output the number...
[1 reply] : Nvm, I figure it out I over thought the problem. Here's my final resu... (by Codex23jv)
issues with getline()
Hey all, Im having issues with using getline() to write a sentence into a file. It is printing ou...
[7 replies] Last: Ya that was the issue. The cin needed to be flushed. Im going to have ... (by specter113)
Help! The char type vabrial in this program stores more than one character!!
So, I was given this program by my teacher to figure out what's wrong with it and fix it. She, herse...
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Error while using code blocks
I am trying to implement merge sort in C using code blocks. When i try to run the C file, i get this...
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Need help with my program, not working!
Hi everyone, I'm a beginner in c++ and I'm playing around with using break, and I created this sma...
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Yet Another "No Appropriate Default Constructor Available" thread
I'm working on a homework assignment for a C++ course where I chose to use Linked Lists instead of a...
[1 reply] : I've solved my own issue. If you look at the top of HoldList.h, it imp... (by DFAnton)
help with Array in OOP (object)
well my homework is that, in a park of atraction (like disneyland) i read 2 things, m (quantity of a...
[2 replies] Last: thank you, sorry, I believed that was like the array where might a val... (by JOSEluis2796)
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