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easy implementation of zig /zag etc.
I looking for an easy implementation on how zig and zag a splay tree. all the method i've come up so...
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reading hexadecimal
can you please tell me how to convert large hexadecimal numbers like this 0x78ABCDEF or 0x12345...
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Help please
Hello, I am writing a program, it is supposed to find e^x for an x input. e^x can be found by: 1+ x^...
[1 reply] : ^ is the bitwise XOR operator in C++. Use the std::pow function if you... (by Peter87)
by csharp
Class Assignment help
Hello, This is my first time learning about classes and pointers I have some questions. I ...
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Linked List class
I'm having a couple of problems here. I'm trying to read information from a file into a linked list...
[2 replies] Last: #include "orderedLinkedList.h" #include "linkedList.h" #include <fst... (by jynx678)
Stack Overflow
Hello, I am writing a code for simulations and the population is quite big. I am using VS 2103 C++...
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simple comparing isn't working??
I am trying to convert a string to a int but seems to have some problems using the function.. Anyone...
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by leelee
One problem.
[1 reply] : You are missing an insertion operation "<<" between the x and endl. (by squished18)
switch statement/If statements trouble
I have nested if statements inside each case. The program runs, however, the only thing that works c...
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If and While Preceeding Switch Statements and Clashing
I hope you can see what I am trying to do using my comments) the statements/commands are clashing in...
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Print several calculations for a circle given the radius
Can you give me some hints as to what I'm doing wrong with this, I'm in a bit of a rush otherwise I ...
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Factorial function with for loop
Here is what I have so far for my part 1 code: It works except it's not calling the main function ag...
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by lestro
Help with streams
I'm trying to write a bank program, and I would like to save the accounts that are created and make ...
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by hhhr
find last word in a file and count how often it appears.
Im having trouble finding a way to make code to find the last word in file, the code should work for...
[9 replies] Last: my example is case sensitive, a!=A . and punctuation counted "hello" !... (by anup30)
List words of text one-by-one
Hello I want to do something, but I'm not sure how to start. If I have text in a text file, ex...
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by Jhub
showpoint problems
At the end of my code why is my showpoint and setprecision not working, it does not display the trai...
[3 replies] Last: got it all num needs to be a double No. num0 and crew need not be ... (by cire)
by hhhr
Trouble getting not the empty line
This is a function in my program, it needs to get the last line of a file, but some files that i nee...
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Debug Assertion Failed!
I`m executing a program given below...but an error displayed at the beginning Debug Assertion Fail...
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Is the following solution correct?
Hello, I'm learning C++ from the book "C++ Primer", 5th edition. In chapter 4, exercise asks t...
[1 reply] : Yes, I agree with you. And, pv = static_cast<void*>(const_cast<strin... (by pezy)
Tic Tac Toe using classes
My problem is that the game does not make any move on the matrix that is displayed. Here is my he...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you all for your answers. I corrected the problem, don't know h... (by Victor89)
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