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How to Reset values?
Hello, I have a simple game below: #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace s...
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by yehozz
Call functions with vectors
Hello, I am calling a function to do the average of my values... so the problem is how do i move ...
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C++ Math Tutor
Phase III: Now you will change your doOneSet function so that it will work for either addition, subt...
[1 reply] : some help would be much appreciated It's a maths tutor program bas... (by kemort)
Calculator code with void
I am having trouble figuring out why my code is not running correctly. It builds and runs, but the o...
[2 replies] Last: Oops. I realized that when I enter the numbers and the math operator, ... (by hrubio96)
by ottob
Error: cannot bind 'std::istream
Hi all , I am getting a few errors when I run my program and I'm not sure why. Any help is greatly ...
[4 replies] Last: Really? It asks me for names of the hourly, then salaried... Try cle... (by pearlyman)
queue question
Hello everyone, I do have this code that compiles, but it does not produce the order needed. ...
[1 reply] : A (standard) queue is FIFO generally so 1 then 2 then 3 in should deli... (by kemort)
Randomly selecting word from string array
Hey guys, I am trying to randomly select a word from my string list. I'm making a hangman game rig...
[3 replies] Last: Or dispense with x altogether: string word = getMeAWord( getMeARando... (by kemort)
by ottob
Incorrect output
I am having some trouble displaying data that is in a structure. After the user enters all their inf...
[3 replies] Last: Hi Marie, Arrays of Structures Structures may be arrayed. In fact... (by pearlyman)
Need Help on Coding Assignment
Basically My assignment is to put everything into different functions. I successfully got Jedi_messa...
[1 reply] : double hello_world() { double total; total = hello_wo... (by ne555)
Inputting code into arrays
I need helping inputting data into different arrays. The txt file I am using contains a line of date...
[1 reply] : I have figured out my mistake, but now i am still struggling on separa... (by kiritokush)
Looping error
This code runs, but with my code, it never gets out of the loop, and I do not know why or what I am ...
[2 replies] Last: Ohh so I have to write it so both requirements are met? Because readin... (by Toothless LL)
Function Help
Write the following 3 functions. a) A function the prints three asterisks with three spaces in be...
[1 reply] : Ok, so since the functions won't be returning anything to the main fun... (by DDomjosa)
Binary search tree error LNK2019
I'm making a template binary search tree class and I'm having the following error: error LNK2019...
[1 reply] : (by Moschops)
Void Function Problems
Please explain why the hell this snippet of code is not displaying anything. #include<iostream> ...
[1 reply] : Because you are not calling your function anywhere. Here is the correc... (by MiiNiPaa)
Help with program (Menu and choices)
Im currently working on a basic game for school, this is my first year doing computer science and th...
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How to make my code return decimal precision?
I don't know what I'm doing wrong. My code seems to work fine otherwise, but I can't get the averag...
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by bee309
[2 replies] Last: Since our OP was rude enough to delete the content of his first post h... (by cire)
PayStub Input/OutPut
I am trying to get an infile/outfile code for the following. According to my professor I need a Read...
[2 replies] Last: This is a double post - please don't (by kemort)
Help Please! Keep getting errors.
Please Help! I need get my code to work with my notepad file that is payrollCalc. Not sure what I am...
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while loop
how to change if statement to while loop { int input; cout << "Input an integer between 1 and 9...
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