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Dividing into rooms
I trying to write some code which able to detect rooms in a map. The map is represented in an matrix...
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True Object Oriented Programming
Hello all, I've been learning c++ and have gotten fairly comfortable with many of the concepts, to t...
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by KMagic
Convert char to int
I have googled this basic problem and find this solotion fastest: char a = '4'; int ia = a...
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help me with classes pls
Can someone send me a tutorial where I can learn about classes, objects and constructors? The prof...
[2 replies] Last: Made a thread about the concepts the other day. http://www.cplusplus.c... (by d1ff1cul1010)
Double Factorial without recursion, just a while loop
I've got a very specific homework problem I am working on. I am supposed to find the semi or double ...
[1 reply] : I'd try something like this. Note: It still breaks on the odd numbers... (by killingthemonkey)
by Pet124
Saving and Writing to a txt file
I'm trying to create an inventory program that you can save the data and open it again. But every ti...
[3 replies] Last: follow the link I've given. and use fstream object to read and write s... (by anup30)
Is this a decent example of using virtual functions?
(Sorry if this is considered a duplicate) I am trying to understand "polymorphing" and so far, th...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you so much! i finally understand polymorphing! (by SomeAmazingGuy)
Arrange 3 variables in descending order using swap
I'm having trouble with this project. I've been trying to get this code to run and have been greeted...
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by wolfv
Mysterious result from sizeof(array[]) in constructor initialization list
In the following example sizeof(ar ) is taken twice for the same array. First in main, where the re...
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by xsxsux
variable is used without being initialized
when I debug this in my MS Visual Studio, I get a message saying variable is used without being init...
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Compiler Error Help
EDIT : Figured it out. Wrong spelling on one of them. So I have 2 void functions. The first void fu...
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Program finishes at second cin
Hey guys, can you help me with this problem I'm experiencing, when I execute my program it stops aft...
[3 replies] Last: i think its because you are trying to enter strings on the first cin w... (by Lorence30)
Question about char to int from a text file
Hello, I'm having a little trouble with this checkbook program and taking the string from the text...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you both for the help, I haven't quite solved it yet but I'm a l... (by foxtrot1013)
No Suitable Constructor Exists
I am getting this error message and so far it's the only error in my program which is a game. I am h...
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Phone Number
I am doing a program for homework and am having trouble asking the user if they want to enter anothe...
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Bulls and Cows game
Hi, I'm reading this book Principles and Practice using C++ and I'm a total beginner(only about a mo...
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by csharp
function to change array size
Hello, I am trying to write a function to check if we need to resize an array to fit the new valu...
[7 replies] Last: // resize dynamic array on the go //anup 23.11.2014 #include <iostrea... (by anup30)
Disjoint graphs, minimum spanning tree
I'm having trouble when making minimum spanning trees from a disjoint graph using adjacency matrix. ...
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reading streams and nested structures
I'm writing a program to read sections of the boot sector of a hard drive. I'm fairly new to a few...
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can you help me on this question
can you help me on this question A model of world population in billions of people is given by t...
[6 replies] Last: Actually the reason is that my teacher said that we mostly gonna use i... (by BlancoRaul)
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