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by awkedd
Number of last "0" digits??
Hello! I have to create a function that returns the number of "0" digits at the end of the number n!...
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Input redirection vs keyboard input display
I have a for loop that takes in user input and it displays on a new line, however with input redirec...
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by fsfh60
Array with String
Hello guys, I am working on an assignement but very confused why I am getting these error : 20 ...
[1 reply] : Line 6: Must be const. Line 11: Under what conditions do you think ... (by AbstractionAnon)
implementing rot13
Hi, I have to write a programm that reads a text from one .txt translates it using rot13 and writes ...
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difference of function call with reference or directly with variable
Hi guys, during my homework, it appeared a question which I couldn't answer with my friends or wi...
[2 replies] Last: I think your example should probably be more like this: #include <io... (by Nico)
assignment & copy constructor
I've created a class called StringBad based on chapter 11 of C++ Primer. The purpose of the class...
[1 reply] : stringbad.cpp line 32: len is 0. You want s.len (or move line 34 bef... (by AbstractionAnon)
I am trying to get the Main module to this question and how to input the validation but I am lost. I...
[4 replies] Last: It is unusual to see you make mistakes, to be honest. On the other ... (by Arslan7041)
Weird Unintelligible Error: `app` was not declared in this scope
OK, now I am experiencing compilation errors. Again. But the guide I'm following right now is the gu...
[3 replies] Last: > This is the error I get from g++ and gcc Compile with C++11 enabled... (by JLBorges)
Line/Text Justification using strings
Howdy, y'all, I was wondering if anyone could lend a hand with an assignment I've been working on fo...
[4 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <sstream> #include <string> #include <ve... (by lastchance)
pointer to pointer issue
int a,b; int *ptr; int**ptrptr; ptr =&a; ptrptr=&ptr; Using no other objects besid...
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Ok.. I have a dumb question -.-
thank u
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by Beez
Undefined Reference Error
Getting this error when I call isPalindrome in my main function. Is it because I #include "isPalindr...
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arrays.. what is the difference between these two evaluations ?
gives me the same output of input value at index 0 =9 int inputVal = 9 int itemsRead =0; ...
[3 replies] Last: In the first, 'itemsRead' is incremented after 9 is assigned to the 0t... (by Arslan7041)
by jlogic
Count number of occurrences of a given substring in a string
I am trying to count the number of times a given substring is present within a string. My could alwa...
[6 replies] Last: You should reverse the role of str_to_search and str. int nPos = str.... (by SakurasouBusters)
Undefined Reference to `ExampleWindow::ExampleWindow()`
I've asked this at Stack Overflow but my question was marked as a duplicate and when I go to the lin...
[5 replies] Last: ander@Ander:~/C++_Programming/test$ g++ -o seimple `pkg-confi... (by Karanaka Kun)
Tracking the float remainder of an int-locked object
I would like to have an elegant solution to an admittedly trivial problem, if possible. I currently...
[2 replies] Last: But let's assume that it is (maybe your math is in units of chunky te... (by treefitty)
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