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by tywin
Comparing and adding fractions
For this project I am suppose to first display a number in proper fraction form by using the greates...
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by Ramono
Send a content to child from parent with using dup2
what I am trying to do is pass dynamically load a text file into buffer (in parent) and pass this da...
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by koopey
is Jumping Into C++'s sample code wrong??
Hi everyone. First of all, I am not really claiming that the code has to be wrong. I am not jud...
[4 replies] Last: that's bad code. get a better book. (by anup30)
cell phone code issue
Hello All, I have been working on this for two nights. I need to ask a user for the month by name a...
[4 replies] Last: Okay That works.. Now I just need to figure out how to get the case s... (by Gmoney2015)
Case switch question .
Write your question here. Why is it that I can only input four letters in a case. it only allows ca...
[7 replies] Last: Most certainly welcome.. (by megatron 0)
Help implementing AI and Shadow in Maze Game
Hello, I need some help with the psuedocode for an AI in a Maze game. I have all the functionali...
[2 replies] Last: The ghost must now ignore walls Based on the code we've been worki... (by AbstractionAnon)
Accessing vector of tupels element by position
Couldn't not find anything about it on the net, so I would like to ask how to access a specific elem...
[1 reply] : std::get<1>(Vector ) (by MiiNiPaa)
compare one character with an array of characters
Q. How do I compare one character with an array of characters ??? for example I have an array of...
[6 replies] Last: Then you will need to setup loop and replace characters manually. (by MiiNiPaa)
string to the first three charcters from char array into string array?
[2 replies] Last: Did you check the reference pages? Several ways to do it: 1) Use... (by AbstractionAnon)
function pointers
Hi all, is it possible to store a class member functions in a container like inside a map then call ...
[12 replies] Last: i'll laugh at myself , av never heard of that , thanks for the insight... (by andy1992)
by thor36
Creating several instances of an object during program run
Greetings all I have a question regarding dynamically allocating new instances of objects during th...
[13 replies] Last: Thor36 , the answer to your original question is that either (1) you ... (by dhayden)
by MRQ1
C++ knowledge required to start graphics programming
Hello everyone. I have been learning c++ for some time now. I am using two books c++ how to program ...
[2 replies] Last: to learn SDL/SFML basic C++ knowledge of this site's tutorials are eno... (by anup30)
"return 1" in conditional statements
Hello. What does "return 1" do in conditional statements or (recursive) functions?
[2 replies] Last: "return 1" it basically depends on the context of usage for exampl... (by andy1992)
by VVS
if statement code
I have to write a program that asks the user to input length, width, and height and then the program...
[1 reply] : Boolean And (&&). When you have two condition expressions, cond1 and ... (by keskiverto)
by naama
hi I need recomandation for a good c/c++ workspace. thanks for all halpers
[1 reply] : Ive been using Visual Studios 2013 for months now, and I really like i... (by TarikNeaj)
by VVS
fixing a messed up program
so my professor sent us a program with a bunch of mistakes that we have to fix and explain why. i un...
[1 reply] : que 1 why would we declare calPerimeter as a variable but then also d... (by MiiNiPaa)
Closing Program Problem
I am trying to write a program to search for a number in an array through binary search but when I b...
[1 reply] : When you call search, you pass number to search for instead of size of... (by MiiNiPaa)
Pointer arithmetic problem
I'm stuck at pointer arithmetics. I'm looking to move to the value that "poly_pow" and modify it. Bu...
[6 replies] Last: Let that be a lesson to you. Pointer math is pretty much always the w... (by Disch)
Question from a student.
[2 replies] Last: @ats15 (Edit: thanks for at least trying. Sorry if I didn't explain my... (by CodeisHell)
error C2664: 'system' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'class std::basic_string<char,struct std::ch...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, (by Devilester)
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