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Taylor Series Expansion: cos(x) range issue
I have been able to compile with g++ and run this code for a range of degree values -95<x<95, but an...
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how do calculating the avg?
How do i calculate the avg i got and divide by the number of students that read from a file? without...
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Hex editor
Hi. I've got a project to do but can't get through with some things. My program so far takes a...
[17 replies] Last: It works as it should now. argv file name argv -d destionation argv... (by kubanm3)
Area of a Shape
So I wrote my code out and when i compile it, it says that calcArea is not declared. Can somebody he...
[2 replies] Last: Line 5: calcArea() is undefined. Because calcArea() follows main, you... (by AbstractionAnon)
My program is supposed to print all numbers smaller than user-inputted number 'n' which are palindro...
[2 replies] Last: Line 5: m is an uninitialized (garbage) variable. Line 11: You're o... (by AbstractionAnon)
vector as a pointer using struct C++
Personal contribution. Can a vector act as a pointer ? The answer is yes, look at the first an...
[11 replies] Last: Oh yes, I mean using a pointer that exists in a struct, and then point... (by Kourosh23)
Passing an object with long lifetime
Is there a way to make sure that you can't do this Add(Vector2(100, 100)); but instead onl...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you so much. That was great ! Appreciate the help. (by Fantasy)
by pumzye
Dynamic Array and For Loop not working
Hello Guys My dynamic array is not picking up the number of students entered and working out max...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks for the help, rather new to this (by seasickmama)
by Fyuran
Custom iterator issue
Hello, I'm currently reading up Bjarne Stroustrup, Programming principles and practice using C++ on ...
[3 replies] Last: If you have reached chapter 20 of Stroustrup's book, having worked thr... (by JLBorges)
by shw92
Alignment Problem Output Columns
I'm having trouble aligning the second column (prices) on my code. cout << fixed << setprecision...
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undefined reference to 'timeGetTime@0'
I'm in trouble at finding the proper library for timeGetTime() function. When i try to run it, it gi...
[11 replies] Last: Ok, thank you! (by Yoooooo)
for loops vs for each loop vectors C++
Personal contribution. Using for each loop is a common task when you do not want to create an index...
[5 replies] Last: http://en.cpprefe... (by TheIdeasMan)
How do I show decimals when dividing?
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a, b, operation; float answer; ...
[7 replies] Last: Although if a and b were double to start with .... then life would b... (by gunnerfunner)
Prime Numbers C++
The following program checks for prime numbers except 4. 4 is not a prime number, but it says it is ...
[15 replies] Last: Actually none of last 3 programs are correct. If you run them it shoul... (by TheIdeasMan)
Using round()
So i have a program that calculates an equation and my result is for example a decimal number like 1...
[4 replies] Last: is there anyway of doing it without iomanip, or setprecision() ive f... (by integralfx)
Login program with warning :(
Guys Im trying to make a login program wherein there will be a warning in each attempt and I only ha...
[6 replies] Last: Oh sir integralfix thank you for your help I am now able to run the pr... (by deleon123)
Compare two strings
I am trying to write a code that you input one persons DNA then another Person's DNA and it scores i...
[7 replies] Last: What type of loop would I use to do that? a for loop? Whichever loo... (by integralfx)
No errors but code will not run
I get no errors, the code runs and then this weird screen pops up. can anyone help me with this prob...
[1 reply] : interest = (*deposit) * (*intRate); //Line 6 double *intRate = 0; /... (by integralfx)
Functions not running/passing values in way intended
Hello, I am a beginner to C, and this is my first post on this forum. Any guidance would be great. I...
[3 replies] Last: Marking this as solved! void displayResults(int status, string phoneN... (by CisntEZ)
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