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by id10t
Nested Class Question
Hey Folks, I need some help again. We have an assignment that is incorporating both nested classes a...
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need help with errors in my code
so i am basically doing an assignment priority queue using heap these are instructions for every co...
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by s8050
How to run more than one function at the same time?
I am a beginner in C++ and I barely make simple console applications and now I could make a music fo...
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by koopey
string.find method problem
hey guys. this segment of code tries to store input from only inside <body>stuff to be strored </bod...
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by iahmed
terminate called after throwing an instance of std::bad_alloc
Hi... I am facing the current error since last few days and fighting with it to resolve the problem...
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General Question about prog/job math
What is the most important math skills for a programmer.In other words, if I was to expand my math s...
[4 replies] Last: Vector math and matrices if you're planning to do any physics/graphics... (by cnoeval)
by erfa4n
problem with Date function(help pls)
hi friends i want to write a date function that Receipt a number ( for example 1267859 ) and turn ...
[2 replies] Last: look with this function we turned a date to DAYS...this function show ... (by erfa4n)
by HelenI
If and else if
is that correct? void main(){ if(....){ } else if (....){ } else if (...){ statef () } ...
[3 replies] Last: also I missed the semi-colon... statef() should be statef(); ... (by programmer007)
by HelenI
Function and While Help
Hello, can i put a function in a while that's in a function...... void main(){ while(......) ...
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RunTime Error not working....
Hey guys,I was writing a sample program that uses the try and catch block(actually I was trying to l...
[1 reply] : #include<stdexcept> See: (by coder777)
object oriented inheritance
EXAMPLE OF INHERITANCE //Base class class Hotel { public: void setName(string hotel_...
[1 reply] : Do you have a question? And no: that's not useful inheritance. (by coder777)
Adding Functionality to Classes
I'm not grasping how to go about this, any help would be appreciated... thank you! Exercise 12.0...
[1 reply] : Read this: http://www.... (by coder777)
End of file loop problem?
Hi guys. I'm in just an introductory c++ class. A few weeks ago we had a project where we had to wri...
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by ozzone
Help with ERROR
Hello, Im having trouble running my program because of this error. Does anyone know how to fix ? ...
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Creating a Phonebook program using classes
Hello everyone, second semester CS student here need some help with a programming assignment that I ...
[1 reply] : Posting your code on the forums would make people more likely to help ... (by fg109)
I want to get ride off lists and vectors in this program i also dont want to use classes
I want to get ride off lists and vectors in this program i also dont want to use classes,just want t...
[1 reply] : Why? -Albatross P.S. Those strings you're using on lines 7, 9, 10, ... (by TheRabbitologist)
Word Counting with 2 input files & Array
My first post here! For this problem, I have to have two text files: one for list of words that nee...
[7 replies] Last: Do not loop on eof, like you do on line 49. Loop on the input operatio... (by LB)
Grade Distribution
One last part of my program is to do grade distribution and display it along with starts. I have no...
[6 replies] Last: The values that are different should be arguments to the function. (by Duoas)
FSM using table lookup
My question is more a general question. My assignment is to code a FSM using a table look up. We ar...
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by s8050
Is there a way to make simple tones in simple console app?
Hi It's my first year in learning C++. I just make simple console applications. and I would love t...
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