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by Varius
Trouble Printing Individual Array Elements
I am attempting to print the array to the console, while having different characters in the array pr...
[2 replies] Last: I'll give that a try. Thank you :) This was meant to be a 15 minute te... (by Varius)
Multiple file programs for implementation of classes
Hello, My book is demonstrating how to make multiple file programs for the implementation of obje...
[6 replies] Last: Okay! Thank you very much cire. :) (by heyyouyesyouiloveyou)
Make changes to push function
Hi everybody, I am now doing a lab assignment that uses this push funcion, and I'm having trouble un...
[2 replies] Last: The syntax for new isn't correct at lines 5 and 6. example: int * p... (by Chervil)
Truncation and floating?
Hi! I need urgent help with a code where I frind the product of 10, 100, 1000, and 10000. So the act...
[6 replies] Last: He could have used int, which is faster. For a single calculation l... (by Chervil)
by venros
C++ Vector of Object Pointers- Destructor not working
Hi guys, I have a vector that is holding pointers to 7 objects, but my destructor does a single del...
[15 replies] Last: This is patently untrue. The "owner" of the object is responsible for... (by Gkneeus)
What is the difference between friendship and inheritance?
Seriously, what's the difference between class A { A() { } friend class B...
[6 replies] Last: What's the difference other than the fact that friends The real ques... (by cire)
Where can I get C++ assignments?
Hello everyone! I've been re-studying C++ for two weeks and I have some experience in programmin...
[3 replies] Last: Or if morse code is too hard, just do something like you type in somet... (by BobTheZealotIsEpic)
Is my code written correct ?
I am new to pointers... I am just interest if my code is written correct. I know it has calculator (...
[2 replies] Last: I do know that you can make it simpler, tho I used function because of... (by jakvrh1)
by zionet
Algorithm Flood fill.... CODE?
Pleas code Algorithm Flood fill... No Objects No Class Yes Fuctions Yes STLs
[1 reply] : Errrm NO. I am not going to write this for you. How about try yours... (by Softrix)
Polyamorphic functions and compiler errors
Book I'm working from had me input a polymorphic function code. Got it in word for word, but I'm get...
[1 reply] : declarations vs definitions, find the difference: int Double(int); in... (by MiiNiPaa)
New to c++, program issue
Trouble getting my program to display the tournament winner with the winner's average score. My inst...
[2 replies] Last: Ok thanks, I got it to show something other then 0. However, now its s... (by PATBALM)
by ad29
Error Message...
Got an error message (commented below) any help would be appreciated thx #include <cstdio> #i...
[1 reply] : srand() and rand() are 2 different functions. You are attempting to u... (by Disch)
C++ VisualStudio 2010 express Error
I am working on project and have this error how do I fix it ? // projone.cpp : Defines the e...
[1 reply] : A console application shouldn't have #include "stdafx.h" . Make s... (by Softrix)
Program 14
Getting error when trying to compile a program that converts yen, euros and pounds into dollars. ...
[5 replies] Last: Ok thanks wildblue and a k n. I will try to keep that in mind. I shou... (by pacman169)
GCD program
We need to write a program that computes the GCD of numbers using Euclid's algorithm. Heres what I h...
[4 replies] Last: Ok. Thanks. I changed my program and here's what I have now. Rather th... (by closed account DzyTC542)
by ad29
Why aren't cin>> and cout<< working?????
Don't know why this stuff isn't working. I'm just starting to create my project but my simple test i...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks so much! (by ad29)
How to use isalpha() function?
Hey guys, I was wondering whether you should use the int data type or char data type when using ...
[9 replies] Last: Well, the code I suggested will read just a single character. If the u... (by Chervil)
by h4ever
why strncpy fails?
If I run the function and strncpy the program breaks. I cannot find out why. The char * var is "". T...
[2 replies] Last: I have solved it with this function: /* Written by Niels Möller <ni... (by h4ever)
The problem with the following code is that both the if and else statements get executed for every c...
[1 reply] : > both the if and else statements get executed for every case. Look th... (by ne555)
what is the difference between class and array?
Hi, i m new to the c++ and trying to identify How does an array differ from a class? Thanks ...
[1 reply] : those are two entirely different concepts, if you don't mind me asking... (by Gkneeus)
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