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by csharp
help with writing a class
Hello, I have updated my question now I am writing class to do a transaction it does what I want b...
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by Ion93
Penny Program
Ok so this is a loop that shows how many pennies a person will have everyday for a total of 64 days....
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Making a Table while reading in data
Hello, For an assignment i need to make a neat table to organize my data. The data needs to be re...
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im a little lost on this
what does this (%) stand for i have 2 different codes with it in there cna u tell me what it means i...
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by cm93
Project Help please. C++ beginner.
I have this school project I've been working on most of the day. It'll be easier if you read the wh...
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by Ganado
Include guard definining 1
Just wondering what subtle differences could arise, if any, from doing #ifndef _GLIBCXX_QUEUE #de...
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Code Review - FileHandler class
Hey guys, I've been working on version 2 of my FileHandler class. I haven't implemented the read ...
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Add command line switches to console application
I have made a small app that is menu driven; so when the program launches it looks like the code sni...
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Best compiler for c++ primer plus?
Hi, im learning c++ right now from the book c++ primer plus and I am using dev c++ to practice th...
[1 reply] : Dev C++ is fine if you are using latest Orwell version and not outdate... (by MiiNiPaa)
Corrupted Heap, trying to make custom vector
Solved: I did not have a operator= for my customvector, because when I copied the Person (which at t...
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by Jhub
logical operator problem
At the end of my code (ex. 2) I am trying to have the user input scores and then a -1 to end. The o...
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What's wrong with this code?
This is code for determining the type of a triangle. I need help with it- what's wrong? #include ...
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Program compiles but does not run
I made a program that does basic math operations but will not run. When i hit compile it tells me th...
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Design a circuit Help??
Design a circuit to distinguish all prime numbers that less than 16. Show me your circuit and logica...
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C++ SUM - I can not finish it...
Hello, can somebody help me? I need 20(summ)k=0 for 0.1(pow k) / k! in: DEV CPP for faktorial I ha...
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by cute
C++ reading from .txt file
Hello, I am having trouble with finding the running total in a .txt file. I am asked to add up al...
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How to add an extra 1 to the first and an extra 0 to the last of bitset?
I've written the following code using bitset.I want to add an extra 1 to the first and an extra 0 to...
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How is my logic wrong for array use?
SO I am trying to break a 3 digit number up into 3 seprate pieces and having them coming out as a s...
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Error with output
Hello everyone, new to the forum. I was trying to complete an assignment but I just can't figure out...
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Separate scores into rows
Hello, what i'm supposed to do is open a file with some scores in it, and then: 1. Find the averag...
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