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Erasing front of string
I need to read in from a file that looks like: 1: Name 12: Name 123: Name . . . 12343: --End of Dat...
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Why is this the output?
Hi :) I understand if this is something no one might want to help with. But I was hoping to get a cl...
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Private vs. Public data members
Hi everyone, It seems that there are more or less strict rules about whether to keep data members...
[1 reply] : isn't it as risky and error prone to give access to data through func... (by AbstractionAnon)
animate function Jquery
I am trying to write a program to create a carousel of images. I understand the animate function, b...
[1 reply] : Hey infinitesimalGuy, If the heading and the code do not tell you wha... (by Handy Andy)
Text Adventure Movement
I've been trying to make a text adventure game where your position is determined by a changing varia...
[2 replies] Last: You start with V = 0 (which should be an int). If you move NORTH, V be... (by AbstractionAnon)
how to use dlopen with C++ class object
I have shared library that has class and class methods I want to load this shared library at run ...
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by JJ2828
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How to sort a list with objects.
Hi guys, I have a problem, I wanted to sort the numbers of ingredients. I tried several methods but...
[7 replies] Last: [quote=TheSmallGuy]P.S : std::list::sort() does not seem to be well su... (by keskiverto)
by mwapy
This was simple in Fortran, but...
I am new to C++ and can't seem to resolve these issues. Part 1: Need to get DIFFERENT inputs,...
[8 replies] Last: If you have multiple values (perhaps runtime-determined amount), then ... (by keskiverto)
Trouble seperating file into multiple classes
I'm trying to separate this program into different files: bike.cpp, bike.h, wheel.cpp, wheel.h. If ...
[5 replies] Last: Either you have put main in the wrong file (it should be in what is c... (by keskiverto)
Cant understand why formula wont work
I'm trying to write a program that returns the Artithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic mean of 5 intger...
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by JayneL
Calculating discounts and totaling - undeclared errors
I am working on the following practice project for C++, VS 2010 - Write code for the following ...
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2D array of zeros
I want to create a 2D array of zeros. Can I do this or do I need to use a loop? int numbers ...
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Need help!
I am currently working on a code for a class I have and have been reading the text book and searchin...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the Help I actually found out the answer myself. I had to s... (by KnowAlotOfNothing)
Entering a certain amount of values in array
I am trying to enter at least 5 and not more than 10 values in an array. When the user enters -1, th...
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Yes/No questions with If/Else and char
Hi! Obviously Im pretty new to this but I would really appreciate some help. My assignment is ...
[2 replies] Last: The closing brace at line 19 matches the opening brace at line 6. They... (by Chervil)
by st4evr
Program Struct Of Addresses Call Array Into Function
Hello everyone, Beginner C++ student here starting to learn different ways of using arrays and a ...
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Recursive algorithm for the minimum
Hello, I tried to create a recursive algorithm for finding the minimum but it does not work, I do no...
[2 replies] Last: I do not understand what the problem is. On your first call to Minim... (by keskiverto)
Calculate the next sum recursive
Hello I have to calculate the next sum recursively : S= 1! + 1/2! + 3! + 1/4! + 5! + 1/6! + ........
[3 replies] Last: [quote=thedoctor2707]So? what should I change ? Lets start with some... (by keskiverto)
by louser
Adding Arrays to existing code
Hi all, I hate to ask a homework related question but I am stumped and can't figure out how to ad...
[10 replies] Last: @louser Maybe this will help. I added in arrays for your customer, fo... (by whitenite1)
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