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Pulling info out of a user input array.
I think I have most of this fairly close. I am trying to pull out the average, which I am getting, ...
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ios::binary not working
I've started getting used to working with files, and have just learnt about the modifiers I can give...
[3 replies] Last: Well, not all files are ordinary text. For example there are images *.... (by Chervil)
Private Static Variable Initialization (redux)
This is actually an added answer to a closed question. TaylorCoons8798 wrote this: http://www....
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by nish97
Problem with While Statement
I'm new to C++ and only been learning it for 3 days and so don't know all the syntax but I have a pr...
[1 reply] : Line 9: You want an and condition (&&), not an or condition. If fri... (by AbstractionAnon)
by send
Falling grain animation in grain sorter
So i do understand and made 3d object. But what about the falling particles (corns)? Here is fine ex...
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Re-call Variable from "If-Else" Statement
So, I'm trying to make this menu application w/o using objects for practice, but I have an issue but...
[12 replies] Last: Sorry for the somewhat late reply, and thanks Dput. All of your code w... (by nsahawks7)
by Peds
Logarithmic Size Bins
I have a file containing data for a large number of particles (approx 10^8), that need to be put int...
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Files (stucturing my code for optimisation)
Hi, Again, thanks for any and all help given! I am new to C++ and come from a background of VB...
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by yepMe
Doubt in default constructor
Hi everybody, I have started studying thinking in c++ , in the chapter "Initialization and cleanu...
[4 replies] Last: It is good especially for larger objects, which are going to be initia... (by NT3)
How can I use this C++ code with vector?
I am having hexconvert function which takes hexadecimal string as input and converts it into the byt...
[5 replies] Last: Almost exactly the same as you have there. After all, vector was desig... (by NT3)
by gingy
Primary Expression Error When Passing An Array Through Parameters To Another Function
I'm making a proof of concept program for what will basically be a base model for shops in a game I ...
[2 replies] Last: This resolved the issue. Thanks for the advice, I greatly appreciate i... (by gingy)
by h4ever
how to get length of string in vector?
I cannot find out how to get lengh of the string which is referred by (*it). sizeof((*it)) or length...
[4 replies] Last: Now it works, int length = (*it).length(); I already tried before bu... (by h4ever)
by mehak
reference issues
We cannot apply arithmetic operations on a reference then how cum the follow code runs without error...
[2 replies] Last: @mehak this is what you are doing: #include <iostream> using namespa... (by Atyab)
C++ Program That Reverses A Word/Sentence
Write your question here. Hello everyone i was tasked to write a program that takes a word/sentence...
[3 replies] Last: string reverseWords(string str) { int posStart=0,posEnd=0; v... (by closed account j3Rz8vqX)
Programming Systems - QT or Vis Stu 2013 Exp
Hi, Firstly, thanks for any and all help given in advance. I have written our back office syst...
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Guitar fretboard program
I have been trying to learn c++ for a few months now and all i have been really doing is reading and...
[3 replies] Last: Problem solving and finding algorithms that work comes with experience... (by xismn)
Help with classes
I am getting a long error when I try and compile my multiset.cpp file. Something about the vector I ...
[5 replies] Last: You need to #include <string> in Item.h , although I don't know if ... (by cire)
by mehak
static member functions,this pointer
this pointer is created whenever a member function is called.When a member function is called t...
[3 replies] Last: i jus wanted to confirm if its correct (by mehak)
by h4ever
iterator and for loop
Can you help with this? I am having loop where I am parsing argument. My problem is that I don't kno...
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by mehak
increment operator
initially a=0, ++a increments a to 1 and --a decrements it to 0 so x will be equal to zero..accor...
[1 reply] : Lines 6 and 7 are undefined, the output is arbitrary. There's a summa... (by Cubbi)
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