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can someone please tell me how functions work??
i am teaching myself c++ and i thought that when i pass an argument to a function it supposed to use...
[1 reply] : nvm ignore me, i figured it out (by HotaLIsa)
Marking a space on a Minesweeper grid
This is a HW question but I do have most of the code created just hungup on one detail. For the "Mar...
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help regarding sorting strings
i am trying to read a file and sorting it alphabetically, i do not know how to tackle this issue. ...
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error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion
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need help with class constructor!
I am trying to test to see if one of my constructors is working. It reads in a string that looks lik...
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by kalrin
program help
hi guys i am unable to make my second function work... i know that i am doing something wrong with t...
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looking for help
write a program that contains the following menu and programs within menu: 1) my information 2) m...
[1 reply] : This is not a homework site. Show your work, answer what problems do y... (by chicofeo)
by tnt980
Need help with tic tack toe cant get it to say player wins
// Constants for the rows and columns const int ROWS = 3; // Constant Size of Row is 3 const int...
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Logical error with counter
I have a logical error with my code but I cant find it and no matter what I change its like going ar...
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Sorting Algorithms
I'm having trouble using these different sort methods after I call the bubble method at the bottom i...
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Conversion Error W/ Multidimensional Array
Hello, I just made a cplusplus account. I was having an error when I was backtracking my teacher's e...
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Cpp games
okay so we know too many games are created with C++ but i have 1 problem. i have got San Andreas op...
[2 replies] Last: i have wait for long days and i didnt get an answer please help mee T... (by armando2)
pointer and cstring array
If I have a cstring array char *a ; how do I make a={"aA", "bB"} character by character. In another ...
[2 replies] Last: Well, I mean array of cstrings. If char a ="helloXworld" , then I wa... (by heyhelloworld)
Output file only has first value
Hey everyone I'm trying to open a file and then output the data from the file to a new one. Unfortun...
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by DY8
Need help
Input: A file contains up to 200 test scores ranging in value from 0 to 100; the last entry in the ...
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Random number generator
is it possible to create a random number generator for a given range without repeating number and wi...
[2 replies] Last: Yes it's possible: - Pick a random number from that range - Remove tha... (by Smac89)
Binary Search/Sort Help
[1 reply] : You are missing the names to be sorted by the bubble sort an... (by Smac89)
reading a file and sorting it alphabetically
hello there, i am trying to read a file and sorting it alphabetically, i do not know how to tack...
[2 replies] Last: thank you for your help. so i tried this one and it did not work: ... (by sdarifi)
Memory leak during dynamic allocation of array of pointers
First post here, I'm completely stuck on this problem so I hope someone can help me out. I've searc...
[2 replies] Last: *edit* Nevermind, your suggestions worked! Thank you so much. My pr... (by CosmonautRoger)
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