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I'am student in the univercity my qustion is how can i initialize stds array to print the inform...
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by nut
Need help with if/else statement formatting
So basically, I am trying to write a program that calculates the price per unit and percent off per ...
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Hey guys, need some help with code. Have to print "error" if user inputs float/double number inst...
[1 reply] : What have you tried? Show us some code that illustrates the problem an... (by jlb)
can someone give me some questions on loops?
i need to practice "while loop" and "for loop". can someone give me around 10-15 questions? please d...
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delay program
how to use delay in c++ ?
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View string from a certain offset in a file
Hello everyone, I been practicing with the filestreams in c++ and I can successfully get the string ...
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by iR3MiX
Need Help w/Return Value Function
Hi, I'm trying to write a program that basically rolls some dice "behind the scenes" and outputs to ...
[7 replies] Last: Wow thanks for all the help everyone, and for the comments! I get why ... (by iR3MiX)
I need to create two functions, the first one must sequence a number. Ex n=6, output 123456.Right no...
[1 reply] : Hi, Can you explain why your code produces the numbers in reverse? W... (by TheIdeasMan)
Adding Constructors using operators overloaded
SO i want to add the default constructor and the generic constructor or at least keep changing the ...
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Help with a password validator.
In writing my code for this function, the password always returns as failed-- so it's looping infini...
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Theatre ticket codes
hello i m writing basic theatre ticket program. While writing now i can't solve one problem. When pr...
[1 reply] : Use a char arrays instead of an int arrays at lines 14 and 19. line 1... (by dhayden)
Need help stopping a while loop
So I am reading in a file with a while loop. at the end of the file it reads END. My while loop prin...
[4 replies] Last: @Ericool Don't loop on EOF! The flag isn't set until you try to read s... (by NT3)
can someone give me detailed explanation on the while loop?
Don't explain "For Loop" and "Do While" loop. Just need an explanation on the simple "While" loop an...
[11 replies] Last: sorry for the late reply, i did figure out how to solve it :D (by kamilhassaan)
Calling 2d array in main
I am trying to call two 2d arrays of unknown size into the main but I keep getting a compiler error ...
[1 reply] : the Gauss function is expecting to receive an array with Nx100 size fo... (by Lorence30)
by Dkob1
Constructor C++
When does a constructor always run? Which constructor is called when a class array variable is d...
[1 reply] : A default constructor runs when you create an instance from a class. U... (by pearlyman)
Copying between two-dimensional dynamic memory
I need to write a program that will read in an unlimited number of names that are an unlimited numbe...
[1 reply] : sizeof(temp2) is only the size of the pointer. If you want to copy t... (by coder777)
Newbie Working on a Numerical Conversion File
Hey there everyone! I'm a newbie here, just started coding with C++ a few weeks ago since we started...
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by Navu
Error in Circular Queue
I am not getting any error in the code below but the output is not as desired; that is, when I inser...
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by Dkob1
Arrays & constants
In good coding practice, how are named constants and arrays related? Why is this good?
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Error No matching function to call
I've been working on my first experiences with functions and from my textbook I believe that this vo...
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