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by brekki
Creating a program that ignores string input/reprompts user for correct input
I'm very new to C++ and am working on writing an extremely simple calculator program that takes two ...
[4 replies] Last: Templates are pretty simple, you could watch a 3 minute youtube video ... (by DomBavetta)
save variables
Hi everybody, how can I save a struct data in a file in a specific directory. I defined a stru...
[1 reply] : It sounds like you want to write the information to a file before clos... (by PrivateRyan)
Displaying only certain values in a loop
I've been writing a program that calculates the natural logarithm of 2 for the user. It prompts for ...
[2 replies] Last: I'm having trouble getting the right output, tried both methods and it... (by tmcrdy11)
Error 1 error C2373: 'strange' : redefinition; different type modifiers
I am having trouble with debugging this program, it keeps saying that 'strange' is unresolved extern...
[3 replies] Last: one more thing... int strange (int x, int y);// <-- remove semicolo... (by wildblue)
by danzal
Error for my project
i got 2 errors 1>c:\users\y410p\desktop\c++ programs\chapter 3\chapter 8\asds\project eye\fulllog...
[4 replies] Last: VIEWPATIENTSRECORD ends at line 126. Then you have a bunch of code at... (by AbstractionAnon)
SOCKADDR_IN data type conversion
Im using sockets, but I have a problem entering the IP adress. I want to enter an IP adress by numbe...
[2 replies] Last: Hmm, I used what you did but now im getting complicated errors.. lemme... (by user123)
Displaying jpeg image in c++ through win32 API
How to dispay jpeg image in c++ through win32 API I've been surfing and scouring on the internet bu...
[1 reply] : You can use Gdi + functions to convert the image: http://msdn.microso... (by coder777)
Printing vectors stored in another vector
I have a base class "Employee" that has two child classes "Manager" and "Salesperson". In the Employ...
[3 replies] Last: Your design is really confusing. Why do you have a staff_list in Emplo... (by Nikko YL)
Fibonnaci Numbers in C++
Hi, how can display fibonacci numbers example is "2 2 4 6 8". user will enter starting number is "2...
[2 replies] Last: f n = f n-1 + f n-2 Therefore f 0 is congruent with f 1 Which m... (by giblit)
compiler question
I just started writing C++ and I'm wondering if there will be much difference between compilers or d...
[1 reply] : Neither Orwell nor Eclipse are compilers, they are IDEs. They both us... (by Disch)
help me. program dont work
i tried but its not working. help me #include<iostream.h> #include<math.h> #include<conio.h> #inclu...
[3 replies] Last: First off, I'd like to say, definitely a fan of the use of goto. I lov... (by Nohj)
[noob]undefined reference to error
I have been looking up on this one for long, but I couldn't solve it. What I have been trying to do...
[11 replies] Last: Yes! You were right! I did have those in the global compiler settings,... (by CPlahPlahLearner)
binary fstream read/write - string issues?
Hello again code monkeys, code lemurs, and coders of all species. My training has once again brought...
[6 replies] Last: Seeing you list those file types makes much more sense as to what a bi... (by Bad Reg)
Help with result of a function
I just starting writing codes and I'm having a problem getting results from functions. I have this f...
[3 replies] Last: the function outputs an integer: int fee(double x, int y) // ^ //... (by Disch)
by wharp2
Random number generator.
I was asked to display two hand of five cards with random cards in each using an array and a 2D arra...
[2 replies] Last: My problum right now is geting the random genorater to work. What's... (by xismn)
by wharp2
Random number generator.
I was asked to display two hand of five cards with random cards in each using an array and a 2D arra...
[2 replies] Last: Have you even tried to compile this? You have a number of compile err... (by AbstractionAnon)
by wharp2
making functions work together
so I was told to do the following: Reproduce the function isValidInt to validate the format for an ...
[13 replies] Last: I first need to make "isvaliddouble".... right? Yes. ... (by AbstractionAnon)
Help please!
I'm beginner and I don't know what is wrong with my code, please help me to solve this problem ...
[4 replies] Last: I solved a problem, thank you guys so much :D (by Sajko91)
How do I go about doing this?
I'm taking a class right now on C++ and I don't understand the next assignment. I don't know how to ...
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by Joe96
Repeating code
Hey, i made a code, and i would like to know how to repeat it without exiting, if i say M stating th...
[10 replies] Last: I might add a message to the user that they can stop the repeated ques... (by wildblue)
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