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Due soon! NEED assistance, please!
Hello. I am a beginner needing assistance. Below are the instructions, code, and errors. You are ta...
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by koopey
CSV-storing different parts(with a twist)
hi. thinking this for quite a time now. any help would be appreciated.question is: Write a progra...
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by ec456
help with average and classes
User enters # of exams, and score for each. I then get the average, but it outputs the #'s the user...
[1 reply] : How about this way... #include <iostream> using namespace std; cl... (by digital D)
Tracing this program with pointers?
Hi, Im trying to trace the following program (by hand) given in the tutorials section of this we...
[7 replies] Last: Quick note, "is assigned to" and "is set to" are opposites in terms of... (by LB)
Hello. I'm having trouble with my program reading through a txt file and breaking up the text file. ...
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Node Assignment
I have a node assignment that I'm having trouble with. Below are the instructions and the test code ...
[6 replies] Last: I don't know, lines 74 and 75 of what you posted before is the test fo... (by fg109)
Display an array as a pyramid
How do i get a 2D array to display as a pyramid? This actual program will read in a file (same numbe...
[8 replies] Last: Thanks for the help and patience, im not exactly c++ savvy. but im sti... (by confusedengstudent)
What's wrong with this code involving arrays?
My code is below: The basis behind it is very simple, we want the program to output 25 decimal numb...
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lowest value in league table
I'm having trouble with a program that creates a football league. The particular function I'm having...
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Improving program
So to start off this is a project for a class. The assignment is to explain what the code does and ...
[8 replies] Last: Then its alright :) Yes, You really dont want to use system pause, the... (by TarikNeaj)
Error C2512 - No Appropriate default constructor available, i thought i put on in help :( ???
So i keep getting this error and ive included a constructor i think, any help to fix this issue woul...
[5 replies] Last: Can you show how you are defined the constructor? (by Smac89)
Update Master File?
The program I am working on needs to read in a round file then create a master file. It then can ta...
[1 reply] : Check Aceix. (by Aceix)
BankAccount - need help with constructor and bool
do i need 2 constructors? and can a boolean function return both true and another variable? #...
[3 replies] Last: Time::Time() { hours = minutes = seconds = 0; normalize(); }... (by Lorence30)
by AceK
A little help with inheritance and a virtual functions
Hi guys, if you derive from a class, how do you ensure that when you override a virtual method for t...
[2 replies] Last: As @Smac89 demonstrates, you call the function itself but you prefix t... (by LB)
if condition - best practice?
Hello, New to C++, I am learning on this site and thanks to the forum. I am experimenting if statem...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you for your prompt replies LB, and Peter. Indeed, both need to ... (by I am learning)
Trouble Testing Classes
Hi- Working on an assignment that involves using to classes - one for the Points on a line and the o...
[1 reply] : I guess that the class Point is in it's own header. Use include guar... (by coder777)
help for task
Thank you soo much
[7 replies] Last: This is not a homework solutions site. We don't do immoral things like... (by LB)
Allowing my vector to iterate while both adding and removing values
Hi guys, I successfully implemented a system that allows bullets to destroy asteroids once they hit....
[2 replies] Last: Use an index in lieu of an iterator. (by cire)
by enemy
Copy constructor- object not declared???
Hello! Please, why is "another" not declared? I wanted to copy first object using copy constructor!...
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