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by bender
How to read into file and display file
Im trying to write a function for another program that reads the name, score and date to a txt file,...
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How can I create a vector and array of pair?
We can define pair as following but how to declare a vector and a array of pair? #include <ios...
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Newbie Query
Happen to have Visual Studio Team Suite 2008. Just above complete novice status and write to inquire...
[1 reply] : Start by updating to a compiler that is current. For instance, Visual... (by JLBorges)
Struct problems
I'm having some troble with structs. It says sword_rusted does not name a type; #ifndef ITEMS...
[5 replies] Last: tho i changed it to a class then you're doing this in c++. In that ... (by mutexe)
MIPS assembly
Write your question here. I'm coding MIPS on MARS 4.0.1 and I'm trying to add letter '1' into an ar...
[1 reply] : Hmm. Are the delay slots okay? Do you have the operands of sb set rig... (by dhayden)
Printing only a certain section of a binary tree
Hello, I am having trouble with setting up a program to output the data values along a binary tree b...
[5 replies] Last: You can simplify a little by removing the "id" parameter from allBut()... (by dhayden)
Instance of an instance
Any way to make an instance from another instance of a class? class CLASS [...] CLAS...
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Investment program
C++ is like Voodoo to me right now. I need help displaying an investment account for two separate pe...
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by clodi
how to break this down into more lines?
Hello, How can I break this down into more lines? It's too long but if I go "new line" anywhere th...
[2 replies] Last: it worked! thank you so much. (by clodi)
by KMagic
Using cin.getline() to get char array
I have a short code like this to test the use of cin.getline(). I declared a char array consisting...
[2 replies] Last: Because you need a spare character for "endline" symbol. (by MiiNiPaa)
stopping multiple assignments
I have the following code: char hit; // taking char insted of int because it will get com...
[3 replies] Last: what do you mean by 'later'? You can't push '12' into a char. You cou... (by mutexe)
HELP w/ loops
Need help to slow down this loop... #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; ...
[2 replies] Last: for(int j=10;j>0;j--) { cout<<j<<" "; Sleep(100);//milliseconds to sle... (by Funkist)
Can´t delete value from vector
I seem to do this right but I can´t delete the desired value from vector by cin. Don´t know why. W...
[11 replies] Last: No, its just an exercise i found in my book. Yes it calculates the ave... (by patriic48)
by Uruku
geometric series
I actually got this program working for what I need, but for some reason every time I try to rewrite...
[2 replies] Last: I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, I put up the code that works... no... (by Uruku)
C++ Core Language
I read that theres a difference in the c++ core language and the standard library. I am just curiou...
[1 reply] : I read that theres a difference in the c++ core language and the stan... (by MiiNiPaa)
by sya
help me please
why i cant get the answer?its different from what i calculate with the me please.....
[2 replies] Last: i got it...thanks a lot (by sya)
quick question of triangle shapes
Hey so I have a program that creates a triangle with a user input height. what I need now is to figu...
[2 replies] Last: thanks for the help man, I don't know why I was having such a hard tim... (by MrBond90)
data entry program help
Evert time I run this program, when I select the first option to add a user, it skips over one entry...
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by akai09
iteration logic help
hey guys i need help with iteration logic. i need help with 1-prints out the integers between 2 a...
[7 replies] Last: @akai09 Just as everybody else is saying p[lease show us the code you... (by kemort)
Problem with Total() function Depending on Amount of Numbers in File
The following code has been giving me much trouble. It is supposed to be a program which computes ...
[1 reply] : How big is the variable length array numberstorage that gets created a... (by pheininger)
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