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Pascal's triangle - program crashes at the end
Hi, i have built the following c++ program to create a Pascal's triangle. It works fine for a 5-row...
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Concordance Program
Hi! So what I need to do is write a program that reads in a file (Modest Proposal) and sorts all the...
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by isom03
Yo I need help!!!
In my class we had to be able to store chars, ints, and strings inside of both a string and an array...
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How to initialize a struct, which you need for a function as parameter, in the function signatur
Hi everyone, im wondering if there is something similar to java in c++ to create/initialize an obje...
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Store/Print Linked list
Am I not storing my linked list correctly? Or am I just not printing correctly? Can any direct me to...
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need help with aranging data from an in file
been working on a bank project for school that runs from files accounts and transactions im stuck...
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by dtb96
Help with basic recursive function? [C++]
Hello, I have a quick question, I just learned about recursive functions today and wrote this small ...
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File operations and structured data
Here's the software I wrote: Here's the...
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Reads in strings from a file
I have to modify a program that I wrote for my last code. I need to modify it so it reads in 20 stri...
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by dgadk
Reading a matrix into 2d array
Hi all. First off, this is for homework and I want to learn it on my own, but I could use some point...
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Print to Console from *.csv file
I was able to correctly parse an *.xml to *.csv. Now, I am attempting to print the contents of the *...
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by rabzzh
BubbleSort 2D array keeping rows together
hi, im having trouble sorting this array by Y from the highest to the lowest but i need to keep all ...
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Score Board Bubble sort issue
Write your question here. Hi, i have been given a task for my course to produce a leaderboard using...
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Use of comma operator
Reading up on the tutorial about the comma operator, what does it mean: When the set of expressio...
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by dep0
String Display
hello, i am a beginner in C++ and i am currently working with strings. My question is why when compi...
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How can I correct my code to successfully reverse the array?
Hi all, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what I'm doing wrong. I need to create a function ...
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Need help with C++ Code, getting errors
The purpose of this assignment is to overload the constructor, is equal to operator, and the equal t...
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Program that reads a list
The practice prompt is as follows: Write a program that reads the list /users/calendow/assignments...
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by ottob
Classes that work together
I am having to create a program and design a set of classes that work together to simulate a car’s...
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Problem with imputing anything that's not an int
So, I'm new to programing (this is my first year, just started college a few months ago) and I've be...
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