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Expanding an array
My problem is to take an array, expand it to double the size using a function, use that same functio...
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by Ch1156
How to link to libraries?
I need to link to GLEW and SFGUI libraries. SFGUI is a graphics library for SFML. I built SFGUI with...
[4 replies] Last: Yeah i'm using code blocks, the problem is i dont know what files i sh... (by Ch1156)
by Geriel
Getting the value of a variable from a file
I want to get the value of a variable from a file. How do I do that? ofstream file1; ifstream fi...
[2 replies] Last: I initialized it in my program. This actually just a part of the whole... (by Geriel)
Understanding key comparisons and item assignments for insertion sort algorithm
Where in this algorithm are key comparisons and item assignments made? void insertionSort(int ...
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by h4ever
CODE::BLOCKS IDE help - configuration
Hi, I statted to use code::blocks IDE but I cannot find out what I do wrong that compiler cannot fin...
[6 replies] Last: I sent the link already. This tutorial It i... (by h4ever)
Count repetitions of a substring in a string
I have written the following code. I have to count repetitions of the substring in the string. What ...
[1 reply] : You've defined count as an int. And no, you can't use an int as a f... (by cire)
Understanding sorting algorithms
For the bubble sort algorithm listed below, I don't understand at which step does a key comparison o...
[3 replies] Last: How about the same question for an insertion sort void insertionSort(... (by nileshjdarji)
Issue with removing the last character of a string
Hello all, I am currently writing a text box class for me to use with the library SFML. However c...
[4 replies] Last: Adding character with no previous chars: before: 0 after: 1 Adding ... (by URSvAir14)
by wka
map of classes
I am currently trying to learn some c++ coding. For my purposes I would like to employ maps, which h...
[4 replies] Last: thx. The quotation marks solved the issue (by wka)
What is this?
Can some one please tell me what does this code fragment mean? while (khi - klo > 1) { k =...
[8 replies] Last: > you changed the condition, originally it was a range [) Yes. Thank ... (by JLBorges)
Problem in solving even-odd number
You are given a nonnegative integer number. The number contains not more than 100 digits. Then you h...
[1 reply] : You only ever need to examine the last digit in a number to see if it ... (by LB)
Trouble with vectors
Hello, I'm teaching myself C++ and working through one of Stroustrup's books. I'm currently on t...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks I'll give these a try! (by bwienand)
How to read from another file
Hi guys, I'm currently studying from the book "Accelerated C++" and am stuck in this exercise "Pa...
[2 replies] Last: Ever think of downloading a dictionary file from the internet? Googl... (by AbstractionAnon)
Measure elapsed time for Bubble sort algorithm for multiple array sizes N.
Why is it outputting 0 as the time elapsed? #include <iostream> #include <time.h> #include...
[1 reply] : Use the more accurate C++11 <chrono> library: http://en.cppreference... (by LB)
Pls explain this program.. How will executed??
Write your question here. #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> class string...
[12 replies] Last: @ Disch : Good catch, I somehow forgot that C doesn't provide overloa... (by Computergeek01)
How to find the common digits in two integer?
Suppose I have two integer number 4578 and 5908. Now I have to find the common digits for these two...
[3 replies] Last: How many ways there are to do this? How many programmers are there?... (by AbstractionAnon)
Toggle feature. (includes SFML)
I have tried to make a toggle feature for a options menu. This is so when the user clicks on the spr...
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moving an object.
hello i'm here again. just wanna ask. on how to move an object in c++ ? and also how to change a...
[1 reply] : What do you mean by move? And for windows console apps, check: msdn.mi... (by Aceix)
by reefa
Sorting random number array into primes
Hey guys, new to this site so sorry for anything im not supposed to be doing. I have just started c+...
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by gingy
Function to Print Iterations of a List Not Doing So
I have a simple program that, for now, initializes a list of class objects with variables in the con...
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