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class and header
how can i access the functions in header to a class in main.cpp i mean what is the use of header...
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by clodi
Dynamic arrays VS normal arrays
When comparing multi dimentional arrays and vectors, nobody really seem to care for normal arrays. W...
[3 replies] Last: I think he means the stack. The size of the stack is usually quite sma... (by Peter87)
by clodi
2D lattice, quick question
Hello, I have to work with a 2D lattice. I have been storing it as a 1D array. Would storing ...
[8 replies] Last: Stack-wise / performance-wise and everything else-wise there is NO di... (by MiiNiPaa)
why delete cannot be applied to pointers that were created on stack. :) with regards, vishnu k.
[1 reply] : because there is no memory to free up. memory is only allocated on th... (by mutexe)
numbers, Positional notation, base conversion
hey guys! i want to write a code that makes it possible to convert bases in positional notaion of p...
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Need help with Functions
I have this homework that requires me to have five names and five heights that goes with the name. W...
[1 reply] : In line 72 of function average , you have the line int f, g, h, ... (by shadowCODE)
Random numbers - user input seed
For our class the teacher wants us to use a user input seed for the srand function,, but every time ...
[8 replies] Last: I am asking from awheel18 , because they seem to want that. (by keskiverto)
Can't see my error
Most likely its a simple mistake but as a beginner I don't see it. Maybe I did't pay attention in c...
[2 replies] Last: cout << sortDescending(theArray, 5) << endl; This line doesn't make... (by mutexe)
by Jon15
Global variable and separate files
I am supposed to calculate Euler's number in a separate file to a given tolerance and return it usin...
[3 replies] Last: Still getting odd answers for my couts though (by Jon15)
by cyter
conversion error
Why am I getting this error when I compile code? error: conversion from 'rectangle*' to non-scal...
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Need help combining while statements
I am taking my very first programming class and I hit a snag on my lab. The questions asks me to mak...
[2 replies] Last: Damn you for making it seem so easy! But seriously thanks for the help... (by luke6386)
Help needed with vector, list and array please (1,2)
I need to do the following 1. Define an array of ints with the ten elements { 0, 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7,...
[25 replies] Last: can someone please explain the for loops... (by anup30)
by bender
Getting Median From Array
I am trying to get a median from an array of which i do now know how many items are in it. I know I ...
[3 replies] Last: Is this related to this: Will be, after the array is sorted it shows... (by kemort)
difference between <int*> and <int>* with vector
What is the difference between the following lines of code? #include <vector> vector <int>*...
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C++ compiler
Where can I download Microsoft Visual Studio for FREE? I don't have any money that's why I need a...
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by bs319
Game using rand()
I had a lab where we had to write a program to simulate 10,000 duels for Aaron who hit his target wi...
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function calling, yearly calendar
I understand my start_day and num_day are undeclared right now. However, I am not understanding the ...
[8 replies] Last: is what i ended with and worked. int i; ... (by smokebaca)
Lab Help Please?
Hello, I am trying to program a simulation for a plasma cutter to cut circles but the results are no...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for replying to my question, but I think I've got it solved.... (by BigNoah)
Classes & Constructors Question: What am I missing?
Write a full class definition for a class named GasTank , and containing the following member...
[5 replies] Last: You declare a default constructor on line 7, but you do not appear to ... (by AbstractionAnon)
by bender
How to call a function
How do i call this function? It doesnt show up or i get errors void med(int howmany, int gra...
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