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passing arrays
Hello, I am just learning arrays, and I am having a hard time trying to pass the information between...
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streaming into string and char
i have a text file called numbers.txt with the following content: 4 a astring i want to stre...
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by xxvms
wrong result
Hi there I am playing with examples from book, I have modified one example and it does not provid...
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help with making pFile stops
hey there,thanks for everyone that helped me till now, even though i was not registered :P i have a...
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Issue with reading string into an array
Hello! I'm having some difficulty inputting names of strings into an array. I've tried both getl...
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by Kiryu
Improve chunk mesh generation time
Hey, I'm writing a minecraft-like game with OpenGL. As most of you will know, minecraft is split int...
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How to test part of the code without creating a new project?
I am using visual studio and creating a nontrivial project. There are many files containing many...
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How to read file into multimap containing numbers and string
I have text file containing several numbers and string text. I would like to read text file into mul...
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by xxvms
Hi there while I was playing with GCC version it turn out that version on my computer is with M...
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how to search a word in text file and print on screen
my question is simple .. how to program to search for a word in a text file that already exists ans...
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Console Based c++ ASCII game in UE4
Hey guys I'm currently creating a 3D game in UE4 where the player will interact with a terminal at a...
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Function for adding integers, that belong for the same string
Greetings, I need to make a program, that counts every integer, that belongs to the same string. ...
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by rufi0h
Password verification with special characters
Hello, I have written a code for class that stats that i need to take a string of passwords and run ...
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Regarding GTKMM User Interface
Dear All, My name is Deepak. I am new to this group. I have enough basics in C++. I am developing...
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by toklo
Linked List Problem
I'm having a small problem creating custom linked list. The List class contains an Iterator object a...
[3 replies] Last: Those kind of errors occur a lot when programming with c++ and it is r... (by benhart)
Hello! Our assignment is to write a TicTacToe game and determine if there is a win. Our proffessor s...
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giúp tin 4
#include <iostream>
[6 replies] Last: làm xong xoá topic ko ăn report =))) (by Remedy)
Arrays in a function
Hello everyone. I'm a newbie doing a distance schooling in basic C++ and I've hit a bit of a bloc...
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by jdeep
My code keeps crashing one line needs to be fixed
My code keeps crashing can someone fix it, it is from line 116. I put multiple asterisks where the p...
[5 replies] Last: Hello jdeep, In all your functions except "getName" you are using sub... (by Handy Andy)
Need some help
Hello, im new to c++ and i want to know how to slow program down? I want to slow it down for couple ...
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