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tolower not working
I am having a user input his selection from a menu. In order to prevent confusion when the user inpu...
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Hi everyone , so I'm new to C++ and i wrote a little code , I defined a function witch randomize som...
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2 Player Hangman code
Need help for Hangman Game 2player mode codes. Where the 1st player needs to type the word and the 2...
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Encryption Problem
I'm working on a machine problem that allows me to encrypt and decrypt messages using an array as th...
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Static Cast on Initialization
I'm brand new to C++(my only real programming experience is PL/SQL) and have been working through an...
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Can arrays return vectors?
What does it mean to have function that takes as parameters an array of int and the size of the arra...
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Telephone no.
Write a program that inputs a telephone number as a string in format 00920519085 and uses function ...
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how do i convert string to char
I am trying to take a word and only use the first letter, and then after the letter is converted i h...
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Flow control with structs
Hey. I'm having trouble with if else statements and using structs as the condition. Why does it not ...
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box office theatre program...lost
Task A: Write a function that has ONE parameter. At Pinocchio’s Marionette Theater, ticket pric...
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Need help with function
My Sign function is not displaying correctly. Could use all the help I can get. //Ask the user to...
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favorite game
what is your favorite game in the free time? I like this game Capsa Sunsu. I download it from Choili...
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Returning a sum, while not counting repeating values?
I am trying to add 3 values and return the sum, not counting any repeating values. I am trying to ge...
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Call matrix to fix into eigen matrix
I am computing eigenvalue and eigenvector for large matrix, then I found Eigen to solve the problem,...
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Sorting and Displaying Array Project
The assignment instructions were: Design a program that will input numeric data type double into an...
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Getting A Compiler To Work
As I get to the point in my education where tutorialspoint cannot do what my programs need to do, an...
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Class creation not working
I am required to create a Class named Employee which has 3 separate constructors. 1 takes in 5 argu...
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How would I use a function to return a random number? (1,2,3)
I just learned how to make random numbers with the code below. I also just learned about functions. ...
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by Kbott
Functions and Classes question.
So this is a build off another questions that I sorted out. I have a Point.cpp , Point.hpp LineSegme...
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by Kbott
Working with classes question
I am working on a project that has us working with classes and in the project we are using a .cpp .h...
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