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by roots
Passing data to a class.?.?
In a program I am editing there is a ProductionWorker class and an Employee class. Production Worker...
[13 replies] Last: So, looking at this: Create ProductionWorker object by passing all t... (by MikeyBoy)
Allocation Detail
I need to declare and initialize a vector as a field of a class named PixelOperator. There are 2 way...
[1 reply] : I need to call delete in the destructor of the class not if you use ... (by gunnerfunner)
by Grimes
Creating 2nd BST
I have to create a binary search tree that when the below code is asserted it passes. the issue that...
[1 reply] : I guess it is line 13? -> remove BST< Object >:: in front of the fun... (by coder777)
can i please get help with this code
Write a C++ program that lets the user play the game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” against the c...
[1 reply] : Sure what do you need help with ? (by SamuelAdams)
Having alot of Lists in a program
Hello guys, I wrote this program today that actually took a whole lot of time. However, i did use a...
[5 replies] Last: First off, I would like to apologize for the late reply My program is ... (by ahmedkhalifa)
Random number between 1-6
So I'm writing this program that let you roll a dice and show you the random number, but I want the ...
[2 replies] Last: Nothing more to add. Except maybe to use std::bind() from <func... (by boost lexical cast)
Roll a dice
So I'm writing this program that let you roll a dice and show you the random number, but I want the ...
[9 replies] Last: Well, I was trying to keep the OP's base design. Apologies! Couldn'... (by lastchance)
vector string order
My program is almost done, the only thing i need to do is order the names alphabetically as they are...
[8 replies] Last: //Aide pour vecteur #include <iostream> #include <vector> #include <s... (by yushi170)
Words in array
Hello I am a student in need of help. The problem I need solved is this: Input 20 words and then ou...
[5 replies] Last: Yes I have enablede support for c++11 thank you for the help! (by zerkas101)
multiplying two vectors
here is the thing i want to create two vectors and through "FOR" insert the values and then multiply...
[5 replies] Last: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it work's you saved my I almost lost my... (by spax1111111)
Couldn't figure out a way to make a functional fstream
Sorry I am just a beginner at C++! I wanted to print movie tickets which will include name, the movi...
[4 replies] Last: Try this tutorial. There... (by kemort)
Remove Duplicate Characters from Strings in an Array
I am trying to remove the duplicate characters from strings in an array. The strings were read from ...
[4 replies] Last: Removing duplicate characters from a string. #include <iostream> #i... (by boost lexical cast)
Keylogger output file
Currently mucking around with a keylogger. Looking at a few examples, I was just wondering, but why ...
[2 replies] Last: key_stroke is an int but is treated as a string. The programmer is a... (by coder777)
Randomizing sprite drawing in SFML
I have a spritesheet 900x100 pixels. Each 100x100 pixel block is a shape. I store it using sf::IntRe...
[3 replies] Last: I have another related question: Shape .setPosition(sf::Vector2f(192... (by ArmenHeat)
by wolfv
push_back() value into vector of vectors
How to push_back() value into vector of vectors? this gets compile error on line 16: #include <ve...
[4 replies] Last: Yes I know; I started example data with "1" to avoid missing leading z... (by wolfv)
by kmce
Delete an outfile
I am trying to delete an outfile, Ive never really used the inFile outFile stuff before, so not sure...
[6 replies] Last: working, thanks a lot :) (by kmce)
Reading a Value from a Text File
Hello: I would like to know how to read a value (for example, 7.050) from the text file: C:\...
[6 replies] Last: (by kemort)
Not getting Errors but keep getting BreakPoint
Hello, I am new to C++ programming, use this site everyday when coding and it is very helpful. I can...
[3 replies] Last: Only the first line needs to be changed. This is because new nee... (by mbozzi)
Can't find the bug. Please help me.
The error message is: ..\Playground\: In function 'int main()': ..\Playground\:105:14: error: e...
[1 reply] : This is why I prefer Allman style indentation over K&R or its variants... (by gunnerfunner)
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