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Modular GCD problem of codechef
Given integers A, B and N, you should calculate the GCD of A^N+B^N and |A−B|. (Assume that GCD(0,a...
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Error - attempting to reference a deleted function
I have an error related to class - I am using Visual studio - It is saying the class was deleted but...
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by AL88
Why is this returning 0 and not 30
Hi please explain why this is not returning 30 thanks #include<iostream> signed long Perimeter...
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the location of the maximum sum in a column
I need to add the columns and print which column had the maximum sum and the sum of that column. ...
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Storing random values in array
I want to store my values in myArray but when I print out my array ı get some numbers like -8453186...
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by ysf007
How to loop over pairs and odds in the same loop?
Hey, I question comes in mind is there any option to write a loop (for, while, do while) that al...
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by DTM256
Ws2_32.lib is not on my system
Hey guys, Both my work computer and home computer just doesn't have the Ws2_32.lib library. I've ...
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Using one one class' integer in a other class
I am trying to use one Class in a other one but it shows me an error code: E0077 First Class: cl...
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what is the "standard" practice for template definition location
I just figured out the hard way that I can't just put my template definitions in .cpp file as I woul...
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Trouble with double spacing any input text file
Hi everyone, I'm writing a program which will double space any given input text file. My code bel...
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Problem with reading and printing from a text file
Hi everyone, I'm trying to read in a file with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and print it. The problem ...
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Why aren't the doubles enabling their 14 point precision?
Write your question here. So, the purpose of my code is to not only print which numbers are bigger ...
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Codechef Users here will be Banned
This is Anoop Singh from Codechef, You all are cheating and not following the Codechef code of co...
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by SammyB
Averaging numbers in text file array
I am trying to get an output with averaging the numbers in a text file, but I keep getting a value o...
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additional Conditional Operations help
You create three string variables you assign values to when you create them. You then create 3 int...
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Reading date from file separated by 2 posible delims.
Hey, what is the best way to handle obtaining int array from file like this: 1,0.2,3,4 2,4,6,8.24...
[5 replies] Last: If you have unix utilities, you can preprocess the file to convert . t... (by dhayden)
Getting just value from function
so I have a function that is returning a value (the input from a user) but when I am calling this fu...
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by Ch1156
Using private variable from class without getters and setters (1,2)
I am trying to practice more on using classes and I have created a banking program but I need to sav...
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Web Form
How to write a web form in c++ cgi?
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Modular GCD problem of codechef
Have anyone got 100 pts in Modular GCD problem of Codechef. please Help to get 100 in it. link to ...
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