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Returning true vs returning 1, would this affect performance?
I'm grading someone's code. They are returning a bool but their code says return 1 rather than ret...
[3 replies] Last: In any case, the compilers aren't that dumb: this function compiles i... (by keanedawg)
Not repeating random numbers
Hi. So this is my working code. Only problem is, random numbers are occasionally repeating themselve...
[3 replies] Last: xismn, thanks for the reply. I will keep that in mind when programming... (by cpq2g1zw2)
by alitt
search by name problem
hey smart guys these are my codes and everything is work correctly just void search by name doesnt ...
[4 replies] Last: Actually you use strcmp() to compare two C-strings, not single charact... (by jlb)
by Omii
Hi all, well am new in programming, so their is some confusion in Array, well I wanna to insert New ...
[2 replies] Last: It stores original size of an array in the N variable (that is the fir... (by naaissus)
for loop help
[8 replies] Last: OKAY!! thanks man I finally understand it!!!! appreciate your time! t... (by johngillis)
How to keep answers from rounding?
This is my code, everything is working but my assignment wants for inputs 10, 56, and 33 to have a w...
[3 replies] Last: That did the trick! I'll keep that in mind in the future. Thanks. (by stealthboy)
by Cat32
sort an array of stings alphabetically
I need to sort an array of stings alphabetically. The trouble is I have no idea how to do that. I ne...
[2 replies] Last: You might start with a function to compare two strings and determine w... (by cire)
Equivalent Array's
My program is suppose to create a function that takes two array's and assigns them the same number o...
[1 reply] : If I understood you correctly, these two arrays are shift equivalent: ... (by naaissus)
Multiple inherance
Hey, I want to give an instance of the class c the y value of an instance of the class b. Who can ...
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Hello guys!I wonder if i could do something like if you press a key then make a sound with Beep() fu...
[1 reply] : I don't think there's a standard way to do that without pressing enter... (by Chervil)
Linked Stack Using class
I have made this program to illustrate the concept of Linked Stack //Push & Pop in Linked Stack...
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More Efficient Way?
Could use some help, I need the elements in the vector to be Unique(non repetitive) Im stuck ...
[5 replies] Last: > More Efficient Way? More time efficient (with a good hash function)... (by JLBorges)
Large Negative number or zero output on multiplication
Im creating a hexadecimal calculator (only does addition of two numbers) for a class and am running ...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <limits> int main() { std::cout << ... (by cire)
Help with reading in a line of string
Hello, Thanks for your help. line of code user enters: Hi + Henry = polite is it possible to stor...
[2 replies] Last: i need to store the operand for later use..because the user has the o... (by nameishi)
expected initializer before '*' token
getting error as-expected initializer before '*' token. <static NI_6289 *NI_6289_0;> ...
[3 replies] Last: What are you trying to do? Are you trying to create a static NI_6289-p... (by Moschops)
typeid and dynamic_cast implementation
Hi, as you see I'm having problems figuring out the implementation of these 2. I read on StackOverfl...
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Need help with reading from file line by line.
I have an assignment to create a quadratic formula program. I need to read from a file and calculate...
[1 reply] : To read a file line by line, you could read the entire line as a strin... (by Chervil)
What is the logic in finding the highest and lowest of n?
Okay so I have been learning C++(obviously beginner) for a few monthsand my Prof. gave me a problem ...
[1 reply] : Your code is good but you need to first enter q and then to check if i... (by naaissus)
Need help with struct and class
I want a complete example on the use of a struct inside a class. I want to know how to initialize it...
[14 replies] Last: Yes I want to initialize a value on line 11. I know you can use a cons... (by Stalker)
Help with free fall code (distance, velocity, etc.)
The goal here is to write a code that will calculate whether or not a water balloon can be dropped o...
[6 replies] Last: My opinion is that you should develop the algorithm first, then write ... (by mido70)
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