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by lekha
how is it calculeting..??
Greetings everyone... i would like to know how c++ is calculating this equations manually...?? ...
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by klay2
need help with if statements
I think the problem is that I'm comparing strings in the if statements #include <iostream> ...
[4 replies] Last: You can use && instead of two if statements. Also, once you find ... (by dhayden)
Any one?
If you have a numbers in columns and rows, and you know just the number of rows it is 4, so how you ...
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Rewriting depriciiated oststream implementations HELP!
I am editing a an old but very useful program from 1999. Please help me properly replace outdated pa...
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homework help please!
Hi everyone.. I need some help on a homework assignment. I have been reading on it and trying to cre...
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.f float suffix question
I'm trying to get my head around this piece of code, which demonstrates the use of integer literal s...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks Ganado. I wasn't relating it to binary, makes much more sense ... (by slouchcouchgamer)
2D Arrays in a Function
Hello, I am trying to create an AI Player for my Tic-Tac-Toe game, yet when I try to make the AI cha...
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by T4l0n
return struct function
i can't manage to return the naga.x value in the line 55 function #include <iostream> #includ...
[2 replies] Last: Your code copies newships quite a lot. Also, most of the functions wo... (by dhayden)
Truth Table [Help me]
Our teacher told us to make a program about truth table. condition 1 condition 2 false ...
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pointer to pointer to const
why this code is illegal ? int i = 10; int const *const cp = &i; int const **cp2 = &cp; //if ...
[3 replies] Last: int const *const cp = &i; You cannot change the pointer cp, nor the ... (by dhayden)
by vikk
Develop C++ program for Linux on Win7.
I need to develop a program targeted for Linux (Debial 2.2). I'm using a computer with Windows 7 (6...
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by eastw
Vector Iterator Not Incrementable
I try to store all generated value by pushing the values into vector. However I encountered a deb...
[5 replies] Last: because after this, pushing the values into a vector is done.. I will... (by eastw)
by skkwan
A small program about interest loan from bank.
Hi guys , I'm new to C++ programming language. I made a program but I need some suggestions to impro...
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reading from file
Hey! So I recently started to learn c++. I'm now working with reading from file tasks. I now know ho...
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Can't understand the meaning of some code using stod()
I am not understanding the meaning of the following 2 lines. What does it tell the program to do? ...
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by bonho
std::map key sorting
Hi, I'm wondering if there is an equivalent of std::map in which the iterator is sorted in the wa...
[1 reply] : You can give the std::map third template parameter: Compare That way y... (by keskiverto)
Making stack with linked list - Confused
I know we're not supposed to post homework here and I'm not. I'm hoping someone can clarify exactly...
[1 reply] : > Previously when I did linked list the head was the same as every oth... (by ne555)
Hi, I am trying the following code. I haven't written "return" in the function, and I expect afte...
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Auto formatting- Visual Studio 2008
Hello, I am a mechanical engineer by profession but I have just started learning c++. This ques...
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Reducing a matrix by 1/4 size
I'm doing a practice problem and it states: Image data is conveniently represented as a matrix of v...
[1 reply] : I got it working a bit but I'm not sure if it's correct. I'm a bit con... (by hellworld136)
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