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Traverse rows issue
Hello, I have the following 2 functions that I use to move the numbers from an array for a 2048 g...
[4 replies] Last: I just wnated to point out one thing, the range of i is 0-3, if you ar... (by llll)
What should be used to determine which index of an array is greater than the rest?
In this exercise, the goal is to allow the user to input the number of pancakes eaten by 10 differen...
[17 replies] Last: Hehe it finally works!!! No it doesn't. Consider this output: Inp... (by cire)
Creating a class that contains a string object to hold the text of a file
So I have this question, and was wondering how to get the program to read the contents of the file a...
[19 replies] Last: Right. I forgot to remove the other text! Thanks Anon! (by LiBRiUMz)
by RobCh
Decreasing GL graphics quality to increase performance
I am running some openglgl code on a raspi 3. I am getting 6 fps in some of my tests, and need to op...
[1 reply] : OK, I have worked out that my timer section is faulty, I got some "rec... (by RobCh)
Strings and Constructors.
Hey people, I started learning c++ and i have a few Questions: 1* Can anyone tell me what a const...
[9 replies] Last: Handy Andy Thanks alot ^^ (by Multi6556)
Digital clock in C++ (1,2)
Do you know how to write a digital clock program? The clock must be able to run, and only use <iostr...
[35 replies] Last: Does that help? :) (by gentleguy)
Memory game
I was trying to create a memory type of game here with 8 by 8 totaling 64. What I'm trying to do her...
[3 replies] Last: Hmm I never thought about using vectors for that. I'm still not that u... (by clerkolleseum)
How to use the Getline function (1,2)
This is a problem that I am required to do for a c class and was just wondering if you guys could he...
[20 replies] Last: Huh... I hadn't considered that gentleguy might have actually deleted ... (by MikeyBoy)
Retrieving user input and putting them in arrays
Hi, I'm having trouble retrieving a user inputted 4 letter word and storing each of those letters in...
[2 replies] Last: @OP string codemessage ; is an array of 4 different strings. This c... (by Handy Andy)
I need my clock to end with 12:00:00 not 12:60:60 i dont know how #include<iostream> #inclu...
[12 replies] Last: Check out this topic : (by gentleguy)
How to copy a string from cmd line?
Hi, I'm totally new to coding. I need an advice from veteran because I doing this for my part of my ...
[5 replies] Last: I know your wanting to code this in C but if you have the option, powe... (by SamuelAdams)
how to end my while loop
// i already done my program but it should say congratulations at the end after users answer correct...
[2 replies] Last: it should say congratulations at the end after users answer correctly... (by kemort)
If statement
What does this mean, it defines a new boolean and gives it false value, but what does if(z) mean, wh...
[7 replies] Last: Seems this is a question of style. Both are correct. The advantage ga... (by kemort)
by cmisip
Template without changing function signature
Is there a way to change this to a templated function. From what I read so far, templated functions...
[6 replies] Last: I dont really know the data I will need to pass around at this point. ... (by cmisip)
SFML redraw same sprite
I have a sprite and am able to display it, however now I want to "redraw it" and display it in a dif...
[5 replies] Last: I know nothing about SMFL. But does that help? :) (by gentleguy)
by cmisip
Deleting an 2d array created with new in a class
Is this the proper way to delete matrix? class map_item{ public: map_item(micr...
[8 replies] Last: I switched to shared_ptrs so I dont have to worry about the memory lea... (by cmisip)
by cmisip
variadic template for class member undefined reference
How do I create a class member function that takes on multiple unknown number of arguments as parame...
[14 replies] Last: Works, no runtime issues. Thanks for your time and interest Chris (by cmisip)
Birthday Paradox coding
Hi, I currently teaching myself C++, and am building a simple code that given a set class number of...
[17 replies] Last: [quote=cire]You probably didn't bother differentiating between those c... (by TheIdeasMan)
getline and wchar_t
Hi, I have the following problem: I want user to write the filename in console. I tried this: ...
[12 replies] Last: You are great, Thanks a lot! (by Zeltrax)
by MAhmed
trying to make a pointer which call function from human class but having difficulties please check b...
[3 replies] Last: No, you don't need to create a new one. You can have the pointer point... (by JayhawkZombie)
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