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Copying an array into another one
I want to conditionally copy (only selected elements) from one array to a (big enough) empty one. I ...
[3 replies] Last: variable length arrays (vla) are illegal in c++, use std::vector inste... (by ne555)
by Alleks
Creating a dynamic library
Write your question here. I'm trying to create a dynamic library. I went to the projects options an...
[2 replies] Last: I did it ,and then added these files in the main project. (by Alleks)
by slex04
5 int func1(int n, int n1) 6 { 7 n += 3; 8 n1 -= n; 9 return 2 + n + n1 * C; could someone plea...
[2 replies] Last: Since we don't know the incoming value of n1, or the value of C, we ca... (by fredk)
by slex04
Pizza Slices
Could someone insist me in why my program is not running correctly #include <iostream> using ...
[10 replies] Last: Thank you works now (by slex04)
Creating .txt file using it and deleting it
Hello My name is William and I have being programing with c++ for three months now. I am creating ...
[1 reply] : One option, see remove : (by Chervil)
by Zorac
Removing whitespaces with getline.
Hey all! I am overloading my operator>> to work with my struct. I added some comments to my code to...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you very much. It worked perfectly! (by Zorac)
by tNK
mile to kilo program
Hello everyone so I wrote this simple console program to convert user input miles to kilo (assignmen...
[1 reply] : From user's point of view: " Kilo is a decimal unit prefix in the metr... (by keskiverto)
Im new to visual studio and wanted to know if there is anyway that i can share my programs or access...
[2 replies] Last: Github would be the way to go though if you don't want to pay you can ... (by ChajusSaib)
ATM Program - How would I get transaction history from the file path string and display to user?
So I'm creating a simple ATM program, I have everything completed thus far, but I am stuck as to how...
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error and need help energency
Assume a class Window with accessor method getWidth that accepts no parameters and returns an in...
[2 replies] Last: thank you thank you (by ChungTong)
by dean
Template specialization for a member function
What's the correct syntax to create a full template specialization of a member function? For instanc...
[1 reply] : Place the explicit specialization of the member at namespace-scope (of... (by JLBorges)
confused with some code
Can someone explain what this code does? I think i have an idea but not quite sure stringstrea...
[2 replies] Last: okay thanks that makes sense! (by kdrummz)
need help with pointers and how to call a function with pointer name
Some reason my code wont run correctly, and i think there is a problem. Im not entirely sure if i ca...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks. So p doesnt points to nothing after all! (by chang123)
How to display sum of values in forloop
Hi, I have to write a program accepts a varying number of prices (determined by the user) and runs a...
[2 replies] Last: @quantumleap- line 16: You don't initialize sum. line 26: You need ... (by AbstractionAnon)
can anyone help me with this loop #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream>...
[2 replies] Last: @jam47: line 27: Do not call srand() within a loop or a random numb... (by AbstractionAnon)
Hi, i was wondering what is the difference between int* p and int *p?
[3 replies] Last: thanks (by MrWolf123)
Executing program without an IDE (1,2)
Hello, I have this small project that is consisted by the main.cpp, some other cpp files and the...
[31 replies] Last: So how do I get this "program"? The program is a compiler. Several ... (by Chervil)
Program to display a calendar
A program to display a calendar for any given year that the user puts in. I need some help to arra...
[1 reply] : :D #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int Y,n,... (by jam47)
by Zorac
stoi is giving me "abort has been called()" error.
So i have been learning how to overload>> after making my own structs. So i am currently trying to a...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, that worked perfect for me. However i decided to no use else h... (by Zorac)
I need help with a selection sort program
I need help on a selection sort program, I can't figure out what's wrong with my code. #in...
[9 replies] Last: The best way to diagnose this would be to run it through a debugger. ... (by MikeyBoy)
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