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Fullscreen Console
When we run a C++ Program, the console appears in restored mode and we need to maximize it manuall...
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by enemy
New object
hello! Please, copy constructor is ment to create a new object. WHat is the name of the new object...
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by enemy
Hello! Please, what is wrong here? Are all online compalers striking t...
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vectors (1,2)
Why can't I do this? /* vector of Person */ #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace...
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Ok well in my game I have created a class Critter, then a called Critter* Mobs; Mobs = new Critter...
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by enemy
Hello! What happened to codepad? itwrites no outpust for certain time...
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Need help with collision detection via Separation of Axis technique
hey guys. So for my C++ module I chose to make a game using Object oriented design philosophy. Ever...
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Help with applying a find function
So I have an assignment where I have to enter a phrase with opening and/or closing delimiters (i.e. ...
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by Clay
finding string in vector.
What i need is to check if a string that the user inputs exists in the vector then save the location...
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How does my code look thus far? I have very few outlets for good advice and criticisms. Be gentle.
I am creating a game, all I have so far is the navigation of areas. I will have multiple arrays lin...
[4 replies] Last: Am I going about what I'm trying to accomplish in a decent manner? (by MaxDaniels)
Hello, I would like some help with my code. I'm fairly new to C++, so sorry if my code is a little...
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quadratic equation passing values to a function
Hi, I've been trying the below code and it's not giving the correct results. I'd like help with i...
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please help. "return" problem
Hello Why the last value is 3.Can anyone explain to me, please? #include <iostream> using ...
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by DVS84
for loop to while loop
Hi guys below is a for loop"given by my lecturer" is the while loop "mine" below that equivalent...
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Code::Blocks - Using two libraries
Hello, I want to use Direct X 11 and mingw libraries for my project. Under Settings/Compiler/Sear...
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How to retrieve original output
Hello guys, What should i do if i want the original input to be written out. Example: User inputs...
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Very weird C programing bug
i have been working on this bug for ages in my level editor's load(); function and cant seem to fix...
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double linked list
I need to create a Double linked list with prev and next pointers please help me
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Reverse the order of an insertion sort?
We have to write a code to randomly fill an array, then ask for an element, then sort the array spec...
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compiling a code into a Hex file
how do i go about compiling a code into a Hex file for a PIC chip? it will be a small code that wi...
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