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header problems
I have struggled and struggled to get this Tic Tac Toe program working. I cannot get it to work wit...
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by ozzone
Sorting arrays
Hello,I need help sorting this array. I dont know where to start. #include <iostream> #includ...
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Project ideas regarding OOP
I am a student of 2nd semester(Electrical Engineering)and a little help is required regarding a proj...
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what is the next step after finishing the offecial tutorials?
can you please guide me what should I do next ? I have finished the official tutorials yesterday i...
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Linked List Database help
So here I have a linked list program, I believe most of my functions work but I can't test them beca...
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Help me about my project
I would like to write a C++ console based file manager from scratch. I'm a student of computer sci...
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by EffyPT
Appointment program
Hi I have to code a menu based program using functions and parallel arrays to keep track of weekly ...
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Nothing shows in the console window.
Hi Guys, I'm quite new to C++ and I'm trying to write a program that takes the number from the comma...
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c++ calendar
I am working on a calendar project. Since this source code is extremely long, I was wondering if any...
[4 replies] Last: int x, y, year, day, month; char v, V, e, E, d, D; You have to in... (by TarikNeaj)
c++ calendar
I have trouble executing this source code I did. So, when the user enters V or v, a menu allows the...
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by ohno
How to get digits from a user and use them?
I'm an extreme beginner taking a C++ class for the first time. I'm trying to meet the requirements ...
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by HelenI
Hey, i have a problem to solve that i give N numbers. If one number is bigger than the previous it c...
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Calling function from a class - Error C2660
I can´t figure this problem. I have tried with different approaches and have no result. The compler...
[6 replies] Last: My vector is created in another class, like this yeah it's possible ... (by andy1992)
LOL Game
In this program you will teach the computer how to play the LOL game. Here is how the game works: T...
[2 replies] Last: I don't get it... Where's the question??? I'll tag your code #incl... (by programmer007)
Fraction calculator help
The project I'm doing is a fraction calculator that gets data from linux redirection. I'm having pro...
[1 reply] : Line 96 needs to be the parameters for prtfrac(...). (by coder777)
repeating bot script for macro
I've been struggling on making a script since I don't have that much knowledge on c++. I need help i...
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Random number game in a class.
What do you think?, something random I thought of doing lol.. #include <iostream> #include <cstdl...
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Please help me!
Write a C++ program that computes a pair of estimates of π, using a sequence of inscribed and circu...
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Recursive function problems
I am studying for an upcoming exam and one of the questions on the study guide is: Write a recurs...
[2 replies] Last: This is a recursive function that does the opposite, and converts an i... (by fg109)
CodeBlocks: Openning two projects in separate windows?
How do I open two separate projects in two separate windows of CodeBlocks? Whenever I try to open a ...
[6 replies] Last: Nope. Still not working for me. (by Arslan7041)
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