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Code runs but printing error.
Ok so I made this textdialougeTree. It suppose to print out the dialouge ,and choices. But I am gett...
[1 reply] : One method of debugging is to add more "print" commands to various pla... (by keskiverto)
by Ch1156
C++ Grading website?
So, i've been wondering is there an online service or website that grades your knoweledge of C++? Wh...
[1 reply] : or just test yourself. Can you d... (by R23MJ)
Access violation error while running systemC code
hello!I'm trying to do systemc-ams modeling for developing embedded system.I had written code for di...
[14 replies] Last: Since you can display the source for sc_ver.cpp, you must have that so... (by AbstractionAnon)
by Ch1156
Vector Help
I havent been programming for quite some time but decided to come back to it. I wanted to start with...
[5 replies] Last: "So now your program doesn't ask how many elements?" That's correct, ... (by Ch1156)
Exception handling - is it good the clear up resources before every throw statement ?
Hello forum, I have a class that contains several pointer type variables and std::vector that con...
[4 replies] Last: Will it taken care of if I use unique_ptr as well ... Yes. or I ha... (by andywestken)
wht are references for? From their definition as another name to a variable they seem totally useles...
[2 replies] Last: From their definition as another name to a variable they seem totally... (by Peter87)
#include <conio.h> ?
I am looking to download these libraries. i use #include <iostream> and getting fatal errors fo...
[1 reply] : <iostream.h> is an old, pre-standard header that are not used anymore.... (by Peter87)
Using setw()
So im trying to make 2 columns one with name and the other with the price ive been at this for a whi...
[2 replies] Last: setw sets the width of the next output so it is more important to us... (by Peter87)
File header errors
Hello. I couldn't solve this problem as I don't understand why would the complier produce such error...
[7 replies] Last: Actually golf.h shouldn't be compiled, it should be #included. Yes, ... (by Peter87)
terminate called after throwing instance of std bad_alloc
I cant seem to find the error with my code.... I dont think im using too much memory. Here is my ...
[4 replies] Last: yeah thanks. i got it now. (by toesockshoe)
Drill Chapter 4 Programming Principles and Practice
Hello, I am an extreme beginner at C++ and am trying to learn this language through one of the creat...
[13 replies] Last: for(int i = 0; i < converted.size(); ++i){ co... (by JLBorges)
Constructor for a class that takes in another class as parameters
I'm trying to make a class called Book that stores the Book title and Date. Paratmeter for title is...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks for the help guys. Now I'm trying to pass in a vector of author... (by Extreme112)
Range based
Hey all this code is actually from the tutorial section, and it's not working... I'm brand brand bra...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you very much for your prompt answers. (by Jammin73)
file handling :'(
GUYS!!! I need help!!!! this code is thought to give me the string i enter with spaces ...instea...
[1 reply] : you dont need getline in line 16 (by shadowCODE)
stopping when user presses enter only, during c-string entry
Okay this is extremely silly, but I'm having a huge hard time with it. I'm trying to make a loop an...
[2 replies] Last: The extraction operator, when extracting strings or numbers leaves the... (by jlb)
cant read whole string in file handling
using this for cin ofstream newsuspect("newsuspect.txt", ios::app); system("cls"); cin.ignore(...
[2 replies] Last: some random number shows up :/ (by FASI)
Second Largest Digit in a number
Hi.! I am a beginner in c++. i came across a question where you have to find out the second largest ...
[11 replies] Last: As this is a beginner's exercise I would have thought resorting to th... (by cire)
semicolon just after if() ?
Please explain what the 2nd line means when we put a semi colon just after if(...) if (m_data...
[2 replies] Last: A statement that consists only of a a semicolon is called a null stat... (by Peter87)
error C3074: an array can only be initialized with an initializer-list
Hello. I want to open a directory, get his files, unzip it and move it in another directory(7zip pro...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much ! (by lTachyon)
Algorithm Development
Hi all, I'am trying to self-study some programming topics that were not covered in any of my prev...
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