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by Fink
please help me
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Protected Data Members?
I'm a little confused about protected class members. I know that a protected member can only be acce...
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by bean19
Asking the user if they would like to continue
Hi! I'm making a simple calculator, and was able to create the calculator itself by using a switch ...
[1 reply] : char userChoice; do { ............. <All of your main function code ... (by JB252)
help with modulus operator
i have a program that i need to write that requires the following output: "the entered value is ...
[1 reply] : when you do the modulus %, it will give you remainder. using %: in reg... (by a3625799132)
by vtk
how to get the base class to access the appropriate derived class
I need help in being pointed in the right direction I am trying to get a base class to choose the ...
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Install Stanford libraries...
Hello, I am trying to solve the Stanford course materials at home Course cs106bx. I am a Beginner ,...
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Array Problem with Changes
I'm not sure what to change for it to work for this problem. I'm suppose to make changes to my orig...
[1 reply] : You can use 2D array ; it will give you a 3X3 square. wh... (by a3625799132)
by JB252
Getting incorrect values from grading program
Not sure what the problem is here, I have checked the arithmetic and can't find any reason why I'm g...
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templating iterator syntax error
I cant seem to find the correct syntax to point the iterator to the linked list. The G vector holds ...
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Overloading "less than" operator
Hi, I this problem i try to overload the "less than" operator in three ways : bool opera...
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Problems with exercise using putback()
Hi, im trying to create program that gets text input and than transforms don't into do not. Later i ...
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string literals into a "dynamic array"
Write a program to concatenate two string literals, putting the result in a dynamically allocated a...
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by Jux
Error Initialization with {...}? Problem?
My program was working fine until i tried it today and this error came up. "Error Initialization wi...
[8 replies] Last: lessons; Mistake was done when i was trying the examples wrote by oth... (by Jux)
Create a class Account with the following data members: ยท number - The account number. The va...
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printing char array
my print output is "helloworld" instead of "hello" , why ? int main() { char a = ...
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Conversion of a decimal number(<2^12) to binary.
Can someone please explain why the code isn't compiling. (especially in the last 3 lines of the fu...
[1 reply] : In function 'void f(int)': 25:57: error: no match for 'operator<<' i... (by Smac89)
1) Implement a class Quadratic that represents second degree polynomials, i.e., polynomials of typ...
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Compiler errors
I'm fairly new to C++, and I'm having problems when compiling this program, any help with any of the...
[1 reply] : You shouldn't be #including the implementation file (.cpp) you should ... (by jlb)
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