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by fluppe
looking for sort of timer object
Hello, i have quite a general question: I am looking for a "timer object" to use in a C++ applicati...
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Need help getting data from my database
Hey all I was working on my first database project and I came across a problem when I wanted to get ...
[3 replies] Last: Line 60: //while ( fname >> lname >> idnumber ){ while ( myfile >> ... (by JLBorges)
by jlken
Undefined reference in array
I'm getting undefined references error to my printArray function in my main function (printArray (a,...
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by SVcpp
Help with code
Hello C++ community. I'm currently trying to complete an assignment that has me creating my own ...
[1 reply] : if(lower >= 'a' && lower <= 'z') { upper = ('A' + lower - 'a'); } el... (by Avilius)
Super Simple Program
So I have some of the basics down now and I just am a little stuck. So right now I have it so it pro...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! Print isn't used in c++ I don't think so I just switched th... (by wahlysadventures)
Call different functions for different values of an integer
I want to call different functions depending on the value of an integer without having a huge if...t...
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by a1tn
Accessing member variables which are classes
Hello, world. I have a question about accessing member variables which are C++ structs that contain...
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by parri
newb questions
Hi everyone I am new to the forum and completely new to programming. i started to learn C++ to...
[3 replies] Last: thank you for the quick replies! @wildblue the book is "Teach Yourse... (by parri)
Need help with classes
Hi, I don't know how to properly access different classes within the program. Can someone look at m...
[1 reply] : double Hourly::getHours(){ return hours; } void Hourly::setHours(do... (by pals123)
the program runs without errors but after entering string n choice dere is no output and do u want t...
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global operator <<
Hi If you had to replace the following member function with a (global) operator <<, how would you...
[1 reply] : The operator << has an arity of two: stm << object ; So we need to... (by JLBorges)
Is the following solution correct?
Hello, I'm learning C++ from the book "C++ Primer", 5th edition. In chapter 4, exercise asks t...
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by mehak
according to me the output of the following program should be 2 and 4 but its not,y? #include<iost...
[2 replies] Last: Why are Bix::main and Bix::show creating private instances of Bix name... (by AbstractionAnon)
Hi I have two vectors. One for names and the other for ages. I want to create a new vector to sto...
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by mehak
type checking
what is static and dynamic type checking and how does C++ accomplishes that?
[1 reply] : You are spewing many questions of similar nature. Start from some int... (by keskiverto)
Problem with iterators
Hi, I wrote a simple program to test equality between 2 containers, but it's not working and I can't...
[13 replies] Last: Ok I finally got it working, I think sleeping helps clarifying all tha... (by Geranimo)
by mehak
From inside the constructors and destructors,a virtual call is resolved at the time of compilation.I...
[1 reply] : I came across this statement however couldnt understand. Probably bec... (by Avilius)
by ugonna
block characters and loop program
hello guys, i am having some problems with my code (i am an absolute beginner by the way). i am crea...
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by mehak
ad-hoc polymorphism
what is ad-hoc polymorphism?
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by mehak
class pointers
why derived class pointers cannot point to base class and why is the vice versa correct?
[2 replies] Last: Hi, One can declare a function that takes a pointer to a base class, ... (by TheIdeasMan)
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