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I am brand new to this and for the life of me cannot figure out why this keeps printing out every an...
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software keeps suggesting I use a comma??
I have a question that asks to compute the sum of the squares of the first fifty numbers and store t...
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input from file
hi, how would i go about inputting a file and then checking if a number entered by the user in the c...
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unique_ptr syntax
Hi, I'm having problems with the syntax of unique_ptr. If in my header file I have declare a uni...
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rounding to one decimal place
i'm trying to get the percentage difference to be rounded to 1 decimal place, however this code is n...
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Question 2a Include the for loop below in a small program named question2a.cpp and complete the pro...
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by chofs
calling a function within another function
hey guys am trying to call my function to calculate deltaT to trapazoidal function so that i can ...
[1 reply] : Line 91: Where is dt defined? CalculateDeltaT returns a value, bu... (by AbstractionAnon)
A question from a beginner about his code.
I'm a complete beginner when it comes to C++. (I started yesterday) Could someone please tell me ...
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VS keeping console up
Alright I'm having a problem keeping the console up when writing c++ in VS Express 2013. I know a wa...
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calculating "e"
Hi. I was trying to solve a question from c++ how to program book but I ran into problem with it. It...
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by Xephyr
SDL Tutorials?
Just wondering if anybody knows of any useful SDL tutorials. I don't find the tutorials on the SDL ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for that- I decided I will use Lazy Foo's tutorials, they seem ... (by Xephyr)
by nvrmnd
defining methods of template class outside it
Let's say i want to define a method of a Stack class outside it : I was thinking of : template <t...
[1 reply] : I think you can at least remove the default template argument when def... (by Peter87)
by lays
problem with good() member function in ifstream
I wrote a list of code which try to read in digits from a text file. And I wanna stop the loop if up...
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please convet Algoritm to C++ code //------------------------------------------------------------...
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median number
I am trying to sort three entries to max, min and median I figured max and min but I have proble...
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Anything helps
Need major helped I don't understand programming at any help would be amazing. Write (also compil...
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by rs2991
Array Issue
Can someone please compile my code and see what the problem I am getting an undefined reference erro...
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Exclusive or notation
I am in need of just some notation help because I missed this lecture... And unfortunately I can't f...
[3 replies] Last: I unfortunately did not know what you meant by odd 1's to equal 1s e... (by giblit)
trouble with homework completely destroyed
So I have gotten a new homework assignment and I have been working on it non stop for 4 days now. I ...
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by sky3
array of classes
I keep getting an undefined reference to `Vehicles::Vehicles()' whenever i use Vehicles to declare a...
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