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by Zorac
Removing whitespaces with getline.
Hey all! I am overloading my operator>> to work with my struct. I added some comments to my code to...
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by tNK
mile to kilo program
Hello everyone so I wrote this simple console program to convert user input miles to kilo (assignmen...
[1 reply] : From user's point of view: " Kilo is a decimal unit prefix in the metr... (by keskiverto)
Im new to visual studio and wanted to know if there is anyway that i can share my programs or access...
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ATM Program - How would I get transaction history from the file path string and display to user?
So I'm creating a simple ATM program, I have everything completed thus far, but I am stuck as to how...
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error and need help energency
Assume a class Window with accessor method getWidth that accepts no parameters and returns an in...
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by dean
Template specialization for a member function
What's the correct syntax to create a full template specialization of a member function? For instanc...
[1 reply] : Place the explicit specialization of the member at namespace-scope (of... (by JLBorges)
confused with some code
Can someone explain what this code does? I think i have an idea but not quite sure stringstrea...
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need help with pointers and how to call a function with pointer name
Some reason my code wont run correctly, and i think there is a problem. Im not entirely sure if i ca...
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How to display sum of values in forloop
Hi, I have to write a program accepts a varying number of prices (determined by the user) and runs a...
[2 replies] Last: @quantumleap- line 16: You don't initialize sum. line 26: You need ... (by AbstractionAnon)
can anyone help me with this loop #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream>...
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Hi, i was wondering what is the difference between int* p and int *p?
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Executing program without an IDE (1,2)
Hello, I have this small project that is consisted by the main.cpp, some other cpp files and the...
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Program to display a calendar
A program to display a calendar for any given year that the user puts in. I need some help to arra...
[1 reply] : :D #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int Y,n,... (by jam47)
by Zorac
stoi is giving me "abort has been called()" error.
So i have been learning how to overload>> after making my own structs. So i am currently trying to a...
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I need help with a selection sort program
I need help on a selection sort program, I can't figure out what's wrong with my code. #in...
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by Job 04
Memory leak using strings
Hi, I need to write a script using c++ to interact with a software package. I am not that experience...
[1 reply] : You will cause a memory leak if you allocate memory using new or ma... (by Moschops)
Outputting Zeroes Problem
Working on a problem and I am somewhat lost about the mechanics of what needs to be done. I've flesh...
[6 replies] Last: No, there is no function there, just as I wrote. You are probably con... (by keskiverto)
GPA program
hey is there anyone able to help me? I'm to write a program that would use a student id number, name...
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by slex04
displayData (1,2)
Hi I have to write a small program using three functions...input, calculate and display. The program...
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my program display nan and 0
my programing only display nan and 0 after i run it and my ecpected value is the monthly amount of l...
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