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Reading Data from a File
Hi all! I'm kind of stuck here. I'm creating a program that accepts a name or number as input from t...
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2D array with linked lists.
I need to create a 2d array with linked lists. I need to use the command line input to do the follow...
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Random Number guessing program
Can someone check this program for me? It's supposed to create a random number with a max given by ...
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by Horry
Logical gates calculator
Hello guys, This is my first post so sorry if I misspell anything. I need to make a program which ...
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Valgrind is complaing about freed memory
hello, I got a clean bill of health from valgrind before I added the check function. Now valgrind is...
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Dynamic 2D Array
Hello, I have a dynamic 2D array that I'm decreasing size by one by a function. It may not always b...
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Pass the calculator!
I have to do a game using a calculator and the first step is to choose who starts, the player or the...
[1 reply] : Before worrying about what to do at line 35, you need to get rid of yo... (by AbstractionAnon)
Finding the lead horse.
When I the code comes up to decide if the current horse is in the lead, it will choose that horse re...
[1 reply] : Line 203: You've determined the winner and turned the racing flag off... (by AbstractionAnon)
to lower case
Having trouble with this dictionary spellchecker. I am able to hash the dictionary, and search th...
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Time complexity (O notation)
If I have 3 parts of the code each part takes 1) O(n) 2) O(m) 3) O(k) n, m, k can be the sam...
[2 replies] Last: It depends on how those 3 parts relate to each other. If they execute ... (by Smac89)
by Scizor
Binary Search for Char Array?
Hello, I definitely know how to implement binary search when it comes to integers but I need to do i...
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struct pointers to functions
I'm currently stuck on a homework problem. The question asks "Create your own Date struct that conta...
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Appending objects
I have a class which consist of an vector.. I want to create a merge function which appends a obj...
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by markat
Stuck on creating a separate function for bubble sort
Hello, I've been charged with the following task: •Write a program that: •1) Creates an array c...
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Help with simple (I think) function
Hey, I'm trying to write a function that will return the value before x in a linear equation, note: ...
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How to get the index number of an element into an array?
I tried to use find() function but it returns the element not the position. int ar ={1,2,3,4,3...
[2 replies] Last: Yes. find returns an iterator to that position. To get the index,... (by shadowCODE)
by Scizor
Binary Search Issues
Hello! So below, I have a piece of code that is part of a hangman game. What I am doing is asking fo...
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Dividing into rooms
I trying to write some code which able to detect rooms in a map. The map is represented in an matrix...
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True Object Oriented Programming
Hello all, I've been learning c++ and have gotten fairly comfortable with many of the concepts, to t...
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by KMagic
Convert char to int
I have googled this basic problem and find this solotion fastest: char a = '4'; int ia = a...
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