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by pik
small linked list game keeps returning null and crashes
Hello..I have just started learning about linked lists and I am trying to create a small game with a...
[1 reply] : Check lines 75 and 76. (by fg109)
by ydookz
(if statements not working) Finds equation of two points but is failing to check if a third pt lies on line
Hey my program works fine when finding the equation of the line the first 2 points lie one, but prin...
[3 replies] Last: Not stupid at all. Typos are part of life ;) (by Texan40)
Can't find the error? (short code)
This is a simple code that demonstrates the use of a user made "round" function, but i'm running int...
[6 replies] Last: @SoloPopo: Because whole numbers should be stored in integers, not flo... (by LB)
Switch Default Statement
(First post! :] ) Hello. Im trying to make a basic calculator with four operators only. I want the p...
[2 replies] Last: or you could move your cout << "\nAnswer is: " << answer << endl; a... (by programmer007)
by koopey
STL map beginner
i need to build a simple program to add name and email address using STL map. adding new entry and l...
[5 replies] Last: you need to actually pass the object sorry that's what i meant. jus... (by koopey)
by Ch1156
How can i use getters and setters with math? (1,2,3,4)
I have a function in a game i'm working on that is the shop function and I need to do some math for ...
[77 replies] Last: Ok, So you need to tell the compiler what the enum Size is - it's n... (by TheIdeasMan)
Some type of container for string int long long
Hello, I am currently doing a project for school and having a great deal of frustration with it. ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so very much! Didn't even think to do a struct. So far it's ... (by xXBurnt)
by MRQ1
Is c++ primer really for beginners?
I have been reading c++ primer and the things are flowing over my head the book seems to be very dif...
[14 replies] Last: >the books I like are said to be bad an example: http://www.cplusplus... (by anup30)
Help with arrays
Hello all, firstly thanks for any attempts to help me solve my problems, I appreciate any advice! ...
[4 replies] Last: ooo Thanks for the advice... We have started the classes but i'm just ... (by helloworld1234)
how to define iterators for elements of a class
let's say i have the following code : // this code is for implementing vector in C++ template <cl...
[5 replies] Last: @Smac89: I suggested that and he specifically requested information fo... (by LB)
connect four style game (1,2)
Alright, I have to make a code for a connect four type game. The twist is that It's connect any, mea...
[25 replies] Last: You may want to experiment with a tic-tac-toe game first to understand... (by LB)
Where is the error? (driving me nuts!)
My compiler (VisualStudio) is telling me that there is an error on the 40th line. Specifically, it i...
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by as4mvp
PLEASE NEED HELP: Converting 2d array into a 1d array (1,2)
Create a 2D array with 20 rows and 20 columns. Populate the array row-by-row with random real numbe...
[24 replies] Last: once again thanks LB, mgoetschius, and fg I appreciate all of your hel... (by as4mvp)
Converting bases
Hello, I have researched the areas of the forums as much as I can to learn information on my topic. ...
[6 replies] Last: > into base 4 and 5 into two different bases ? (by anup30)
by relgin
Define a class called Rocket
problem description: Write a program that defines a class called Rocket that represents a rocket....
[4 replies] Last: Instead of rockets, I think those are supposed to be doubles. (by fg109)
Help with my code please (C++)
I need help making it so it prints prime numbers only. Thank you for your help in advanced. -------...
[12 replies] Last: Thank you everyone. The only part I needed to add to my code for it t... (by steph2015)
by Thecal
Reading from a file
Hey guys, Im trying to read from a file, line by line, with no specified number of values in the fil...
[6 replies] Last: This is your original code:[quote=Thecal][code firstline=15] while(... (by LB)
file reading problem
I am not able to display the name at the output screen, for example: i gv the name "ting", it shows ...
[6 replies] Last: while (!staff.eof() && staff.get() != '\0'){ getline(staff, staffs... (by Aaron Vienneau)
Help with <iomanip>
I'm unable to get a properly outlined output of the results when the entire program is run. Could an...
[3 replies] Last: You should put all those cout statements after your if and else statem... (by fg109)
(First time posting just joined) Having trouble with book lesson.
Hey guys! First time posting so hopefully I am doing this alright. I recently purchased this book n...
[1 reply] : Is there a way to put a picture in. I have a print screen of what I wa... (by labbedavid)
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