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How to make my code return decimal precision?
I don't know what I'm doing wrong. My code seems to work fine otherwise, but I can't get the averag...
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by bee309
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PayStub Input/OutPut
I am trying to get an infile/outfile code for the following. According to my professor I need a Read...
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Help Please! Keep getting errors.
Please Help! I need get my code to work with my notepad file that is payrollCalc. Not sure what I am...
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while loop
how to change if statement to while loop { int input; cout << "Input an integer between 1 and 9...
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I need assistance in this project. its due tonight.!! Your calculator program should now di...
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by krutuk
Pass by refference pointer to array
Hi guys. I'm studying pointers right now and had already figured out how to pass pointer by referenc...
[5 replies] Last: what is the purpose of such pointer without any practical purpose ... (by kevinkjt2000)
switch case
can we use string declaration in switch case example: switch(string) case "string":
[5 replies] Last: why we cannot use string in switch case? The switch statement lets y... (by dhayden)
by Winsu
Change some bits in an integer
Hello guys!! I'm trying to change some information with an integer, what I want to do is basically ...
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Getting the error "Myclass undeclared identifier" in Visual Studio when using separate class file.
I've created a separate class file and wrote a very simple cout function to print something to the s...
[3 replies] Last: If you want to see how the destructor works put cout << "destructor" <... (by kemort)
recursion problem help
Hi, this is part of a recursion problem and after very long, I still can't figure out why the output...
[5 replies] Last: break the problem into 2 cases 1) do not choose warrior i (the recurs... (by TheIdeasMan)
How to put value in items of an array
Hello, Can you guys help me? Like for example I want to put a value in the items of an array. ...
[6 replies] Last: Hello! and array is initialized when you use it's index string items ... (by Shashank Setty)
What is the maximum value a int can make?
Hi, just asking as a beginner in c++, what is the maximum value you can declare in int?
[6 replies] Last: I need the truth on what's the maximum value a int can declare That'... (by Gamer2015)
array and vectors (arrayFunctions)
#include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; int getScores(int , int ,int );...
[1 reply] : Say studentID is 512 then score will be the score for student 512. ... (by kemort)
Examples needed of an application
Could anyone give examples of an application that displays all even numbers from 2 to 100 inclusive ...
[5 replies] Last: Are you only allowed to use one for and one if ? #include <iostream... (by Hardisius)
Base of pictures for kids
The task is to create the base of images assosiated with text words, and after entering the word or ...
[1 reply] : I assume from this spa... (by kemort)
Hi guys, can I ask how can I create a C Program that will ask the user to enter 10 integer numbers a...
[1 reply] : First of all work out the maximum value. Store the index value as the ... (by kemort)
Modifying the vector of one class in another class?
If I wanted to modify the vector of another class inside my second class, is it possible? I wish ...
[6 replies] Last: I'm not really sure how to use pointers yet... Would I need to use po... (by helloworld135)
by bee309
[1 reply] : please indent your code. > not all numbers show up correctly because ... (by ne555)
Sorting infile
I have alot of array and i want to sort it by character. Example string=model ; first i have this ...
[3 replies] Last: It's the C++11 range based for loop. (by integralfx)
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