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by Bako
string or vector
hi, i want to save character set ganerated by rand() function to a file and then compare another cha...
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implementing .cpp and .h files
Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to c++ programming and I was just experimenting with this program, that ...
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by Fink
how to code a key to the encipher at decipher code?
this is the output A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z encipher decipher ...
The code doesn't recognize the range
Hi there. I started writing some c++ codes a week ago and I run into this issue. I wanna write a bm...
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by koopey
array containing structures, grow dynamic memory
Hi guys! kind of stuck in this single problem since yesterday. so any help to give me 'redemption' ...
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Code For Detecting power of 2 not working
Taking a CS class, but struggling with bools (other functions I can handle) This is supposed to det...
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by Cpp 1
My code for scoring is wrong
How can I fix my score code.. The score shown is always 33. #include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h...
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segmentation fault
The usual segmentation fault..the debugger takes me to the line for(combi * put = head ........... ...
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binary reading and writing to file
Hi, im having problem again I have this exercise where i have to split program that inside book int...
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issue with pointers
So this program asks the user to create and initialize a dynamic array,display the min,max, and aver...
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by Blue22
Two questions
#1. I have to Write a program that reads the contents of both files to two separate vectors. Prompt ...
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by sassy
Help with Linear search!
Hello! I'm trying to complete so old homework assignments, and could use some pointers. When my p...
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2D Arrays
When I run my program it says there is error due to an infinite loop. Where is the issue at and how...
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C++ project help needed
I have to write a program for a class in C++ and when I run the program, the calculations for the su...
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by XyzAbc
Calculate Area
I have to write a program that reads length and width from user, calculates and displays area. Also...
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Deleting repeated characters in an array
I am having a hard time understanding the logic behind comparing variables in an array. I know to c...
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Trouble with variables
In the code below, the first function gets input from the user and the second function is suppose to...
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Need help with function
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String array problem
Hello. So I am having a little problem right now. I am doing a list of Project ideas to improve my C...
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Help me please!!
Never mind, figured it out.
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