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Understanding an Instance
I am trying to understand what an instance is. I was trying to read on the internet but it's still n...
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Write a C++ program that will calculate the average of each student, as well as the class average. ...
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Undefined References
I just finished typing up the last few functions for bank_accounts.cpp, and I'm getting two undefine...
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Running a C++ script
Hi guys, I'm new here and as well as C++. I'm using Notepad++ for now. I've a written the very fir...
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Can anybody explain how to put blanks in function printf? I mean suppose i need to write n = ...
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Automated Teller Question
I am writing what I hear is a very basic program. However, I am still learning how to decipher these...
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I'm stuck in a problem , help please.
Can anyone help me out with this homework ? I'm not being able to figure it out. I'm new to C++ ...
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by hero7k
help plz
Write a program which will get 10 random numbers onto one array1 of size 10. Get 10 more random num...
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by akngrk
can someone help me with my assignment?
An international mobile phone company has three different rate plans for its customers: A) For $19...
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I am not sue how to add up he total of the individual pokemons stats from the array, and find the po...
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How do you identify classes?
When you are planning a program, what process do you follow to identify the classes that should be b...
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by Dacuna
Making a Windows Form Application
Hello. I seem to be having a problem making a Windows Form Application Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Ex...
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mouse movement
i would like to read the movements of the mouse so then i can read out a proper response such as if ...
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Random program crashing
I am having some random issues with my C++ program. Apparently I can't delete some useless lines, or...
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help writting this code
i need help writing this code? thats what i have. it has some to do with it.write a program that pro...
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Preprocessor directives
I am having a small problem using these directives. I usually use them just to avoid multiple inclus...
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This application has requested the Runtime
I keep getting this error in Dev-C: "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in...
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by Jakee
Trying to make a hit counter with a random number generator
Hello fellow programmers, I decided to make a hit counter. Basically its an array that loops through...
[1 reply] : My friend fixed it, I had to initialize the array hitCounter ={0}; (by Jakee)
Cant use decimal values in a call function?
Im currently using C, and when i try to call functions with decimals it doesn't let me do so and jus...
[6 replies] Last: It looks like you pass an uninitialized variable into Micky's 4th par... (by nidh0gg)
2D Array
Hi everyone, I'm working on a program that is supposed to collect and analyze collected data for mon...
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