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by skhjr
Limit on check writing
I am trying to make a bank program. I am required to limit the amount of checks someone can write in...
[5 replies] Last: I would initialize it in your setCheckLimit() function, and I think yo... (by mgoetschius)
Searching Hashed Values in Hash Table
I'm working on a programming assignment where I need to implement Quadratic Probing to create a has...
[1 reply] : However, there seems to be a problem with the search function, becaus... (by cire)
template declaration
Please explain the difference between the two following template definition: template <typen...
[1 reply] : The first code snippet is of a so-called template specialization. Like... (by xismn)
by MrPain
Using iheritance or not with buttons
So in my case I'm having a class "Button" witch holds functions which are called when button is pres...
[1 reply] : Option B sounds like you're trying to reinvent the factory design patt... (by xismn)
how can i make my code accept 2 digit numbers?
So my code works for the most part. It is supposed to take in 8 numbers from the user and then pack ...
[1 reply] : I would approach this differently. 1.) Create an array of ten integer... (by xismn)
by Steps
My double keeps getting rounded
One of my assignments is to calculate the interest on a mortgage payment. Everything is fine exce...
[1 reply] : (by keskiverto)
by WhatIf
How to include especial characters in a string?
I want to format text using html tags but I can't figure out how to include special characters in a ...
[1 reply] : Use the double-quote escape sequence (\") to insert double-quotes: s... (by xismn)
by pang
Help with pointers
I need your help. With this code, I get these results: 1)a=3,b=9,c=14 2)a=3,b=3,c=6 I underst...
[3 replies] Last: If variable, (say "a" in this case) is defined in-scope it is local to... (by eraggo)
looping cost calculator
I am learning how to code pretty much entirely on my own, I have a very simple program right now tha...
[2 replies] Last: That comes close however it keeps the 3.00 charge up til 20 then keeps... (by treassach)
Reading and writing from a file
Write your question here. #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #inclu...
[1 reply] : Basically you need to create a output file (ofstream) and in the loop ... (by Thomas1965)
C++ Beginner help
I need help with this particular programming assignment. Here goes. Ask the user how many studen...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks for all the help guys. I truly appreciate it. Here is the final... (by FreshBoi22)
The textbook's Graph example won't compile
NOTE: This is not my code. It is example code I am learning about graphs and I want to run the text...
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finding a line number in text file and replacing it?
Ok I have two text files of 20 different numbers called test and test2. So what I want to do is gene...
[4 replies] Last: thanks again I'll try it your way with vectors! :) I understand it bet... (by misslyss)
Merging Files Beginner
The program is not actually merging the Files. It just output "Master File Updating Starting" and st...
[7 replies] Last: ok. Thank You I will write that on my notes. :) (by ambar16)
HELP!! Doing project using arrays
I'm working on a project for my introductory class using arrays. The project asks the following: Yo...
[2 replies] Last: Hello. I get the basics of the for loop. By grades its asking for the ... (by afrocoder)
Initialization to "nothing"
Q: How can you initialize something to ' '? I am reading Programming Principles and Practice Using C...
[6 replies] Last: If you use C++11 or later the value is never unpredictable. The new b... (by cire)
constexpr/const dilemma
Below is some code the exemplifies the user of constexpr. Why could I not use "const" instead? ...
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For Loop of a copy vector
Did I copy my vector the right way? I don't know why this for loop won't run? // Example ...
[4 replies] Last: @jib Thanx man! I found my error! I forgot cout (by sadij97)
sizeof (char)*
Hi Please consider the following expressions: int bufsize1; int bufsize2 = 80; cout <<...
[4 replies] Last: sizeof is resolved at compile time (i.e. sizeof (char) is replaced by... (by helios)
Help with counter and power
Write a program that first asks a maximum value and validate it. Then in a while loop, it calculates...
[2 replies] Last: Luciab5, Were you able to figure something out for this? (by DirtyDan)
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