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by zdx300
really need help
The average monthly temperatures for years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 are shown in the table below. ...
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by angelk
deallocate memory
Hello everyone, I have two dynamic arrays at the end of the cycle, I must deallocate the memory. Ca...
[1 reply] : the problem seems to be in the allocation. Not sure what may be wrong ... (by zsteve)
correct my program plz
Hello, i'm trying to write a program that will help a robot driving a car to execute 3 actions:stop,...
[5 replies] Last: i'm actually using code blocks Are u using C or C++ ? if C++, stop u... (by nvrmnd)
percentage difference of variables
hi can someone help - when i calculate the percentage different of the actual number and the approxi...
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class string
I have to design a class string that has two member variables, (a)aString, an array of type char wit...
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plzz correct my program!!
Hey everyone, i'm actually new in c++ and i'm trying to write a program that calculate fatorial, but...
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by cozier
Problem reading out array
I am having difficulties reading out the array properly. I believe my function is reading and adding...
[1 reply] : In this piece of code, you are accessing the same index over and over,... (by bufige)
"Info: Nothing to Build for <filename>"
I heard eclipse was a good IDE to use for C++ , but Im having problems being able to run a program ...
[2 replies] Last: First, the 'w32' doesn't refer to '32' bit (though, archaically, it di... (by NT3)
by mrxib
nested for loop not working
I am nesting a for loop inside a for loop but the inner loop is not executing. #include <i...
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by cozier
Help with formatting columns
This is a program that lets users see open seats on a plane and then select seats. What I am having ...
[1 reply] : You print rownumber once per row but newline NUMSEATS times per row. F... (by keskiverto)
SDL - Moving to C++ from C#/Java
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I hope this is the proper place to put this topic. I want to ...
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by kittyk
Broken count function! Help!
I've been trying to solve this error for a few days now. I know i'm probably missing something simpl...
[2 replies] Last: dammit. That was so obvious. Been staring at it too long. thank you! (by kittyk)
basic calculator
This calculator works and all, but how do I make is shorter? #include <iostream> using name...
[9 replies] Last: Well functions are pretty much overkill in this scenario. I reckone... (by ProgrammerJames)
Char and pointer issue
I'm just starting in c++ and im sure I only missed this when we went over it in class but I keep run...
[1 reply] : strcmp compares C-style strings. It does not compare single charact... (by cire)
Drawing a sideways triangle or big X
Write a C++ program that consists of the main function and three user-defined functions. The progra...
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Program crashes, I think it's a memory violation but i dont know
So I'm writing a c++ version of the game battleship. I am currently trying to get random placement ...
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by Naulee
Runtime check failure #2
So I'm rotating an array to the left, and I actually got it to work correctly, but the problem is wh...
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Help with program to output a rectangle made of *'s
The code involves user input that determines the dimensions of the rectangle. I have my code started...
[2 replies] Last: As I said, I'm wanting to have *s inside the box... Such as this: *... (by Zero Cool)
by Sophia
write a C++ program to read two distances for each face, compute the ratios, and then determine whic...
[5 replies] Last: #include <iostream> using namespace std; double ratio (int a, int b,... (by ProgrammerJames)
Data Output
I am trying to read data from a file, test it, sort it, then write it to a file. I am able to sort t...
[1 reply] : I don't understand how lines 43 and 49 even compile in the first place... (by LB)
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