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Validation Loop
This will compile and run, but after I enter tickets sold the Prompt close without displaying income...
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String array HELP
Is there any way to fix this bug? I would like to print the string array but if some of the element ...
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using command prompt to change array size
Okay, so here is what I need to do : Commands for your command prompt: 1. quit-Your program shou...
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Matrix help!
Hello, I'm having a bit of a problem. I need to write a program that will read a matrix from tex...
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count with array
Hello people, now I'm learning array. I now know how to count integers with while loop but I'm not...
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Question about how to rewrite this loop
I think I might be having a brain fart, but I can't figure this out. I have a loop that has the foll...
[3 replies] Last: Ok I have come up with one solution and that is to make this section o... (by Wallboy)
Writing an array to find how many numbers the user has entered.
Okay, so I have been trying to figure this out for hours now and my teacher was no help. Here is th...
[1 reply] : You could use do{} while() loop. Inside you get number, check if it's ... (by MatthewRock)
Run-Time Check Failure #3
]Hello guys.!! I have the following code which calculate the average temperature, high temperature, ...
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Tree with multiple nodes + memory leak
I am trying to implement a search algorithm,it needs a tree with four(NOTE n=4) nodes.Is the struct ...
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by Kuma97
My calculator doesnt run!
This is my first calculator and it´s the first time I use functions or switch so I need help becuse...
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Inheritance question
Hey guys. I need to make a program with classes that a person would normally use for a bank account....
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by enemy
Voting for the best c++ textbook
Please, can anyone suggest his best c++ textbook, with comments! MANY THANKS!
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Computer Programming Homework Question
I'm a college student fighting an uphill battle with his Computer programming in C++ homework. I'm n...
[3 replies] Last: Here's what I have for code right now, I just need how to output every... (by rileyhdwerner)
[Rookie] How to terminate a specific running application?
Hello there, this is my first post in this forum. Recently i started learning c++ from this E-book h...
[3 replies] Last: > is this using a win API function to terminate a process? No. This ... (by JLBorges)
by enemy
Hello! When I tried to compile easy program like this (for test!) it gave me result like thi...
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Please explain this to me.
Find the output of the following program: #include <iostream.h> void Secret(char Str[ ]) { for ...
[9 replies] Last: This is kind of fun. First <iostream.h> should be <iostream>. Secon... (by Stewbond)
by enemy
Hello! Is there a mistake that we have to use constructor insetad of setX() method? #includ...
[3 replies] Last: How about you add the prototype for the setX function between lines 12... (by LB)
Fullscreen Console
When we run a C++ Program, the console appears in restored mode and we need to maximize it manuall...
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by enemy
New object
hello! Please, copy constructor is ment to create a new object. WHat is the name of the new object...
[19 replies] Last: Ideone did not want to compile first one, but when I changed cout to p... (by enemy)
by enemy
Hello! Please, what is wrong here? Are all online compalers striking t...
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