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the literals in c++
Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum and I wanted to ask if you could help me with the literals in ...
[4 replies] Last: If you want to be formal, integer literals such as 42 are classified... (by Cubbi)
Loops C++
Should i really need to master loops (while,for,do while) in C++ ? I get it but when im trying some...
[8 replies] Last: abstractionanon thanks for the link (by Lorence30)
Function calculator
I got a problem here. Make your calculator program perform computations in a separate function fo...
[7 replies] Last: I mean its a typo :D hehe Im using this site's tutorial of course I'... (by Lorence30)
Getting text from text files
Hi everyone, I'm currently having a project where I'll have to get our data in text form from text f...
[8 replies] Last: Can anyonhe tell me how to do this step for text files? If you have... (by Chervil)
annoying getline
What is the use of getline? Getline(cin,/*...*/,'/n') Is it the same as Cin>>/*....*/ ...
[5 replies] Last: ah i see its about whitespace hehe thank you all miniipaa,kitty,keskiv... (by Lorence30)
by Rockyy
Relative Path for image
Hello All, I am trying to add an image to my Gui by giving the absolute path of the image.But i w...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a k n its working.. (by Rockyy)
Can someone help me make sense of this program?
NO I do not want you to do my homework for me. Just thought I would say that first thing. The issue...
[6 replies] Last: > Do I read in the data into an array or a string?... Do what you want... (by ne555)
Why doesnt this work?
I am trying to tell the program that cow's under 1 year old and over 10 years old do not, produce mi...
[6 replies] Last: I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention in my previous post. The problem... (by xismn)
Temp conversion excersize for beginners. (1,2)
I am currently taking my first C++ class. At the moment I am taking it online. I was supposed to h...
[21 replies] Last: I got it guy's! Thank you so much for your help with this. I really ... (by Ruthgar)
How do I read in records using ifstream and string class?
I need to read data from a file one line at a time using ifstream and string class data type. How...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much!! (by MissPrimrose)
quick sort not working.
can Someone tell me what is wrong with this code? I am so tired I cant think straight. void ...
[2 replies] Last: i relized why, I used if instead of a while loop. (by Gkneeus)
C++ project
Ok so my code runs, but when i input a date it doesn't show up. I just started taking this class and...
[1 reply] : The structure of your program doesn't make a lot of sense. You declare... (by Ganado)
Word Parser not working
I am trying to create a word parser that will split a sentence into it's individual words so I can t...
[2 replies] Last: Although you didn't really state what the problem is, I took the liber... (by Smac89)
C++ Primer 5th Edition
I went trough the forums looking for a programming book for beginners. I came across C++ Primer 5th ...
[7 replies] Last: There are 2 different book, C++ Primer and C++ Primer Plus. C++ Primer... (by cobra65)
by Jakee
Are pointers more efficient than using Variable?s
I have 2 pieces of code here, one that uses a pointer to change a variables value and another just u...
[7 replies] Last: Pointers are just another tool to add to your kit, they are good for s... (by KvltKitty)
How to add submenu
How to add submenu #include <iostream> using namespace std; int vtoromenu(); int main() { ...
[1 reply] : Make functions for each submenu or Create a generic submenu for al... (by closed account j3Rz8vqX)
Parallel Arrays
I'm making a simple program that is supposed to log rainfall data for a year. The program is suppose...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks for your help everyone, I got it working. Especially wildblue, ... (by amatthew3)
can anyone help me with this question please ? write a program to compute the average of the ten nu...
[8 replies] Last: Wow, everything is working now. :-) Thanks everyone for all the help ... (by juliocesarnyc)
SOLVED - All Programs Running twice.
Hi, All my programs are running twice in MSVC 2010 Express using Win7 64bit ultimate. First...
[1 reply] : Just to let you know, I have repaired MSCP 2010 express but still not... (by jim noob coder)
by LOL123
How can i make this code loop
I have this code but i cant seem to figure out where and what to put exactly in it to make it loop s...
[3 replies] Last: De nada! (by eyenrique)
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