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operator <<
Cant wait to know why 1 thing is working but the other is not #include <iostream> #include <string...
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by gmac
command line (1,2)
I dont quite know where to start??
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by appi
preincrement operator problem
Whats the output for the code - void main() { int i=4,x; x=++i + ++i + ++i; printf("%d",x); } ...
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The names of various authors approaches to explaining the "Hello, World!" program
The purpose of this thread is to name various authors, and if possible, their approaches, to describ...
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coding in linux
anyone out there coding in Linux? what editor do you use or recommend? im new to linux and i love it...
[1 reply] : I use netbeans IDE for C++, *Arduino Studio for Arduino, Eclipse for J... (by Luke Leber)
Converting Linked List to Doubly Linked List
Hello everyone, First post here. The details: Add a pointer called "prior" to the linked list cl...
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Loops, structures and file manipulation// Help.
So I have a program to do that requires me to check the inventory a super market file and test it wi...
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by Nanyo
fstream helpp
hello again everyone, The error is on line 52... any help will be appreciated! Thanks! #inclu...
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by Nanyo
fstream error
hello again everyone, The error is on line 52... any help will be appreciated! Thanks! #include<i...
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convertion between two types
Please how can I convert from WCHAR to string type ? thanks.
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Program Issue
I'm having an issue involving my program that I'm writing for my C++ class in college. The issue inv...
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Server connection
Could you help me? I want to make a Programm in C which can check out, that I have a serverconnectio...
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by Nanyo
Help #include<algorithm>
Hello I have an error when using <algorithm> any help? #include<iostream> #include<algorithm> ...
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using sstream with complex numbers
So I am trying to read a list of complex numbers from a txt file given as: 3+5i 2-3i 11+22i However ...
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As far as i understand if i create myclass.h class MyClass { public: void my_method() const; // M...
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Understanding function definitions with Pointer parameters
Can someone help me understand coding function definition for a prototype that includes pointers and...
[1 reply] : First, you'll want to name the parameters to your function. Otherwise,... (by Zhuge)
Not understanding classes
Is this class Widget { int value; public: Widget(); Widget(int v); int get(); void...
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What's wrong with the code?
The code below is the example on my new book. It shows different answers and the author didn't expla...
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Passing 2D array
I've written the following program. I am trying to pass the 2D array into function using pointer and...
[1 reply] : Are your program: 1) Not compiles     * Is other code compiles cor... (by MiiNiPaa)
avg = runs / ( innings - notout ) my mvs keeps complaining about dividing by zero. but i e...
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