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by pravi
C program using function
What is wrong with this C program using function? <//To find the power of a number #include<s...
[4 replies] Last: Until you set the value of a variable for the first time, it isn't set... (by shadowmouse)
by pravi
Switch statement
What is wrong with this C program using switch statement which terminates after typing symbol? <#...
[7 replies] Last: @4682 Thanks for all your useful replies. I have solved it. Couldn't h... (by pravi)
Making a grid
Hello, I am currently trying to make a grid, say 10x10 that will represent a 2-D space. I want to m...
[5 replies] Last: Made both changes and it worked. Originally I kept it as box because ... (by Jonnyd36)
Looking for help with a binary file.
Hello. My task is to create a program that puts all the reserved c++ words (Max length 30) into a o...
[14 replies] Last: See comments in code. Andy #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #... (by andywestken)
by koopey
basic input/output with files driving crazy
I finished reading my c++ book and the tutorial in this website. both had similar contents but none ...
[7 replies] Last: > in which truncate if file exists, i think it should be do not trunca... (by JLBorges)
Make an instance of a external class
Hi, I'm used to program in Java and I started to program in c++. Now in java if you have 2 classe...
[9 replies] Last: The #ifndef CLASS2_H is an include gurad: (by coder777)
menu choices (interpretation?)
Hi I have been trying to create a menu with the following code. The menu here is made of 2 choices. ...
[5 replies] Last: The performance is the same either way. The boolean expression is chec... (by mlholder)
Function Pointers to access a function outside a class
Hi there, first time poster. I was pretty confident programming in C but C++ and it's classes are...
[3 replies] Last: great thank you guys - legends! it compiled in the end. I'm working f... (by Moookeee)
How I can use L"" prefix for wide chars
I need to use L"" to convert string to LPWSTR in path string variable //this work for me LPWS...
[3 replies] Last: Here is my function : wchar_t* convertStringToWide(string str){ ... (by najiboun)
Overload operator with this pointer
Not understanding why this overload of << will not allow this pointer to be used. //ClockType....
[2 replies] Last: operator<< isn't a member function so you've got to use the instance n... (by andywestken)
Getting to the begining of the line.
Hello. My qustion is, in a text file, if i know how many lines are there, is it possible to set pos...
[8 replies] Last: Well, you can basically see the finish line, but you keep turning left... (by coder777)
sorting in doubly link code is not working properly.its does sort for 1 or 2 numbers but thn it crashed.
void sorting(comp *&h, comp *&t ){ if (h==NULL){ cout<<"oppsssss there is no numbe*r t...
[1 reply] : You use c->next without checking if it's null. (by Peter87)
Question about a setting in Visual Studio Professional 2012
In my Introduction to C++ Programming class, we are using Visual Studio Professional 2012. One of th...
[3 replies] Last: That step wasn't part of my instructions, it was just something I was... (by cire)
Not keeping track of lowercases ?
I am practicing on a program where i have to keep track on how many lower cases there are but i keep...
[3 replies] Last: i cant believe i didnt catch that small mistake the last program i wa... (by Raakfal)
HW. i dont understand it
• Write a C++ function double dotProduct(double *px, double *py, int n); that returns the d...
[1 reply] : You have to write a program that does: dot_product = x *y + x *y + ... (by kemort)
Turbo C++ list files within a directory
Hi, I recently started coding in C++ and thought that writing code in old software would be a good p...
[2 replies] Last: Unfortunately, TCC is so old that VS versions newer than 4.0 won't sup... (by Duoas)
Pointer Function
Down below, there is a function called at line 15, "*growArray ()". However, I'm not sure what the d...
[1 reply] : I'm not sure what the difference between a regular function, without ... (by AbstractionAnon)
split string into words and integers
New c++ coder I would like to accept input "box 3 4 5" or "trian...
[1 reply] : I've written the raw code to read the values. But it looks like your ... (by kbw)
by Shira
problem with templates tree
Write your question here. Hello I wrote this code, the function need to return pointer to node of ...
[8 replies] Last: okay. Thank You!! (by Shira)
Array Function Help
So im doing some HW for my C++ class and im not sure how to do this. Hes asking fot this: A void fu...
[5 replies] Last: you can pass arrays like anything else into a function void someFunc... (by andywestken)
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