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Putting Numbers In Order
I want to put numbers in order without using libraries or functions. I want to do it manually. I'm u...
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by BangoB
Bit stuck: cout with dynamic arrays and c strings
Hello all. First of all thank you for your time and assistance! I'm a c++ newbie (been learning it f...
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Couple of questions about my attempt at a "Benford's law" program
I'm attempting to write a program that reads in a data file, counts the first digit of the numbers i...
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Please help me!
Please help me writing this code in c++, I have no idea where to start! Odd/Even: Find whether a...
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Need help with the first part of Homework.
Okay guys, sorry if this is a bad submission but my first part of the homework is to return the larg...
[3 replies] Last: You do redefine(re-declare) a,b,c in two position int maximum(int a,... (by cute apple)
Numerical palindrome how to add leading values
Hi there, This program is supposed to determine if a number input is a palindrome or not. The p...
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-fvisibility=hidden flag does not get applied in final shared library
Hi All While making my shared libraries of we give CXXFLAGS as flag -fvisibility=hi...
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by ncaver
Implement a program in C++ that does the follolwing 1.Read as input average course score 2.Proves...
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Need help on how to set this one up
Hey, guys. I need help with this question: A piece of wire is to be bent in the form of a rectangle ...
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Basics to Encrypting
I understand what the general function should be but I don't know how to "move letters" •Look a...
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Displaying Unicode in Windows using Putty
Hey All, I am trying to display some unicode characters, but all I get are question marks. I am usi...
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any fltk gui integrated compiler?
well i have been stuck trying to successfully run code from Stroustrups book starting chapter ...
[2 replies] Last: managed to get fltk going from that site and run that code, i yet cant... (by lionofclouds)
by RobCh
Yaw, pitch, roll (tait byran angles)
This is my first post on this forum not graphics related, that has all been sorted out now. I am ...
[10 replies] Last: Have you looked into opencv. They at least have types that represent ... (by cmisip)
Why is my vector not incrementing?
I have two vectors, one with data and one without. Vector file looks like: 1 1 1 2 3 3 7 7 9 2 and...
[1 reply] : Yes, I was trying to not use a nested for but either way that does wha... (by ThisUserAgain)
For Loop with multiple averages needed
I am in a programming 2 class and I have a question that ask me to create a for loop and to have the...
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Help with fstream file manipulation
Hey guys. I'm expirimenting with basic text file manipulation, like writing and reading text files, ...
[1 reply] : Yes, it does help a lot, thanks. Could you explain to me what exactly ... (by icabero0225)
by aloz
How to compare two "chars"
Hi, I'm trying to compare two chars, one of those entered by the user.. if the person enters "si" it...
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help needed :)
Hi guys I came across an exercise which I have no idea about. Here I have to determine the console o...
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queue assignmentttt
#include <iostream> #include <queue> using namespace std; int main() { queue<cha...
[2 replies] Last: mpark4656 is correct about queues being FIFO. Stacks are LIFO - Last ... (by kevinkjt2000)
Limiting Character Input Size
Hi there. Before going to the question, let me introduce my self. Im just a first year computer sc...
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