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by st4evr
Program With Array To Check For Increasing/Decreasing Numbers
Hello everyone, Beginner C++ student here starting to learn different ways of using arrays. I am ...
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by i73
How to invoke a method?
I am looking to call a method with a dictionary I am coming from c# and just getting into C++. I hav...
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C++ assignment help
Everything up to line 22 is working. After that I keep getting the error "warning: comparison with s...
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by Mak3
Pig Latin
When i excute the program it doesnt pick up my file and i cant find out what i am missing. #in...
[3 replies] Last: Okay so i figured out what was happening with my file. How would i out... (by Mak3)
OK, what I have got so far works well enough, but it will not ignore capitalization. What do I do? ...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you all very much that helped greatly. (by greengirl1968)
stuck on palindrome problem
I'm failing on my second test: ** Test: #1, time: 15 ms., memory: 0 KB, exit code: 0, checker ex...
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Comment Question
Is this proper syntax for my comment section? /* Anne Brown 9.10.16 Hotel Bill Calculation Th...
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by Selver
fstream stops reading in new data
Hi all. Having issues with this basic database program I'm writing. The database consists of two ...
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Simple console program to open any file
I'm just looking for a way to open any file or exe from a command line program. It will be built int...
[1 reply] : Windows doesn't open files, programs do. You have to tell windows whic... (by SamuelAdams)
Reading a CSV file of 2 columns into 2 different vectors
Hi, Could you please guide me as to how I can read a CSV file into 2 different vectors. I have so...
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when to use #include?
I'm currently writing a pretty big program separated into .cpp and .h file and i have a question abo...
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Hi there! i wanna assign an array of charecters with a string like this: char myarray ={strin...
[1 reply] : tnQ soooOOOO much (by miss1001)
Making a constructor for class that contains other class
I'm making a constructor for a class "Check", that contains "CheckItems". CheckItems contains anothe...
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Class help please (1,2)
As an exercise I have to write a rational number class, show it in its reduced form, and be able to ...
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trouble with arrays, sorting, and calculating the median of grades entered.
Hi guys. I am relatively new to programming and am having trouble writing a code where the user can ...
[2 replies] Last: I can't figure out why I can't input the number of grades I want, it ... (by chicofeo)
Used a bunch of GOTO's, loop instead?
So after getting this far I visualized the flow of my program and thought "I think I just wrote spag...
[4 replies] Last: +1 Too Explosive As @Too Explosive said you can use functions... all ... (by shadder)
help with for loops
Trying to get 'parallel arrays" to match up and give product, price, and have user input quantity th...
[5 replies] Last: Like this? #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { s... (by shadder)
For Loop Isn't Looping More Than Once
I need help with a for loop. On line 44 I'm trying to establish if the integer 'choice' == 5, I ask...
[5 replies] Last: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(){ int choice... (by closed account EyboLyTq)
invalid operands in number generation
hi to all, ive got an invalid operands at line 38 when running this code. i hope somebody will hel...
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