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by gabars
Proper way of handling trivial exceptions?
Hi, I've been programming as a hobby for a couple of years. I learned from online courses and docume...
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Iostream Problem
Hi, I'm learning ifstream/ostream staff. Once I started I already got a problem, very strange one...
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Count vowels and constants
I have to create a program that will count the number of vowels and consonants in a string I need...
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by bhalo
objects as key of map: why repetition being allowed?
#include <iostream> #include <map> using namespace std; struct T { string s; double d...
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by sjr856
'WinMain@16' error in database program
Trying to get my database program to run but I keep getting the 'WinMain@16' error. I've tried to re...
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problem with my Number<T> class
Hi, i just made my Number<T> class and I'm having problems doing operations with different types o...
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How to use -> with index operator []?
Hi! I would like to know how can i use "->" with index oprator " " void Historic::showRanking...
[2 replies] Last: I understand. Thank you very much! (by robgeek)
2D Array as a pyramid
I need to get the this array to display as a pyramid. Later on I have to read in a file that's rando...
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'No operator matches these operands' Error.
Hello. I am currently making an application which requires me to create a port docking system using...
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Seeding time and generating random numbers
If I seed a random number in main() with srand(time(NULL)) and generate random numbers in other ...
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multiply two complex matrix
hii actually i m new to c++ actually i want to multiply two complex matrix (1*2 with 2*2) can a...
[1 reply] : Find a template matrix library that has already been written, and use ... (by LB)
what is the problem with this code??i want 2 find the space?? #include<iostream> #include<str...
[8 replies] Last: Use string::find_first_of() to look for a space. It returns the positi... (by dhayden)
Flags - Good or Bad?
Is the use of boolean flags to determine the flow of a program an acceptable technique, or is it gen...
[4 replies] Last: Okay, thanks guys. I guess the answer is that it depends on how you us... (by Bogeyman)
C program sort array then get user command
Hi all, I have a c programming question I am stuck on. The question first asks to write a program t...
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by SCB3
Can anyone go through my code? (regarding arrays) (1,2)
So, I'm pretty much done making my Minesweeper game project and just wanna go through a few things ...
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do-while loop not looping
The code runs fine in regard to the functions and calculations. However, it doesn't seem to be doing...
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by prhray
Char string within a structure not working
I defined a character string in a structure, but it does not work properly. I get the following erro...
[1 reply] : In C you can't give values to the members in the struct definition lik... (by Peter87)
Create a program that computes all prime numbers less than max number
I have to create a program that computes all prime numbers less than the max number by storing the...
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by conlan
Ohm's Law Program with data sets
Hi all I am new to c++ as I am taking a entry level class. We have to write a program using ohm's la...
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unordered_set hash specialization
Hello! I am specializing the hash function of std::unordered_set template class, but I want to us...
[9 replies] Last: That is helpful, Thanks! I will use std::hash. (by Gonza 565)
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