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Preprocessor directives
I am having a small problem using these directives. I usually use them just to avoid multiple inclus...
[8 replies] Last: When that happens, wait a few minutes and try recompiling your entire... (by closed account jvqpDjzh)
This application has requested the Runtime
I keep getting this error in Dev-C: "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in...
[1 reply] : Either a duplicate, or related thread: (by Chervil)
by Jakee
Trying to make a hit counter with a random number generator
Hello fellow programmers, I decided to make a hit counter. Basically its an array that loops through...
[1 reply] : My friend fixed it, I had to initialize the array hitCounter ={0}; (by Jakee)
Cant use decimal values in a call function?
Im currently using C, and when i try to call functions with decimals it doesn't let me do so and jus...
[6 replies] Last: It looks like you pass an uninitialized variable into Micky's 4th par... (by nidh0gg)
2D Array
Hi everyone, I'm working on a program that is supposed to collect and analyze collected data for mon...
[2 replies] Last: wow i can't believe I was missing that. Thanks for the help! (by amatthew3)
cmd line parameters not working?
Hello i have made a level editor in c and want to add command line parameters so you can type: edit...
[7 replies] Last: I made macro in another header file called l Something contained in... (by dhayden)
inheritance to create two new classes, both of which will inherit from the class Car
Hi when i run my code in code Blocks does not show me the out put? can anyone help me? Thanks ...
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by yepMe
Difference between data abstraction and encapsulation
Hi Everybody, I have Googled and referred books but I did not get convincing difference between t...
[3 replies] Last: Data abstraction and encapsulation are two different concepts. ... (by AbstractionAnon)
change pointer in c++
hi guys I am c++ user and i have question about changing pointer exsample int x = 1; int y = 2; ...
[6 replies] Last: aha it's working thank you and much appreciate it :) thank you (by DragonForce99)
by Aurum
Editing Macros in VS2012?
I've heard they stopped having macros since VS2011 but I'm using Visual Studio 2012 Express for Desk...
[10 replies] Last: How exactly do I define these macros Like this: #define _WIN32_WINN... (by Computergeek01)
Console closing after turning back to attack()
Hey. It's me again. I'm trying to make a simulated battle, but to do so I have to use some voids w...
[1 reply] : You need a loop, like so: void battle() { string o; int dmg ... (by coder777)
Load from file will give random INT number (1,2,3)
I don't know what's wrong, but it will basically give random number. Don't know what is creating thi...
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function error
i always get an error error : reference to 'plus' is ambiguos int plus(int a,int b) { r...
[5 replies] Last: i see. its clearer now >< thank you all (by Lorence30)
How effective is my word parser?
I took about 30 minutes to work out the kinks in my parser, but I would like some feedback or any cr...
[3 replies] Last: Not had time to look at the logic as such but.. is there ever a chan... (by MaxDaniels)
the literals in c++
Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum and I wanted to ask if you could help me with the literals in ...
[4 replies] Last: If you want to be formal, integer literals such as 42 are classified... (by Cubbi)
Loops C++
Should i really need to master loops (while,for,do while) in C++ ? I get it but when im trying some...
[8 replies] Last: abstractionanon thanks for the link (by Lorence30)
Function calculator
I got a problem here. Make your calculator program perform computations in a separate function fo...
[7 replies] Last: I mean its a typo :D hehe Im using this site's tutorial of course I'... (by Lorence30)
Getting text from text files
Hi everyone, I'm currently having a project where I'll have to get our data in text form from text f...
[8 replies] Last: Can anyonhe tell me how to do this step for text files? If you have... (by Chervil)
annoying getline
What is the use of getline? Getline(cin,/*...*/,'/n') Is it the same as Cin>>/*....*/ ...
[5 replies] Last: ah i see its about whitespace hehe thank you all miniipaa,kitty,keskiv... (by Lorence30)
by Rockyy
Relative Path for image
Hello All, I am trying to add an image to my Gui by giving the absolute path of the image.But i w...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a k n its working.. (by Rockyy)
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