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by Fonon
Invisible walls
Problem: Invisible wall after x > 5 Invisible wall after y > 10 edit: I don't know what the pr...
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Check it out
Hey guys what is wrong in this code? this is a very easy code...but gives me a headache I get this...
[6 replies] Last: thank you @mutexe and @whitenite1 and @andy1992 and yeah sure, :) boor... (by starbug7)
by agnzls
How much do you memorize
I'm definitely a beginner when it comes to programming. I'm almost done with my math degree, and hav...
[7 replies] Last: I agree with JLBorges. I usually don't find I have to sit down and foc... (by Ganado)
Hello , is there a way i can make this function supported by Gcc, everytime i need it i hve to provi...
[13 replies] Last: @coder777 thanks you very much. (by andy1992)
Predict output in Prefix and Postfix Increment Operators
Can someone please help me to get output of the following questions and also please explain how can ...
[4 replies] Last: I find that people often confuse precedence/associativity with order o... (by dhayden)
by qmnty
Make download proccess.
I want to make dll for downloading from using setting .ini. like this screenshot...
[1 reply] : read: - dll tutorial - ini files tutorial (or get some ini library) - ... (by tath)
Variable Conversion
I have an assignment requiring me to demonstrate widening (converting a smaller variable type like i...
[4 replies] Last: I tried something similar with short to long, but If you have 4cl o... (by keskiverto)
Function Error Please help !!
See the problem here i get is undefined reference to `main' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit sta...
[6 replies] Last: [quote=MiiNiPaa]char spaces(char x ) //Takes array of exactly 20 chars... (by coder777)
by SkyZ
Paralleogram design?
I have a program here where I need to print out a paralellogram with the form of. * ...
[16 replies] Last: // assert( 1 == Rows % 2 ) int Numblanks = Rows / 2; const int maxim ... (by keskiverto)
Doubly-Linked Lists
I am writing my own doubly-linked list class. I was wondering if my code looks correct. #inc...
[1 reply] : One way to check is to modify your displayList function to test if the... (by ats15)
Can someone explain me how this program works?
Write your question here. I have been watching a series of videos to learn c++ and this program was...
[6 replies] Last: Is there an easier way to do this? using pointers? These are unteste... (by dhayden)
random number generator
Hello, Im fairly new with C++ and i was wondering you all may be able to help me with this programmi...
[1 reply] : Check this other thread out, see if you see anything useful. http://w... (by YodaCode)
How can I use cin to input a space to a char?
Is there anyway that I can use cin to pass a whitespace to a char object? For instance, as in the co...
[3 replies] Last: To MiiNiPaa: Get it. Really Appreciate it. To DyavolskiMost: I'm aware... (by glenjoker)
Losing my mind (while loop)
This is array and loop practice and I cant seem to figure out what is going wrong. I have everything...
[1 reply] : I think this will help you out a lot. (by YodaCode)
Bug in game
This is part of my program i'm creating, i have a bug I can't figure out. When I go to the "Create" ...
[8 replies] Last: That was it, I changes it to std::cin >> input. Thank you for that... ... (by closed account 3R5fjE8b)
Matrix Route Algorithm
Matrix Given a matrix A ‘mxn’ with numbers 0 or 1. Write a program that finds a way from the top...
[1 reply] : perform a flood fill on each cell of the first row, check if at least ... (by ne555)
by Jaycoh
Help with multiples of 3?
Hi everyone. Ive had some trouble with this weeks practice assignment. Basically, we are supposed to...
[3 replies] Last: @MiiNiPaa Thanks Alot! That really helps. it makes sense that in orde... (by Jaycoh)
Any shortened version of this code?
Is there any way to shorten the while loop? Maybe through use of an array or maybe something in the ...
[2 replies] Last: That's so simple. I cant believe I didn't think of that! Thanks. (by DoomyNY)
Is it possible to use a dynamic c-string instead of a []
Disclaimer: this is for a linked list for homework, as you can see this is just a tiny aspect of a l...
[1 reply] : I think I solved it. char *name2 = new char[b_item.getNameLen(... (by Bdanielz)
Problem About Struct!
I have to design a struct that holds names, ages and a pointer to the struct itself For example: s...
[1 reply] : comment your code stating your intentions. explain why do you think th... (by ne555)
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