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Help: read/wirte to struct
I'm having issues declaring curr_prez as a struct placeholder, and im geting several errors with sy...
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Programming Contest Problem output giving extras blank spaces
Hi, I am doing an exercise of programming called Erdös Numbers (
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Issue with linkedlist program, embarrasingly elusive!
This linked list works fine if i am using just first-names, but it messes up whenever I try includin...
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permutation & combination: code crashes with large numbers
This code works for small number combinations but crashes when I tried larger numbers, what can I do...
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"duplicate symbols for architecture x86_64"
I've been googling this compiling error for hours now, trying every little thing I've come across—...
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To Sort or not to Sort
Write your question here. I am trying to write a program to answer a question of mine. But I don’...
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(HW) Using array for a maze to get an object through to winning area
So I am trying to complete an assignment where we must move an object through a maze of 0's and 1's ...
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How to?
Okay so I'm writing a code for school again and my teacher said,"The ASCII code for π is 227." Wel...
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by fr52
Advancing the counter in an "if" structure
Good morning. I'd ask for some hints about the following homework code, which is about printing limi...
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cin and string
Write your question here. i want to calculate the volume of cylinder....... it shows these error i...
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by Beez
Multiple file programs, not defining functions correctly.
Hey all, I've been slacking on my c++ for the last year and a half, and I just cannot seem to instan...
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triangle determine
can u help me this problem : Input : 4 3 5 output: right triangle input : 4 4 5 output: ...
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C++ programming question: utf-8 encoding/output&input as text file
I'm using Dev C++ 5.11 as the following link of picture: I wonder how can...
[1 reply] : So you try to convert an utf-8 text to hex and back. What did you try... (by coder777)
use of undeclared identifier 'charsymbol'
I'm getting the errors learning.cxx:20:9: error: use of undeclared identifier 'char symbol' ...
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Having trouble with switch statement
Hello everyone. Like the title says, I'm having trouble making my switch statement give me the desir...
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by GogNut
Hey! Do anyone have some fun projects?
Well i am 100% beginner. So do anyone have some projects i can work on? For a perspective this is w...
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Getting Stuck on an assignment please help?!
Hi all i'm so utterly lost on this assignment, I haven't had any luck finding a tutor, Please help. ...
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Auto update date
I'm writing a program just for fun. My program will ask the user the date he would like to finish re...
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Trying to use 2 combo boxes
I have to create a program which uses two combo boxes. I have tried multiple times/multiple differen...
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Code not giving me the output I need
EDIT: solved
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