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I'm having problems separating code.
Hello, my teacher told us to take his program and divide the poker hand into a class and using fun...
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Array Functions Issue (srand)
Hello, My code below is printing the same number (which is negative and shouldn't be with the if ...
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by Java90
Agenda with only structs...
Hi, I need some advice how can I read a data of my file.txt and compare with a string entered by u...
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storing string characters into integer vectors
Can someone help me find what is causing the program to crash. I've been trying for awhile and cant ...
[1 reply] : well, I ran it with a simple 3+2 equasion. briefly debugging, first t... (by Esslercuffi)
Need HW help ASAP thanks
Im very new to coding and dont understand how to do this. can someone plz help. thanks Write a ...
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by vxk
array query
In the following code why does the third cout statement throw an error ? int main(int argc, ...
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Why do you pass objects by reference?
I was watching one of bucky's tutorials about friend functions and this was the code he used in his ...
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Can Anyone Help Out a C++ Beginner with Code ASAP?
Hello everyone. I really need some help from you guys since I'm a beginner to C++ and I need to get ...
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Help with an error: undefined reference
I keep getting the same error: |In function `main':| 65|undefined reference to `calccost(int, floa...
[1 reply] : That error indicates you have not implemented a function named calcco... (by AbstractionAnon)
Why Runtime Error?
I am solving a problem at codeforces 17A - Noldbach problem (
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2D Array Dealing Deck of Cards
I am trying to find a more efficient way of "dealing" the cards (lines 57 - 118). I only need to dea...
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Prime Number or Not
Ok, this is my new code that I wrote and no matter what I try it always says that 45 "prime number a...
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by BJzero
i need help with reading from a text file
hi there, i have a homework to do, write c++ code for union find.. in order to do that i have to r...
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by hosoi
Function that adds two objects in the same class?
I need to write a member function in class Money that adds two Money objects together and returns th...
[5 replies] Last: Money& Money::operator=(const Money &rhs){ if (this != &rhs){ this... (by mobotus)
by CDavis
Structs in classes
So I have a problem that I have to work on which I'm having issue finding info on the internet or I'...
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Some mistakes existing in the program and I dont know why
I know there must be some problems with the boolean expression in each if-statement. A friend tells ...
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System::Object issue
Hi, I did a reference to a DLL and I am trying to use a method that requires a System::Object^ as a...
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How to read from a text file and print into program for calculating integers?
Hi, Im 6 weeks into my uni course and I need to somehow in my task, read 8 numbers from a text file ...
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I/O - How to read data from input file and write it to ouput file and calculate the average number
My input file is named scores.txt with the below information: Becky Muggah 34 65 76 43 76 34 76 3...
[5 replies] Last: If some people in your file have less than 10 scores, then that means ... (by andy1992)
Need help with strings
Hi, I need help with strings. I want to be able to search for a specific character, like "a". And if...
[3 replies] Last: I hope it will help you a little. Run this: #include <iostream> #inc... (by Observer)
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