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How to erase element from one vector and pass this erased value to a new vector
hi, I am trying to figure out how to eliminate one element in one vector and then pass this value t...
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I am new to c++ and i just started working on a tic tac toe game.I put the playerturn variable befor...
[3 replies] Last: First of all ,before your main do/while loop , you have a declared var... (by jj09786)
Drill #1 Chapter 4 (Programming Principles..)
*Below is a an exercise that I am practicing on. Does my code make sense? 1. Write a program that...
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by Reis
C++ Composition & confusion
Hey there, When doing some composition tutorials, I came across the following: class People...
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flashing barre
when I start my program, it compile without any problem but it schould teste all the possibities fro...
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Trouble with code
I got Part 1 to work, but having trouble with Part 2 of the problem. Question: Part 1: The pr...
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Card Game problem
Hi, everyone, i am new to c++. I have been trying to write this code for a while. I am really stuck...
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by bsaab
switch error
Why doesn't VS recognise my input as an int? (it says that case i.e. '0' has datatype char?!) int...
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very weird bit behaviour
Hi, like the title says I'm facing very weird behavior when trying to manipulate some bits. This hap...
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by enesdl
Removing elements from vector
Hi I have some homework and I am unsure of how to finish this part of the code. I need to remove an ...
[1 reply] : for removing items from a vector review this -> http://www.cplusplus.c... (by DirtyDan)
Operator precedence in C++
Can any one tell me operator precedence in C++. + - * / % Kindly arrange order of operato...
[1 reply] : towards the bottom of the page -> (by DirtyDan)
problem with lubcurl curl_formadd data type
Actually since I am still sort of new to c++, I don't think my problem is really with "curl_formadd"...
[2 replies] Last: Well spotted, coder777!! That worked perfectly! My final code looked a... (by mimewear)
Rounding up.
Is there any way to force a variable to be rounded up? For example: Shipping is $4 for everything...
[1 reply] : (by AbstractionAnon)
by Sam786
Converting decimal, hexidecimal, octal
I need this program to be able to convert decimal, hexadecimal and octal, don't know why it does not...
[2 replies] Last: Use std::hex, std::oct #include <iostream> int main() { //Take i... (by jedaiCoder)
by Kman
Can't find the source of unresolved external error.
I'm getting LNK2019, but as far as I know, nothing is wrong with how I called the function. The head...
[4 replies] Last: Does that have anything to do with the error I posted above? No, you ... (by coder777)
need your help
Am a dummy in cpp I have been giving Assignment to write a c++ program that must have 1.functio...
[3 replies] Last: This is not a homework site. We won't do your homework for you. Howeve... (by AbstractionAnon)
Fuel costs Loop Assignment assistance
For the most part everything is executing perfectly. The only thing I cant seem to get to work is th...
[4 replies] Last: You forgot to initialize a "totalFuel" variable. Currently all you ar... (by Lothcarn)
Putting 100 random integers into an array and displaying the sum,average etc.
Hello Guys!! Everything about my code is working perfectly fine the only thing Im trying to figure o...
[1 reply] : it worked for me, although I had to add in a couple brackets... //... (by DirtyDan)
by Sam786
need help with an assignment
need a program that will meet this criteria Write a program that does the following: Displa...
[4 replies] Last: @Sam786 Explaining to you how to best use this forum so that you get t... (by MikeyBoy)
Class template for stack in C++
Here is the original requirements: Write a class template for a linked-list implementation of a sta...
[1 reply] : Your code looks good so far. The only comment i have is that you can ... (by dhayden)
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