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issue with reference/RVDT function (1,2)
I don't have any syntax errors, but when I enter a number between 0 and 65536 I expect the function ...
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big question in numbers are prime together...
hi gentles, i tested a code that doesn't work. and i want you helping for the shortest code quickly....
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Integer with 32 bits.
How can I create a integer with 32 bits? And how can I use scanf and printf with that? Thanks!
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Array code
I am trying to run a program that will be able to calculate the average employment rate form the dat...
[1 reply] : The file employed_15-24yrsOld.txt is not where the program expects it.... (by coder777)
Arrays in Files
Can someone explain to me how one would go about using arrays to add or sort things from files. So I...
[1 reply] : You can eighter assume a maximum capacity like 100 and no more or you ... (by coder777)
by Jon15
Reversing a string
I am having trouble reversing the string so that I can input the name in the middle of the reversed ...
[1 reply] : Can you tell me what the values for i and j (i-j would be helpful for ... (by Zhuge)
big question in numbers are prime together
hi gentles, i have a code that doesn't work.and i want you helping for the shortest code quickly. It...
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by pukol
Ordered list using binary search
So, i created an ordered array of float. here is the code. //from main for(int i = 0; i < L...
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by Seag
B-Tree Insertion Problem
Hello, I am building a B-Tree with data from a txt file, extracting a numerical record (as an int) a...
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by bs319
Bioinformatics program with string of DNA
This is just one part of the program. We have this file which contains a string of DNA (ACAAGATGCCAT...
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Characters and String Functions
Desired output: Hi. I've been sitting here and searching ...
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Error: Expression must have class type
Help! #include<iostream> #include<cstring> #include<algorithm> using namespace std; ch...
[5 replies] Last: #include<iostream> #include<cstring> #include<algorithm> #include<str... (by Vandalism)
by JayZom
Inherit from std::runtime_error
Hello, everyone. I am having difficulty inheriting from std::runtime_error. All I have to do i...
[1 reply] : #include <stdexcept> struct MazeCreationException : public virtual s... (by JLBorges)
Modular program utilizing array with at least 3 functions
I am completely lost with this assignment. I have been searching the internet and forums trying to p...
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Function issues
Hi guys, I'm having problems with my code. I am trying to develop a code which gets the: weight, hei...
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Need to return element of an iterator.
Hello - I need this loop to return the element of the iterator, not the value. Can anyone point me i...
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Read records from file and store in dynamic array
So i have to define Student class, read the number of records in the input file, create a dynamic ar...
[1 reply] : Edit: So i fixed my dumb mistake on line 41 to cout << id << "\t" <... (by ezmesori)
Finding instances of -user specified- character in file stream
Hey there, I am working on a program that is supposed to take input from a user in the form of a s...
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by iluv41
file is not being read correctly
I need to read in grade data from a file, but right now I cannot get the grades read in. The stu...
[7 replies] Last: I removed the error checking to save space, both files work (by iluv41)
Calling function help?
Hey everyone, me again. I'm learning more about calling functions and pass by references this week i...
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