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String assignment
Okay so I'm having trouble with this assignment. ------------------- Prompt the user to enter 3 wo...
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while and string
how can I put a string in a while loop
[2 replies] Last: I'm trying to convert roman numeral to regular numbers(ex. III=3) by u... (by axel609)
if else statement
Hey guys i'm looking through a program that my instructor has put online for us to use as an example...
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Serial julian date
I have an error on line 7 this is what it is telling me. I do not know if the code works because I ...
[6 replies] Last: Wow I feel stupid! Thanks again for the help and I will take your "goo... (by Dbcavalier)
I understand everything here, I coded it the only thing im not 100% sure on is randomNumber = (ran...
[3 replies] Last: Its the C style way of doing things. There is a better way for c++. Bu... (by TarikNeaj)
help me i'm a beginner
Help me to resolve this code. The purpose of this program is that the user types a letter until h...
[2 replies] Last: Its kinda hard to understand the code. You probably mean this - char ... (by TarikNeaj)
by bhalo
getline problem
say i will input 5 sepate strings. then the program outputs, "input string 1: input string 2:" wh...
[3 replies] Last: thanks, cin.ignore(); worked. #include <iostream> #include <st... (by bhalo)
Help with the question
Hi, this is my first time learning programming and i am just trying out some practice questions but ...
[10 replies] Last: @anup30 I dont understand what you're trying to say? Yes, -50 divide... (by TarikNeaj)
No Output
So I was writing a rock paper scissors game for fun/practice and I came across an issue that I can't...
[1 reply] : It is working perfectly fine for me on Visual Studio 2013. There is no... (by TarikNeaj)
Writing a function to multiply 2 matrices?
Write a function that multiplies two matrices together and then displays the result. You can assume ...
[5 replies] Last: Yes, that is correct. See you other thread for my continuing answer.... (by Duoas)
by oseri
Pointer to array needs double dereferencing
Hi, I've defined a pointer to array of 4 ints. Now, dereferencing that pointer still causes it to ...
[4 replies] Last: Not a problem mate. It can be a very difficult process to how pointers... (by TarikNeaj)
Code not working
So i made this program which displays the number of ways that the target number can be achieved by t...
[2 replies] Last: I want it to return the number of the count,so I have to add something... (by Bilakos)
by Kernul
Complicated Vector Exercise
The exercise is this: Assigned two vectors (V1 and V2) of integers. Check if within one of the two v...
[12 replies] Last: Wait, every single piece of the example output is a number, right? I m... (by Kernul)
Random Number Generator with array
Hi I do not understand the question stated below. Does anyone know what does it mean so I can kick s...
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code breaks.
I think the following test code produces an error on the execution of this code line: printf( "%d, "...
[5 replies] Last: @Coder777 Yes sorry. I realized that and was about to edit my post to... (by TarikNeaj)
Need help
Can someone help me with my c++ homework please?:) Iam such a new for this programming language.. :...
[1 reply] : Sorry but it is against the rules to help you out with the entire home... (by TarikNeaj)
reading and using data in a .csv file
I want to write a program that takes in a .csv file with over 2000 columns on information but i have...
[5 replies] Last: Here is the descripton for getline: (by coder777)
Hi . i tried to make program that do { open a .exe (and i did it) then count 30 mints or so ...
[8 replies] Last: open game.exe (timer wait ) >>30 minutes if ( timer <30 minutes) { do... (by Mahmoud ElNahal)
Vector Display Error!
I'm trying to display the Vector's contents but i get this error no match for 'operator ' in 'a_...
[1 reply] : Nvm, I was able to solve it and got it to work :D (by Dlazyguy)
by zecbmo
2D array passed as a pointer problem
So I am creating a grid in which I want to be able to paste on smaller grids using a function. I...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for posting the answer, I was looking forward to know how to do... (by VitorR)
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