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Damerau–Levenshtein distance
Can anyone indicate where I can find code to calculate Damerau–Levenshtein distance for two string...
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pointer vs arrays
Hello, I'm trying to understand pointers a little better and have a question hopefully someone ca...
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mp3 library
i m looking for library that can read mp3 files paly sound
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output stream exercise
Write your question here. #include "../std_lib_facilities.h" void outotoputto (double a, do...
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Problem with Tic Tac Toe Toggle
Hello everyone, I am trying to construct a really basic Tic Tac Toe game. There is something wrong ...
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by cibide
calculator malfunction
Hi guys! I am reading "programming: principles and practice using c++" and I was following the exerc...
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how to make the output not repeated
i want to cout the elements on the array subjs which are repeated more than (n)this code has someth...
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How to call next line of code after function?
I'm practicing by making this text rpg and I am having a hard time with the attack function that I c...
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Person Data and Customer Classes
Hey Everyone!! My assignment is to Design a Class named PersonData with the following members -- ...
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C++ Base
Hello i learned C++ Basic in ThenewBoston Page Now what i go learn ? i need to go more advanced and...
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What does char bigstr[1000] = "" do?
#pragma warning(disable:4996, 4013) #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> int main(void) ...
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array issue from openfile
Hi everyone. I writing a program that opens the file "plants.txt" ( see below) and then reads "plant...
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Confused with this bool concept.
Write your question here. bool isNumber = true; for (int i = 0; i < tmp.length(); i++) { if...
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Missing bracket?
Compiler says that I'm missing a bracket somewhere after switch and I cannot identify it for the lif...
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help please in the problem
i have (array = sam,john)( array = alex,yusha,cesar,mark ) and so on according to user input no spec...
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skipping the '\n' in the array when reading an getline input
in my program i have a txt file that has the next line character at the beginning of each line and m...
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Using Google Maps API in C++
Is it possible to run Google Maps API in C++? I would like to use the functions that are within Goog...
[2 replies] Last: It is possible. You certainly need a library (web browser engine): ht... (by coder777)
Code is closing out after entering month.
So when i run my code it is closing down the program without running it after i enter the month. I h...
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Can someone check if my corrected results would have given me the correct answer?
Alright, I did an assignment recently. This was my original output. //Ashton Dreiling //Mont...
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Error in my code (1,2)
I am having some errors come up in my code. It is saying that my time is ambiguous. Is my code fine ...
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