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Time and Rand Function
Is there exists a datatype "time_t"?If yes how/why do use it? Why do we pass time(NULL) in srand fu...
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Information from user in form of options
Can you please tell me how we can ask information from user in form of options, like Press 0 for "st...
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recipe for target 'GameStart.o' failed???
So when i run the ccode below that error pops up i have no idea what it means. here's the code: ...
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by h4ever
How to clear object?
I have object called Sources, which is member of Singleton S. std::vector<SRC> Sources; When I...
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Hi, I am trying to code a tic-tac-toe game, yet every time I attempt to change the turn of the chara...
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My program is working, but I'm not sure why?
I am able to run my program, using a math function and a limits function. But I havn't included thei...
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by Ch1156
Help with Virtual function
Ok so Im writing a program with SFML that requires more than one window, creating another is as easy...
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hey guys i was trying to make this vector class this works fine but i have a few questions ...if...
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Reading out my answer
Hello. I'm learning c++ just for leisure As i was building my code, i came across a problem. ...
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Collision Help?
I'm making a maze game. It's simple. You control the camera movement as you search the maze. But the...
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my stack class
hey guys i was trying to make this vector class this works fine but i have a few questions ...if...
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Operator overload
I am wondering how to correctly use overloading operator in this example. I want to set Mary == Susa...
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Integration code arrays help
I'm writing a code for integration to find the definite integral using the area of trapezoids. I wan...
[1 reply] : This looks correct to me, but it would be better to call integrate in ... (by dhayden)
String help
I'm trying to make a string code work but I can't seem to make it return the number of names in a st...
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Pass by value question
I'm doing a practice problem for C++ and the question is asking me what will the function below(int ...
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Unlimited generator (1,2)
I want to make a program in SFML to make a spaceship fly around and dodge asteroids. This is my p...
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Exam Grader
This is part of a class assignment. I can't get in touch with my teacher, so I have nowhere else to ...
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Guys if you plz help me i'm stuck here .... This is linked list and when i try to add second time t...
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SPOJ - Prime1
Hi I'm trying SPOJ Prime1 ( where I need to write a segmented ...
[1 reply] : long long int first_multiple = m/primes * primes ; for (int j=first_... (by ne555)
Confused about pointers
ok so i grasp the essence of pointers,but what i find really confusing is what they actually hold. ...
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