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Does anyone know how to solve it?
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scope of the identifiers
In the textbook that I am using to learn C++, it addresses scope in a rather vague fashion. There i...
[2 replies] Last: As a function is called it only knows variables either declared within... (by CodeGoggles)
Eight Queens Arrays
I've had a question about these type of arrays before and was able to get it but now it is asking so...
[2 replies] Last: ok this is how I would do it. int q = 0; // checking loo... (by CodeGoggles)
by Subo93
2D array find sum
I want to find the highest scored player and print it.Can anyone explain the logic that i can use in...
[3 replies] Last: How would you find the maximum value from a 1D array? The sums are a l... (by keskiverto)
sorting smallest function, need hlep
Expected output after·sorting·range·0·to·9↵ :·'aa'↵ :·'aa'↵ :·'bb'↵ :·'bb'↵ ...
[1 reply] : destination > destination You will actually find largest that way.... (by MiiNiPaa)
Extract from binary file
Write your question here. I wrote a program that reads this file and saves all data from the sen...
[2 replies] Last: char achOpenFileName = {"timelog.dat"};//打开的文件名 char ac... (by chipp)
Assert() not working in code::blocks
In code::blocks 12.11 the following code: #include <iostream> #include <cassert> using namespac...
[2 replies] Last: OK thanks wou where right! The problem was the following compiller op... (by nikosxatz)
how to pass value in one array to another array
I am writing code for a simple poker game. The problem I'm having is the proper use of pointers. I d...
[3 replies] Last: regardless, the variable is still held in read only memory whether you... (by CodeGoggles)
In which situations would you need to use a pointer in C++?
Hello, I've been looking back into C++ for about a month now (I've been into C++ for about a year no...
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HWND - Unable to read memory
So I'm working with DirectX 11 and for some reason the debugger is telling me that the memory of my ...
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Disagreement between functions,C++
Hi, everyone. I'm trying to write the code for a hangman game(I already looked though several threa...
[12 replies] Last: I've got it working now. Thank you very much! (by ChocolateGrapes)
by mv81
Making a calculator program.
So i was wondering if their is a way that you can make your program read a file and read all the num...
[1 reply] : You will want a simple i... (by LB)
Bubble sort using templates
Write a template version of Bubble sort algorithm. The function should look like: template <class T...
[4 replies] Last: ok thanks (by Stephanie16)
Make Interest Table using Loop
I need to make a table using a loop. I need to display The month and the old balance, monthly payme...
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Operator Overloading, Using this
Hi! I'm trying to add two "queues" together to make a queue that is a combination of the first and s...
[9 replies] Last: OH! Alrighty, I was trying to do the latter. That makes a lot more sen... (by ECEsasha)
grading a quiz program
I have a homework assignment that I need to get done and here is the problem This exercise is desig...
[15 replies] Last: ok i got that fixed and now i have #include <iostream> #include <fst... (by owenkmc)
So, I've got a 'nice' block of code that I made a few cycles ago, and want to get started on it agai...
[2 replies] Last: huh? I had been playing too much "Ancient Domains of Mystery" and deci... (by Perry Turner)
by Pedreo
Read Function c++ HELPP!!
I'm really having trouble finding a code to compile my program but here it goes. All i need is to c...
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if ladder
I am trying to initialize a variable "amount" for the following conditions: For the first 500 tr...
[5 replies] Last: Here's a good starter:[code firstline=6]if(sales <= 500) { amount ... (by LB)
fstream - files
//Hello guys! Can you help me to improve my code? (not about making it OOP...) //Are there serious p...
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