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Need a beginner program for college using some functions
So I'm using C++ and visual studio express and I'm a complete noob. I was asked in college to do a ...
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Bool function
[1 reply] : This is not a homework site. We won't do your homework for you. Howeve... (by AbstractionAnon)
Need a more efficient program
This problem is about counting how many times the bells of a church sounds during a period of time c...
[9 replies] Last: Finally got it to work, YEEEY #include <iostream> using namespace s... (by Oriol Serrabassa)
Help with Input Files and Output Files
I have an output file with this information: Miller Andrew 65789.87 5 Green Sheila 75892.56 6 S...
[3 replies] Last: Hello subeydoo, Both previous suggestions are good. I would add that ... (by Handy Andy)
classes templates and constructors
I have an issue with the following code copied from a book as an example... Xcode is giving me erro...
[3 replies] Last: Excellent thank you! It wasn't explained... or maybe I missed that bit... (by jamesfarrow)
Reading and Acting on application data?
So i have an idea which i think is possible due to things like CS:GO hacks etc but i'm just not too ...
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Drawing a dynamic structure
Hi, do you know how a drawing of this structure would look like. If it was to be drawn on a piece o...
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by danciu
Hi, when we have a vector, like below, can we consider always that cout<<*v.end() will print 0 val...
[2 replies] Last: Use rbegin(), crbegin() for iterator access to the last element or bac... (by gunnerfunner)
by AlanG
Best place to restart C++ learning
Background: I started in C++ with v1, then moved to v2 and used it professionally for about 8 yea...
[4 replies] Last: Excellent. Thanks for the help. Off to dust down my brain cells :-) (by AlanG)
remove_node in rapidxml
Dear all, Having the following xml file: <A> <B/> <B attr1="value1" attr2="value2" /> <C> <D /> <E ...
[1 reply] : Your XML file is pretty generic so it is very hard to debug. Good lu... (by Pattako)
C++ Homework help!!
Ive been trying to do my homework for the past 2 hours and I can't seem to get the correct answer, I...
[5 replies] Last: What is the purpose of this code? cin >> wallWidth; cout << endl; ... (by codehelper)
by Mavs25
Help inputting text file into array of chars?
I'm having trouble trying to read a text file called "decrypted.txt" into my code while using the fo...
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How do I make text seem to be typed letter by letter?
I don't need to involve the code I'm using, for once there aren't any errors. But I was just wonderi...
[5 replies] Last: > The easiest way is just use the function Sleep. Easy to type, easy t... (by JLBorges)
Need output formatting help!
Hey guys, I need formatting help with my output. Here's a snippet of my code. cout << left << Sto...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks Mantorr22! Works great! (by MisterTams)
double quotation mark
Hi, Could anyone please tell me how to make the output the double quotation mark"" in the following...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much for your help, integralfx. (by iclearwater)
Urgent Help With A Segmentation Fault!
Like the title says, I'm wondering why my program is giving me a segmentation fault when I try to ru...
[12 replies] Last: So I've tried this.. if (boss == x) { return x; } ... (by code4545)
by Bizzy
Check 3 in a Row
Hi, so I'm working on a project for school where part of it involves having to check if there are 3 ...
[8 replies] Last: @ufrnkiddo Your code was spot on, man. I appreciate the help from ever... (by Bizzy)
Correct and Incorrect Calculation inside of a loop! Why?
I need help trying to figure out why my calculations seem off. I'm using the following file. ABC 23 ...
[11 replies] Last: Mantorr22, Thank you for your help. It looks like the program is calc... (by MisterTams)
what is the meaning for []
i have complete a code . but i dun understand why need to put after a variable. What it mean? Why ne...
[2 replies] Last: you also have to notify the program initially what type of variable yo... (by kingkush)
Help for a tree problem
LeetCode challenge question (
[7 replies] Last: Amazing! Great explanations with great examples. I learned a lot. Th... (by landlord1984)
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