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I want to "cout" every aparat that is bigger than vm but i don't know how to solve this error: 'clas...
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by t009
Best way to approach beginner projects?
Some of the issues I had was understanding the instructions, which is something that happens often. ...
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by t009
Unable to Accept String Inputs in main() function after ending a seperate loop
I using only the main function I am trying to input strings into different variables while in a loop...
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by nonya
I can't figure out what to do
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How to tell wheater vector realloc fails
Hey, I'm quite new to C++. I have used C in the embedded world and C#/Java in PC applications. I...
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Error says that it can't convert 'double*' to 'double' when alocating space
In my List class, I'm trying to allocate new space for the data of the head and tail nodes, trying t...
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Trouble pulling data from LOOP
I just need some help pulling the data from my loop. So lets say there was 10 transactions from my ...
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Error Help Request : "undefined reference to..."
I'm working on unit testing an assignment of mine, and i'm at a loss. Can someone help me understand...
[1 reply] : Presumably there's something wrong with your definition of static ... (by tpb)
Exception Handling Error (Program crashing) help ASAP!
Need C++ help ASAP!!! The program runs but when choosing option 1 to load an exam and choosing a ...
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finding parents of specific node in DAG
Hello everyone, I have to write a function to find parent nodes of the given node? my graph struct...
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Referencing a class within a different class using a vector
So I have this class "Shopping Card" referencing a class I made named "ItemToShop" using a vector. T...
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Program that inputs an integer and outputs info depending on case choice
I was able to set up the code so that the user chooses from the cases but I am confused with how I g...
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Search full string (not part of it) line by line
Hi I'm very new to coding and trying to write a simple code which can search from a file (mylist.txt...
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by vcref
How do I break this loop
This code orders all letters E to the left (esquerda in portuguese), and all letters D to the right ...
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LCD Problems (expected an expression)
Hi, i have issues with a function in my program i have to comunicate the LCD with the PIC 16F887, i ...
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Template argument invalid - Trying to use it as a vector type
I'm getting a stupid little error and I'm pretty lost to where I'm going wrong. When I try to compi...
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Statement Loops Continuously
I've been working on a simple 'Command' system, where the user can enter set commands to change the ...
[5 replies] Last: you were just told that the infinite loop is because the condition nev... (by icy1)
Book Store Program - Classes - if else errors,avoiding public data members
1.From Line 66,the whole switch seems buggy. When it outputs the the total cost it's always of the d...
[5 replies] Last: I think cost should be of type float, in case you have a book cost 5.9... (by Manga)
by Wasp
Probability Density Function Can anyone tell me the last calculation of the ex...
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DFS variation
Hello, This is the link to the classic isl...
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