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Binary Tree Sort
Hello everyone, I have followed the Wikipedia Binary Tree Sort algorithm to solve it and this is wh...
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Fill vector with different class
Hey guys, i have this problem in my programe: I want to create a vector something like vector <anim...
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by hdyh
Queue using array
i have tried to change the code, but still can't display deQueue and show in the output. Is there a...
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by hdyh
Queue problem
There something wrong in the code. I can enter the number, but i can't remove and show the number. P...
[4 replies] Last: i have tried to change the code, but still can't display deQueue and s... (by hdyh)
by boxsta
Matching numbers in two arrays
I'm working on some Uni tasks and I've made it 2 thirds of the way through the following but am stuc...
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New C++ beginner
I want to be a C++ programme very much! What should I do first? I have graduated a High School of Ec...
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Doing a calculation in a function and calling it, wrong results
Why is the area and perimeter not being calculated properly? #include <iostream> #include <fstre...
[4 replies] Last: Things like that show me only how little I know about C++ and how much... (by Mary1997)
sum/avg/min/max and even or odd
I'm having a bit of trouble with an assignment. I need to use while loop to obtain 10 numbers. Then...
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For loop multiplication
Hey guys, I'm trying to write a program where the user inputs 8 numbers and the program, using a FO...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks so much for the help mates! (by modulusv)
sort algorithm
hey guys am trying to arrange my values from smallest to biggest using vector....if the value in pos...
[1 reply] : for(int i=0; i<num->size(); i++) //last iteration: i=size-1 {... (by ne555)
Cash Register program load data function
I have this homework assignment that has me a little lost. I have been working on this assignment wr...
[2 replies] Last: Adding to this comprehensive advise: Here is the tutorial page that h... (by Hirokachi)
help with avl tree
i try to write a code to balance the BST automatically. first,it works correctly but after few chang...
[1 reply] : /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////... (by mohammedawni)
Menu Driven Program
Hi, I have managed to get my program to work, and it looks great. But the output is not exactly wh...
[8 replies] Last: The problem is in the function getData(). counter gets incremented onc... (by Thomas1965)
by st4evr
Help With Program To Input/Output File And Find String
Hello Everyone! Beginner C++ student here, first ever programming class. Currently learning string ...
[1 reply] : You're only passing one parameter into convert, but you've told your c... (by mutexe)
My question is.. tell users to enter 5 numbers and output the sum and average of those numbers. ...
[1 reply] : Please don't double post - (by TarikNeaj)
I Cant find anywhere.. please help me Its NOT like adding incrementing nums (ex. 1+2+3+...) or (243 ...
[2 replies] Last: omg I'm kind of getting it.. but.. like how do you label those..? (by happenings95)
fstream problem
Write a program that reads in a C++ program from a cpp file, and prints all non-keyword identifiers ...
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c++ learning
Ive been having alot of trouble learning c++ from the books so i recently tried looking for alternat...
[1 reply] : There really is no need to spend money on learning C++. The internet i... (by awesomeprograms)
I need help with a hw assignment!!!!
Your company has set up a contest to raise money for a local charity. Each department is selling box...
[1 reply] : Please, use code tags (the <> formatting button) when posting code. It... (by chicofeo)
array of even numbers
hi guys, my program displays a set of even numbers ranging from 1 to 100 with their square roots, cu...
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