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read file into array & sorting array issue
The code below is read file into array and i had attached the txt file link below. i wonder if this ...
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String does not want to accept 'white spaces' when I type and will only accept one word
Basically, my only problem with my code is that when it asks for the student name, and I type anythi...
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by Awhe
Not executing if statement? Unexpected results.
I was reading and learning c++ from the book "Programming principles and practice using c++, 2nd ed"...
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Loading from a textfile and filling a vector
When i use this code to load the textfile into the vector and I am going to print it, it seems like ...
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How to switch back to main
Hi there, I am trying #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #include <c...
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undefined refrence to WinMain@16 error?
Hello all, Im new to c++, going through teaching myself, and Im encountering many problems buil...
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Trouble with program (1,2)
Write a program that prompts the usr to input an integer and then output both the individual digits ...
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Using a existing text file and edi and save
How can I use my saved list to add new information in it and save it again? I canĀ“t find any inf...
[1 reply] : My quick suggestion is not closing the output file until the end of th... (by Momothegreat)
Replacing capital letters with small lettes and small letters with capital letters.
This program replaces the small letter vowels with capital letters. How do I get it to replace small...
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Coding a Simple Game. Please assist
I'm not sure why I"m getting a "previous if before else" error on line 57. #include <iostream...
[2 replies] Last: ^ What he said: if (totalBucks >= 13) // delete semicolon, i... (by Momothegreat)
by SVcpp
Text files and Storing in variables
Hello, I'm currently writing 2 classes for a program I am writing and I want to be able to read i...
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Error while checking if .txt file is open or not
I want to check if a file is open or not. If not then open it. ifstream inputFile; if (!inputFile....
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Keylogger help
First, I will not use this for anything other than learning cpp. I need my keylogger to log at speci...
[5 replies] Last: As @ultifinitus said, there is a system hook for this so you can make ... (by iQChange)
by kunz
while loop validation
Is there a simpler way to write //Validating input to R,S,P and Q while (my_choice != 'R' && my...
[6 replies] Last: andywestken's solution is a very handy trick to remember. For efficien... (by dhayden)
Anyone need a student or programming buddy?
Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. I have been learning and studying C/C++ on my own for quie...
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C++ vs assembly code
x=10; l= ++x + x++ + x At first I thought evaluation takes place from right to left. So we have x=...
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Issues with loop
Ok Im trying to have the program end when the person enters "done" on either input1 or input2 and it...
[3 replies] Last: When the user types "done" in either input1 or input2 then the loop sh... (by specter113)
Code Error Heelp..
Hey just quickly have to give this code for teacher what's wrong about this code I can't compile it....
[3 replies] Last: no worries, I've just noticed that the error message you got wasn't th... (by mutexe)
replace duplicated element of vector by other element of another vector
Write your question here. if i have to vectors like {3, 2, 4, 5, 1} and {1, 3, 2, 4, 5} and i need ...
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What would you recommend first?
Hi everyone, what would you guys recommend first learning the basic of syntax or at least enough of ...
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