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What should i do next?
I just finished a course in c++ at my local college and I don't know what to build. I did very well ...
[1 reply] : That depends on your interests. You should definitely learn using exte... (by coder777)
by HI281
Separating Modules
I separated my program into modules but I got a D on the assignment. Can someone show me what I did ...
[10 replies] Last: do you mean the #include <string> and #include<array>? No, I mean the... (by coder777)
2D Array HELP
I am new to C++ and i am working on making an array and i am having trouble wrapping my head around ...
[2 replies] Last: Im not sure what you mean. (by fivestar)
IDE with API or Game Engine for C++?
IDE with API: I need an IDE like Visual Studio, but it to have the ability to create cross-platfo...
[1 reply] : For those who are also looking, GDevelop I've already taken a gander a... (by VenHayz)
Having an issue with this code. I am having issues when a user enters the choice 3 to find the time...
[1 reply] : First, make your code more readable, and use brackets for loops involv... (by Cody0023)
'Expression must have bool type' error?
I was prompted to make 'state' a string variable but I can't work out this problem on my own. ...
[2 replies] Last: It's an old assignment and I had cobbled my code together from the res... (by kerokeropretty)
How do I dynamically allocate and deallocate a 2d array?
I don't understand what dynamic or allocation mean. I'm good at producing code that works, but I suc...
[1 reply] : It doesn't. Did you google for "Dynamic allocation C++", or anything s... (by MatthewRock)
Need Help writing Database
This is a description of what i need to do. Write a C program implement a simple database. Your p...
[2 replies] Last: haha, yea im in that class. Thanks a lot for the reply man, it seems t... (by dvdbeedy)
by Phil15
string x vs string x()
Hello I have a trivial question but did not know how to google it. 1. what is the difference betw...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! (by Phil15)
Error link-2019, 1120 c++ Text based Adventure Game.
Hi Guys, was wondering if you could help me out with my code. Doing a little project fro uni and stu...
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by Esrue
C/C++ Shell program
Hey! And thanks for any help that you are able to spare. As the title indicates I've recently bee...
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Compilation error when returning 2D vector
I have written an accessor function in which I want to return a 2D vector member variable: cla...
[2 replies] Last: ne555: minimal example with int works. I restarted Eclipse and refresh... (by ericpoirier)
Confused on how I would implement this for stacks aStack::pop()
[2 replies] Last: // stack::push/pop #include <iostream> // std::cout #include <s... (by GabyValedon2012)
Returning array from one function to another
When trying to move the arrays average and total from double calc to int main they both lose whateve...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, I feel a little stupid now for such an easy fix. (by g0ldt1g3r)
[Error] expected primary expression...
Hello!! So for my project which I am not completely sure yet if I did the coding correctly I get th...
[3 replies] Last: LOL !!!!!!..... Thank You very much (by ambar16)
While Statement eof Marker
The problem is at line 87 under sum =0; I was trying to write a eof method to read my dual array bu...
[6 replies] Last: Code solved added above! Incase someone wants to run the file here is... (by nfectgotan)
Program stops working
Part of a project I am doing involves taking the information from one text file and putting it into ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, its not crashing now and I had to play with it a little bit mo... (by g0ldt1g3r)
Swapping string elements
New to C++. I need help writing a function that will swap characters' positions in the following str...
[3 replies] Last: Ah. That wasn't clear for me. Okay then. There are many ways to do it... (by MatthewRock)
Mutiple elements insert to one node of heap.
Supposed I have a file contains many lines as this: key A B I want to make a heap that each node...
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