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I'm currently running Dev c++ for school and was told there is better up to date options out there s...
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Line Count Programming Challenge (1,2)
I have a problem of figuring out what I am asked to do and how to start. The problem is this: He...
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Cant start a C++ project with code blocks?
So I have Code Blocks. The compiler is GNU GCC compiler. I try to make a C++ project and I get a mes...
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std::find help
So I have this code example std::ifstream bindings; std::string line;"keys.cfg.t...
[1 reply] : What did you expect? Remember std::string.find() is zero based, just... (by jlb)
Static keyword does not make function internal linkage?
In book "C Primer Plus" there is a paragraph about linkage of functions: By default, C++ functions ...
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String errors?
I've just recently tried to make a program using multiple files, mainly just in order to keep things...
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I have no idea
I've been working on "this" code" for about 2 hours now and for the life of me can't figure out how ...
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Calendar Program Remove Modulus Help
How can I make this work without the modulus operator? Its for a calendar program... void pr...
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by Leese
Array subscript out of range???
I'm running this code in VS2016 and instead of getting a normal error, the program stops running and...
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by Jao
error c2678 and c2065 (1,2,3)
I am getting an error c2678 binary'>>': no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type 's...
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function return?
So say I had a program that went like #include <iostream> using namespace std; bool check(i...
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Error Trapping and Exception Handling
So my original code is added, now we have to change the code to allow Write a C++ program to allow t...
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String and Code Fragments
[2 replies] Last: Yes, I tried to get some help from the video tutorials. But it's an on... (by randombubble3)
tic tac toe
hi guys the code below just gets input from the user and stores and X or an 0 in each position of a ...
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2d array function error?
Hi I'm trying to pass in a 2d array as the arguement to a function that takes a 2d array and I get a...
[1 reply] : @adam2016 Garbage gets printed out, because you haven't filled the ar... (by whitenite1)
Help on beginner functions
I'm trying to write a simple code using functions to convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius...
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codeblocks default dir
hello how can i change the default directory of my codeblocks project? i had to make all my inclu...
[1 reply] : There will be a path directory you can setup in the preferences to cod... (by kemort)
Help with assignment in OOP Class
I have an assignment that I am having problems with. I don't use C++ on a daily basis at work but n...
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by sam80
Best user friendly plotting library
Hello, I am looking for a user friendly library to generate different type of plots ( 2D and 3D) w...
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by MAhmed
Erase Function
below code will print Hey until i don't press 'a' i want a code which can also erase the statement o...
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