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by user42
c++ program that checks if sudoku is valid
I am writing a program that check the validity of a Sudoku entered. I got stuck on the two functio...
[13 replies] Last: thank you all for youre help.i will go over your'e tips andtry and und... (by user42)
overriding the role of shared_ptr
hello, i have this code class B; std::vector<std::shared_ptr<B>> b; b.emplace_back(std::make...
[4 replies] Last: @JLBorges okay i read it thoroughly, but this one deletes it when the ... (by xenovia12)
The use of extern
Please tell me what's wrong with this period of code: // code that goes into file "my.h": ext...
[4 replies] Last: dhayden and Golden Lizard, thank you very much. I've modified my code ... (by BlueSquirrelJQX)
Using Structure and Function in Program
i m beginner and i don't know about using structure and function, please help me to solution of this...
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Possible total scores for n score lists
The solution to this problem I thought up is probably very simple but I can't think of it. Basica...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks everyone, JLBorges was the best because it took into account th... (by Code Apperentice)
Stack Implementation of Linked Lists
Hey guys, C++ newbie here, I've been trying to make my own stack class that utilizes a linked lis...
[1 reply] : constructive comments ... also welcome - indent your code properly ... (by gunnerfunner)
cant figure out why keep crashing
std::vector<Tower> t; std::vector<Enemy> en; for ( int a = 0; a < en.size(); a++ ) { ...
[2 replies] Last: @helios damn it, been debugging for 5 hours !! thanks ! you are the on... (by xenovia12)
wait only for 1 thing
Hello there, i wanna know if there's a command to wait for example 20 seconds to do a command, not t...
[13 replies] Last: Good on you Cosmin. I'm glad it worked for you mate. You might like to... (by kemort)
Bracketing Search Question
Hello all. I'm on my third day of teaching myself C++, so if you see any glaring issues with this co...
[17 replies] Last: @mbozzi Yes, that is a good way of putting things. There are a bunch ... (by TheIdeasMan)
How to properly read char from file into an array?
I need help with properly reading and storing some characters from a text file into my array. I got ...
[1 reply] : Each character in the input file is on a separate line. This inFile.g... (by Chervil)
Useing structure name “course” in program
XYZ University needs a system for student’s courses and their semester details. A data entry opera...
[2 replies] Last: this is assignment and we need help in assignment. i don't no how to u... (by kamal3310)
Does C++ support default arguments to a function?
Can I declare a function as bool handshake(uint64_t slaveAddress, unsigned long* ...
[1 reply] : Not like this (parameters aren't allowed as part of the initializer un... (by mbozzi)
declaring string error
hey guys I've taken quite the hiatus from Programming anyway I'm getting back into and was going ove...
[1 reply] : In the header file #include <string> , and qualify string as std::s... (by TheIdeasMan)
Displaying all the numbers made by 2 digits in ascending order
The title says it all. So the program should display 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18 ,19, 23, 24, 25, ..... ...
[1 reply] : for( int first = 1 ; first < 10 ; ++first ) // first digit for( i... (by JLBorges)
Least and Greatest for Array problem?
Hey guys, how can I find the lowest and highest number for the rainfall? I tried some things that le...
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Pointer to Boolean
I have declared a variable bool* newData = false; and I try to use it in a function void...
[4 replies] Last: andy1992's declaration ///allocate some memory bool* newData =new bool... (by vagulus)
by dconc
Array Programming Problem
i have an assignment where i need to write a program that generates an array filled up with random p...
[1 reply] : Hi @dconc, First of all you might want to put the values inside the ar... (by Troaat)
C++ problem
N=a number introduced by us, and N natural numbers.Display the triplets of numbers read consecutive ...
[5 replies] Last: I will use eyenrique's solution. Thanks to you both guys for helping m... (by forta2k)
by q12
parameters; what they do and mean?
Hello, I am new to c++ but I coded for a while in VS c#, so I am not a complete beginner. I have 37...
[11 replies] Last: All those keywords and declarations are not from C++ or C. They're ... (by mbozzi)
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