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by Lajo
Former Kman data base programmer wanting to learn C++
What do I need to download to start. Keep in mind I now in China but Canadian so I need everthing in...
[5 replies] Last: At the bottom left of that page should be a blue earth icon. Click on ... (by keskiverto)
Error in strcmp
I am getting error while using strcmp(s1,s2) Here is the code :- #include<iostream.h> #include<str...
[1 reply] : Line 9: char s1,s2; s1 and s2 are just a single character each, ... (by Chervil)
by cmisip
How to start and stop threads in a class member ?
How do you launch a thread in a member function. class Robot { public: Robot() {...
[11 replies] Last: The question with regards to std::ref was answered in this post: http... (by cmisip)
Converting pointer to const pointer?
I have a function which returns a pointer and this works fine. I now have another function that I wa...
[5 replies] Last: class Foo { T funbar() const // if you have a const member func... (by keskiverto)
How to implement the diagram
I am having trouble implementing the given diagram (refer to pic link). the items that hold the valu...
[3 replies] Last: Forget the private messages. The int a, b, c; may seem compact sty... (by keskiverto)
error: cannot initialize a variable of type 'Object *' with an rvalue of type 'const Object *'
Is there any way I can return a non const pointer to a const object? I have another function which c...
[12 replies] Last: Actually this Object const const Object is the same thing just dif... (by coder777)
Including classes in headers
Hi everyone, I'm having hard times figuring out what's wrong with my approach to including and usin...
[16 replies] Last: Ok. Problem solved. So for some reason, like you said jlb, eventhough ... (by leoleoleo)
Help creating function
i need to write a function which doubles the size of a dynamic array of string. The existing array ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks. Now to double a dynamic array is my next step. (by cgm0826)
Variable declarations in classes
I'm trying a make a program that reads in the weight of three people and displays them using classes...
[8 replies] Last: Thank You Peter87 and Egyptiancoder! (by BMW330i)
Help with combat system loop
One of the rules here is that you make your post as simple as possible, include only what's needed, ...
[16 replies] Last: Thank you again for the help! :) :) :) Now to rewrite the program usi... (by nixadD)
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