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by Jhub
Using loops and rand function
Hello I am trying to create a program that will ask the user for how many rolls of a dice he would l...
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Not getting a value returned
I need this program to output the value of the bmr function. once i input height wieght and age noth...
[1 reply] : You need to tell the program to output the value. One way would be lik... (by admkrk)
Please help me simplify my code!
Hi. I am doing this assignment for my computer science class, and my professor said my answer was "t...
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can someone explain what he means with this? (from a tutorial e-book), i tried and as i could figure...
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Problem with nested loop in prime sieve program
Hello all, I'm new to the forums and C++ (having previously programmed in fortran). I've been tryin...
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ASCII strikes again...happy face?
So I have a smiple job to do, and being that I learned a little java( tricycle ) before tackling C++...
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by clock
I can not stop my loops
In the code below I can never actually stop the program by entering a blank space as it is supposed ...
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Crazy values for discount
I have this function in a program that calculates the discount received by a customer for movie tick...
[1 reply] : On line 7 - you're assigning the value of 0 to numpopcorn - I think yo... (by wildblue)
Problem with Qt Object names
I have created the widegts in the form editor and changed their object names. I then save the form a...
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GUI with Visual Studio 2013
How can I create a GUI easily with VS 2013? Thank you.
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by Jhub
using the find function
Hello, I am trying to use the find function to find when there is a period in a sentence. The code...
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Please Help? Confused on how to do this ?
a) A circuit has four inputs, P, Q, R, and S, representing the natural binary numbers 0000 = 0, to 1...
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Please help a Noob out...
Hello World I am at a loss with c++, Please help. The totalpremium is calculated wrong and the c...
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Prime Factorization Program
FRESHMAN PROBLEMS! Gosh I know that this topic may be a piece of cake to you guys but ugh. This is ...
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ATM (beginner) debit program
So I have one main concern, whenever I run the program and choose a selection, it will not allow me ...
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A guidance for ideas to program a robotic vehicle
Hi friends... im a starter in college and knows c and c++ languages up to basics.. im now willing...
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Regarding references
it is said that references once intialized to one object cannot refer to another object i wrote a c...
[1 reply] : ref=b; //but this works fine here you are not rebinding the reference... (by MiiNiPaa)
Header file compilation error
The compiler used for this code is ancient ,I am using turbo c++ 3.0(school requirements can't be he...
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[Help pls]
Why so big spaces? I dont what to do right now? Its already 1 am here and hoing to school at 4am, h...
[1 reply] : Why so big spaces? Clearly what's causing the spaces is line 15: c... (by JRHolmes)
Time Limit Exceeded
I am finding and counting the last word from text file, it seems to be working on codeblocks but whe...
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