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std::bind question...
On msvc2013 I can do this: class c { void member_function(int x) { std::cout << x; } void test()...
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Number Analysis program
I'm trying to write a program that asks a user for a file name, which contains a set of numbers. The...
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Passing by reference?
So this is my first project from an "introductory" programming course that I already turned in and w...
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Passing pointers to functions within functions URGENT.
I have a lab due tomorrow, so thanks for a quick reply. For some reason, my pointer won't cout when...
[1 reply] : readFile should take count by reference (or by address if you prefer... (by cire)
Slot machine program , I am stuck.
So I am trying to program a slot machine but the few problems I have encounters all lie in random nu...
[2 replies] Last: You won't get a truly random number. But there are pseudo-randoms: htt... (by Homberto)
by mkiopl
multiply problem
ok so i got this code and x=1.5 and y= -2.5 instead of giving me a=0 and b= -3, it gives me a=0 b=0...
[4 replies] Last: if(a<b){ w=a; a=b; // <------------------- y... (by chipp)
Need help with creating classes to hold user data
I am trying to create a class, or set of classes, wherein one class will contain code for user login...
[1 reply] : Since you say this is is partial code, it's not clear if: 1) you've i... (by AbstractionAnon)
PPV Pacquiao Live Stream
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compiling on windows problem
when i try to compile my project on codeblocks it gives this warning which i can not solve C:...
[1 reply] : Websearch with those words. Of the hits I get, this might be close: h... (by keskiverto)
mai ami r tumi
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Help with Switch Statements
I'm working on combining two programs I've already created. Problem is, I need to use switch stateme...
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by Guner
Reverse a string
Hi i need to reverse a string in C++ and i already have the following code but i keep getting errors...
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by Thecal
Put values into an array from cin
I am trying to put values from cin that is put in before a loop, into an array. However, when I outp...
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Question regarding object of class
is it possible to insert the object of a class in the linked list. I have created a class, so i want...
[1 reply] : use std::list (by shadowCODE)
Paralysis effect not functioning properly
I'm making a battle system in C which incorporates things like attacking, defending and casting spel...
[16 replies] Last: modular programming is a design methodology like OO. it's down to whic... (by Jaybob66)
How do I get the name of an object that's been created through it's class?
I'm skimmed the code down to only highlight what I'm having trouble with. I have a class that creat...
[2 replies] Last: for class name(type name): (by shadowCODE)
Question - compound operators
Hi Guys, trying to figure out why the value of a is 26? Can anyone clarify this? I get 16 if I ...
[2 replies] Last: line 11 is: a = a + (BONUS - (a/2)) . That should give you 26.... (by shadowCODE)
Linked List not appending?
My professor is having us work with linked lists and create a "shopping list" with two different typ...
[1 reply] : can you show us the showInfoP() function so we can see what it is expe... (by Jaybob66)
by savanh
why it does not run ? #include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; class mark{ ...
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My doubt is while accessing the values using arrays like (names ) we can access values stored in ar...
[1 reply] : you are correct the & means address of. and because you specify both ... (by Jaybob66)
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