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Please help with outputting a float value
Good evening. Im doing a project for class, and I cant seem to figure out why the "salary" output is...
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Could someone help with this question?
Write function definition for calc() which intakes two integers and an arithmetic operator and print...
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by sha92
Problem in displaying!!!
Hello! I need to know how to display the records when i populate from 1st option and then the 2nd o...
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How to display the all results of the user inputs at the end of the program
Hello I need help making this program display all the inputs the user made. I know its some type of ...
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by sha92
populate function is not working properly!
Hello, I am not finished with the program yet but the populate function isn't working properly. T...
[1 reply] : The function is working fine. The issue is that formatted input operat... (by LB)
by jgill
Reading text file to an array
How do I read a text file with numbers and input those numbers into an array?
[1 reply] : #include <fstream> #include <vector> int main() { std::vector<in... (by LB)
binary string to ascii value conversion for beginners
Alright so I know there's a few discussions about this on the forum but the help and solutions are b...
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operator overloading PLEASE help
Hi I am creating a class called time and we've had to do operator overloading for <, > , <=, >=, ==,...
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How do I only allow integers and doubles to be input?
I am writing a code that will only allow integers between a minimum and maximum value. I'm having tr...
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Basic Do-While Loop
I'm suppose to make the do-while loop to output 0 to countLimit and assume the user is only putting ...
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by Staz7
Help please
I'm fairly new to coding and I have this project for class due soon and was wondering if i can get s...
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Write your question here. i've been searching all over the tutorials on how to do this but i honest...
[1 reply] : Do you mean, having a delay between each letter appearing on the scree... (by LB)
by leryss
permutation recursion and backtracking
can someone explain me on a example like "ABC" how the program works ? as detailed as you can please...
[2 replies] Last: well ty anyway i figured it myself I neededl ike 1-2 hours to fully u... (by leryss)
by h4ever
How to check number of characters successfuly written?
How to check number of characters successfuly written? size = fwrite(pBlock, 14+40, 1, fp); ...
[8 replies] Last: the 3rd parameter is the number of elements you want to write, the s... (by tipaye)
Executing two while-loops at same time
Hello I need to execute two while loops at exactly the same time. One while loop (A) is a timeout,...
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by Karrot
Drawing BMP's On Keyboard Presses
I'm a bit of a newbie with C++, and application programming in general. Lately, as I walk down t...
[1 reply] : Try out graphics libraries like SFML, SDL, and Magnum. There are plent... (by LB)
by KickAz
Exercises for beginners/more advanced than total beginner?
Hey guys, is there some place I can go or a book with exercises that aren't for total beginners but ...
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help with a loop
Hey guys! I'm having difficulty with a part of my program. I am instructed to make a table using a l...
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by relgin
calculate engine purchase
I need to write a program that calculates how many boxes and packages are needed for a specific numb...
[1 reply] : what if you need 25 engines ? (by ButchCavendish)
extern int in the header file problem
my.h extern int foo; void print_foo(); void print(int); my.cpp #include <iostream> #include "m...
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