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running total issues
my code is acting like a hydra... get rid of one problem, 2 more take its place. if i put in one ord...
[5 replies] Last: and there was no warnings from the compiler. I am sure I answered t... (by TheIdeasMan)
by sal7
double x=5/2 = 2 but not 2.0?
hi, my question is the following: double numb_1; numb_1=5/2; cout<<"num_1="<<numb_1<<en...
[8 replies] Last: Ah, the question is about what is shown to user (by default) by the os... (by keskiverto)
typedef with function pointers
Hi Am trying to understand usage of typedef with function pointers, if it at all possible that ...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> struct individual_app { char i_name ; int i... (by JLBorges)
SFML coded in XCode portable in Windows?
2 days ago, my class had a group project. For my group, we were asked to do an application and in th...
[1 reply] : Xcode is just the IDE. What matters more is if you use operating syste... (by Ganado)
by dute2
Bead sort
i need some one to explain this code. how does this unsigned character pointer working code line "be...
[1 reply] : At line 13, calloc allocates space for max*len bytes. It returns a vo... (by dhayden)
auto versus non-auto for function ptr?
Hi I'm attempting to try and understand the difference between auto and the non-auto declaration f...
[4 replies] Last: Hi thanks for pointing out the memory locations. I am studying C++ a... (by bluefrog)
by Eva599
C++ Array
Write your question here. Hi, There is a sequence of numbers , I have to count these items average....
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how to start an .exe file using my c++ code?
how do i open an external program and close it from using c++ ? #include <iostream> #include <wind...
[2 replies] Last: thanks solved by system ("START C:\\abc\\xyz.bat"); // and rest of t... (by ranasikandar)
by M Ma
Loop help!
Hello everyone! I was wondering if any of you could help me with fixing my code. I want to be ...
[3 replies] Last: study this ... (by ranasikandar)
very basic problem u can help me in a glance.
i want to read last line of the file the name of file is stored in another file. "output.txt" have ...
[8 replies] Last: thank you so much @coder777. problem solved. (by ranasikandar)
Loop Help
I'm wondering how I get a message to repeat over and over again if a certain condition is true/false...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you so much! (by gma1818)
Looking for static boolean using numcall tutorial
Looking for static boolean using numcall tutorial, if you can shed any light or lead me to a tut it ...
[3 replies] Last: wont accept unsigned ? Ill get it just can't find documentation. (by miah612000)
Storing Class members inside an array
I'm trying to store class members inside an array. I can't use vectors yet. So how would I do it? ...
[5 replies] Last: Actually, when I try to add a constructor to it, I get an error that i... (by joshuatz)
Array function help
I am writing a program for a lottery array function thing. I am getting this error in one of my func...
[2 replies] Last: oh wow thanks. you sir are a gentleman and a scholar. (by idkterrible)
program in C++
Problem :GPA (Graded Programming Assignment): It is of 10 marks. Students need to write some code an...
[2 replies] Last: variable to store totals in += variable you want to total (by miah612000)
by csnook
Adding elements of vectors
Is it possible to add elements of different vectors together? In my case each object contains, emplo...
[1 reply] : Basically can I add getMonthsPay (for SalariedEmployee's) and getMonth... (by csnook)
using isDuplicate in a function
I think its silly, but curious how and where to put the bool isDuplicate Function that I have create...
[2 replies] Last: symbolic constant: MAX_USE_NUM =5 i simply have that one loop to dete... (by survivor31)
by Curdis
Trouble with bracketing search exercise.
Hey. I've been reading these forums for ages, trying over and over to find a solution to my probl...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you... SO MUCH! You are literally the best person ever for the ... (by Curdis)
Issue with inheritance
I made this little code to try understanding more the concept of inheritance and I came to a proble...
[12 replies] Last: void Wizard::fireball_cast (Character &target) { m_Total_dmg = m_d... (by jj09786)
Overloaded Functions
I am not sure how to make this overloaded function work correctly. The problem is this: Write t...
[7 replies] Last: Between fixing my cin statement earlier and fixing my if/else if state... (by The117Vendetta)
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