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Help with using two while loops
My program won't even run without debugging. What am I doing wrong here? Write a program that use...
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Vector subscript out of range (merge sort)
Hi all, I am trying to make the merge sort algorithm using vectors. Everything compiles fine but ...
[3 replies] Last: In real life counting starts from 1. In computers, it starts from 0. ... (by shadowCODE)
Having trouble writting my program
Can you write an if/ else statement inside a switch statement? And if so can you show me how it shou...
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Can't seem to get this program to work
Hi, I'm new to C++. I'm having an issue with an assignment given to me. The purpose of this program...
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by Bjord
Procedure entry point _ZST24__throw_out_of_range_fmtPKcz
I am trying to compile a bit of sample code (below) in Code::Blocks 13.12 with MinGW on Windows 7. ...
[5 replies] Last: Are you linking to the correct versions of the SFML libs? There are st... (by LB)
how can i do this shape if user enter 5 the output will be ........5 ......45 ....345 ..2345 12345
[6 replies] Last: It's more common with other kinds of input streams. In this case, havi... (by LB)
comparing float numbers
I'm having problem comparing floating point numbers. In the division math tutor program I created b...
[8 replies] Last: thank you, that worked. i still don't know how exactly it works but th... (by fermentingblob)
by Orval
Do damage help
In my classes, my damage script does not work. I think it might be because classes cant access other...
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calculate mean from file
im having trouble calculating mean but i can't get access to the array please help #include<...
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C++ Reset Leaderboards? Console App. How to? Help - Thanks
Hello. Got a quick easy console quiz show game application that I am stumbling on how to finish. T...
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by Ganado
Template evaluation with more than one template type
The following code is not ambiguous, #include <iostream> struct A { A() : m_parts(3) {};...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, I wasn't sure what to call it, I'll look more into the rule... (by Ganado)
by leryss
whats the use of memory adresses ?
saw this in a code, and i have seen in many other complex algorithms uses of memory adresses , whats...
[1 reply] : these are bitwise operations. check: (by Aceix)
Do-While loop. Increment
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I'm reviewing Loops from my textbook and a section review quest...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you dhayden and fr0zen1. I will look further in to it. I'm revie... (by Trac511)
understanding pointers
I have this code segment here. #include<iostream> using namespace std; int * foo(){ int a = 5; ...
[4 replies] Last: I tried comiling on linux and windows, in both cases it worked. As ... (by dhayden)
Which platform would be better for a begginer
Hi all. First off, I wanna appologize if I`m not in the right section. I`m facing a problem and I ne...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you verry much for you help guys. I think I`m gonna stick with v... (by mechanic90)
Printing Prime Numbers
Hi, I'm learning about structuring my program to produce prime numbers. I know there can be seve...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the sound reasoning. Made my mistake pretty easy to catch,... (by project science)
Encryption Matrix Problem
Hello all, I have been assigned to make a program that takes a user inputted message and encrypts it...
[4 replies] Last: EDIT: Alright sorry last one, the decryption is working fine, but for... (by Squeakyduckquack)
Concatenating strings
Hello. What's the right way to add something (char or another string) at the beginning of a string? ...
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how can i do this shape if user enter 5 the output will be ........5 ......45 ....345 ..2345 1...
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99 Bottles of Beer starts at 74?
I was doing one of the practice problems but when i run the program and choose the 99 bottles of bee...
[6 replies] Last: It is undefined behaviour, not an error Undefined behavior is allowed... (by MiiNiPaa)
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