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Hello all, For a text RPG would it be more efficient to make a class for all spells then link the s...
[9 replies] Last: No, no. You'd make it as if it were a variable within in the class. So... (by Ispil)
Question about a code
Hi everyone , i have a few questions about the code that i post below. 1.Well i have to use the ove...
[6 replies] Last: I just saw my error , it's true that i don't need the method print , o... (by alejandrojimenez)
reading a file in c++
What is the proper logic and code to find the number of rows and columns while reading from a file (...
[2 replies] Last: Alright thank you. (by Ahmed50)
Trouble with curses
I can't figure out how to include the Curses library. I have tried #include <curses.h> and #includ...
[5 replies] Last: I also tried using PDCurses, and that didn't work either (by Jamerack)
returning a pointer to pointer to pointer from function
Hi guys, I am trying to return dynamically allocated 3-dimensional array from the function. When I ...
[2 replies] Last: oh, thank you Cubbi. You're right. I mistyped line 30. it should have... (by herohero)
by mfooo
Can anyone help me with this. (C++) I just have a few parts that I can not figure out.
Ok, here is the question...... 1. Bring in the program lab4.cpp and the data file transaction.txt. ...
[1 reply] : Would this be right for the loop part with the dashes? for (int i = ... (by mfooo)
by Nimasa
want to create file/folder in a specific location
Hello I want to create a file or folder in a location that I want to specify it. But as I am a beg...
[no replies]
struct problems
I'm supposed to be writting a program to calculate change using structs and functions. I cannot get ...
[5 replies] Last: thanks alot that really helped. I also had the calculation wrong for t... (by orangemexican)
SDL2 memory overflow on minimize
i was writing a game in sdl2 (and lua 5.2 for modding). while i was trying to optimize the game i mi...
[9 replies] Last: Why don't you like posting your code? i hate to admit it but i'm no... (by herrybiscuit)
loops while
hello guys .. please can anyone help me in solving this problem .. *write a program that asks ...
[2 replies] Last: I am guessing that you are asking us for a whole solution. So you do n... (by o0reyiz0o)
Text File as input to String Assignment IP (1,2)
I need help to use a text file as input to a string assignment #include <vector> #include <s...
[28 replies] Last: There is more of the Weblog.txt but it would be to much to post. I nee... (by mike1971)
by Emy Y
Greedy implementation not working as intended
Problem: For a given maximum weight and a given number of objects,each with their own value and wei...
[3 replies] Last: indentation <nolyc> indentation is optional whitespace. see also: !vo... (by ne555)
Simple file input problem
Hello C++ community, I'm confused with this piece of code, I am simply trying to input three lines ...
[3 replies] Last: gotcha, thanks ! (by chickens7)
File i/o help
I have a text file called number.txt and its containers are some numbers separated with a new line a...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much!! (by Stavrosfil)
Deleting contents frmo std::vector
I have a scenario where I need to delete the contents of an std::vector. // some code that po...
[2 replies] Last: Please use code tags when posting code. (by Catfish666)
C++ Sudoku using Backtracking/Recursion
My teacher wants us to make an NxN sudoku puzzle and solve it using random numbers from 1 to N. The...
[2 replies] Last: Yeah, it's what we are learning in class, so he wants us to know how t... (by jessemcready)
C++ Shopping Cart
Hi guys! im having a hard time completing my program. im stuck with adding products only please help...
[5 replies] Last: our professor told us to make use of And so did I too. (Without even... (by keskiverto)
by Cassie
[10 replies] Last: It still question mark. But thanks a lot :) (by Cassie)
Understanding the comma seperator in loop
If you have something like this, do{ //stuff while(a, b, c, d > 100); So what ...
[10 replies] Last: It is legal C++, and and it will run. However, the only condition whi... (by MikeyBoy)
Printing characters from array values
How would I get this to print out? Sorry, the ouput isn't showing up like it should! The amount of ...
[14 replies] Last: Never doubted you for a second, well done :) My whole point of my p... (by Softrix)
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