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Moving a file to a created directory
Well, in my code I create a directory and a file in the place where the .exe file is. I found a func...
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Error when changing file name
I'm doing a folder locker that works like the .bat notepad file. If I put the password inside the .c...
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Help with pointers, pointer arithmetic
How do i access the data, and how do i declare it. I need to be using "pointer arithmetic" #...
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Gtld Checking Program (is there a more concise solution?)
So the program originally checked if the input was a Gtld ( .com .net .org and .info ) and then put ...
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Array Manipulation
Hello guys i need atleast 3 out of 6 programs that are listed here thankyou. With function. Array ma...
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Need help with string.substr()
Hi All. I am needing some assistance setting up this program. I would like it to show the 1st initia...
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conditional ternary operator
Write your question here. i want to evaluate 7== 5+1 using conditional operator..... but i don't k...
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Putting Numbers In Order
I want to put numbers in order without using libraries or functions. I want to do it manually. I'm u...
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Bit stuck: cout with dynamic arrays and c strings
Hello all. First of all thank you for your time and assistance! I'm a c++ newbie (been learning it f...
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Couple of questions about my attempt at a "Benford's law" program
I'm attempting to write a program that reads in a data file, counts the first digit of the numbers i...
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Please help me!
Please help me writing this code in c++, I have no idea where to start! Odd/Even: Find whether a...
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Need help with the first part of Homework.
Okay guys, sorry if this is a bad submission but my first part of the homework is to return the larg...
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Numerical palindrome how to add leading values
Hi there, This program is supposed to determine if a number input is a palindrome or not. The p...
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-fvisibility=hidden flag does not get applied in final shared library
Hi All While making my shared libraries of we give CXXFLAGS as flag -fvisibility=hi...
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by ncaver
Implement a program in C++ that does the follolwing 1.Read as input average course score 2.Proves...
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Need help on how to set this one up
Hey, guys. I need help with this question: A piece of wire is to be bent in the form of a rectangle ...
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Basics to Encrypting
I understand what the general function should be but I don't know how to "move letters" •Look a...
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Displaying Unicode in Windows using Putty
Hey All, I am trying to display some unicode characters, but all I get are question marks. I am usi...
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any fltk gui integrated compiler?
well i have been stuck trying to successfully run code from Stroustrups book starting chapter ...
[2 replies] Last: managed to get fltk going from that site and run that code, i yet cant... (by lionofclouds)
by RobCh
Yaw, pitch, roll (tait byran angles)
This is my first post on this forum not graphics related, that has all been sorted out now. I am ...
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