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by acorn
difference between these functions and const correctness
I know that a const variable cant be changed. I also understand that a const reference as a functio...
[1 reply] : In the case of these return values, there is no difference since you a... (by Zhuge)
bad alloc error when reading from a file
Hi all, So I am working on a program for my class and running into "bad alloc" whenever I try to ru...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a lot for the help! So now it runs all the way through without ... (by dshoe19)
by ray88
keep getting errortrying read from a file and send data to a file
Im reading in an array of struct from a file and sorting by order date then calculating the sale amo...
[1 reply] : In general co... (by ne555)
Help with code?
I was just testing a few functions to make a battleship game, but I keep getting this error: clie...
[5 replies] Last: I am coding on a Mac with an app called CodeRunner, a text editor with... (by heyyouyesyouiloveyou)
help with initializing variables and system(pause), system(cls)
I'm writing a program for school to calculate the monthly payment of a mortgage for 15, 30, or 40 ye...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you catfish! I didn't even notice I put downAmt in another calcu... (by greenlovinggirl)
by Mtt20
validate the text as a double data type and convert the string to that double.
I need to validate the text as a double data type. After trying to run the program I wrote , Dev is...
[7 replies] Last: At this point this is what I have..... but I when running it I can not... (by Mtt20)
Text Manipulation
Hi, and thanks for any help you can offer in advance! I'm very new to C++ and coding in general, and...
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convert string to dec ascii number
Hi am trying to convert a string to integers ascii dec equivalents by storing it into int arr . For ...
[1 reply] : You don't ever assign to arr1, so arr gets garbage values. Did you per... (by Zhuge)
PLease I need help (knowledge of switches and functions)
The message log keeps telling me that I am incorrectly using the switch statements. it says that I h...
[1 reply] : main.cpp: In function 'int MathOp_C(int)': main.cpp:34:21: warning: s... (by long double main)
Is an Array a Container?
(nooby question) Is an array a container? I presume yes as it holds objects but in my book it says ...
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Prime or not?
So I've finished a code but when I submitted it to the grading program, it says this: cc1plus: w...
[10 replies] Last: Yeap, 2 is a prime number. And in your loop you could test just until ... (by Hiten)
by r3wt
Basics of Building a website in C++ with POCO or CSP
I learned php a few months ago, built a high volume trading application. two weeks ago, it was hacke...
[3 replies] Last: coder777, you're my hero. Witty sounds amazing, particularly since it ... (by r3wt)
Performance time for quickort
hi i need to write a program that sort a vector of random numbers with quicksort and need to know th...
[1 reply] : Create a function that will do the timing for you: template <typenam... (by Smac89)
error in my function not sure
For this function I am supposed to call my like this but for some reason this error keep coming up "...
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by oajfh
Building string class
Greetings, A friend of mine is Learning C++ and he was given the assignment to create a String cl...
[2 replies] Last: Hmm, I don't think that's detailed enough. Besides, I think the code i... (by oajfh)
by buliga
Bubble Sort
Hi, can you help me please? I need the easyest bubble sort programe to put in alphabetical orde...
[2 replies] Last: nothing, because our teacher haven't explain us the way we should do i... (by buliga)
by Ram1
Please help
Write a function that receives a positive integer and display each digit of such integer one digit p...
[6 replies] Last: I see, [quote=Ram1]I'm doing an exercises from my book, I need help wi... (by keskiverto)
Function Help
Hello everyone. I just have a quick question about my program. My program is basically a vector of a...
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by F1n
Code::blocks doesn't recognize <iostream> during compilation
Firstly, I'm new to the language and to programming as a whole so I apologize in advance for my "new...
[4 replies] Last: I believe the issue was fixed when I manually selected to build the pr... (by F1n)
by Alby94
What does the (default) clause together with the namespace declaration? Ex. namespace std _GLIBCX...
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