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Need help with Project(Part1)
Okay so I'm a newbie programmer and I have a project where I need to create two functions. In the ma...
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recursive functions
This code is supposed to take a word that you enter and print back out in reverse so for example if ...
[1 reply] : int j = s.length(); wrd = word; if (wrd.length() < 0) // I d... (by keskiverto)
finding element in 2D array
Hi, I need some help with two dimensional arrays. I need to write a function that will find the elem...
[1 reply] : I presume that row k of the matrix (sc ) corresponds to the element k ... (by keskiverto)
wrong constructor called
I have the following code in main.cpp: String test ("abc"); test = "bob"; note:...
[3 replies] Last: Change the return type to String & to avoid the constructor call. (by helios)
Call class
Hi, How can I call a class in my main ???
[1 reply] : Look at this tutorial: (by closed account j3Rz8vqX)
Loading int from file.
I want to load the INT from the file which is a number. Can you please show me a code? This is the c...
[5 replies] Last: Yeah, you overwritten the precious value you had retrieved from file w... (by closed account j3Rz8vqX)
Class Objects
When I enter 3 different presidents and their numbers/quotes into the for loop, it only displays the...
[2 replies] Last: As wildblue stated. A possible example with vectors: #include <iostr... (by closed account j3Rz8vqX)
How to read data from text file in same format as file?
Here is my information in my text file: Lily Grand 4622 C 32.00 10.50 Tony Stone 5014 A ...
[4 replies] Last: There's a bit on the basics of arrays here. (by wildblue)
Compiler error: "expected identifier before numeric constant"
I am getting "error: expected identifier before numeric constant" at line 8 of some code. Line 8 doe...
[5 replies] Last: Oh, OK. I must have glossed over that in the tutorial (by R3B3LCAUSE)
ATM code
So I need to make an ATM machine program. I used boolean for flags, if/else statements, and a do whi...
[2 replies] Last: I got it to work yaaay! (by Steakvid)
How to make a class with array member size determined via constructor? (1,2)
I am trying to make a class with a 2D array, the length of which is given in parameters of the const...
[20 replies] Last: K thanks (by R3B3LCAUSE)
Problem with error message / if else statements
I am writing a program to determine company's weekly payroll. Before I move on to the next step, I m...
[4 replies] Last: Okay, I removed the condition and it worked! (by MissPrimrose)
dynamic alocate pointer to pointer on array by dzury
dynamic alocate pointer to pointer on two dimensional array /* Convert Decimal to Binary */...
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Reading lines one by one on notepad
I am making a saving system and for this reason, I need to read some number out of it, that's why. ...
[2 replies] Last: Top of the codding. int c; // chances int nn; // double chance int n... (by Private)
Function Pointers from external class
How can i use a function pointer from external class? Say we have a class tuna Tuna: int foo(...
[5 replies] Last: procrastination , as you can see from the error message, the type of ... (by cire)
Tokenizing arithmetical expression and printing it as an assembly operations
Hello everyone. I have to make a compiler that will print out the given expression as a set of assem...
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What is wrong in this program?
I am seeing memory access violation when I run program below. The error is "0xC0000005: Access viola...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks @akn and @supersammy7000. That helped me understand this concep... (by funprogrammer)
How to Error Check if user inputs letters?
How do I error check if the user is inputting letters and not numbers? For example, if the user i...
[5 replies] Last: Strings on lines 11 and 17 must be double-quoted. Thanks! This fi... (by MissPrimrose)
using values in other functions
I have made a function in the beginning that calculates the solidity and takes in values B1, B2 and ...
[3 replies] Last: what alpha1(0.23+(B2/500)) is supposed to do? The error is 'alpha1... (by Null)
Not satisfying while loop
I wrote a game that's like the old Final Fantasy 1, 2, etc. I tried to make the game... like there ...
[6 replies] Last: DeMorgan's laws can be helpful with this. (by wildblue)
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