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Calling a fuction
I am trying to write a program that calls a another program to round a given a number. The program n...
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by clodi
missing ';' before '<class-head>'
Hello, VC++ is complaining about something but not sure what it is.. The title shows you what error...
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by kabuki
Template and classes
In my book, it describe template as a tool like a stencil. It is very generic and can become any dat...
[2 replies] Last: Okay thanks, I was confuse. I only need to overload operator==. (by kabuki)
Dynamic memory allocation in Table 2D
Hi everyone! I allocate memory in 2D table by the method as you see in my code. Program compile goo...
[4 replies] Last: Ok now I solve the problem thx very much my code now looks like this: ... (by martin619)
Convert nested for loop to nested do while loop
I am trying to convert a nested for loop that prints a right triangle into a nested do while loop, a...
[1 reply] : Holy cow, I finally got it! I realized one of the issues was that I n... (by elliott22)
When should i use the "this" pointer?
I know the pointer returns the instance of a class but.. the thing i don't understand is when i shou...
[2 replies] Last: The this keyword is also useful if you want to pass the object to a fu... (by Peter87)
returning multiple values from a function
hi, im trying to pass 3 variables from a function to main() but only the very last variable is being...
[3 replies] Last: i got it, thanks for your help. (by Wilderness)
when should I move from one chapter to another
Hi guys.i spend a lot ofstime reading c++ books.more than 10 hours per day. And I can read 2 chapte...
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by Walnut
Adding libraries
Hey there! I'm a very beginner programmer, and I know basic C++. But the problem I always seem t...
[5 replies] Last: Wow thanks so much rjvc! That was exactly what I was looking for and n... (by Walnut)
error passing 'const Filesys'
I am getting an error line 5 of filesys about passing 'const Filesys' as 'this' argument of std:stri...
[8 replies] Last: Awesome thanks guys think I got it figured out now. Sorry so late on r... (by cory244)
Error reading from file
I'm attempting to read from a file that has two lines of data, a date and a weight. It loads the fir...
[2 replies] Last: Anyone see whats wrong? (by FSM Worshipper)
Do-while loop issue
Hello, I am sure this is not hard at all but I'm pressed for time...I believe this is good except it...
[8 replies] Last: oh like a Bool ? How would I implement a bool to this? Well, I'm not ... (by helios)
Encryption and decryption with vector and rotor?
Im working on this project requiring using vector and rotors to do the encryption and decryption. I ...
[1 reply] : Make a class with a constructor taking the multiplier/divisor and the ... (by ShodanHo)
Help Bullet C++
I'm writing the Contra Game by Directx9 and c++ please help me about list of bullets i'm trying bel...
[1 reply] : i'm trying below code but it's error: vector intertor incompatible Is... (by MiiNiPaa)
What is the point of overloading operators in classes?
I have just started learning about overloading operators but i don't seem to understand their purpos...
[4 replies] Last: Ah thank you, I completely forgot about the operator keyword. I made s... (by SomeAmazingGuy)
by lmm131
Under what circumstances does a multithreaded solution using multiple kernel threads provide better ...
[1 reply] : See my answer here (by dhayden)
by lmm131
multithreaded solution
can a multithreaded solution using multiple user-level threads achieve better performance on a multi...
[1 reply] : It depends on the program but frequently yes. That's the reason for mu... (by dhayden)
Compiling custom headers
I'm using Linux Ubuntu and compiling with G++ 4.8.2 if that helps I've been playing around with c...
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by Danny7
continue statement with more
im working on an assignment for class and i am completely stuck i try different things and get diffe...
[8 replies] Last: am i doing something wrong? i just need a continue in there but if i c... (by Danny7)
URGENT!! Help with converting my string code to arrays
Hi guys, I have a project due today at midnight, and the instruction states, Write a program using...
[1 reply] : I have updated my code. Please take a look. #include <iostream> #i... (by shindosu)
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