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help with a simple function
Function int readHours() reads one or more hours worked by an employee in the week, computes their s...
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i don't get all the points where is the wrong ?
This is the problem : Ariadne wants to find a snail to participate in the World Grand Prix snails. ...
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by vjaako
Why is this loop infinite?
Shouldn't this program stop, and ask me to "Enter number of values you want to sum: " again, after...
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Segmentation fault
when i input 's' i get 20 random values, but when i input 'b' i get segmentation fault Ievadiet c...
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by noodel
If statement
So I dont know what's wrong with my code. I have to do this task for school: If you are buying more...
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by Sh0es
Explicit Casting for Templated Function
I have a project in which I'm including a templated function. The function is supposed to search for...
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Calling two constructors with one object?
Is it possible to instantiate one class object that calls two constructors? I have a one-paramete...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you everyone for your replies. I just realized I DON'T need to c... (by Arslan7041)
Finding the highest value inside a vector
Hi, so I have a vector with a few double values and I need to find the highest of them. When I run t...
[9 replies] Last: void read(std::vector<double>& A) { std::ifstream fd(Cfd); d... (by DDomjosa)
Very beginner need help with object member
I have no idea why my code is not working. i know its probably very simple but I started learning c+...
[17 replies] Last: Glad it worked - maybe it needed a 'Clean' and 'Rebuild' (see menus if... (by kemort)
for a specific characters show me a number
in c++ How can i make a program that for a specific characters it will show me a number ? e.x for...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much Tarik Neaj !! i will try it if i have any quest i ... (by Antria4)
sum 2 of the number that i insert to the program and must be equal with the number i have in the begin
For c++ The program must read a number for the money that i have (this is okay ) after it read a ...
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VERY NEWWWW programmer. needs help with fof
So my teacher mentions about using the for loop, setw(), and setfill() to make a table like the foll...
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by st4evr
Program To Test Multiple/Divisible By 7 (1,2)
Hello, Beginner C++ student here, first programming class. I am trying to write a program that wi...
[20 replies] Last: Oh wow, thank you so very much for that Kevin. I will use this to comp... (by st4evr)
Weird Bug with beginner dougeon crawler challenge
Hey guiys I've been learning to programme for a couple of weeks now and ive been working on the begi...
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by GabeJ
ifstream copied to ofstream where every string of two or more consecutive blanks is replaced by a single blank
I'm trying to write a program that takes the input from one text file and outputs a copy to a second...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you. It worked. I had to make one more change. It wouldn't compi... (by GabeJ)
by Butch
how to get sum of numbers from 1 to whatever number
I'm having trouble with a code I need to produce which requires me to get the sum of numbers from 1 ...
[8 replies] Last: @pearlyman I don't think that piece of code is going to help anyone, ... (by kemort)
Linux compile issue
I've created my code in Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 and it compiles and runs fine. I've mov...
[2 replies] Last: isLessThanByID() returns true if the ID of this has a greater lexi... (by helios)
Issue with my linear search program
This linear search program is suppose to say if the account number is valid or not and it does it jo...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you guys for the quick response! I switched it to: #include <... (by PR0GR4MMINGBUSINESS)
depcrated convers str to char*
I made several examples to learn about function overload. Next example compiles, but with a warning:...
[3 replies] Last: You can copy a string literal into a non-const character array , bu... (by LB)
input being skipped.
when im entering data to this part of the program it runs fine but after i enter the vehicles rego n...
[1 reply] : found my error: cin >> temp.regoNumber ; (by learningcplusplus898)
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