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by mb20
Need help with comparing and incrementing values
-Create two clockType objects: cellPhoneClock and myComputerClock. -Prompt the user to enter the ...
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Stack: Push, Pop, Display & Search
Please help me alter some of my code. I feel like there are errors in the display and search functio...
[1 reply] : @tatiannasfilthymouth, Played with your program a bit. For the most p... (by Handy Andy)
Nested for loops
Hi its about for loops within a for loop but I dont really understand how I can interpret it. Could ...
[3 replies] Last: var += X; // add X to var var++; // add 1 to var // is same as var... (by keskiverto)
How to make a template only for classes that have a specific function?
What I mean is kind of like how the for each loop only works with functions that have a begin and en...
[1 reply] : std::enable_if This metafunction is a convenient way to leverage SF... (by JLBorges)
how to print next character in alphabet?
i just started learning c++ and i want to know how to print out the next character in alphabet when ...
[4 replies] Last: #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <ctype.h> int main()... (by JLBorges)
by weee
operator[] return (&x)[i]; (1,2)
came across this code, couldn't understand some part first you've got this public members which l...
[20 replies] Last: I was referring to what OP wants to do. Namely, declare the contents o... (by helios)
how to find ''median'' in a list?
Hi guys, this is my second week learning c++ and i am really lost at this one: i want to make the pr...
[4 replies] Last: You're probably better off using the sort function but if for some re... (by mpark4656)
Queue Implementation
This is my implementation of Queue using singly-linked list. I've been testing this and I quite do ...
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C++ Mingw
Write your question here. so i tried adding the directory for mingw but when i compile it gives me ...
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Trying to fill a char array pointer with strings from file.
I am struggling with an exercise that requires you to take strings from a file, and bring them into ...
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by tbfox
Declaring variables within loops?
I am trying to make a simple program that will tell me the mean of a set of numbers. The problem I h...
[3 replies] Last: Of course, you don't actually need to store the numbers to get a mean.... (by cire)
Long Boolean statement shorthand?
I was wondering if there was a way to shorten long boolean statements like the following. if ((...
[3 replies] Last: Alternatively: const std::string valid_choices = "wsadq"; i... (by cire)
hangman with functions prototypes
I'm working out of a book call beginning C++ through game programming and on one of the exercises I'...
[1 reply] : Look at Line 11 and then Line 13. You declared a vector at Line 11. Y... (by mpark4656)
Not Understanding My Error
Hello, I am struggling to find out why the IDE says that getPlayerID (line 25) is undefined. I don'...
[12 replies] Last: Simply remove the const from int setPlayerTosses(int tosses) const ... (by Too Explosive)
need some insight
SO i have to add each person's final total of sum together and if it exceeds the winner then it sho...
[5 replies] Last: ahh i managed to fix it. thank you so much (by chang123)
Compounding Annual Interest on Card Balance
I have only been using C++ for a couple of days now. While I have experience with programming langu...
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Rethrowing exception
Question is in the code. #include <iostream> #include <stdexcept> int main() { bool flag = t...
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Can I save callback functions that expect referenced variable arguments?
A few day ago I asked how to save a callback function in a class. Now, I don't know how to save a ca...
[9 replies] Last: "Arbitrary" in the sense that it may outlast the scope that created it... (by helios)
code structure
Note:Updated code Question change: is the structure easy to understand/test and if not what changes...
[3 replies] Last: NOTE: i changed the code and it works perfectly which changes the ques... (by globaltourist)
c++ whatsapp groups
hey am new to programming i have just finished the c++ basics can anyone please help me add me i a c...
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