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by sarim
access 2D array by using single loop
hello! how access a 2D array with just one loop like 1D array and by using pointers too. i read an ...
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Can anyone help me fix this?
Hi there, I'm somewhat new to C++ and need a little help finishing this program.. So what it basical...
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by Daumen
error LNK2005 & LNK1169 - Using external functions
***SOLVED*** The problem was that I added an additional .cpp to the Project, it was in the Source...
[3 replies] Last: but at one point it worked when I included it It worked when you h... (by AbstractionAnon)
I have a 2d Array (static matrix) and I'd like to calculate and subtract the row minimum from each r...
[2 replies] Last: You mean VS6, right? There isn't a VS2006, it's the version before VS... (by kbw)
by yepMe
Function pointer in singleton
Hi Tech Gurus, I am trying to understand singleton code. Below I have copied from net my doubt is...
[4 replies] Last: we can achieve singleton without that also No, you need line 7. ... (by AbstractionAnon)
Files Batch Conversion
I have a programm which converts binary files into ascii files. At the moment I am asking for the fi...
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by fevzi
vector matrices or pointer to pointer matrices?
I wrote two header files to do linear algebra in a neural network. In the first one I used a point...
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Explain the glitch
[sum=sum+j;] 1.semicolon shouldn't be put here but then if we put how do you explain the outcome? 2...
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by Ch1156
Class Questions
I am watching a tutorial on classes just to brush up on them and I have some questions on things tha...
[7 replies] Last: This Enemy::Enemy( int initHealth, string initName ) { SetHealth(... (by keskiverto)
by csharp
help in writing comparison function
Hello I am writing a function its job as follow: It simply returns -1 if time0 is before ti...
[7 replies] Last: why you want to convert time0 and time1 To convert it to time repres... (by MiiNiPaa)
Uppercase the vowels
I have to take the input user string, and uppercase the vowels and display it back. EX: Enter you...
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by Chance
Ideas for a project
So I am interested in starting a c++ project, primarily a console application, to help me further pr...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you, I appreciate the advise very much. This should help me get ... (by Chance)
Computer Programming Project
Write your question here. Can anyone help evaluate any errors with the code I wrote? The program i...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks for all the help guys, really appreciate it! (by ivertony)
Comparing ASCII code
I have to write a program where I have to detect how many uppercase letters the inputted string cont...
[6 replies] Last: Ah ok thanks! (by alex067)
How to calculate the time complexity of c++ code.
Can someone simply explain me? or give me some resource from where I can understand it easily? I ...
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by Chance
Need help with this function.
I am trying to make the double change; display what it is equal to in terms of change due in dolla...
[11 replies] Last: It can still be slightly off since you are using doubles. 1 could be r... (by giblit)
Currency Converter
I have to write a program which has the user enter a start value, finish value, and jump value, ex) ...
[2 replies] Last: Ah that was such a simple semantic error! Thank you! I got my code t... (by alex067)
Cin to two different variables (1,2)
Hi, I'd like to make a single input through a cin, and depending on if the input is a char or an int...
[26 replies] Last: There is a minor difference between the two: operator bool returns ... (by JLBorges)
using system
im trying to use the bitConverter.GetBytes method from system but im not sure what i need in orde...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <type_traits> #include <array> #include ... (by JLBorges)
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