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how to solve this linear funciton ?
int w=0, x=0, k=0 int fn(int w) { x+=3 if (w > 2) k += gn(w-1) return w + x } ...
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Function returns different results than isolated program
I'm working on an assignment where the program must find the Decimal and Binary equivalent of a sing...
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log game stats and clear consol
Hello Everyone! I built a game that's does high low guessing what I'm trying to do now with it is th...
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How would I do this?
Using a for loop, write code that will compute the result of an int raised to the power of another i...
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by merm
Quick question. Related to verilog not C++
I just thought I would post this question here since it is similar notation to C++. We can use a ...
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New start or continue?
Repeat or go forward? I got 56% marks in intermediate now I want to do software engineering so I se...
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by turker
c++ plotting
Hello all, I have found similar topics on forum but not to answer my problem. I am working on ...
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reading from a binary file to a 2D array
Hi! My program manages the type of occupants within an office building. Office building has floors 0...
[4 replies] Last: for (int floor= 0; floor < 5; floor++) { for (int office= 0; office ... (by liuyang)
Fibonacci sequence
Hello everyone, I have an assignment that requires me to create a code which displays the sum of ...
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How would I use a for loop in this situation?
How would I use a for loop when I need to write code that will compute the result of an int raised t...
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by aixth
When I execute my program, a blank command window pops up - no syntax errors?
There are no syntax errors in my program, but whenever I run it, nothing is shown in the command win...
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Caesars Cipher
Hi, I am stuck on my Caesar's Cipher program, I would appreciate if anyone would take time to loo...
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VS 2013 to 2015
I finished my code a while ago, but my computer had to be fixed and they reset rhe OS. Although, I w...
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force correct input
in my county registration number, consists of 6 charaters( numbers/letters ) trying to force corr...
[3 replies] Last: reset values? why should i do that? Because the program logic requir... (by cire)
Caesars Cipher
Hi, Don't have a piece of code because I don't know how to do it, I am just asking if someone cou...
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How do I dereference a pointer to an array (1,2)
I have a pointer to an array and when i try to do: std::cout << *arr << std::endl; but that just cr...
[37 replies] Last: #include <iostream> void Pointer(int *arrP) { for( int i = 0; i ... (by kemort)
by aixth
Inventory program
I made an inventory program, but I'm having trouble having it display the COMPLETE TOTAL. How would ...
[1 reply] : 62: completeTotal += totalValue; (by kemort)
[1 reply] : HW Question help List of question numbers followed by the letter of t... (by TheIdeasMan)
Polygon Class, help much appreciated!
Hey Guys! I am trying to create a polygon class, but I've come across a few errors. The first is tha...
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[Win32 API] Set text and background color of static label?
Did some reading but am so far unsuccessful. I am trying to set the background color and text color ...
[3 replies] Last: All the reading I've done seems to suggest WM_PAINT but still nothing ... (by CGunn86)
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