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What to do and how to do it?
I'm a high school student, and I wanna move away from my parents. Working as a bartender is an optio...
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by Mr D
Structural question
So, I'm creating a small text-adventure game to sharpen my skills and get me out of my comfort zone,...
[9 replies] Last: Thank you i will come up with something and post it up here for critic... (by Mr D)
1st Programming Course. Need Help Writing Program
Write your question here. I've wrestled with this for hours. Help me learn where I've gone wrong ...
[2 replies] Last: It says that you may use 3 integer type to hold three scores. Then, ... (by Lorence30)
Multiple File selection
Hi All, I am using VC++; I want to fetch file name from a given string. example "C:\ETools\Power...
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Line Counter Program - Inaccurate Count
Can someone help me with my logic? I'm trying to output the number of lines inside of my class start...
[4 replies] Last: oh yeah sure, you have to count before checking if the class has ended... (by Gamer2015)
destroying class having private destructor
class Test{ private : int a; int *arr; ~Test(){}; public : Test(int i): a(i),arr(new in...
[10 replies] Last: I have 1 more question: Assume: destructor is Public. ~Test() { ... (by dhayden)
how to change color text
I am just wondering how to change the color of one particular sentence. do any of you guys know h...
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by Nillen
Struggling with read file
I used the tutorial to get the read file working, however, I can not fahtom how to avoid reading all...
[2 replies] Last: I want to get some specific lines from the file. I've tried using st... (by Nillen)
Need Help with sfml
hey guys, Using backspace in this program will not work for me. it will move back a character bu...
[1 reply] : There are two major issues with your code. The first issue, is you do... (by Pindrought)
My uni assignment
Write a program that receives three unique integer numbers from the user and displays the largest nu...
[1 reply] : Well first you need to include the proper library for input/output. ... (by shamieh)
How to check if input is a INT type?
I want to check if the user's input is a INT type. When I ask them to input a value for A (INT ONLY)...
[2 replies] Last: No idea what Texan40 is wanting you to do up there.. Instead, try this... (by shamieh)
by Nillen
"const type" can't be an int
Just started with C++, no programming experience apart from working with mSL. My idea is to have use...
[1 reply] : (by keskiverto)
String does not name a type
Hello, I think this is a fairly easy solution but I'm just missing something. I'm getting an error i...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks guys! This helped fixed the errors. (by androidguy1)
Deconstructor issue!
I don't think my deconstructor is working properly the message in the deconstructor, to let the u...
[11 replies] Last: Actually the stack takes care of itself. You only ever need to delete... (by Texan40)
Magic Square help!
I have to write a program which checks the conditions of this specific 2D array: const int Size = 3...
[5 replies] Last: Hasn't that been answered already? for( int x = 0; x != Size; ++... (by OxBADC0DE)
Doing Do-while loop
So I'm supposed to write a code that prompts a user to enter a number less than 100, until the user ...
[3 replies] Last: But thank you though. (by calisabeth)
Can't figure out how to add space.
So the problem wants me to write code that gives me output like this: 0 *1 **2 ***3 There is a ...
[3 replies] Last: Sorry guys. When I put my example in, I thought it would show the spa... (by calisabeth)
Deck was not declared in this scope problem
Hello, I'm trying to get my player1Hand function to work with my deck function so cards can be drawn...
[3 replies] Last: You could declare the deck in main() and pass it by reference to deckF... (by fun2code)
Recursion problem.
I've written the following recursive function. But when I give large value in it, it crushes. Why? H...
[3 replies] Last: you can try following non-recursive function. #include <iostream> in... (by anup30)
Issues with Newton's Method
Hey Guys I have to write a Newton's Method program for a class I am in and I am running into some i...
[1 reply] : What is the value of x1 on line 15 the first time through the loop? (by cire)
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