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overloading operators
Hi i have a little wierd question here,on overloading operators outside classes, for me it seems imp...
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Trouble Opening a .txt File
In my program that I am making, I am accessing a file that has a full name, a phone number, and a bi...
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how to?
I'm 13 and i just started cpp... #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdio.h> ...
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BattleShip Program
Now that my course has ended for C programming, I would like to learn more about coding in C. I rece...
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by Auni38
Variable not being subtracted properly. (Very Serious)
OK, well, I have a big big BIG problem here. A very big one. The problem is, whenever I try to subtr...
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Logic incorrect for adding binary
I have to sum two numbers with binary addition and store the value in an array using a function. I a...
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by Immo
Any other newbies want to go through C++ Primer together?
I am already fairly experienced with what C++ has to offer, but I'm planning on going through C++ Pr...
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Seg fault when trying to print names from array
So my program is supposed to read in a file in the format name score and store in an array of no mor...
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Word by word header file
i want to print messages word by word as like example cout << " My name is Akash" << endl; if i wr...
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How a*=2 work
From void duplicate (int& a, int& b, int& c...
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2D Array Program Help
I was assigned to write a program using a 2D array. The code was returned to me with some comments o...
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by rayb20
In need of immediate help!
I cannot figure out what I am supposed to increment in my aHistogram class since it is a vector itse...
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When is c_str() needed to open file?
I'm inputing data from a txt. file using;. Everything works fine, but ...
[1 reply] : You only need to convert it to a c-string if you are not using c++11 o... (by giblit)
Returning a function as a Class Object? Confusing assignment.
Hello, I am attempting to do a assignment for my cse class, but I am having trouble with returnin...
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Array Program Help
I am trying to create a program that will read up too 1000 non-negative numbers and print out only t...
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Program that will store 10 input numbers and display highest
So, I am in my first beginning Cpp course and I have been grasping it very well up until this point....
[1 reply] : You'll use the loop to replace all those individual messages/inputs wi... (by wildblue)
How to traverse vector in class
I am trying to find the largest exponent in this vector, but I am getting an error message. The whol...
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trying to populate an element of array.
Hey so I have a black jack program and I'm trying to set up a part if user wants to hit. I have an a...
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by rayb20
Class Implementation
Just looking to be pointed in the right direction here, I cannot get my update function to work corr...
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Why is my program stopping?
Hey I have a blackjack program and I'm trying to add a card to the players hand when choosing to hit...
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