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I'm having issues with the employee delete and the employee add parts of my code. When I try to dele...
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by Roody
what is wrong with my code ?
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Ideas for a C++ project?
I am supposed to write a code in C++ as a project for school, however I have no idea what I should d...
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by SCB3
having trouble using an array
So I've been doing a minesweeper game and managed to get to the point where I can play the game full...
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by SAM012
nesting loops?
so I'm trying to create a code that follows these guidelines // create code so that 4 rectangul...
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Write a program that displays the first ten lines of a file
Write a program that asks the user for the name of a file. The program should display the first ten ...
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Why is it showing "error: void value not ignored as it ought to be" in my insert function of Binary Search Tree?
I've written the following implementation of Binary Search Tree: #include<iostream> using n...
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by ahhvb
Help reading files
My code is below. The file I am trying to open is Random.txt located in "C:\Users\Tony\Downloads". I...
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Unknown size of vector
Hi, I have an application that require the use of OO using vectors. I am pretty new to classes s...
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by VVS
check out code error ?
I'm suppose to write a code that tests if the dimensions a user has entered equals a cube.. I tho...
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by ebucna
Can't populate array with string
I get a: cannot convert '<brace-enclosed initializer list>' to 'std::string* {aka std::basic_strin...
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by VVS
++ -- expressions
so I'm trying to write a code that calculates the volume of a rectangular prism and I'm asking the u...
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by s8050
How to define a variable that might be a number or a word?
if an input might be either a number or a word, in case of a number it's value should be assigned to...
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Some general advice
I'm a 15 year old who is struggling to learn C++ past declaring integers. I haven't got any access t...
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Segmentation error! Plz help
Link to the problem: I was just desperate to use a recur...
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How to loop through a map of vectors?
Hello! I have a map of vectors (integer keys) and I want to be able to loop through the map AND also...
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indefinite matrix
hi, i am still beginner and don't know how to use but c++ and i was wondering how can i make array t...
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If statements and conditionals.
Hello, I'm very much a newbie in C++; I'm following a course online and the current exercise is to m...
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Using "any_of" for string
Hello. How do I use this ( ) function for strin...
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by koopey
binary search insert function implementation
the insert function is from jumping into c++ but there is no example implementing it. plz see commen...
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