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Base and Derived classes
I'm currently at work on this assignment, but I'm coming across compiler errors. It's supposed to di...
[3 replies] Last: Okay, figured out the problem. I was missing a function in the PersonD... (by mct1981)
help with Tic Tac Toe
I am trying to make a Human vs Computer tic tac toe, where the computer makes random moves. The ...
[8 replies] Last: Here is what I have. Everything is working very well except for one de... (by Victor89)
by MCE626
C++ Crash, Don't Know How to Fix
I'm taking a game dev class. I kinda got ahead of the class and have separate classes for my game. ...
[10 replies] Last: I guess I don't know enough about how the linker treats inline functio... (by Computergeek01)
by emlynw
How many electrons are required to carry a charge of x coulombs
I'm trying to learn c++ and was using physics school work to try and make a program. One electron ...
[2 replies] Last: > but the answer I get from the program is 6.25e+018 and that's a prob... (by ne555)
a doubt on const variables
lets take const int a=10; as we know during compilation compiler replaces all occurrences of a wit...
[3 replies] Last: > when i print sizeof(a) i am getting 4 bytes. sizeof(a) tells us ... (by JLBorges)
increase terminal window
I want to change from 20 steps to 40 by increasing the size of the terminal window. but it doesn't g...
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by moufou
need help with my loop
Hi I have a minor(I think it is minor) problem with one of my loop. the loop is supposed to uppercas...
[4 replies] Last: mmmmm I see, but by saying "I dont want to upset your reasoning about ... (by moufou)
by Kernul
Repetitions of words
I found this exercise and I don't know how to continue. Write a sequence of words that ends with **...
[8 replies] Last: Oh great! Thank you! :D (by Kernul)
Bjarne Stroustrup's c++ programming language 4th edition desk calculator example
So I've been writing the desk calculator example in chapter 10 of the book, but it won't run because...
[1 reply] : It looks like it really missing. Implementation shold be: Lexer::Tok... (by MiiNiPaa)
by Kernul
Find word in a textfile
I found an exercise on the internet and decided to give a try. The exercise is this: "Write a modu...
[17 replies] Last: Oh great! Thank you! Now I understand! :D (by Kernul)
by Chance
Help on price calculation
I can't seem to get this code to work out correctly. No matter what value the user enters, it always...
[5 replies] Last: Will do. Thank you MiiNiPaa. (by Chance)
Hey guys i used polymorphism and Inheritance but still i van not find any i=usage except that it avo...
[10 replies] Last: Oh, I see. I automatically read that as Person::read_person, but obvio... (by hyperfine)
by Korcha
PI with infinite series
So I have to create a program that calculates pi using the infinite series definition. This is what ...
[2 replies] Last: n begins as an odd number. n gets incremented by 2 each time. n will a... (by Ganado)
by davez
im having troubles on how to understand the bool data type can someone please help me understand it ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks ill continue to practice using bool data type (by davez)
Pointers in functions
How do I pass a char pointer to a function and write it out. Somethings wrong with this code and I d...
[7 replies] Last: Don't forget that you're only allocating space for one character. Use... (by Avilius)
Using array value in a function
Hello, I would like to pass an array number into a function. I get an error saying i was not declar...
[6 replies] Last: Lets say that the numbers in a file are 30 11 23 56 45 43 and the fir... (by Zenith1900)
if - else problem
Hey guys, i started to program my first app. It is a poker calculator. so briefly, all i want is th...
[1 reply] : if (x=card1) this line is assignment not equality (by Yanson)
Input restrictions for specific numbers
Say I already have a code for restricting alphabet input from another topic , I want to restrict the...
[5 replies] Last: Sorry I was unable to get back to this earlier, I haven't encountered ... (by djninjanz)
by Putler
C++ and Android
I need some guidance on how to make Android apps using C++. When I opened up Android Studio (IDE), I...
[3 replies] Last: Helios is that project finished? Who is working on this with you? I re... (by Smac89)
by plp384
Used setw(1) on the input of a declared string
A program I wrote calls for the input of a single alphabet letter and a single number. A problem I r...
[2 replies] Last: Okay. Thank You for the response. (by plp384)
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