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Needing clarification on why a while loop is running while value is true
Hi there. I'm currently studying C++ from a book by D.S. Malik and I had a question regarding the fo...
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read from a txt file
I wrote this simple piece of code #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> ...
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I made a mistake in the following program
I recently started C++. I am making this program in which I have to input the value of "x" and the p...
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by qia360
HELP simple Hello World in codeblock won't run in Mac
Im a newbie and want to learn writing c/c++ programs.. i have a Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and just...
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How do I find the number of characters in a word in a string?
I want to take a string, find a word that the user searches for and also find the number of characte...
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Printing char[][] in a function
Hi, let's say we have declared char matrix ; int x, y; and then we do printout: for...
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Write your question here. Okay so I wrote the first code for leap years a few weeks ago, but I w...
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loop to find prime numbers between 1 - 239
I am working on a program in which I must print out the number of primes, including 1 and 239, from ...
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Call By Value/Call by Reference assignment help.
I'm working on a homework assignment for class and am absolutely stumped by what I need to do. I'm a...
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Student GPA Inheritance Program Problem.
I am new to C++ programming and I have working with program for days now. This program using inheri...
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Array Elements Issue..
I am having some issues with my code and i cannot figure it out how to fix it since I am a beginner ...
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arrays ascending & descending
I dont know what i did wrong an error keeps popping up. #include <iostream> using namespace st...
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String into a int loop
So Im trying to have the user be able to type the word done (and have the program stop), into a loop...
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Using a string to verify a part number
I'll start off by admitting this is a homework question- I am not asking anyone to do it for me, jus...
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by Smoky
Multy thread Global Variable
Hello everyone. In my program i have main() which runs 2 different cpp files, of which one reads ...
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type casting in unavoidable circumstances
Hello, I want to add a certain integer (say 10) at a certain index(say 5) of a vector. For this i...
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Illegal Expression Error
Current Problem; I'm getting an "Illegal expression error" Prompt; 10. Corporate Sales Data Wri...
[1 reply] : CorpData is a type. You can't pass types to function in the argument l... (by Peter87)
error C2064: term does not evaluate to a function taking 2 arguments
Could anyone help me to spot the error ? I dun even know what is wrong with my coding. #include<...
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by st4evr
C++ Outputting the sum and product of a set of numbers
Beginner C++ student here, first programming class. I am trying to build a program which will accept...
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Seven Days coin toss Program
I need to write a program that recreates the Battle of Seven Days using Coin flips, but I cant seem ...
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