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Apple Mach-O Linker Error
I am new to c++ and I am programming in Xcode. I believe my problem lies in my #include statements, ...
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Graph problem
Hi! So I'm trying to write a program that creates a graph from a given maze. The maze is decently co...
[1 reply] : I presume you must start at zero and stop at ninety-two? I've drawn th... (by Duoas)
Determine Frequency of Entered Letters
It all works fine except all of my 'a' values are always 1 less than they are supposed to be. For ...
[2 replies] Last: Consider an input string of "abc" - Line 9 reads 'a' into input - Line... (by dhayden)
what does double * as parameter of a function means?
thats it... im doing a binary tree as homework, but my code was not working till' i added the double...
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Trying to create typing rpg
Hi, my question is, could anyone explain or "borrow" me the code for: In my game I would like to cr...
[3 replies] Last: Well 80% is 80/100 = 8/10 = 4/5 so that would mean if the number you g... (by giblit)
by HPfats
ofstream, writing to files ?
HEllo there, pretty much a rookie. Learning C++ for a required class. I'm having a very hard time wi...
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Object oriented programming!
Ok ill start by saying im new jere, im 25y/o an i have been reading a few books and watching a few p...
[2 replies] Last: Very good post thx for the reply and clearing up the object oriented... (by DoNotResist)
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Is it possible to define a static function member as a inline member?
When it comes to static function members, is it required to make a prototype of the function and def...
[4 replies] Last: "When should I instantiate the static member?" Always, unless you int... (by YokoTsuno)
thank you!!
[1 reply] : Because you only have a singly-linked list, it is impossible to traver... (by NT3)
I do not understand why this is nto working, it runs but every time you do subtraction it just spits...
[1 reply] : hi! The question is redundant with the previous post you made. It woul... (by rjvc)
Why is this not working?
Pressing B is supposed to do subtractiona - (whatever next 4 digits you enter) instead it just outp...
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by pbfj22
File Instream Help!
Hi guys, My program needs to be able to read some text from a .txt file and then display that inf...
[1 reply] : The only real way to ignore the first line is to read that line and di... (by jlb)
by gmac
adding up how many letters of the alphabet are in a file
Write a program which analyzes a text file by counting the number of times each of the 26 letters in...
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Learning recursive and iterative
Hi, can anyone explain the difference between recursive and iterative in layman's terms? I am readin...
[6 replies] Last: My son found this definition in an on-line geeks' dictionary: recu... (by PCrumley48)
Linker error
Why am i getting this LNK2019 error? Header: #include <iostream> using std::cout; using s...
[3 replies] Last: header line 10: You declare a default constructor, but provide no imp... (by AbstractionAnon)
by vxk
default constructor Line class
I have a Line class and a FRIEND Point class in it .The default constructor of the point class takes...
[6 replies] Last: (0,0,0) is equals to 0 (0, 0) is also equals to 0 Read info on , ... (by MiiNiPaa)
Bisection Method
So i am trying to write a bisection method code for finding the roots of a given equation (x^3 - 6x^...
[7 replies] Last: but am getting some errors with it as well. What errors are you gett... (by jlb)
by cyter
shifting characters in a character string
Suppose I have the following character string char * str1 = "2 34 5"; Is there a function in C ...
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by Dom1
C++ total beginner
Hello All, I'm new to programming and C++,I have rented learn C++ in 21 days,i'm under no illusions...
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