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Help please!
I just now started to learn this and i dont know why i cant get it to work please help //main.cpp...
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Want to output results from a Function
HI guys, after outputting the Function.. Its just after the switch Function List : //Describes, b...
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Random Number Gen. w/ Math Equations
I'm having many problems with my Homework . . I'm trying to make a code that generates 10 Random Num...
[1 reply] : (1) Use functions. Put all that stuff that fills Smith with random ... (by Duoas)
Does not name a type error
I'm using vectors in a class that creates different attributes for different types of units and I'm ...
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using std::shared_ptr
Hello, I'd like to have a shared_ptr type object in a class , and one of the class' member fun...
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by AYQ
why does this if-function without else does not work
(Code was written in Visual Studio Express) The following function is called multiple times in a wh...
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Does this look right?
The program runs but what I want to know is if I did things that were unnecessary? or was there an e...
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by rko786
can not get this to work (1,2)
#include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> int main() { float temp_c, temp_f, result; int i; ...
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by Neek
Why Input Data type conflict is causing infinite loop
The code below shows a simple program, which is a small piece of code from simple math game.But in t...
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by rko786
need help to clean up
#include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <cmath> #include <windows.h> #include <string> ...
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I need help reading in from/writing to files in C++
I am writing a program that reads in a list of pilots' names followed by a set of coordinates for ea...
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Can someone take a look at my final project?
Hi my final project for my C++ class is due thursday. Can someone take a look at it and tell me what...
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Using a flag-Controlled while loop to determine who has the most points
I have a homework assignment where I to read in from a data file a list of names with an integer und...
[1 reply] : things like: mostPoints = 0; will need to be: int mostPoints = 0; ... (by mutexe)
by a73417
How to Generate a random array in C ++ , with 100 different numbers
hi guys, i'm learning c++ and I have problems how to create a random board , in C++ with 100 differ...
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Need to help for fix error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
Hi Devs. I am working in Visual C++ and having this error. I have declared below extern lines both...
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Two dimensional validation and string;
Trying to set a string input into the two-dimensional array and validate the spot taken. I want to ...
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IP of server in socket
hello! i'm beginner and need your helps. i've wrote a program that uses socket to connect to it's ...
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go to new line
Hello! I have a text file "try.txt", which has 10 lines: Chun Mee Pu-eth Slightly sweet and eart...
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by NoBark
SFML and matrix drawing
I've been working on this for a while and after cleaning it up/optimising it, nothing wanted to sho...
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Regarding .h and .cpp files.
So I've been taught to never include .cpp files in the main.cpp but instead include the .h that refe...
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