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Problem with ranking
Hello, I am doing these beginner exercises: The exe...
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Dice Cup Class Program
Hello cplusplus community, firs post here :). I have run across an issues with one of my functions a...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks a lot AbstractionAnon, makes perfect sense now. Once I wrote it... (by gutty333)
Looping Concerns for Stat Tracking
I'm trying to wrap my head around looping. I'm honestly not even sure if it's necessary for what I w...
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Multiplying two vectors
I'm trying to write code to multiply a*b for two vectors. This error occured: error: cannot convert ...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks guys, both of you right, I'm a beginner :) (by CodeOpen)
Can someone help me with my code? The prompt is Design a program that contains a loop that asks the ...
[3 replies] Last: Don't forget to initialize sum to 0.0 (by dhayden)
Console closing before I put an input
After the last question, about the term, even tho the last 2 INTs are completely the same, its not l...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks a lot mate! =) (by BAtanasov)
Issue with an if else if program
Having an issue with the correct execution of this program #include <iostream> #include <iomani...
[16 replies] Last: Here's another way of doing it with bool: #include <iostream> #inclu... (by kemort)
Searching and Sorting a Unsorted Array! C++
Hello y'all! I am working on this program for school and it is doing some weird things. The compil...
[13 replies] Last: OK we'll get onto it right away chief. (by kemort)
can anyone tell how to fix this program. my prblem is when iclick y in you want to play again the qu...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <st... (by olalsolals)
I got a question about array locations
foo = a; foo = 75; b = foo [a+2]; foo[foo ] = foo + 5; I am reviewing what I have watched, and...
[6 replies] Last: I have settled the problem, the problem was I added single quotes on b... (by kevinkim)
by Nicklr
Displaying Array of Rectangles
I'm working on a project where the objective is to be able to insert information about the dimension...
[1 reply] : Here are my other files as well, just in case they need changes. //... (by Nicklr)
Adding a fractions and classes - Woot!
Hey guys to start off I will say that I have looked into a lot of similar programs before posting th...
[1 reply] : a/b + c/d = (ad + bc)/bd is a start. (by kemort)
I have an idea of where to start, but can someone help me figure out my errors? #include <iost...
[3 replies] Last: Anything else? That i need to fix? Pardon? (by kemort)
Cash register program - having trouble with very small values (pennies)
Hi folks, I am having some hair-pulling trouble getting very small amounts (i.e., pennies) to work ...
[4 replies] Last: Edit/update - I solved it! I used long double and did fmod() divisio... (by studentcoder)
I have this timer. can someone help me with the laps? when ENTER KEY is pressed it will display ...
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by koopey
void main or int main?!?
In c++, is using void main() even legal and if so, in what cases? Just a note, I indeed have consu...
[3 replies] Last: thanks guys. I will straighten the guys out now! :) (by koopey)
getline function
Hello everyone. I am trying to prompt the user for the title of a class course. For example, "Data S...
[3 replies] Last: string response = ""; bool good = false; It's always a good habit ... (by integralfx)
by mentat
Staying within a certain range of numbers
So i am doing some practice problems and i am not able to solve this problem. I am to ask the user f...
[2 replies] Last: You also need to use an array/vector to store your numbers so you can ... (by integralfx)
Hallo, my name is Lyubomir. I am student at University of Vienna. I took all my exams i have only c+...
[3 replies] Last: No one learns C++ "fast", it takes time. You can learn the basics thro... (by usandfriends)
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