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increase terminal window
I want to change from 20 steps to 40 by increasing the size of the terminal window. but it doesn't g...
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by moufou
need help with my loop
Hi I have a minor(I think it is minor) problem with one of my loop. the loop is supposed to uppercas...
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by Kernul
Repetitions of words
I found this exercise and I don't know how to continue. Write a sequence of words that ends with **...
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Bjarne Stroustrup's c++ programming language 4th edition desk calculator example
So I've been writing the desk calculator example in chapter 10 of the book, but it won't run because...
[1 reply] : It looks like it really missing. Implementation shold be: Lexer::Tok... (by MiiNiPaa)
by Kernul
Find word in a textfile
I found an exercise on the internet and decided to give a try. The exercise is this: "Write a modu...
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by Chance
Help on price calculation
I can't seem to get this code to work out correctly. No matter what value the user enters, it always...
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Hey guys i used polymorphism and Inheritance but still i van not find any i=usage except that it avo...
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by Korcha
PI with infinite series
So I have to create a program that calculates pi using the infinite series definition. This is what ...
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by davez
im having troubles on how to understand the bool data type can someone please help me understand it ...
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Pointers in functions
How do I pass a char pointer to a function and write it out. Somethings wrong with this code and I d...
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Using array value in a function
Hello, I would like to pass an array number into a function. I get an error saying i was not declar...
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if - else problem
Hey guys, i started to program my first app. It is a poker calculator. so briefly, all i want is th...
[1 reply] : if (x=card1) this line is assignment not equality (by Yanson)
Input restrictions for specific numbers
Say I already have a code for restricting alphabet input from another topic , I want to restrict the...
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by Putler
C++ and Android
I need some guidance on how to make Android apps using C++. When I opened up Android Studio (IDE), I...
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by plp384
Used setw(1) on the input of a declared string
A program I wrote calls for the input of a single alphabet letter and a single number. A problem I r...
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by moufou
just wondering if my program is optimized
Hi i'm currently doing a homework(I know that you will not give me the answer nor do i want it and i...
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by gnerpo
store string pointers in map
Hi people, here is the code i compile under windows with code blocks and mingw gcc: #include ...
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program not breaking when it should
I'm creating a game of battleship, and I'm having a problem with my program where it is not breakin...
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fnction pass
is it possible to pass the function into another function and that another function will pass into a...
[2 replies] Last: Function pointers will keep it's integrity no matter how many times it... (by Krisando)
How to Print Hollow shapes
As the title says, what is the concept of printing out hollow shapes?
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