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A pointer to base class cannot operate member object only exist in its derived class?
The following won't work #include <iostream> using namespace std; class base { public: int b; }...
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by Bocian
Help with program
Im trying to get a password verifier program working, i have made functions for it but, when i put i...
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Memory fault for circular buffer
Hey guys I keep encountering a memory fault trying to call a class member function. Does anyone know...
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Need help with my do while loop problem. :)
I have been experiencing difficulties finishing my function. To those who have time, please take a l...
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sort() function not working.
So I thought that the sort() function was included with the algorithm preprocessor directive (#inclu...
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Explain for (int x:y)
Could someone please explain to me in detail how this works. for(int x : y). Basically the use of th...
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by jmag91
Seeking help with my program!
I am writing a program that prompts a user to enter a sentence and then has a function that counts t...
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Code rounding error
I have a school assignment that I am having a small issue with. Below is my code: // This program...
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Array in function
Hi, I don't know why my value doesn't pass to the next function, can u please help me. Thank y...
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by slp99
Need help with a number diagram
I am having problems with diagram 2 and diagram 3. Can someone please help Diagram 1 12345 ...
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by mf95
Need help finding a word in a file!!
I am having trouble searching an file for a specific name. Every time I run the program it says the ...
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continue Statement
The code acts differently to the way I suspected it to. It prints Test-2 though I don't know wh...
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how can i put an array in a class the right way?
I am struggling on how to put an array in a class and call the array in main .I have tried but i get...
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have user print provide word
i have this code so far and all i need to do next is have the user enter a word and then print out a...
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How to get integer size/position?
Pretty simple question: In strings you can do variable.size() or,so how can y...
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by Kman
Quick "expected an expression" fix.
Just a simple question. I have this program that's giving me the above error at the end of some of m...
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FLTK. Stroustup's striped closed polyline exercise.
Hi! I study c++ by myself using Stroustrup's manual. Problem that I faced is: when I defined new o...
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Looking for help
so I have a program I'm trying to write that essentially simulates a store. I have to read code in f...
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by mf95
Integers into an int array ?!?
How do I get a file of numbers separated by spaces into an array of integers?? Assuming that there ...
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by JoeJoe
basic cin issue.
Hello, I'm playing with classes and constructors and I'm running into a cin issue. My current progra...
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